Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beach Wear 1

Sometime this year, we did something different, an indoor shoot. It was in fact not long after I came back from Langkawi, so my tone was a bit ... out. Very unbalanced because from the front, I looked alright, not to say fair, but I was alright, but when I turn to the back, HA ... it looks as if I went for tanning for like 1 month. I call this the MJ tone, black or white, you choose.

The warming up session ...

As you can see, yes I am DEAD bored to be posting this ....

It's Sunday, have a GOOD SUNDAY people ... because you know what? I gotta work ... on A Sunday ... as well as on a public holiday which falls on the day after where everyone celebrates the Independence of this country ... a historical day, the day where our forefathers gained Independence 52 years ago from the English. AND ... people like me ... gotta work, without having the opportunity to even claim that public holiday and replace it next time, there's not even a choice for us, how sad can life be at times. What's Independence? Maybe .. I SHOULD celebrate too ... because I will be graduating from the place I dreaded 2 months back, and now ... I am going back to where I belong.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Night @ Velvet

The temptation to drink is hitting back on me. The feeling come and go. It doesn't stay, it doesn't last, but it doesn't leave me for too long, after some time, the feeling comes back again. Each time when the feeling comes, it continues for some time, before it leaves me again. The circle repeats itself. It has been a few weeks now that we have been going out for drinks, or even just by going to her house, because there is one bottle of Chivas there, for the both of us, and it's finally finish. There was a point of time back last week or so that whenever I see Coke and Cheezels, which I have it in my room, really really tempt me to drink. It's THAT bad that I felt like going out to buy Chivas and drink here, right here in my room but I know I can't do that, no! I am not a heavy drinker. But when the feeling is not there to drink, no matter how you push me, I don't feel like it at all, it's so bad that I feel like just staying at home to sleep or online, or if you succeed to get me to go, I can even yawn in the club, and drink only just to entertain, and not from myself.

It was just one week ago that randomly, out of the nowhere, Tarzan just came out from the locker, and so did I, we bumped into each other, he just asked if I wanted to go. It was 1am, and I thought he was kidding. Both singles, both nothing better to do at home, we went to drink at RUm Jungle, with our usual outfit - SLIPPERS. Since it's just the both of us, we did not open bottle, like most times. This time, we tried something different, red wine. Haha. Omg. It feels like Cloud 9. It's enough to make us happy people. While drinking, there's french fries and of course it ended with a bottle of beer each. Omg. Perfecto! Next time, we should go with the normal people, the three of us, if only Dede is not night shift, then it's definitely WOW.

Now, pictures from Zouk... more like Velvet ... from the night that they declined me three bloody times.

20 shots for the three of us ... MH, Dede and myself. It's called Sex on The Beach. Damn! Life's good man. If you wonder, it consist of vodka, melon liqueur, raspberry flavored liqueur, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, mix all together ... and voila. It cost like what ... 100 bucks, good deal, from a place like Velvet.

Tadaaa ....

Promoting I Phone haha

Yes, I know it's in the toilet, but that's actually the coolest place to snap pic, lighting is perfect, not only in clubs that I am talking about, go to any major shopping malls, their toilets are actually the perfect place to snap pics ... as I have found out few years ago, their lighting is darn good. Try it and you will know.

It's almost done, the night has almost ended at that time, many many more people were going to toilet ... just for anything and ... we were there too, to snap pics but I really felt like I was a vampire at that time, but it's nothing new tho lolz

More about How Velvet declined me from going in

Friday, August 21, 2009

Quattro 4th Round

Another set of Quattro pics, the finishing

Heehee yeah that's right =p

Again, ignore the guy at the background ... Dede's turn

Mafia ... but The Bitch looks so ... lolz ...

Main tipu

And my turn .... :D

hahaha .. this is the closing ceremony. The end. Everyone go home. Sayanara and ... laterz ... until ... the next session, well ... there were many more sessions after this, but no pics were taken, but if you are talking about Quattro, this was indeed the last session and we did not step our foot there since.

Stop asking me ...

It wasn't that long ago that I got kinda "harassed" verbally and felt so insulted from a guest of mine. Yeah, then yada yada yada, case closed, as long as I played my part of reporting it.

Until today, people still remembered that, but not mentioning it. Then, who knows, another one, and when I told, the question asked ... why is it always you. I can't jump into conclusion this time, because it wasn't as direct as it was from the first one.

I was doing an in-room registration for this dude, who is older than my own dad even. So, yeah I seldom see people from this country being so talkative but anyways I thought he was er ... just different from others, I just thought this is the minority, but they somehow exist. He even complimented on my language, like ... err ... oh-kay, I speak this language. Anyhoos, the main point was he was talking and talking and talking, asking very private questions and all, so I just thought he was just curious, because for God's sake, he's almost 70. I never thought about anything more than just being curious. Half an hour at least I spent there. Of course, in comparison with the guest I had before from Thailand, it's nothing, but that ... I was loving it, but this not so, but more like entertaining him only haha.

