Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Xmas Exchange Gift 08'

I know this happened a long long time ago and I have totally forgotten about this, until now. Nothing much to describe, but we, the FO people celebrated our gift exchange day on the 23rd of December. We had to take a pick, on who are you buying the gift to and nobody knows .. unless you are smart enough to reveal it to the whole world. We people, of course, being the itchy backside will not sit and wait for the day to come, but to try to look for hints :D haha. If the Angel of someone knows that I am close to that person, they will come up to me to ask and etc, though everyone will put up their wishes on the Xmas tree, while to buy or not to buy, is of course a different thing. So they say, Angel and Mortal, but I prefer it to be Angel and Devil, sounds cooler :P

Dedes, Mac Tong Tong, Karen, Davina, Ah Ying or Poodle, Mei Lee, the Ultimate Bitch, which is which ... can try guessing haha

Take two

But it's also the day we celebrated the birthday for December babies :D

Richard, since it's your last Xmas with us, FO, we take a picture with you so he calls it as Richard and gfs. =.= He was with high status and all, and now, after being transferred to Sec, his status all gone ahha. Kesian mafia. The most mafia DM I ever had :S do things that normal DM would not do, but I just think it's funny and damn gangsta-fied

My angel ^_^ haha .. she bought for me a Thai CD and also a Rudolf to remind me of her, because, she is always with her red nose, especially if she works morning shift haha ..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

If only you knew me

I found this quite funny ... that someone described what I am.

He said I am shy, quiet, hot headed, pure heart, bad temper, damn high ego and etc.

He put it in such a way that as though he knew me for 10 years but I can tell you, if you're a jerk, you definitely will not get to know me, you will not understand me no matter what. He told me he knew me inside out and I thought .. woof someone broke that record, and it was all in vain. Everything he said was the total opposite of what I really am haha. I do not know since when my temper is bad, I do not know since when I am hot headed haha. Omg, he is definitely the best.

Yeah stop pretending as if you know me that well, inside out, when you actually don't. Why? Coz it just makes you like a complete loser. If you don't then you just don't and I don't wish you to know me either coz I don't wanna know you. If also you know me that well, you know I am VERY stubborn til the extent that I will not change my perception towards someone even if you tell me s/he is not that kind of person, instead I will have more negative thoughts about that particular person. If you know me, I do opposite things. If you know me, I am not that nice though I might be. If you know me, I live with my principles and nobody can change how I wish to live. That is all ... if you know me.

Fact is you don't me ... at all. Why do people wanna pretend they know others so well when they don't. He thought he knew but whatever he described me was just not what I am. How funny can people be at times. 2 years is definitely not enough to know me, or what's more understand me. Those who know me will not say they do :)

Furthermore, he thought he is so that important to me that I treated him very differently as in when I look at him, my eyes is full of hatred. o.O like .. oh-kay. I just didn't smile at him or whatsoever o.O y'know haha. He told me then ... oh other guys you could be so soft, so gentle to them and smile so sweetly but when it's me you be so aggressive and fierce. Wanna know why? Coz you're not them lolz.

I think it's just FUNNY hahaha

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday

Today .... already February the 16th and it's Ah Boi's birthday. This is the first ever year he's spending his birthday in Dubai and we are not there to celebrate and having said that, there's only dedication and greetings, as I could not even see him ONLINE at all. Ever since he left, I only saw him online TWICE. Like duper sad I know.

This was in Brig, when we followed Jojo there

Italyyyy ... the love of Italy :D

He came to KL and both of us started acting like tourists taking pics of KLCC o.O

and finally a visit to Penang before he left for Dubai

A very good friend indeed. Happy Birthday and many many returns to you. Hopefully he doesn't get a gf from Dubai o.O HAHA ... not cool. Come back FAST. Alle gute zum geburstag.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy-V and Happy anti-V Day

How was Valentine's people? Was it great? I do know one thing for sure, that your pocket has a big wide deep hole inside by now heh ... yeah go out more on a V-day. We should have something called anti-V day as well, as an official celebration, it would definitely be cool. haha

Mine was awesome, I was working night shift. Yeah the sole singles left in Front Desk. Actually I never realized it until it was mentioned by my colleague. Previously, we had many many more singles apart from us, but today, looking at it, now we know ... we are the only 3 left who are still single haha .. which I think is uberly cool. HEHE. Single people is happy people. Don't you know that.

