Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 2 : Carlsberg

After getting thrilled and astonished with the sunset, we decided to go back to the room, change, and enjoy the booze at the beach.

Day 2 is ... Carlsberg night

OMG It's freaking cheap. Though I am not really a fan of beer but somehow I could still drink it down when it's cold. Yes, key word, cold and thirsty. 6 of them cost less than 10 bucks. OMG!

Dead .... haha

Got up again :P

Initially, we were waiting for eclipse to happen ... yes eclipse ... but somehow we got cheated it did not happen, we were there early, so nvm, one hour, two hours, three hours, no it's not gonna happen ... no ... we got cheated ... and best part was we were sitting facing the opposite direction at the beach, people must have thought we are some weird species, but fret not, no matter how weird are we, we are not aliens ... :D

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hanky & Panky Story: Bastard

Yes, we used to be able to joke, we used to be able to laugh, we used to be able to hang out for hours, have a great time together and that sort, and it all happened within a week, well more like within that few days I'm not even sure. Yes, we even went for a holiday, together.

That girl is hurt. This girl is happy. You know ... as a guy, you shouldn't be doing this, like what a jerk does. That girl fell so deeply for you, though I am not close to her, but at this point of time, I feel really bad for her. No, I don't pity her, but I really feel for her. She fell for you, wholeheartedly and you could say that you no longer has that feelings for her. OMG! Like after she fell into the trap. Why do you lead her own like that. Why do you have to do this to her. Why? She didn't do anything wrong, she does not owe you. Why did you ever treat her so good, so different initially. Obviously, people would misunderstood and you never wanted to explain it. Instead, you played along.

Now what happens. Both aren't talking. To this date, I am not saying good things about the 2nd girl, but rather the first girl. She is the one who is innocent, get hurt so deeply, it's worse than getting dump. If I were her, I will feel so betrayed, so cheated, so dirty and so disgusted. They used to be able to talk and joke and all because of you, they aren't talking, they aren't friends, and they are just enemies now. Who is the cause? It's you. I am so ashamed to know you ... seriously.

You know what? You're just a typical jerk, nothing more nothing less. Get up, realize and change. It's too late for this, but not too late in the future. I don't wanna see other girls getting hurt by you. Sigh. Stop being an idiotic bastard. Please.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hanky & Panky Story: Contradicting

Why do you both just love to contradict yourself? Does it leave you with a feeling full of satisfaction? Does it?
First you give us thousand and one reasons why both are not meant to be together. You convinced us wholeheartedly like as though is almost impossible or rather it's completely impossible. You gave us this impression that it's not gonna happen at all no matter what, at least at this point of time.
There is nothing wrong being together, seriously, if both of you are clear and straight forward, and admit it, then yes, we will wish you all the best and happy ever after. But now, what are you two trying to do? I don't know. What do you think are we? I don't know. To begin with, we do not even have any position in your heart, let alone realizing our existence is far of reach.
Stop contradicting yourselves, it makes yourselves look stupid and make us look like a fool. If it's what you want, continue doing it but what happens in the future, we cannot guarantee.

No, he is such a player, I wouldn't fall for it
No, she is so cute, I don't like cute girls, I like experienced hot and sexy girl
Yeah RIGHT chicken

No, I just broke up and not ready for any rship
No, I am still not ready for any relationship at this stage
Yeah RIGHT chicken

No, I don't wanna hurt her
No, what will she feel if we are together
Yeah RIGHT chicken

You also felt we are weird, hor
No, I don't date colleagues
Yeah RIGHT chicken

It's complicated and confusing
I don't know how to explain, it's not finalised
Yeah RIGHT chicken

You know what? Even after saying all these on and on and on, I seriously wonder what is the whole point of saying and explaining when both of you ended up as an alien pair. Nothing. Just keep quiet, don't say a single thing and we wouldn't even say such things. Are both of you that desperate. Maybe I don't know.

Stop that contradiction, it's uncool. Why the heck creating all the drama when in the end of the day, the result is like what we expected. Why do you want us to look down on you. Sigh. Disappointing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

PD again

4 months down ...

and ... off to PD again for one night just a getaway

Behave people


Friday, April 17, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 2 : Sunset

It's Friday night and being in the right mind, I should be out ... having a nice meal with friends. But, apparently I am not, with me typing this out here.

There were 1 guy 1 girl and 1 confused gender having a secret meeting at this moment, without me. Me being me, missed dinner. Yeah, got too mad, got too pissed, until I have totally turned all food away, lost my appetite big time.

But fret not, though not having dinner, I still have the energy to go chilling out. Yes and I decided to post this, yes this, before getting all too drunk to do that later. Not that I'm surely gonna get drunk, I doubt I will, coz ... again, driving, I don't have opportunity to do that.

As we got back from town, we went to take a stroll along the beach and as soon as we saw the sight of the sun, we were so drawn to it ... and we are in love :D haha

That;s ut

Til then, time to be prepared

The curse

Hey thief, I have changed my locker. Thanks for making it so troublesome for me.