11pm he called looking for me, asking me to go to his room. I was quite taken aback, and asked why but I put it in a nice way. He has a questionnaire for me o.O er okay. He didn't say on what but in the end he did after I asked. It's about tours. BINGO, my colleague could assist him haha .. and he asked WHY o.O like ... okay bo? Why plak. I only check you in and out nothing else, I have no knowledge deng. Even I have I pretend I don't okay haha.

Can you people stop asking me to go up to your room. I have my own room to sleep in okay, understand? Weird man ... people are just getting weirder and weirder. I'm not that poor that I don't have a house to stay. :o Or if you are concern, you may buy a house, pay in total and put under my name, I don't mind. Haha. Thanks in advanced, y0!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's you and me

2 years down, ever since we knew each other. How much really do we know of each other. I admit I don't, probably just a small percentage. But, do you even know me in that same percentage. I doubt it.

That little statement had proved it all, that you don't even know me, since that you could say that out. I am the opposite of that, if you don't even know because people notice that at the very beginning.

Frankly, the existing situation of us is not very good already, but ... you wanna jeopardize it all, trash everything that is already there, as if it is not bad enough. But, I am treating you different from before, nicer than before, not because I have forgotten everything, not because that I'm alright with everything, but ... I don't care anymore, that I don't bother for whatever happens anymore, and perhaps, that might or might not be a good sign depending on how you see it.

For whatever you described me as before, was really what is contrary of my real self. I am not expecting you to know everything, but well, we are all adults, and you should know what to say and what not to say in certain issues, in different situations. I'm glad that you wanna share some stuff with people that we both know, but ... you gotta be aware of people's feelings. I now know how you see me as, as someone who is LOA, but in fact, for those who know both you and me, they will say instead the LOA is indeed you, and not me.

I might hang out with you, but that's just a hang out buddy and nothing more. Buddy are not friends, but friends might be buddy. In your case, you are just a buddy. You might say I am not someone genuine, well, if that makes you happy, why not. Think as you wish. I have no problem with that, for, I have genuinely and sincerely treated you as one of the friends before, but ... well, it was just never meant to be like that. Remember, I tried and I did. That was why I treated you worse before, because I have that little expectations. Since that you have been very well downgraded as a buddy, I care no more about anything. That is why now, I am treating you much better.

Seriously, without you, I am as happy as always, even happier than you're here. That's before. I don't hold grudges, but I just remember. It's not something I wanna do, but ... I remember everything you did. Now, I could talk to you while chilling out, but not someone I will talk to for issues. Never in my mind before. That's how I see you, it could be fortunate or unfortunate, again, depends how you see it.

It's a waste maybe to some people, but ... I don't see a waste. You have said it before you appreciated and cherished, but I am those who don't believe in words, I believe in actions more than anything else. I have my own life principles, you break it, and that's how you end up. Well, not that it matters, but ... well.

If you feel I am talking about you, yes you, then it could be. If you have done nothing of those, for however I say it, you will not feel the pinch at all. If you have the courage, ask me if it's really you. That's the reason behind all those treatment now ;)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quattro 3rd Round

So yeah here we are again, this is Mr and Mrs Mafia. Mr Mafia has mafia looks, but Mrs Mafia is the real mafia.

The US first haha

What you expect me to respond with this kinda fella. It's just so wtf.

We call him Siao. Ignore the guy at the background=.=

Finally, biatches ... well, that's what we call him, The Biatch ... but in return, he happily calls us that =.=

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Someone from the past

Life's indeed ironic. You told me once to becareful of Mr H. Mr H had done absolutely nothing to you but I have no idea why were you so against him back then. You never showed but you kept on asking why was he messaging me randomly and etc. At least, he followed me by driving behind my car, to ensure that I was safe. I never asked him to though. Where were you then? Nowhere to be seen.

Then, you told me he was not as simple as he looks. But I tell you that the one I should be alert, the one I should be aware of is you, and not him. How ironic. When I was in danger, he was the one coming to me. He was the one who came coming for me, and I know he is the one whom I can trust and not you, whom I can rely on, and not you. How funny, have you ever wondered?

I feel much more comfortable with him around. He was the one entertaining me, and not you. Yes, he might be quite random at times, by calling people, messaging people and all, but ... you are much worse than that, you are beyond randomness. I feel unsafe with your presence.

Months after, I felt I do not know you anymore. Well, first of all, I should really ask, who are you. I don't even know. You are something of the past. I feel the blissfulness without you surrounding me. I feel the ultimate happiness without your presence. Guess what? Everyone's doing well, without you. Well, karma happens.

How funny life is. The one who supposed to be dangerous turn out to be the nice one, and the one supposed to be the good one, happened to be the dangerous one. Only dangerous jerks fight in clubs. Sad .. man .. sad ... that person is you. You can't even control your own feelings and start fighting. What does it prove? That you are just an unworthy person who do not deserve anything from any of us =) Don't you feel that we are very well off composed and everything is in control now? Especially the day that we have put you into history? Beat me! :D