I know single's club is not as popular as the attached club, but single's club rules okay. Loving it, being single hehe.

Happy V-day or Happy anti-V-day people whichever is applicable =)

Tho we were being a little unangelic before the day ended. But, that's because they did it, that's why we were acting that way. You know why?

We brought this chocies Ferrero Roche to the back office and put it separately from the other chocies, which was meant for our other colleagues. Even having done that, this bugger bloody idiot has that GIGANTIC guts to take this whole bunch of chocies and ate it. That made us very really irritated and frustrated because it's meant for us, and not them. It also means that this bloody idiot did not respect our private property, without asking permission and took it, ate it all HAPPILY without us knowing it.
Right now, it's already inside of the stomach of whoever it is. Yes we do not know who ate it until now.

So, we are definitely cursing this bugger now, whatever that person is, he or she, to have blisters on the hands, legs, ulcers with blisters inside the mouth, stomach, and will be hospitalized in ICU for 7 days 7 nights, bleed non-stop til God knows when, until s/he reveal the wrongdoings. Do you know what is the meaning of prohibited, respect, stealing, and robber.

I know people will say oh it's just another Ferrero Roche. But I can say it's DIFFERENT, it's not the same as the ones you get it here, anyone here. It was kept at the supermarket for some time, we saved his life by buying it, and it travelled a long way here. They travelled from the shop to the Inn, to Langkawi's airport, went through custom, flew with Air Asia VVIP seat, took a private car home and from home to work. Do you know how much obstacles and hurdles that it went through. It was hell a lot.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dedes & families @ PD 3

Pictures time, an on-day trip to PD, not Langkawi yea I'm not THAT efficient, used to be but when one grows older, your efficiency slows down as well, like dramatically

It started with two, just the two of us

The circle got bigger ... and bigger

Finally yes ... the friendship ring ... well I can say nothing last ... and if you're really a friend, don't take others for granted, be it their money, their time, as well as energy. If you're really a sincere friend, genuine ... then I bet you should know what you should do at this age. Or else it ends with just disappointment? Betrayal? You never know, and it can happen at any minute to anyone. Personally, if someone knows that you don't like people doing this this and that, a friend will not do that particular thing to annoy, irritate and all that along the line to the friend. The appreciation, cherish, treasure is not there, it's of no use to have the circle in the first place :)

Then it's the scenery ... the wave ... up and low, low and high ... it's an everyday thing ... the best place to be to feel about what life is all about, contemplate ... the thought ... solution ... ideas ... inspirations ... it's just there

Left us .. the three souls ... in the middle of nowhere ... caught in the own world. Things might be better if we are more simple-minded souls perhaps? But humans will be humans, when things are simpler, others take things for granted and you lose out on everything, and in the end, you feel like shit

Everything else, anything else, might be broken, might not be the same, but we will always stay true, and we will always be Dedes HAHA

What happens just happens, and a lot of a time, it's out of our control. Tho sometimes we don't wish that things could go into that path, but this is what life is all about, people come and go, and if people just love acting that way, and it happens that s/he is that kind of person and refuse to do anything about it, I'm sorry it's nothing I can do about it as well.

Bitch on the beach

I'm back ...

I'm back from being a bitch on a beach ...

Renovated, rejuvenated, revived, reborn!

Back from Langkawi with Dede, a breakaway from all the chaos, the hectic lifestyle day in, day out in the heart of KL. People said it's so cool to be here, but I said, it's totally the opposite. The everyday stress, the lame things people do, the cheesy things people say that just turn me off right away.

It's nice to be back after 4 days, it's all about relaxing by the beach, drinking, and it just alternates between them.

Drinks are cheap, real cheapo ... drink all you can there, only if KL has that price for alcoholic beverages, then KL will be "D" place.

I'm back with a darker tone, not so obvious maybe I don't know but my back is ALL red, just look at the lobster and you will know how red it is. It's til the extent that it hurts when anything touches my back, even if you just caress it, or even brush, and as well as just lying down on the bed, it hurts. It's that critical, I'm a goner.

