Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rest In Peace, "Baby" We Miss Ya

To himself everyone is immortal; he may know that he is going to die, but he can never know that he is dead. ~Samuel Butler
Death a friend that alone can bring the peace his treasures cannot purchase, and remove the pain his physicians cannot cure. ~Mortimer Collins

At this point of time, I am totally speechless. Speechless and just real speechless. I am just too shocked with the news. An ex-classmate of mine had told me to check my mail and I did as being told.

To my shocking surprise, or rather I am just too stunned ... too dumbfounded to say anything anymore, that, our ex-classmate ... had laid to rest on 22nd November, 2 days back.

I knew her back in college, when we were still young, very young, going through classes together and all. She was this cute, bubbly and cheerful girl despite her having a chronic disease from an early age until the day she took her last breath. That wasn't all, she was also hit by a viral infection last June and having said that, she had to go countless surgeries, in and out of the hospital. We had this friendship bonded, partly because our birthday was one day apart. Losing her is such a waste, she was being nice to everyone, genuine and treated people with pure sincerity. How many people have you ever met like this. We crapped a lot, and I remembered many people used to tease her with Kyoto or something like that.
It was Heng Yap who was in coma before this and passed away, and now it's her. How fragile life is if one wonder. It's just too fragile. One minute you are here, the next minute you can't guarantee you are still gonna be here. Life is so unfair. Nice people always go first, and the bad ones stay longer. How tragical is this. I am in total disbelief, it seems that it was just yesterday we were in KDU cafeteria doing our assignments off together, crapping in the middle, and talking on the phone the next minute, but who knows, today, right now, I can't believe my eyes after reading that email that she isn't longer here. It feels so dubious and vague, but no, it's a matter of fact, that she had passed away and she is no longer here, and me, is unable to see her again, anymore, and it will just be the past and anything ... but the past. I regretted for not being to meet her before her passings. We said once, that we will meet each other after she moved house. Days, weeks, months and year passed and we have yet to meet and right now, chances are no longer here with me. It's just a dream to meet her.
She was part of my life, she had once left a big path in my heart and I will never ever forget her. Though she is very small size, but she had left a big mark there and can never be erased. I guess, it's too late to say and do anything, but if she ever wonders, yes ... I miss ya. We were together 2 years, and we had gone through a lot together, and guess what ... we had spent 4 hours on the phone before. No joke, 4 hours yes. All the ups and down, thick and thin. What can I say now, absolutely nothing. I didn't even know she was hit with the viral infection, and even when I asked her how's life treating her, she never mentioned one bit about it. Why didn't she. I know she didn't want anyone to worry .. but ... WHY.
In a matter of fact, I am actually too numb to type this out even. I am just as startled as when I just heard it. Slowly and gradually, I am accepting it. I am just grateful that I met her, that she had once shared her life with me, that we were just ... friends. We had lost a good person.
Seeing her going through under so many injections, all the time, I felt sorry and I felt she was really strong when she was still alive. All her life, and being so small size, she could withstand it until at the age of 23. She really had the determination, and I respect her for that, and I really meant it. It isn't easy, perhaps, if it was me, I would have given up hope on life. But, she always see hope and faith. For us, we have no mental strength to go to work and all, and people like her has to worry, whether she could go on living the next day, and she wonders if she can make it just for another day. It was such a daily worry for her. And .. why even we complaining. She told me before how worry she was before. Doctor told her once she could live until only for a few years from the time I know her, and she exceeded the doctor's estimation. Bravo! I am sure everyone's proud of her, it's her achievement. At least, she had seen the world, she grew up in Japan before, Turkey, England and Malaysia of course. I guess all her dreams came true, she even finished her degree in Leeds and everything else was accomplished. She told me she was afraid to be close to people, as she knows one day, she will just be gone, just like that and I had told her, at least, you were part of them before, and the most important is to enjoy your life while you can. She had accomplished her dream and even having that disease all along, and need constant treatment, she managed to go over to Leeds, all by herself. Her energy drive was so strong that people should learn from her in my very honest opinion. It's a guidance, a life guidance that should be shared.