And you know what? You are so gonna regret for taking my locker key and stuff because ... guess what, I am gonna curse you AGAIN. HAHA! Do you think it's funny? Though you may not think so, I DO think so hehe.

Today, on your way to work, you will sleep walk til you bang a tree, then followed by the bus. Bus driver will ask you to pay for the damage you cause his bus because you being fat big and disgustingly smelly, he just don't think his bus can function normally. When you wanted to go on the bus, he declined you as the customer because you are hazardous as you seem. Getting rejected, you kept on trying to stop bus, taxi and after giving up, walk for half an hour to the LRT station. The moment you step in, everyone cover their nose staring at you like you are some sort of alien just landed here. When you get to work, there is no uniform for you, and the one they have is a torn one which make you look like a fool. Getting scolded by your superior, you were in a bad mood and you .... getting scolded again by your guests, for the next 8 hours. When you wanted to eat the food in cafe, it's finished and when they reloaded it, you had foodpoisoning. The funniest part is nobody had it except you. Being in pain, guests continued scolding you and they complained about you. Your superior do not permit you to take MC or any sort of it. If you plan to take MC, you don't have to go to work anymore. On your way home, few people came to rob your bag ... and my perfume is inside there and everything is GONE for you.

Sui until the max, yes and that's all for ... stealing my locker key and perfume. You took my gel and moisturizer, fret not, I have an extra moisturizer at home HAHA. Do you wanna know I have another CK unfinished perfume in the Prima Vera bag I placed in my locker? Wanna have it?

Don't worry thief, though I have changed locker, I will still keep looking for the culprit who stole my stuff and made me feel so insecure. Thank you so much. I remember you. You will definitely end up in ICU, coma and semi-paralysed and being useless, smelly and disgusting.

Come visit me in my new locker, I will be ready with my Swiss Knife to slash you alive.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 1 : Booze

I'm on leave from today til the next 4 days. It's Heaven, yes d'uh obviously. It's such a sad thing that right after this, there's no more leaves for me, long ones, pending ones, for a long time. And you know 4 days past like some ... well ... just fast.

As you know, Langkawi is the only place with duty free all over. Never miss the chance, go for it.

Booze time babeh! Beach side :D

OMG! 4 small bottles of vodka only for like 60 bucks, if I tell this to people, they must have thought I am kidding, like serious shit.

Just the two of us, drinking ... cheers. But seriously, the Korean wine is easier to drink than this vodka. At least it doesn't burn as much. Eat Cheezles. Does it sound good? You bet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 1 : Dinner

Right, maybe I should start doing all my everlong pending of trips, or else, it's not gonna finish, ever.

The trip to Langkawi ... yeah yeah I know it has been on and on, ever and ever, and this is just the beginning like a pathetic day one haha. Oh well, in life, you meet lazy people, and I am just one of them.

Taufu ....

Prawns ... or you say it Gong .. in Thai haha ..

Finally plaaa ... fisch ... ikan ... poison ... FISH

What happens later on? Stomach bloated like anything la d'uh. A mini mart or whatever you call that was right beside this restaurant, and so we went there to buy some snacks and chips to complement alcohol beverages which will be after dinner at the beach side.

Skin alive for taking my CK perfume

My sudden hiatus ... for half a month, didn't expect myself to make a comeback in such a way. I did not even realize I was in a hiatus mode. Blogging isn't anymore my routine.

I am saying that I don't expect myself to blog again in this condition because some tragic incident happened, today. People can be so greedy at times. People can be so uncivilized at times, or perhaps all the time, I don't know.

I was off for 2 days so never have I thought of checking my locker key if it is in my bag. Today, I went to work and out of sudden, I realized the key isn't in the place it should be. Since that I am already at work, there is no need for me to go home and check, but just to grab the spare one in the car. But, before that I felt something extremely funny, my locker seems exceptionally empty when I opened it. I didn't know what and why and continue preparing myself with make up and all. When I finally wanted to groom my hair, I realized my moisturizer and gel has gone missing. Alright fine, maybe I just misplaced those two things, which is quite impossible too come to think of it. When I finally wanted to spray my favourite CK perfume, it was not there. FOR SURE, I did not misplace it. I don't misplace perfume, especially the one I use for work. It's CK. You know CK.

Stupid fool you bastard, dare to freaking take my perfume. I swear that you will be drown, bang into a tree, get tortured for life, three quarter injured and followed by paralysed for half a century. Don't ever take my perfume. It's a bad bad thing to even think about it, let alone do. You, that brainless loser who took my locker key, make sure all your windows and doors is kept shut for your entire life, all the time, and that includes your loved ones. I'm not joking, you better make sure. It's a huge sin, to take my CK perfume. I will make sure you get skinned alive!

Blardy woman, whoever you are.