Monday, May 23, 2011

Krabi Trip 4

Haha .. *random* now back to Krabi. haha. We went for islands hopping activities. I can't really recall the name of those islands we went to now. It has almost been a year now. Hmm, Aonang? Koh Gai? Well and etc etc

Here we go .. with our beloved boat, row we go ... row row row your boat ^^

I really hate this idiot here, no not the orange one, the one he's holding. Stupid jelly fish. I went to Krabi, it is when I found out my true enemy at all times. Thank you damn jelly fish. What a memorable holiday you gave me.

That's our tour guide .. haha, damn I looked so retarded :(

There comes the superstar ... gaining attention from every single person there. Step by step, slowly ... one step at a time, swimming gracefully to the shore. haha. What an attention whore seeker.

Nice jer the island ... but not that impressive like how I expect that from pictures that I have seen before being present there.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My lost left shoe

It was one of the most embarrassing moment of my life, 2 days back.

The weather these days are so unpredictable. One minute it's shining brightly, the other it's raining so heavily you can't go anywhere.

I had no choice. I was in Pavillion, wanting to cross over to Farenheit. I was already late for class and I have already waited 10 minutes for the rain to slow down but it did not. Left without a choice, I ran across the road like a super hero, without an umbrella the moment the traffic light turned yellow. Yes, I was soaked in the rain like a homeless bear.

If you think that was bad enough, it wasn't. As I was running, and wet, it was so slippery. I did not fall so don't be too happy yet. My left shoes slipped off, and jang jang jang, it sped downhill so freaking fast I did not have time to even respond to that. All I could do was to look at it until off my sight it went. It did not end there, I went to look for it in the rain haha ... I could not find. I turned back, and headed to Farenheit then.

Thank God I was with my friend. She then went to buy a pair of slippers for me ... omigod, soaking wet, without my left shoe, it's no fun. RIP, shoe. Even though, I was soaked in the rain, didn't have a chance to clean up, dry up, and stuff like that for the next 3 hours, I am still so healthy. WHY????

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Keep It Away

It's almost 10 years now ...

Honestly, I really do not know what to say when people ask about you. Yeah, I know you, but I guess, that's about it? Perhaps, 10 years ago, I would have said more, but, these days, all I can say is that, where I know you from. Full stop.

Maybe, you thought whatever you have said has been kept a secret. Do not fool me, am not dumb enough to not know what happened. When we were not even close enough, you told people and gave the impression we were great friends and hang out often. I did not know that 2 times is called often. I'm impressed. Telling people I dump my friends after going abroad is just so amazing. You know that? Wow.

If really I were asked about you, there are so much negative things to say but not the positive. So, I shall keep quiet, unlike you, so afraid that people will think you are dumb if you shut up for a little while aye?

You tried to rebel at the old age of 21, isn't it too late and OLD to do so? Tsk tsk tsk. And oh yeah, I betrayed my friends, am a traitor, YESH I AM! :D :D :D and, what's your problem? ^^ It's best you keep yourself away from me. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Married and Unmarried

I believe that when two individual is married to each other, there are things you can't do anymore. There are boundaries, and of course the terms and conditions of being a married couple.

If you are married, please do control yourself in public. I know, I have no rights saying anything because am not married, right? But, do you know that from a third party who knows you, seeing this, is not a very pleasant sight afterall. You claim to be good and very close friends, but no matter how close friends you are, there's a line in between in terms of physical contacts with each other, when knowing it well enough, both of you are married with different spouses.

Now, please do not teach me about friendships. I am not sick that I do not know anything about it. Close friends do not touch and hold each other in that kind of way. Even people who do not know you could actually come up to me to ask if you are having an affair. That's really outrageous. First timers will think you are involved with each other. Again, I know this has nothing to do with me and I shall mind my own business, but, it's too gross for me to completely ignore your presence with each other there.

Now, I know why are there so many calls from the same person, over and over again, perhaps, he doesn't feel secured with you having this kind of behaviour in a public place, when knowing the fact you are married. Please stop this, it's just disgusting. At least, even if you wanna do all these unpleasant stuff, do it behind of people. Thank You. Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Ah .. and also, that is why there's a huge difference between married and unmarried people. When you are not committed to anyone, you are free to do any of these and people will not say anything about you. When you are married, it's a whole different thing altogether. So, knowing that you are like that naturally, why did you get married in the first place. Sigh. It's so uncalled for.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

All the pilots

Why are there so many pilots around me? They love to make an appointment then cancel it at the very last minute? Does it feel so nice of doing that? But, I just hate it THAT much.

Why is it so difficult? If you don't feel like going, or that you know you can't make it, why say so in the first place? You know how much I hate it. Sometimes, it gets really depressing over and over again people had been doing that. It's like I am here, for you people to FFK. Thank you really, I feel so touched of you fellas doing that to me. Words can't describe how honored I feel about that.

Especially all you had was already promised a dinner on a Friday night. That's when I get really really frustrated that I shall just give the silence treatment already, for, you had won and I got nothing to say anymore. You won okay, time after time, you do that, I'm not sure if I can take that anymore. All I wanna say is .. enjoy being the best ever pilot in the world. I have tried to accept people love to FFK me, but I'm really sorry, I can't do it. I have tried but why should I change my principles for people's sake, when all along I had issues on that particular area and that it something I don't believe in. Yes, pilots, go go go!

Yes pilot, where's your next destination?

Others might not be so particular in this kinda issue, but if it keeps on happening on you, I don't think one can take it. It has all been happening since 2005 til now. Freaking 6 years, though it's from different people. Those who had nicely done that before to me, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH I APPRECIATE IT SOOO MUCH.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Each time you meet someone, it takes you just ten seconds to know whether both of you can be friends or not. I am not talking about those complicated stuff, but just the surface, whether you can click, or you can't. It's really simple, yes, or no.

When you meet some people, this group of people can only be just hang out buddies, some are meant to be like soul friends, while some of the opposite gender are meant to be brothers only. Some, are kept in a a very close distance, able to talk everything under the sun, yet he's just a brother, or in a friend's zone.

It's nothing to do with you, or him/she, or anyone in between. It's that feelings. You say don't be judgmental on people. However, do you ever think these kind of people exist. They never did exist. The first impression counts and it last for a very very long time, if not forever. When you meet a certain someone for the first time, you are judging them from the way they carry themselves plus what your feelings tell you, whether you will be able to click, or not. That's judging.

So, if you tell me, do not judge, how can we all not judge. We are just humans, not Saints. Each and everyone of us have that in us. But, am not saying and am not encouraging people to start judging everyone in the world, with their highest level of judgement. Nope. Sometimes, we need that, but it's still best not to of course.

For example, when I met this certain someone for the first time, I have never liked her already. I thought she's being too ignorant and she did not deliver what she had promised and just this whole feeling I had. I thought my feelings were wrong in the beginning, maybe I trusted my feelings too much at times, so this time, I should let it off and shall take from Square One. Few months later, I knew, why I had that kinda uneasy feelings. It's telling me I should be aware.