This picture is ought not to be laughed at, "Baby" we miss you loads, that's what I call her, hope you are now in a better place, free from torments, tortures, injections and worries and hope you are much happier in a better place :)

KDU Dip 7 Zoo miss you ... and I meant, we really do miss you

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oriental Nite Part 3

And ... right after the performance, it's like in-a-matter-of-fact kinda thing that we will be the number one for this year again though not everyone did the performance yet. FO was the third to perform only, so there was actually a long way to go. But, in our heart, we are the winner already and I know this is so not right to do, that we should just see sit and listen quietly instead of syiok sendiri haha .. but yea right after that we were snapping pics outside the ballroom

This is Mei Lee ... the wrong channel hiao po hehe

We call the one in the middle as the sick dancer because she was really sick that day and guess what ... she was actually on MC that day ... but she came to perform ahha ... as per order from the manager haha

While this is my senior .. :D also one of the committee members to organize this whole event

Fufu ... and omg ... he looks so macho! haha ... but something's contrasting, we are not allowed to eat and buy and order any McD's when we work nightshift with him as it is something like a curse to him, as he ordered twice with us on 2 consecutive nights and his report all delayed, everything was interferred lolz darn funny

This is called ... Bobo "Gigolo" Zha Bo ... don't you think this name is uberly cool haha

Friday, November 21, 2008

The happiness

I'm off for the next 3 days, ask me out ask me out!!

I have been observing people these couple of days lately. Well, not these couple of days, but all along I do of course and having conversation with people made me realized more about it.

What is the foundation of being happy. How do you define happiness. Is happiness that easy to be fulfilled. Does it come from other people. Or that your happiness can be achieved from your inner-self. Think. Contemplate. Be thoughtful. Perhaps, it's about satisfaction and it is a fact that people are never satisfied with what they have and they are always wanting more once a particular so-called dream or target is achieved. Probably one should expect less things in life, and wouldn't be so worked out chasing that dream. However again, we need to have dreams in life lolz.

Frankly speaking, from a personal point of view, happiness or felicity does not have anything to do with others, but your inner-self. True happiness only lies within you, and only you, without wasting time and effort to search for happiness with the involvement externally. Reach out and share. It is also an inner state of your own well being.

For some reasons, certain people are being happy when others like them. I'm not sure how to put it, perhaps they are lack of assurance, they NEED love. I guess they are people who really cares about how people think of them. They need people to like them. Once people dislike them, they will do anything to make that person like them, or at least convince, try to. Is that what happiness is all about people? Reflect. If that is how you define happiness, I shall tell you, YOU HAVE NO LIFE.

This is principles. One shouldn't be overly concern on why people dislike you, why people hate you, and so on. One should just shove it and thrust it away, for, it's not the end of the world. Why bother so much. Most important ... you know what you are doing, and as long as you are happy, then why bother. Hold to your own beliefs, and never change. At times, one shouldn't care too much on people's perception on your goodself, rather, as long as you don't go against your conscious, it will be cool. The substance of this all is ... it all boils down to popularity and fame. If you have that in mind, and if what you want outta life is to be famous and popular among people, when you don't need to be, then I guess ... I shall say ... Bless You!

Don't give a dang about what people has to say. In the end of the day, you are the one feeling it, you are the one living your life, not them. If their words can bring you down, you are not worth to be here in the first place. Every individual deserve to be respected in a certain level and if one bit can bring you down, the level of respect of people towards you go down as well. So, do not permit them into you, do not permit their bitter words into your brain, for, their purpose is to bring you down. Therefore, if they succeed bringing you down, who is the one feeling happy. Them and not you. Stay strong, stay firm. You are worth more than that on this earth.

We have to admit we have evil souls in this world, more than the good souls, so beware and just be happy, be truly happy from an inner state of mind, and not because of others. People like thse are not worth to be known, they can be thrown into the rubbish bin and the savage, for, throwing them there is an understatement all together.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Showdown of the Champions in Bukit Jalil - Roger Federer!

The showdown of the champions that was held recently in Kuala Lumpur ... precisely in Bukit Jalil, fetaure 4 top tennis players from 2 eras. 4 tennis legends in town! Can you believe it? Kill 2 birds with one stone that's what we call it. We have tennis aces in town, just yesterday in a matter of fact, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, James Blake and definitely Roger Federer

There were interview sessions, authograph sessions ... and I was just oh-so-uberly-excited. I know I sounded like some high school kid anticipating some concert thingy, but man I tell you, this feels even better than going to a concert okay! Thousand turned up in KLCC for the authograph session with Federer. One of my colleague went for it but gave up in the end haha.

