Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's about being comfy

Throughout your whole journey of life, you meet people, various type of people. Each one of them has different personalities, characteries and their individualism. It's not surprising you can click with one almost instantly, and the other, you don't seem to though two of them might be similar to each other.

To be honest, there's one particular category of people that I can't really hang out with them for long. They are the people I categorize them as the extremely nice people. As friends, they do everything you want and need. They obey your words, don't go against you, whatever you ask for, they do. To them, friends are really important that they will just do practically anything. This friendship manipulates by you, and you have total control when to start or end it. These people, are just way too nice. They thought to have friends, they need to be nice, they please you for whatever reasons there are. They try their very best to be accepted in the circle. Unfortunately, all these things are not how it supposed to be. They have forgotten the basics in life, the certain rules in life - just be who you are.

All this kindness that is offered to me(if), I get annoyed at some point of time. It's not that I don't appreciate, but I just can't take people who are too nice and kind. I'm just not those kind. I need people who are awesome in a way, frank in another way even though it's mean. It's not like I'm not used to mean people, or cruel, and cold (ah that sounds familiar haha).

Furthermore, if people who I'm not 80% and above comfortable with, come being close to me, I feel suffocated. I feel I'm being tied and I can't breathe. In other words, I can't take clingy and sticky friends. Sometimes, I get irritated by people. It's normal really to be irritated with things. But, if the same person kept on doing the same things, isn't it obvious enough only to stay away.

At times, I might be okay with certain things. After awhile, after some time off, the person comes back, I can talk again. But, it's not always gonna be like that. Even after awhile, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, I might not be entirely okay with it. I am that sort that remember things clearly in my mind. For one small issue that you pissed me with, I can remember right up til 1 year, 5 years every small little details. I can tell you every incident that happened during primary school, high school, college and etc. Whatever that was said that got me all fired up, I can still tell you of what that was said to me even though it has been 2 years, or 6 years ago.

It's not about giving. It's about being comfortable. It's about chemistry. Get it now? :D At least from my point of view.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Farewell 3 Part 4

Ah. Finally. The last entry of my once-upon-a-time farewell. There are in fact so many things to blog, but I only have 24 hours per day, one pair of hands. Furthermore, I am not like those days whereby I can blog few entries per day. I think on average, I only blog once per week. Of course when the feeling is right, I blog more. Sometimes, 2 weeks once. Sigh. How?

I am honestly very very reluctant to hand back these stuff to them, particularly the ING card. It's so cool to see a doctor because you go to the doctor, show them the ING card, they swipe it, take your medicine, and it's done. Awesome. For 2.5 years, I have only gone to the doctor ONCE. Ah, sad. Employee handbook costs 10 bucks and most people had misplace it by the time they resign. My ID card, it was in my wallet when I joined and I did not even take it out after that, until then when I resigned. The fan pin costs 10 bucks too and it's a must to have it at all times with the uniform and nametag. However, this is a souvenir given by HR. Even you wanna buy, you can't buy it outside okay. haha.

My beloved locker key with the key chain all the way from Bali, from Ishak. I think I am well known for losing my locker key already. There was one period of time that I always appear in HR every single week. There was also once the master key went missing but it was not my fault. It was one of the security's fault. This is the exit interview. Whatever dissatisfactions and unhappiness, we may say out. However, I don't wanna be caught in the jam, I told HR I was very happy haha wth. I know it's not helping, but even if I did say out, nothing's gonna change. ALL my ex-colleagues who left before me had told them but until now, nothing is done, and nothing is changed. So, even if I do, it still will not change anything. In a matter of fact, I have lots to say. But, I remained silent because I didn't wanna be caught in the jam. WTH wei seriously? hahaha.

This is outside Security and HR department whereby this was our very last time walking down there as an employee. After 27th Feb, we are no longer an employee there. Thus, not allowed to be in the premise for the next 3 months. Even if we appear there, do you think they will do anything. We are all good. No problem haha.
Working there was one of the priviledge I have that many do not have. It's an honour to be given this opportunity working in a leading hotel. I was indeed happy there, with everyone is nice to each other. Well, not literally everyone but, yeah there are at least. There were so many dramatic things that happened, all the hoo-has, causing a chaotic moment among each other. Of course, working there is all pleasant from the outside. But, what we felt was a total opposite. It's not all about smiling and looking good like how we were perceived from an outsider. In fact, we gotta go through all the emotions you can possibly think of. Honestly, mostly everyone came telling me when I first started working that if I am able to make it for the first few months, it's considered an achievement because of the stress and pressure from the job itself, from the guests, colleagues and even managers. The history of turn over is pretty high. They told me to just prepare myself for the worst. There were problems arised from one time to another.
Having worked in a hotel is something I really like to be honest. I like the job. I do, and it's the frequent rotation that I cannot take it anymore. If I tell a problem that I face at work, nobody outside will understand how I feel. Nobody. It's the colleagues that understood exactly how I felt. We shared so much things together, because of the mental and emotional pressure we face. There were so many times I just felt like resigning there and then because I really could not take it anymore. If I were to work in an office environment, we will not even have 50% of the connection we have. It's really that close-knitted relationships we have. It's all about team work, it's a family itself. People of course get unhappy and bitter with each other due to work related, but, after awhile, those things are forgotten.
27th February, I walked out from the hotel, reluctantly. Yes, it's true that I was the one decided to leave. Things gotta change, I cannot be staying there for the rest of my life. I lost my life of 2.5 years. My friends had been complaining that they lost a friend to a hotel. Haha. When I walked into the hotel in August 2007, I was this inexperience, know nuts about anything. That day, I can proudly say, I have a big family there, with trusted people, having really close friends who share mostly everything, with the bond that could not be described. I walked out, with the experience I have there, with things I learned, and now, am even a stronger person than before. Gamsa Hamida for everything. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My skin is awesome

