Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happ Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Hope everyone had a blast yesterday, whether you're out partying, or you're at home having a good time!

While me, I had lots of fun, it was an awesome night, with good companions, fun place, nice music, great ambience.

There's something I wanna say though. Tables in clubs are placed very near to each other. It is during these times you get to meet very very lame guys. During celebrations, during festivals that is. We have one table next to us, mostly guys, I really don't know how to describe them anymore. This is not criticizing, but more of the truth than anything else. My back was facing them, and so, they started to cheers with my friends. Looking at them, I don't feel like it, because I feel the lameness in them from the very first glimpse. Trust your feelings, trust your judgement.
After awhile I started to move to the other side of the table, not wanting to stand so close to them. The further, the better! The cheers part started only after our guy friend left the table. They got so nice, so whatever. They actually asked for drinks from us, but we are not generous people, we will not donate our alcohol. After we ignored their request, they actually took our bottle without asking, to pour for themselves? WTH is wrong with them? No money, LEAVE! Damn you. Please, alright, really, they are acting like they are so damn hawt, but in my eyes, they are so dang below par. Cow dang.
Solution? Oh, I took that 2 bottles we had on the table, held onto it. I don't care. Whatever it takes to protect our alcohol, I will!
Their response? They stole our cup. HOW CHEAP?! They are uber disgusting. Period.

Friday, October 29, 2010

8 Long Years to Wait

I think it's a very sad thing to know that a girl has to wait for 8 long years, before the guy pops up the question to her, about getting married. She has waited for so long, but Thank God, he finally decided to go forward with her. It has been 8 years, not 8 months.

It's also a well-known fact that she really really wants to get married, except, the guy does not want. She even confronted him bout this before, but he was not even acknowledging it, reason being, financial constraints. I guess, it's such a relief for her heh. haha. She's a girl who wants to get married, the earlier, the better. That's her, unlike the other girls that I know, who does not want. I can assure that I guess 99% of my ex-classmates are people who wanna get married. The 1% I think is me. haha.

A friend has asked if I am going, since that he's not even close to her. My answer will be, oh, I was not invited, but I'm actually really glad. I'm a total broke. He told me that he will remind her. To me, it's not so much about going, but it's more about our position with each other. She's definitely not someone I can be friends with, I can never go out with her one on one. Even in groups, I don't feel like it. I'm afraid if that happens, when I really go out with her, there will be a day I will just screw her. To avoid stuff like that, it's best I keep my distance from those people. These group of people are not the most polite people I must say, or sometimes, they say things without thinking, they might not mean it, but I really don't care whether you think, you mean, or whatever, but it's more like what have been said will remain as it is. I only believe my ears. I told him too that even if she invites me, I definitely will not go. That's me, because I was not close to her in any point of my life before.

I don't see a point of others reminding the others to invite this and that, because to begin with, you should have included those people you wanna invite. Those who are not, means only one thing - not friends. I'm thankful I'm not in. It's the principles. I will stick to one no matter what happens.

When I was told about her wedding, my response was "FINALLY???" haha. Believe it or not, I have not seen her ever since we left school, so that would be 8 years ago, even before she met her husband-to-be. So yeah, she can be really rude at times, but again, it's not like I'm not used to it. However, I don't want to get used to petty stuff like that, knowing that our attitude clashes hell a lot. I have a choice, I have an option. Hence, I should distance myself like how I used to. I just vanish from them for 6 years before, what makes you think I will not again? Oh, and to remind myself, the last time I met them was my birthday, one year ago. One down, 5 to go. Hence, I shall prevail. Awesome!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Official Ost] Mary Stayed Out All Night Drama

Ahhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nampyeon!! OMO!! I just can't wait for 8th Nov to come when it will officially release. OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO!!! MY most anticipated drama of the year since You're Beautiful. I was actually anticipating Kimi Wa Petto initially but it has been postponed til the 1st quarter of the year in 2011. So, til then let's be patient. At the moment, I have a very good feeling this is gonna be a good drama, with Nampyeon there, it won't turn out bad. I really believe. But, to tell you the truth, he's just so beautiful, so beautiful that he outshone MGY as a girl. He's beautiful yet namja enough haha. OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO!! Yet again, just with this short trailer, it never failed to melt my heart. AHHHHHH!!! So irresistible yobo.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun OK @ Cheras

It was a few months back that we went to this place called Fun OK. It's located somewhere in Cheras. I'm a noob in Cheras, and if you ask me where about do I know there, it's only the route to Dede's house and out of Cheras. That's all. haha. Yes, THAT noob.

I love this place. It's very casual, cozy where this is a great place to chill out with a small amount of friends. Not too big nevertheless because it will be really noisy then. Well, to be honest, I don't like noisy places when it comes to dining. I just love to have a cozy and peaceful place to catch up with buddies. The interior is really special as well, and it's very creative. They have all different kinds of furnitures there that makes it interesting. There are some chairs with the shape of a toilet bowl haha. All sorts of funny pictures that make that place looks so interesting.



Ain't this portion big

The club sandwich is even bigger

Of course, us

Need not worry about the price because it is VERY affordable, just like you and me. I don't go for expensive food. My afforadable price ranges from RM5 to RM15 or maybe some RM20 I can't even remember. But, definitely, not expensive. I don't think the food can reach up to RM20 though. Their service was superb. The moment we walk in, someone is already there to attend to us, and the person brought us to our desired table. Whenever we want anything, there are there. I am honestly impressed and have no complaints about this. There are countless restaurants, cafes and other eateries should learn from them. This is what service is all about. What's the point of giving me napkin, pouring wine for me, when in the end of the day, they act so ruthlessly, right? I don't need those. Do I say also that I love the food. No complaints.

I was there for 3 times, and so far, it's all good. If I have to complain, it's about the operation hour. I am a night person, so ... I go to these places late. So unfortunate, they close at 1am. Or else, it's gonna be awesome. Well, I understand why, they are not some karaoke or anything. It's totally acceptable.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chingu + Beautiful Weekend

It was such a beautiful weekend, with 2 drinking sessions. Yeah I know I drank again. Haha. It has been going on since my birthday weekend. Once a week is not too much right? exclude this week. Not like I drink til I get wasted. I wasn't piss drunk or anything, so I guess, it's absolutely alright.

It was such an exhausting weekend, with my lack of sleep, and food during the weekends. But, it's substituted with alcohol instead. Haha. Met a couple of different friends, and I'm loving it. I love this life I have now.

I am not gonna sacrifice anything else to have good companions.

I have read it in an article that there are 2 types of people in this world, the money people, or the time people. It is no doubt, and I am not making this a secret either, I love money. Haha. Yes, I love, but I am not obsessed. It's also a matter of fact, money IS important. People argue over this. How many families break up because of its financial issues. If there is a statistic, it surely gonna be very shocking. Its best not to know it. The money people are people who tend to be workaholic. They love it too much they work so hard. It's not like they don't have enough money, but they do not seem to be able to stop working, as they wanna earn more and more, the more, the better. The time people are the ones who are more laidback, the ones who wanna enjoy life more than anything else. They need to work too of course, or else, where are they gonna get the cash to enjoy life, right? So, if it's 9-5 job, they will not be willing to OT. They are the ones who live for the moment. Maybe, it's too easy going you think, for not planning the future? You don't have to plan too far ahead, whatever you plan for might not even come true. You live once, why not enjoy what you have now, rather than stressing over stuff you don't have to?

I, for sure, do not fall into the money category. No matter how much I love money, it is not THAT important that I can reject everything away, for this. I cannot sacrifice my weekends for this. I have sacrificed once, it wasn't because I am naturally a workaholic, it's more because the industry is like that. There's no life during weekends. Money cannot buy good companions and beautiful weekends. Since money is limited, I will sacrifice my shopping. I will forbid myself to go shopping until after Chinese New Year. That's like 4 months. I think it's impossible. Let's make it til Christmas then. Haha. Hence, I can save money for drinking. HAHAHA. :P

Thursday, October 21, 2010

DBSK - Always Keep the Faith! Hwaiting!!