Do you know how I rate a guy hawt? Do you know what is a hawt guy to me? Refer below

YESSS!!! It's Roger Federer! How often you hear me saying a guy is hawt! Never okay, alright maybe there are times, but ... it's damn rare so ... for me to say he is damn HAWT, it's really something. He looks damn good in real life, way much better than in pictures considering he already looks damn good in pictures. No, I did not go to KLCC to meet him, you must be joking, I can't bear those crowd. In fact, I saw him twice, once was yesterday and today was the second. He departed KL today though, in the morning boo... :( I purposely waited for him before going home, just to take a glimpse of him, and he made my day!! Like seriousllyyyyy ... damn down-to-earth damn cool. My gawd! He was like what 5 foot away from me as I was just standing so near to the door lolz. Today, before he departed ... I was wanting to see him so badly and I couldn't concentrate on my work but to keep looking at the center of the lobby and when finally I got the chance to get near to him as my colleague can see I was damn crazy over him asked me to follow him to get him to sign the bill, I chickend out after seeing the superbly gigantic bodyguard though I was kinda checking him, the bodyguard, in the day before lolz. But but ... there were 4 of them so nvm ... sigh what a disturbance they are. He was wearing his baseball cap the day before, I was basically nosebleeding all the way. I don't mind lacking of blood lolz. I saw Bjorn Borg twice too, and he was like 2 foot away from me, I was on the floor and he stopped on that level and I never did realize it until I saw his bodyguard :D then I'm like ... my gawd .. that's Borg!

Honestly speaking, I wasn't exposed to tennis before. I started watching tennis since Hewitt days and after awhile I didn't have that much of an interest in tennis. It died down, it faded off, until here comes Federer. Then, I started watching tennis and I was serious, I tried to understand the game and I just love the way he plays, and I started liking tennis, all because of him. OMG!!! I know I have said this so many times, but he is damn HAWT! He is gifted I tell you he really is! He can speak English, German, Swiss German, French some Swedish and Italian as well, oh mein gott!! Und und und ... his residence is in Oberwil and it was just one hour plus travelling time to his place from Luzern!! Where is Luzern? Er ... my school before I graduated lolz. 13 grand slam single titles and had held on to the World Ranking No 1 for 237 consecutive weeks ... if I'm not mistaken ... impressive!

In the end of the day, I got something worth more than a million bucks, maybe not to you, but to me yes definitely it is. I did really something stupid haha .. and I will not say, it's between me and Dede ... coz it's so damn super paiseh to reveal it haha.

The one zillion signature! I know it's not a perfect place but it's perfect for me HAHA.

My dream came true! Before I met him, I was so darn depressed until I said ... so near YET so far ... sounds so jiwang haha but no, ber-drama only lolz

Grueezi und Auf Wiedersehen ... ich hoffe!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

All the -TARDS

I'm sorry I still can't get over the whole scenario of one pathetic dude becoming GRO. Just bear with me with a few more posts then I will be fine, I hope.

Probably Mark's right, I am not that good lately. I am not greatly affected by it, but at the same time I am, if you know what I mean. haha.

Dear Sibeh Botak
From the day you stepped into this office, I already did not like you. You implemented irrelevant rules and regulations and you urge or rather you force every single person to follow those. You, sitting on that chair, make us puke because we don't see any good of you to us. We like her, the one before you, and we mean it. I used to go to work with a day filled with sunshine, with a bright day right ahead of me. In comparison, I'm feeling the contrasting emotion, and all because of you. You did not only not motivate me, you really demotivate and demoralise me. I know this is bad, but from the first ever day, I already did not have any respect for you. You ought not to be respected because you can't even do our job, our task. You took half an hour to update one miserable reg card, and you sounded us for not updating it properly. If you can do it perfectly I have no problems and no qualms with it, sound as much as you can. But if you can't even do it yourself without asking stupid question, I don't see a reason why I should do it properly either. It just proves how incompetent are you. I know being a boss does not require you to update regcard but it's more about decision making. How as it may seem to me, you must be able to complete our task without any flaws only you get my first step of respect. You are good at crapping and the best to make us all feel demotivated. You, as a head, should know what to say and when to say. But, even that you failed big time. I wonder why am I still here. Now it proves you think with your ass by hiring another asshole with you. In the other hand, you threw someone who has a good background of hospitality line, education and knowledge behind him, to serve tea and towel. How are you treating your staff. If you ask everyone to rate our happiness and the treatment, you get negative. Logically speaking, you wouldn't do such stupid things if you have a brain. Where is the fairness. I really feel for that dude. Trust me, all your staff will leave one day. It's already in the progress as you have seen, 5 of your staff resigned within 24 hours. Nothing of this happen when you were not here. We were all very happy people back then, and now you could only see gloominess and darkness within us.

