Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm not Pabo, Cho pabo anio.

As I was chatting yesterday, and me, not wanting to give him the easy way out, I asked him a question. The answer is really straight-forward, and nothing complicated at all.

1. What is it that adults do to earn money?
2, What do I have to do in order to get a paycheck in the end of the month?
3. What is the opposite of what you used to ask me in the past few months?
4. What is it that, I have to start my day at 6.45am and ends at 6pm?
5. It's 4 words, 3 consonants and 1 vowel
6. How do I get money in the end of the month?

All sorts of ways I tried asking him. ALL SORTS. The answers he gave me was selling pirated DVDs, blog, do an online thingy, bank, database. Mind you, when he told me BANK, I told him that's so specific, what am I saying it's very very general.

And when he finally got the answer - Work, he called me stupid, fool, and pabo. When it's clearly him, right? right? HAHAHHAHA. :P Very very fascinating haha.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blacklisting Kenny Roasters

I really don't understand why am I experiencing so many restaurants I gotta blacklist, especially in recent years. I realize as I grew up, grew older, I have more shitty experiences than I had when I was 21 and below. Is it because I reached that age, or it is because before that, it was my dad who blacklisted them, and when I'm out of my own, I need to make my own judgement? I really can't find a reason.

Just last week, I was out with Omma. I was really hungry so I went to eat by myself first before she came to join me later after shopping. I entered this place called Kenny Roasters in Kota Damansara's Giant.

I entered. Nobody bothered to attend to me. I waited. Then, this lady came. I said 3 person. She looked at me one kind. I hated that stupid retarded look on her face. Hence, I just gave her that stare I have always been good at (I'm born with it), and walked in without saying a word. I sat wherever I want to, because, do I care? No, I don't. I sat, and waited again for them to take the order. This another idiot came to take order. Well, one word to describe - idiot or stupid, however you wanna label her. As I was waiting, I was merely observing them, one by one, one after another. AND, I really don't like the idea of that moron scanning me at the door step earlier. I know I really gave them the WTF look and I don't intend to hide that facial expression I have that I really hated them. If I even realize it myself, that is serious. I know I should have just walked off, but I really wanna eat Kenny Rogers and there is nothing left there that I can eat.

Sometimes, I wonder, is my expectations on these people too high? They are restaurants, and don't try to give stupid excuses to me because I will not buy it. I have worked in a restaurant before, I was from a hotel school, so you can never ever lie to me that it's the way it is. That is absurd and totally ridiculous. Perhaps, I can tell why every single one of you are working in a fast food chain, and not some fine dining high class restaurant. I know. I know the reason. From the first glance at them, I can tell. They are just useless, and a complete disaster to be even existing on this Earth.

It's also principles. I hate and I must say I really despise people scanning. When I was sitting there, I saw with my own eyes, these people had been looking one with bloody kind of face, and I cannot accept how they are doing it. I DON'T LIKE it. If it's not because I was in a rush that day, I will take down all the names and lodge a complaint to the company itself. I'm sure, something will be done. I'm sure. Recently, I just lodged a complaint to an entertainment company, with names and evidence. What makes you think I can't do it this time. Don't trigger in this kind of way. I'm trained, very well trained.

Furthermore, I really think each and everyone of them there have some bloody face problem. Born with it or not, I don't care. But, the moment you look at them, you will not like them. Yeah, we should not be judging people like that. Sorry, am not a Saint, am not Hallejujah. I don't do charity. I don't forgive people and definitely will not forget. Moreover, I am a customer, but they were the ones judging me FIRST! Dang! Idiots.

From that day onwards, KENNY ROGERS or ROASTERS is blacklisted and we shall see for other branches. Definitely, the outlet in Kota Damansara's Giant outlet will be gone SOON can declare bankruptcy!@!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Japanese's Farewell @ Full House

This was held in March this year. NH's farewell party after being there for 2 years. Those contract basis staff most likely will not extend their contract, whether it's for the Japanese market, or the Arab market. It's too demanding. It was decided at Full House in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng despite having so many negative feedbacks already, just because the interior is for those cute-sy people. I wasn't keen there but well, I wasn't protoganist or whoever, so ... it's cool.

I was having a really hard time understanding the menu. People like me can never go there. Not like I can read Chinese. It was hard. I can hardly detect where the English words were. o.O

These was those who came, not all were there yet. Ah not to mention, she wasn't there yet either LOL.

These was the food, it looks good, no? It was okay, not too bad, but nothing to shout either.