When you see them perform, whether it's over Youtube, over the radio, over the CD, or whether it's LIVE, it's absolutely outstanding. Just imagine five Heavenly voice combined together and be united, how does it feel? You feel you're in Heaven instead, everything goes on so smoothly, and it's just perfect. I have never seen any groups as perfect as extraordinary as this before, it doesn't matter if it's groups from Western, or Eastern. I really do not have the same feeling I have. They give me goose bumps each time I watch their videos, even though I have watched it countless times, I still have those in me. Even though it's just in my car, in a CD, I equally have goose bumps over those.

If you say they are not hawt, no other guys on this Earth can be hawt anymore. Other guys might have different opinions, but when it comes to them, every single person tell me the same thing, they are rweally HAWT. It;s not even a question. It has to be a statement. Namja, don't be jealous. They are already the level of G-O-D.

I wonder, if the company is crazy enough to let these 5 beautiful voices go. You will never get another group as good as this, in a really very long long time to come. You name any groups out there now, none of them is comparable. They are in an entirely different level from the rest. They pave ways for the others to step in. Chi geum, it's not even time to say goodbye yet. Always keep the faith. Hwaiting!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Alcohol, the Great

Alcohol has been so stereotyped that once you mention it or say that you're going for a drink, they say that you're bad and that you have not been good. It has always been associated in that kinda way, except if you drink yourself. Some people are so close-minded, they start looking at you differently, all because you drink. How bad can that be? Not that you harm other people, or anything. I guess, as long as it's under control, it's all good.

Alcohol is not always bad, it's only bad if you do it excessively. If it's done in moderation, it's in fact, do you good. Alcohol prevents disease and sickness at a later stage in life, and it complements food pretty well. So, why not? A drink or two do you no harm.

This happened many times before the moment I told those people I'm going for a drink. They asked, what happened, did I just break up, or am I facing some problems? That it's not good to turn to alcohol to solve problems, I should face it, and not avoid it. Do I look I am so mentally weak I need to turn to alcohol to run from problems for a moment of time?

Not to mention that alcohol can bring people together. It is during the drinking time that it brings people, from all races in the world, any religions in the world, not considering genders, together as one nation. It is a race and religion, as well as its own belief. It sees no gender, no age limit, no race, no religion, no country, no colour. It's just by itself. It brings all nations and regions together, in peace and harmony, without boundaries. It is the greatness of alcohol.

Look at the festivals that is happeneing, it's all now associated with alcohol these days. This is phenomenal. You don't cheers with water, or ribena, or orange juice, or coke.

Hence, support. Alcohol, the great. It's awesome. Gampai! HAHA! I'm not near an alcoholic at all, so .. please, don't tell me I should stop. Thank You.

*If only it's cheap here ... then ... I can drink more =p

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dress to KILL

There's a phrase which says "Dress to Kill." And, girls go out all the way to really kill, and some, almost killed me, literally.

It's okay, and it's alright if you wanna dress, beautify yourself, doll yourself up, outside the corporate world. Even if you wear pink, I might not look at you til this extent. But, I just don't think wearing outfit which I label as skimpy in a corporate world is appropriate no matter how one sees it. She might think it's pretty, makes her look sexier wearing more revealing outfit, much shorter and more skin exposing outfit. Woman, it doesn't make you look sexier, it makes you look sluttier if you have not known it. What would people think? What would bosses think? What would colleagues think?

Can you just dress appropriately to work? It's okay for being casual to work, but at least cover everything up. She's wearing as short as my denim shorts, in fact her dress was shorter than that, her back was bare. Does she think this is a club, where she is there to get all heads turn to her? Yes, she got her intention fulfilled, just for the wrong reason unfortunately. Again, I know, it's none of my business and that I am not her boss or whatever. But, if it causes sore to my eyes, irritation, and I felt so disturbed just looking at her? How could you explain that.