Having someone like him to manage us already irritates us, but what if the people you work with have the problems of the own. Looking at that bloody face make me wanna slap him too. He is called the quarter quarter guy, or you can call him the Triple K which stands for Keh Keh King (King of pretender). He seriously pretends like hell. He is plastic enough to work elsewhere not here, not downstairs here for sure. Fake enough, good actor he might be. Avoiding to slot regcards, is it THAT difficult to do? It's just so little left and yet he couldn't do it. I have absolutely no freaking idea what he does. I know it's little and I can do it, but why should I. I did my part already and it's not the matter of it's little or not, it's the matter of he slots or he doesn't. That matters more to me than anything else. It's a very major sensitive issue for me okay, SLOTTING. He took another way back, without passing through the door of back office, how KEH can he be. Think I don't notice? I do and I purposely observe okay. If I have the chance, I will pick on him, but the rate he's working is definitely way too slow for me to pick on him. haha. It really irritates the hell outta me just by looking at his face and I have no reason to back that up lolz. The way he works drives me up the wall.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ultimate Insult

At this point of time, what else can I say, decisions had been made, rephrase, should I say it's the worst ever, most stupidest decision that can be done from a higher management, or maybe should I say, if someone has his mind still, knows this is uberly ridiculous

Those who has been working there felt so insulted, humilated and just... offended to the extreme. He was what ... 6 months steward, and almost a year serving tea and towel and now, he has been straight away hired as a permanent GRO. What the hell is the world becoming to? It's just freaking frustrating to know the fact that he's a Form 5 drop out, okay, maybe he's a Form 5 graduate and he has been straight away promoted to GRO. WTF! We, us, had been studying our asses off, burning the midnight oil, getting absolutely no sleep for 24 hours, 36 hours, 42 hours ... and why the hell are we here now? Having said that, we have also done countless trainings, internships, getting that qualification to where we are today and this dude, with ABSOLUTELY zero knowledge gets to the position we have. Do you know how far have we come. 6 months under contract 3 months under probation ... so we needed 9 months to be a confirmed staff.

I felt that anyone can work there and my qualification is now useless. Just because he is darn good at polishing shoes, and the boss practise favouritism, making worthless and futile decisions, has made the whole team feeling very absurd. Yeah ... he's always missing from his work, and we have to do his part too. How unreasonable it is. His task is to serve tea and towel the whole day, and that alone, he can't do it well! He can't do it properly! I disagree, we all disagree, but does it even matter if we do. We have no say in hiring people, that decision is up to the person up there, who are we anyway.

He sells backside, and he can already be a GRO. Congrats mate ... you have finally got your dream job, for someone so unqualified like you to have this job, I see no prospect anymore. I just wish there's elsewhere with a better offer, or perhaps somewhere with similar salary, I will definitely pack and leave. It's all base on how good are you at polishing. It just makes no sense to me at all! Do you see any senses here, I seriously DONT. No matter how much you have said, how much you have tried to portray that you are smart and you are Mr-Know-It-All but to us you are Mr-Stupid-Acting-Know-It-All ... in the end of the day, you are just a teaboy, for God's sake, look yourself in the mirror. It isn't because he is talented, it isn't because he has that qualification, or knowledge, but he sold his ass off.

Humans, probably you wouldn't understand the resentment and the dissatisfaction we feel now because this is the ultimate sneer, and an utmost derogatory. Can he for once use his brain a littleeeee??? It wouldn't harm, will it? I mean it, I'm just practically speechless. I have loads to say, loads to express but words just could not be recited. Can I just know why are people so blind.