Oh she finally arrived. She's the Japanese Guest Relations Manager. Oh, when she saw me, she was like oh you came. Well. That was before I left. That's just awesome.

Oh guess what. After they have finished the food, they left everything at the table without a word, went to take pictures :o :o bags, phones and everything were left there to be taken care by us. Wonder-fool.
As expected, it was a disaster. What I have read online on this outlet, was so true.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UFOs attack

Can people tell me what is happening to the country. Why is it filled with uncommon faces these days. Why do I have to feel insecure and anxious in my own place, the country I grew up.

People frequently say do not judge a book by its cover. You know and I know, it matters. That's just a phrase to convince yourself the world isn't that cruel, in actual fact, it's much much more cruel than you ever thought.

Why? Don't blame entirely on the UFOs. Really, don't. It takes 2 to tango. If you people don't fall for it, it will not happen. All these because of your own stupidity and greed. Greed is against religion. Yes, stupid. After like what 50K gone, got cheated, you people go crying to the police, to the public saying you have been cheated, all your hard earn money is gone, that you are pity, your life is gone, how are you going to pay with those bills. Blame yourself. There are so many scams around that happened of late, and it can still happen on you. HA! Bingo! This proves you are even worse.

To my amazement, these people are professionals. Doctors, university lecturers. Smart? Smart in their own work yes. Not other things. Logic says, you don't give money to strangers, you don't trust people just like that, and nothing comes free in this world. They don't know? Even small kids know not to entertain strangers. Oh yea! Geez. All sorts of people. For some, even though they have been cheated, they refuse to admit. They deny it and convince that they have not fallen into the trap. Oh wow, now, that's impressive.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Road Blocks

Dear All, of late, there are many speed traps, road blocks, all around KL and PJ. They are desperate before the festival now, so ensure you don't go against the law. Be a law abiding citizen for now, if you are not one. Even a place like Segambut has road blocks, that they rarely setup there. Imagine?

It's good to know that they are carrying their duties, considering there are squatters around that area. I'm glad for one but not so glad at the other hand.

In the other hand, I was called to go to the side to get my IC and license checked for TWO times in 5 days. It's a bit overboard, no? In all my driving history, I have never get blocked and stopped for whatever reasons there are.

The first time was just merely checking, and recording and not many questions. It's just a normal procedure I believe? I have got nothing to fear, I did not go against the law, I am very sure.

Second time, I don't feel it's what a cop should do. He was asking very personal questions. From where do I live, to where do I work, to stuff like do I have a bf, to my phone number. Isn't it a bit too much? You supposed to be working, not flirting around, okay? He actually was keeping my license and IC, and did not return it even after he finished checking. In fact, I gotta ask him to return it to me. But in a matter of fact, it's useless to be checking my IC and license, as all three of them, including the real me, all looks very very different from each other. XD haha

After that encounter, I really really dislike road blocks.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Saengil Chukhahae!

23 years ago on this special occasion, gamsa hamida. Thank you for coming into this world. It's because you came into this world, with the help of fate, I am a completely changed person now.

When I was young, I did not believe in fairytales. I was too practical. I do dream, but that was just merely dreams. When I saw you the first time, I know you are really something, someone worth my time, deserve my time. It was because I was blog hopping then, I saw the drama you were casted in. I saw the picture of you, instantly, it got me attracted. I knew it's gonna be you somehow. I googled, I watched the drama. I indulged myself with you. It never stopped from then. I wanna know more about you, not so much about your character on the drama anymore, it's more about you. I never fail to devote myself to you, even it means sacrificing my beauty sleep because I know, it's all worth it.

Each time you talk, I go weak on my knees. Your influence is really that great, even until today. When I got to know that you gotta go on diet, like really on a diet for your upcoming movie, and the amount of weight you lost for that most recent drama, and the upcoming ones combined together, it breaks my heart seeing you like that. Interviews after interviews, songs after songs, movies after movies, dramas after dramas, you never failed to amuse me. Even pictures alone is enough to make me go oggling on you. I can spend minutes to hours to days to weeks to months looking at you and your smile is enough to make my day. Your charm has certainly captured my heart. It is not so much just because of your looks, or talent, but it's that whole package that I look at. Most important, it's that feeling that can never be explained.

How beautiful you are in every way. Even until today, I just can't believe this is really happening. Hoping that you will be the best state in everything you do. You have never disappointed me and I doubt you ever will. Afterall, you're my God.

Saengil Chukhahae! :) Be happy always. This moment has never been better. Wishing that we will be here in many years to come. I will be forever supporting you. Hwaiting!