Last Monday, I was hit by some itchiness. It became bad. It was terrible. It looks hideous. I took some medication. It got slightly better, it wasn't that itchy anymore, the marks got less redder. Few days later, it didn't get any better. It has been a week now and I wonder will this leave a scar eventually. I do not have many long pants :o It really looks like I have some chronic disease o.O OMO! Ottoke? Ottokajo? Shiro! It looks like some cut, but I am very sure I did not cut myself with any possible things. I do not handle paper, leaves, knives(-_-) and whatever there are.

I have a long list of history of this. Hajiman, it's not until this extent before. I had my face swollen just because of one pair of ear rings. I got rash all over my body by just eating durians. A few more times of uncontrollable itchiness due to a few more piercings. OH YEAH! I'm awesome. Wth! =.=

Hong Kong and Singapore Interviews

When a celebrity from a country land in another country, it is expected that they have to be treated professionally. Well, not only celebrities, but etc etc. Even a nobody ought to be treated so, maybe minus the extra care. What more if it is a celebrity we are talking about.

So, as I was watching on his recent interviews in Hong Kong and Singapore, it was really that frustrating.

Hong Kong interview started off with a disaster. Ottokajo was such beautiful song and she ruined it, she murdered the song big time. It's fine if she does not know the song, but, I'm sure this assignment was given to her very long before he arrived there. She practically KILLED it. Homework, woman. As she was conducting the interview, there was a part whereby she just has real thick skin one must salute her for that. It was the part she asked about his ideal girl type and she has the cheeks to ask how about her. Obviously, being the nice nam-ja he is, he said she's good. Then, she commented in Chinese saying, "oh I know I am not that fair, do not have big eyes, long wavy hair..." please okay, look yourself in the mirror first before saying anything. Then, there's this part she asked him who will be best suited as Go Mi Nam the chinese version that he can picked from. He picked Ella for obvious reason. She then commented again in Chinese saying that she can definitely bring that character out. I'm really sorry to say, but your face is already a failure.

Singapore interview. This is what got me damn pissed with that bloody host. First, knowing that he is a Korean, he does not have English as his first language. For him to reply all the questions, or most questions in English is already a big applause to him. In fact, I thought, he did it beyond excellent. And in fact also, I feel he speaks way much better than the host himself. What a boo to the host. The host was asking what will he show his fans the next day. He replied some singing, dancing performance, just his everything. That God darn host asked him, your everything? He said yes. The remarks he commented further was haha that's very funny. Stupid host, I think you better bang your head and die on the spot. You're not worth to be there. First, you dress up so ah beng-ish. Then, you talked like some people come out from cow dang area. So, before you start laughing, you evaluate yourself first, when you can't really talk in a proper way considering you're in an English speaking environment. You feel that you're good by humiliating him? Sorry, but you are the worst of the worst. Lamest ever jerk okay. It's not even funny.

Damn you people. How can this damn thing happen. Argh. Kns. Can these people be more professional. Don't they have etiquette? I seriously wonder. Perhaps, they really TPS in Malay, BTC in Hokkien and NGS in English. Annoying! Real CHICKEN! How can they treat him like that! Shiro! Shiro!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Farewell 3 Part 3

Hiyak! Ahhh ... my farewell does not seem to ending at all, were there too many pictures taken? I have already cut out like hell lotsa pics. I'm still not finishing just yet. Just two more entries including this will be DONE. Finally. Arasoyo. XD

The day we went back was actually a busy day for them, they were running in and out of the office, and wow, we just left just at the very right time, the time when they were super busy. Haha, I know it's bad I know, but well, we had our time for that too.