Oh, one thing for sure, I have seen him in KLCC ... during HIS working hours when he was with HIS uniform. I was sipping over coffee at Starbucks at that hour.

One word ... resentful. Tragic.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Miserable Mars

Trying to understand someone is really difficult, and trying to understand me is close to impossible. So, don't try to achieve that impossible dream to some people.

I know this dude here, and we are just like normal, having normal conversations and all but we never hang out before and I don't intend to. Our talking terms is weird I shall say, at times we are darn good, at times is the opposite.

However, all in all, throughout so many months, at least some people succeeded understanding me. Dudes can lay that to rest as I said, they assume too much, and that is the reason why they are such failures. The biggest mistake one can do is assuming that they understand me, when in fact they don't.

I have major issue in regards of this. I don't appreciate people who assume they understand me when they don't especially guys, who has this little hobby, doing this. I have no idea why though. Furthermore, these species have this worthless and good-for-nothing past time to act in a manner that reflects and leaves the impression to people that they are close to a certain someone from the opposite gender, which of course, leaves the other party annoyed, irritated and disturbed. They tell their counterparts about the particular person, just to leave that impression on people and automatically people thought that they are close when in fact they are not. All this will not happen if the person is not pissed.

On a sepearate note, I am unsure are some dudes that dumb or am I just strange, I don't know. They do what I hate the most, they give countless compliments, which I obviously don't appreciate it at all and I just despise it if it's over the brim. At times, I even felt offended with it though normal naive inarticulate girls do love that kind of attention. I don't see a reason why I should be obliged and be appreciative towards this. This proves how far it is, that I am not someone they thought I am and they don't understand me even one bit because that is the foundation of understanding me, and being unable to achieve that is far from reality of understanding.

If a guy is normal insensitive one ... they can forget about it, also a guy who is normal too sensitive ... they can forget about it too. Be that as it may, it's not impossible to achieve if and only if you are distinguised in your own rights, that you don't act like a jerk, loser and a bastard. I am not asking much, just stop assuming, and be sincere. Someone succeeded achieving that though he never admitted he did, and that is what I like! One and only one ... who understood me inside out. If only there are more of him in this world then it will be so peaceful. Each time I talk to him, I don't have to explain myself, like explaining something simple to a small kid. Most of the time, I can just say a little and yet he still understands it.

So ... one dude ... in 24 years achieved that, this proves it's not impossible yet it's absurd for most people. I call that as trying too hard. It makes you look like a loser as well, so stop all that nonsense. Bottom line, people acting in that way, is so pissing off and somehow, they just look nothing but a miserable loser. Conclusion, stay away and that's the best way for you and me because I don't expect anyone to either :D yay! haha

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oriental Nite Part 2

Clicking of the camera ... can be heard away and Dinesh came to join us lolz ... Mei Li the ultimate classy hiao-ness lolz before everything starts we will not have time to take any picture so we do before it gets heated

The departmental costume first runner up won by Sales while the departmental winner is ... tang tang ... Front Office, this is not all of course there were still a few sitting at the crowd such as the Dedes ... they were busy taking pictures or else there will not be any pics like this haha so many were working at that time and so many did not attend

This is the performance ... by FO ... I was just saving my memory for this performance but in the end I only managed to take 2 pics out of the whole performance but fret not as I took video instead haha

Another one ... FO was the 3rd to perform ... so yea ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The angels ...

I remember that during schooling days, people always mention that this place is filled with girls, who make money from doing something illegal. They call it prostitute, chicken, hooker, and now, angel. I never really have any encounter with them, and before started working, I have not seen this kind of people before. Even if I do, I don't even know they are this kinda person, until last year when I started working.

Before the ones in Malaysia, I did see and witness this kinda people in Switzerland and believe it or not, I was just staying one street away from the red light district in Geneva, Switzerland and I see these people every 2 weeks, because I have to walk to this area when I wanna wash my clothes haha. It lasted for 6 months, walking in and out of this area every 2 weeks. They come in different shapes, colours, sizes, nationalities, race and religions. These places are mostly filled with Above 18 shops and they stand or perhaps sit in front of these shops. Price range from 200-500CH. 200CH when it is in-house while 500CH if you bring the girls out. Yes, I got my product knowledge haha .. don't ask how or where I know it from. Guys walk pass, they will randomly ask if they need anything like that and if you reject they will understand. I'm so used to see these people that I don't feel a thing about this.