Pictures will be coming ... later, much later, depends on mood

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Watch ... out

I'm gonna build up and bring you DOWN DOWN DOWN

I wanna make sure I bring you down with my own bare hands

I am starting being violent, being aggressive

I wanna thank you for everything you did, for everything every single little thing ----> BEING LATE and FFK-ed

I will PUNCH you and I'll make sure you lie flat on the floor, and I'm gonna kick you like never before just like a haysack

Laughter makes me even more pissed, so stop laughing, it's uncool and you won't get a way out by laughing, REMEMBER

If you wanna be the next Dora, if you wanna be his successor, I am relatively glad to do so and to treat you just like him ---> TRANSPARENT

Friday, February 6, 2009


Strolling down the lifeless beach
Looking upon the smiling star above me
I am left with nothing, and just nothing with me
I could only see the angel behind the high above sky

Tears used to roll down my cheek each time I come here
But I do not know how to cry anymore
Not knowing the feeling of being sad and sorrow
I have lost the feeling of happiness

Fairness now cannot be justified any longer
The trust has been broken
The belief has been jeopardized
In our own pairs of hands

I felt numb whenever I thought about it
I felt numb whenever I don't think about it
I felt numb on my face, numb ob my knees
I am expressionless, I am numb

Whatever has been said to me could not register into my head
That I am beginning to worry
I never knew each night is so difficult to pass by
How could I live on when life has no more meaning

The impossible girl

Just the other day of some Chinese New Year day, I went out with Piggy to some nearby cafe. And so, this topic was brought up about some funny creature that we got to know from secondary.

Just last month or the month before I got this girl added me in Facebook. I saw the name, I could not recognize or not someone I know, or at least I thought. But as I saw the mutual friends we had, she must be one of them too, the ex- secondary school mates. And so, it hit me right away when I saw her chinese name. These guys are just so funny, right after secondary, they have this fancy funky English names. It's not wrong to have English names, but it's freaking weird, because not one of them did, not two, not three, but almost everyone that used not to have it, NOW has one. I can't name anyone who does not have any Eng name now.

For so long, she did not keep in contact with me and not like I am bothered about it. I am actually quite happy that way. But, just because she was my ex-school mate, or rather classmate, and so I reluctantly accept that request. There was one day I came online and she saw on FB, she sent me a message right away then. She's definitely not someone I can tolerate and hang out with as a conclusion I should say. She insisted to have my number, as to next time she will contact me for yumcha or whatever. But, I knew what kinda person she is, that when you don't call, she will ask why don't you call, and left her out to join the fun, and when you finally call, she will say that she's busy or whatever, at the very last second. Of course I never encounter this personally because I was not even interested to hang out with her in the first place. She asked me why Piggy could have my number and why not her. Isn't it obvious that I thought she is god damn irritating. I even know that even she calls me I will definitely not go. I know myself well and I am not dumb to give out my number to someone like her, who acts more than 50 years older than she is. I don't need an international news provider of my life o.O Anyone wanna know news about any of the classmate, she is the best ever person to consult.

Being an adult, a working adult, you should differentiate what is an appropriate question and what is not. This idiot here, went to ask another person of monthly salary and bonus. Hello? That's like what ... private and confidential and after people telling her it's P&C, she doesn't seem to understand. When people did not reveal it, she got mad. If I am them, I will screw her, end of story. There is really nothing to describe her, only create chaos and more dissatisfaction of people towards her. She's a total bullshit and so irrelevant and totally impossible with some gibberish words just coming out from her mouth all the time. She's just a whatever.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dedes & families @ PD 2

Almost everyone has gone for their CNY break and time to go back to work, and me myself, is time to go for my CNY break. I am always later than people, it's as if I am stuck in a whole different era, eh wait, more like I am always lacking. Before I go for my CNY break, which will be in a week's time, I shall post on my PD trip.

Mr Shitto feels hot too, so it's wise to give him some coke before he starts throwing tantrums around, what's more a bitch I mean beach

Me and the babe in pink wayangly reading his giant book and until today, is still lying there quietly in my car, through rain, through sun, Mr Book .. your owner doesn't want you anymore so sad

Kylie und mich

Not forgetting the sky

Though it does not look THAT striking hot, but indeed, it's reaally hot, look at 'em turning red!

This is us ... Dedes .. it's bonding session

Two girls ... one is a girl, the other is a bitch ...

And of course a pic of the three of us ...