That was the pen we got with name engraved. And of course, our all-time fave senior, has transferred to another department. Since then, everything had changed =.=

Oh well ... haha

They call this the Biatch Family =.= with Fufu as Mama, Richard as Daddy :S and Mei Li of course the youngest coz she is the biatchiest .... dot dot dot

Siao Lang too ... coincidence he came down :D

He is so gonna miss us right, no more drinking buddy :P

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That instincts

Do you believe in your own senses? Perhaps, I should rather put it as instincts? Sometimes, people make decision, or many times, people make decisions based on their own gut feelings, in another word, instincts. Question is, how much do you trust yourself, how much can you trust that inexplainable feelings within. Many people I know, somehow, had that instincts pave them to the correct path, that their decisions were based solely on that feelings beneath that human physical.

I know, I trust that instincts a lot. I am curious, on how real can that be, how can it work on us humans, because afterall, that's just feelings, it's on how we feel one minute and might not be the same the next. I used to doubt a lot because I could not get a solid explanation, even until now. At times, I do things opposite of how I feel, and regret later.

As I grew older, my instincts is getting more and more accurate. Long ago, I don't believe it and as times passed, whatever I decided upon from instincsts, it happen just on the dot. How can I not believe it? Also, when it comes to meeting people, you don't know the person, at times like this, you can't help it but to trust only your instincts. Guess what? Everything that I have felt for the last couple of years was right.

5 years ago, when I met this guy for the first time face-to-face, I felt terrible, he had this bad vibes around him. I really didnt't feel good. It's instincts. He didn't do anything bad. In fact, he was okay with me online before that. It was a gathering btw. I had this very strong feeling I cannot trust him in whatever he does, I cannot believe him in whatever he says, and he's not as simple as he looks. Those surrounding told me I have been thinking too much and that it's just my prejudice because he isn't like that. No matter how they protected him, my feelings didn't change, it was still that bad, so bad until I do not wanna be in the same place as he did. True enough, all along he proved that he is shallow, he has big attitude problem, and he has some money issues which am not gonna elaborate.

The judgements based on my instincts were so God darn right. I don't know how it happened. Last Sunday, I felt so uncomfortable the whole day. I do not know what reason was that and it feels like something is gonna happen. It was a really strong feeling. I felt so uneasy and don't know what will happen. Guess what? My laptop crashed and died. Sometimes, and more precisely, these few years, it freaks me out each time my feelings tell me the right thing.

However I felt towards some people after just meeting them, all along, it has been correct and nothing went the opposite of how I felt. Each time I felt the right thing and how I felt about them at that point of time, they turned out just exactly how I felt, it gives me a sense of satisfaction because they love proving me right that they are those kinda people I thought. But, in the other hand, it really freaks me out, big time. How can feelings be so real, so real that at times, it's so hard to believe.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sawadee kra, Krabi!

This afternoon, 1pm, I will be flying to Krabi with SP and Meow.

About going to Krabi, it always cross my mind and it just slipped off just like that. Each time I think of going there, there are for sure certain constraints that unable me to go. So, I'll be away for 4 days 3 nights. Don't ask me what why how. It's a very last minute thingy, everything was only booked few days before this.


Mee Jawa @ Dutamas

Yesterday, I decided to look for my Half Body for lunch since that I still gotta go there to send some stuff in Pos Laju. We went to try the newly opened restaurant, Mee Jawa, which is of course, not a new name, instead they have already a few branches around KL and PJ.

All the comments are purely based on personal experience, without intention to spoil their reputation and so forth.

We decided to give this a try. Give the benefit of the doubt.

1. We walked in, it's a very open space restaurant. I do not think we are any smaller than a human, so it's pretty obvious TWO people walked in, surpassing so many other humans(people working there) along the way to the table we wanted to sit. Just for your information, we were not served. We were not brought to our table, or anything like that.

2. As we sat down, we needed quite some time before they gave us the menus. Oh, did I mention, I needed to stare at them for them to notice? That's one pathetic case.

3. We ordered. Waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. and. Waited longer. Finally my food came, it's prawn noodles. Oh, guess what? The 2 ladies who were sitting beside us came before us, yet I got the food first. How could this happened? Well, I don't know. Only after 15 minutes later, their food arrived, and maybe another half an hour before Dede's food arrived. The duration of waiting between mine and hers was awful. If I were to have gastric, I would have died long time ago. Thank God for my health condition.

4. As we walked to the counter for our bill, oh, we needed to tell all over again our orders. I saw so many bills were on the counter, and she, could have just asked where were we sitting, unless she does not even know the table numbers! Awful, really hazardous lunch we had.


Next thing, is, as we had observed along our whole dining experience there.

1. It's either you put all of them with uniform, or without. However, what we saw was some with, some without. Okay, in such a small restaurant, one manager, one assistant manager will do, without uniform. How bout the others? Sigh.

2. The arrangements of things is already a failure. The cooking and the drinks at one side, the rice and rojak the other. They could have just put the rice and cooking together, no? It was such a messy arrangement.