Now, after seeing countless of them walking in and out of hotel coming mostly from one of the biggest country in the world, is so irritating, especially if they start shouting and screaming and start being rude. I know, they wanna earn money too but this is not the way. Someone said this to me, how can the guys do such things to these girls and shows how chauvinist and disrespect towards the females. But I say, if they can't even respect themselevs, there is no need for others to respect them. There are choices in life, they are decisions to make, they chose this path to walk, they bear the consequences. Even out of desperation, I believe there is a way, and everything has a solution. Honestly speaking, some of them can be really bitchy talking to you, and you really feel like slapping them.

Today, it was almost 1am when Dum Dum Mac Tong Tong got so tulan-ed with the guest come all the way from the country which is one of the biggest country in the world too and these people are one of the most demanding who pay little but demand for a lot of things. They can be the best workers but the worst bosses. She went up to assist as he INSISTED her to go up with him at bloody 1am. We went back to counter, get the info from another colleague and went to his room afraid that things will happen to her. Both of us, me and Dede Ah Ying went stood in front of this bloody kannasai guest room and we overheard this convo and we ended up laughing like hell ... and we almost burst out in front of his door

He: ohh chineseee
Phone: .....
Suddenly he sounded very excited
He: You got Indians also????

Almost burst out but we did not, we held on and omg ... so darn funny ... but seriously speaking, these guys are just so dirty and so disgusting ... just imagine sometimes ... the guy can be 80 years old!! At times, it's so embarassing that the guys do not have money to pay these angels WOAH! There was a day when the guest called down to complain that the angel refuse to leave the room! HAH ... how embarassing and they do not know that we know ... sigh ... tsk tsk

And yes ... we told our manager what we did :D :D HAHA ...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oriental Nite Part 1

Everyone were anticipating this day to come, and everyone were making an effort, looking for the right clothes, right costume going around KL specially for this day, October 29. Everyone were trying to be the best, trying to stand out in the crowd, being the ONE for that night, looking the best. Yeah talking about dress to kill. I wasn't able to attend last year's at all, as I was happily working 5-1 and this year I was working night shift, and my main priority of going is to watch our performance =) The theme for that night is called Shanghai Night ... as this year marks one decade since the opening of the hotel

This is the ones that stood out that night, who was called on stage to do a lil' peformance because they made the effort to dress lolz but it does not mean the others did not make an effort and it does not mean the others weren't looking good, but just that the stage has only THIS much space. Now only I know kitchen staff is SO dramatic haha

A very dramatic costume indeed ... presenting Chef Tammy lolz ...

This is the Exec Chef ... I think it's darn cool haha ... you should have seen it live, laugh your ass off lolz ... I have a video on this though haha

OMG! This is the one from linen room ... never ever call Abang I tell you ... you will be screwed upside down and inside out

Mei Lee flaunt by Dedes lolz people were busy eating and attention were on stage but we ... hehe ... as usual :P

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Velvet Part 3

This is the last entry for my birthday post for this session, considering that my birthday has way long past ... alright maybe not THAT long but it's long enough.

Happy birthday to me ... I'm ofiicially 24 now ... like ... dang!

Ah Ying, The Panda, Dede and Dum Dum Mac Tong Tong =) it's because of them that make work much more interesting, so as we said, resign together next time =p haha

Dede's brother and his friend ... random lolz

It was quite a long night ... from dinner to drinking ... and yea ... I was 100% sober like serioussssly okay.

Dede, danke viel mal ... and also those who make a time to go ... so da terima kasih ... my birthday celebration ended then and just one word ... the guys that I know are kinda sad ... so ungentleman at all ... because they just are like that tsk


Do you know what assumption is. It is one of the worst ever thing that can happen.

ASSUME = It makes an ASS of U and ME.

Da daaa .... haha. What pisses others off is when people start assuming, and assume more and it leads to misunderstanding. The foundation of misunderstanding between two individuals is most probably the assumption.

There's actually a story about assumption though. There are 2 people who are friends, well yeah friends, opponing genders. The guy always think and always assume that other people say bad things about him, and he assumes that she always believe what others has to say about him. In a matter of fact, nobody said anything about him and even people does that, she does not intend to believe and does not have time to care about all this kinda nonsense. He thinks she is THAT naive in this whole new world still as if she does not know anything when in face she had grown up a lot because of this issue. If I were her, I will be so darn pissed, into coming to a conclusion that I follow what people say, and I believe everything people say about him. He went telling others about this and say that she should not believe and listen people's words when nothing of that happens.

Honestly speaking if I were her, since there is no trust ... why continue. Just back off and that's it. Stop trying so hard to get that friendship back later (to the guy). People are just SO funny. After making her mad, he tries very hard to make her happy again and he does not know why is she pissed up in the first place. Some guys are so so insensitive while some guys are overly sensitive. Why are there no moderate ones out there. Umm ... a point to ponder.

I don't understand still why people love making themselves and other people an ass by just assuming. Can't they use common sense once in awhile. Is it a crime using common sense I wonder.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Velvet Part 2

As soon as we entered Velvet, drinks were already there. Settle down drink lolz.

But of course it's all only about bottoms-up for normal drinks and not shots. We need to add spice to it, by having some shots. HAHA.

This is RJ .. or Dolphania ... a blogger lolz ... an ex-classmate of mine in KDU as well as in Swiss .. the first trip that is LOL

This is Dede ... must I even intro lolz

So yea now it's the drinking time, let me introduce ... each time we go out chilling out, this is one of the must-haves ... haha ... it's called B52 ... it consist of bailey, kahlua, grand marnier and about 60-80% by alcohol volume ... small shot only no worries won't get drunk with just ONE for sure. How do I know? Haha... ask me ask me :P considering I am not even a drinker (someone who always drink) and I am someone who rarely drinks. You actually have to drink it with flame, supposingly. But, the bartender had mixed it up so there is no way to flame it up already. Flame it and drink with a straw only you feel the burning sensation. THEN, only it's something. One thing about drinking this in Msia though ... they don't flame it up so it's kinda potong stim, you gotta ASK for it and they will come running here and there as they do not know how to =.=

Let's not talk so much, it's show time ... drink it up ...yumzzz ... I know ... it was tequilla shot when I first started drinking ... hehe ... it changed in 2006 apparently hehe.

Irritating people

It's starting to get pesky and annoying.

I know what my limits are. I know what I should do and what I shouldn't do when it comes to work. I don't care who you are and what you do and where you come from. It makes me disinterested to know you. As long as I do my job then I don't care about other stuff.

So, stop bugging me for my number, for, I am simply unresponsive towards you and absolutely apathetic when it comes to you. You come to the hotel you pay money I do what I can, and others are personal matters. Personal matters I would not reveal it even you point the gun at me. You got my damn point?

Sigh work itself is so draggy. Getting people like this bothering me during night is so troublesome. Every single night coming here crapping all the way is so darn uncool, you know??? Even you might be the hawtest ever person I have ever met before, I'm sorry dude, numbers are confidential. I am not some ki-siao, ki-hiao, so stop borthering yea. Even though you are darn regular, do I even care. So what? I am no some Ah-Pao, so ... don't bother, I have a good suggestion though. Why not go to Ah Pao, Ah Hiao, and Ah KiSiao ... they will be absolutely delighted to give their numbers to you. Easier, much much easier ;)

My gawd .... get a life you guys =.=

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Velvet Part 1

Hehe I know it's more than a month already ... my birthday had passed and now even Halloween had passed. Halloween is so quiet ... sad. Nevermind we shall move place, Celadon was already closing at that hour, we shall leave before they start throwing plates and cutleries at us.

Btw, before we continue, just to let you know that there is actually a music player on the right bar now, but just ONE song ... it's a Thai song and please enjoy it as much as you could, appreciate it because it was kinda difficult to search for it. Thai songs are awesome, just don't understand why people think it's weird to be so in love with Thai songs. WHY? Tam mai?