3. Dirty cups were just left on top of the counter for a very very long time, well, not billing counter, but the same place where they place food to be served to customers. It was just there, there and there. It looks really disgusting to be honest. It gave us a more evident insight of how disorganized they are.

4. They do not practise hygiene. If you notice, they are very diry people. I was so afraid I could have died of poisoning. They could do things you don't imagine restaurants doing. When you are dealing with food and beverage, cleanliness and hygiene is vital. Do mind you that all these were not done by the workers, but .. just someone up there. I was just so in shocked.

5. While working in a restaurant, how could you possibly run? There's no such thing as running in a restaurant, whether you are holding the food, or you are not. It looks terrible on you, and you are representing the restaurant. One is to protect from falling down, which means, danger, and the other one is to avoid having a bad image.

6. One of the woman, one of the bosses perhaps, were at the kitchen assisting the worker. Look, the worker was cooking non-stop and all, and all she did was to stand beside her to arrange the food? WOW. I didn't know we need people for that. She could have come out to help to increase productivity and efficiency knowing that they are lack of staff. Thus, reducing complaints.

7. Dutamas area is a high-end area, with many foreigners around there as well. How can someone not know simple English? That particular dude gave us the menus once again after we ordered. Dede told him, we have ordered. He still gave it to us. He then came to take our order? AGAIN, she told him, we ordered, like hello. I can tell you, it's just OH MY GAWD.

8. If there were 10 tables occupied, 10 tables left the restaurant being very unhappy. We all can complain, complain to the very end, yet there's nothing they can even do. We, decided to be quiet. Frankly, the ones who don't complain, they should worry more because then, these people are the ones that will never return, ever.

9. When you open a restaurant, there are two things to consider. One, is either you are really good in the food, it's special, it's unique that people don't mind the other factors. It stands out. If your food is just normal, nothing to shout about, then, you gotta make sure your service is excellent. Sad to say, they failed terribly in these 2 areas.

10. Personally, this is not the place I will return, at least, not for the next few months. They need at least a couple of months to solve the hiccups they have at present, and it's some really major hiccups. They have lotsa work to do.

Frankly, this is one of my worst dining experience, or perhaps worst. I don't find anything interesting in them, and not even the ambience can help them balance it out. Really, nothing stands out, maybe they do, everything stands out, in an atrocious way. Really.

Monday, July 5, 2010

How old SHOULD one get married?

Sigh. I hate this topic. I totally despise it. I read this survey question in a website, posted by a member there.

How old should a girl get married?

Is it even a logic question. SHOULD. As I know, there is no should or should not in this world. Ridiculous. Is there such a thing, I should do this, or I should not do that because society forbids, or because it's against what the world believe. It is humans that set the rules. I detest because that shows we are even lacking in this department, which is totally absurd.

I'm not even 40 now. Why are there so many people asking about this. This is a very sensitive topic. It's extreme sensitive. As I have said, perhaps, I will even end up being a nun or my case I wanna be cool, I wanna be a monk instead. :P haha. It's way overloaded, I cannot take it if people just assume that it's the age I SHOULD get married. They come telling me, by this age, you should do this this and that. Well, to be honest, this is my life, and I am leading my own life. Whatever I want I know it best, not others. Hence, whether I should or I should not, the answer is within me, and only me. Also, why must they assume that I'm gonna get married? I did not say I will anyway. Sometimes, it's rather irritating to entertain people asking me only that kinda questions. When I give them the question in return of did I even say I will get married. They start saying oh, as a girl, I should. Yea, should again. yada yada yada. Like as if there are certain rules I gotta follow in life as long as I'm alive, that's because everyone else is doing and it is also because God forbids if I don't. Question now, why must I, just because everyone else is. I don't believe in it. People had been saying getting married is good, you don't have to worry in this area in life anymore, you will be a stage higher. However, not for me. Once you are married, chances and oppotunities will be narrowed down almost instantly and they will not even think twice of giving you any of those. Liberties slipped away just like that, all these because you are married. I guess, if I am, I will be even worrying more. I shall not want to worry about unnecessary things that can be avoided. It makes me older.

Well, is getting married that important afterall? Can you see how the world is changing in recent years. More and more people are so unhappy with each other that they eventually part ways or even more so, end up killing each other. Not everyone, but there are just too many. This does not even include those who force themselves being where they are because they wanna sacrifice for the sake of the family or marriage. WOW. I'll be 20 years older if I were to do that, or die having too much pressure. No doubt there are blissful marriages. But, how many there are. You see a perfect family, but nothing is perfect. This is not even near being pessimistic, it's all about reality. Everyday you hear people getting married, getting wishes to have a divine marriage. Few years down, or perhaps, months, you know what's gonna happen.

Life is tiring!