Alright so from Celedon we actually waited at the side entrance for Ah Ying and Mac Dong Dong to finish work. Our shift fits in perfectly in a matter of fact, like seriously hehe. Then all together go .. zoom! Off we went ... to Velvet. Honestly speaking from the bottom of my heart, though it's hard to believe but you just gotta believe, I am not a clubbing kinda person, I am not a party addict and I am no wild animal when it comes to night life. I do go like once in awhile and the interest goes on and off. Mention Velvet I know it's Zouk and that's also because it was told my my previous Sales Manager named Uncle Chuah during my internship when back then he used to go very frequenly until he got the VIP status and now ... he stopped completely. I so can't believe it lolz. So ... I am now telling the whole world ... I have not been to Zouk or Velvet though it's a place that all the party goers HAS to be there at least a few times. This proves I am not a party goer y'know. hehe. My first time I stepped my foot into Velvet was 24th September night approaching 25th September which was yours truly's birthday hehe.

My main organizer ... and the brother ... the siblings' power

People call the Super Trio but we call ... The Dum Dum Mac Tong Tong group ... why so? First ... I call her Mac Tong Tong, the chinese version of McD and since her antenna is always out of place and blur ... she's called Dum Dum which was given by Dede ... so obviously she calls us back what we call her ... and in the end, she has to explain it again and again to people that she's the combination of 2 Dedes which becomes Dum Dum Mac Tong Tong which is so darn cute for a name hahaha ...

Good evening, Charlie ... *wink* hehe

This is the poodle Ah Ying ... lolz and Mac Tong Tong ... :p

Close up ... of us

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Origins of Panda

Can I ask a question. I have the right to ask of course and to answer or not to answer you have the right to choose.

Do I have that kacukan rojak face. What I mean in English is ... do I really have THAT mixed parentage face. Can these people ... this group of people ... stop asking me this same old question over and over again. I am not quarter quarter or half half. I am PURE breed.

So many encounters before ... that they really thought I am not Malaysian. They thought I am imported, which of course comes to the next question and I wonder myself to, from where. For so god damn long, I always have this challenge and I do not know how to solve it.

Yesterday yet again this dude asked if I am mixed. I said nope ... not at all and he asked am I sure. I am VERY sure of course, how can I be not sure of my own parents, hello? If you don't believe, you can see my parents okay, and if you want their number tell me too ... speak to them to prove it to you that I am not from some never-know-where land.

I have that typical face ... according to my assumption and it should be true lolz, the typical Malaysian face. Getting comments and questions in regards of my origins from my counterparts is something quite devastating and saddening I would say. Imagine people had been here all their life, and of them doubting your origins is ... really sad. Getting comments from a foreign land as well thinking that I am from their place is even sadder in a matter of fact.

Surprisingly, I don't get people thinking I am from China because many of my friends got that feedback before, without conversing and everything is only based on the looks, and without me saying that I am unable to converse in that language is the only thing I am happy about hehe

I am declaring ... I am not mixed .. I don't come from whichever country you can think of like Portugal, Phillipines, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea ... none of them is my country. Just for your information, I am not Eurasian too thank you very much but I am a very very Malaysian, the pure breed born raise and bred in KL for all my life alright.

Any more questions? Raise up and shoot 'em now!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mein Geburstag : Funf

Dancers are among the most passionate and dedicated of artists and rarely take their work for granted

My birthday never ends eh .. that one meal of celebration has lotsa pics so bear with me.

Look at that two gays -_- what can I say ... be the man, do the right thing LOL :P yea apparently being a retard is the right thing to do lolz

I took pix with Brother at first then he got to do some reporting over the phone haha sedih so took pix with Danny Boy instead ... there is actually a story why is he called Danny Boy ... it wasn't given by anyone else BUT ... his guest lolz

After with Lao Zhang ... I cannot afford to leave Tim out of course, he had left us .. BOO! He's here for management training

Just the three of us =)

Janice is on night shift with Brother that day ... so they left once we finished our dinner

How could we take picture together before ... umm ... I just wonder

The one that always force us to go for training .... zzzz ...

A group pic of us ... Tim, me, Lao Zhang, Chris, Dede, Natsuki, Pam, Karen, Janice and Brother

We were actually all leaving already ... and Danny just said ... one more one moreee ... then we were taking our own sweet time ... "fasterrr .... berattt tau" LaoZhang ... you strong mar :p