I have other people leaving negative remarks on how she dresses to work. How inappropriate and how unbefitting she is. Is she just another attention grabber? Please don't. I really don't want another of those type. Observing her through her obnoxious attitude, she might be. Does she need her own male boss to comment about it? People don't meet clients in that kinda derogatory clothes and yet still considered professional. You like it or not, professionalism is still very conservative, and nothing had changed much about it. If she wants to go out to party, shopping, lie down on the beach with that, I have totally no say and I will not either. But, when you wear that to work, does she know that she is disrespecting herself, and to others? I don't see why others can dress in a proper way, and not her? Most important, she really made the women in the world look so cheap. Honestly.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hanguk Trip: Korea Part 3

This was right after the miniature park, the waterfall. The wind was so chilly so nice ... and the weather was just perfect, not too cold not too hot, and the scenery was nice, the sound of the waterfall was awesome

We headed to a place to see how people in the villages live, with their folks music, the condition they stay in, what do they do during their free time and stuff like that, pretty interesting. Ahh .. and when you're thirsty, ahjussi is selling ice-cream, ahh so refreshing. Now, I am starting to see this kinda ice-cream in Malaysia now. Choahaeyo!

This is how it looks like, just really small space for a family to live in

Ok, travelling time ...

Next up ... Nami Island ... this was where Winter Sonata was filmed ... ;)

10 vs 1

If one person says bad about you, the possibility of the problem lies in this person is sorta high. If 10 person says the same negative things about you, then the possibility of you being the problematic one is 100 percent higher.

Unfortunately, 10 person says the same stuff about you. One person says something good about you. It is believed that one bunch of people who hangs out together have something in common, that's why they are friends. It does not need to be one big bunch, but even 2 person is good enough. If the ratio has such big difference, I think it's best you reflect yourself. Unfortunately again, I don't think you are mentally stable enough to actually see it, even after countless failed friendships. Perhaps, spoilt brat like you have the mentality that you are all tall and mighty and that once a friendship or relationship fails, the problem is them.

Don't you feel wrong that one after another leaves you? In the end of the day, how many friends that you can really call them as friends? I might not have many many friends, but I know I at least have a few real quality ones that have already past 5 years, and some, approaching there. Really honestly, I have never heard anyone saying good things about you. It comes to a point that I don't know if I should laugh at you, or really really pity you. Again, why must I pity you since that you deserve every single thing that is happening now? How pretentious, how hypocritical you can be, I really don't wanna know. I just know, that's your profession and you are really capable. I lose. I lose big time. I admit. I really cannot imagine that you will go to a point of hurting yourself to get people's attention. Isn't it too far for attention?

Maybe, it's time to reflect why are there so many guys you tried to go after and you failed? You really failed. It's something nobody can tell you. Perhaps, you might wanna think and really reflect. At times, I really pity. But, most of the times, I don't. I think it's just payback time on how you treat people. You deserved it. You just do. Well, it's karma. Don't you know that? Who knows someone just plays on you one day, I will not be surprised . It all just comes back to you :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dishonesty and Lies

It was someone's wedding early this month. It's nothing big, no hoo-ha and I didn't know until today when a friend posted the pictures up. Not that I am bothered about his wedding and all, because he's not that important afterall.

Perhaps, whatever speculations he had before from our friends to tell us to be aware is right all along. We didn't know how or what or where. It's from very trusted people telling us this. I know this is a very old story, but now I really wonder, if really they were together then, why must be lie? I wouldn't call him secretive, I will call him sneaky. I don't even think you should lie about this, you outrightly deny all the possible rumours and try to convince each of us you weren't together with her. Bullshit or what? Why can't you just tell the truth? It's not like when you tell the truth, people stop befriending you, except that perhaps you might not get your victims.

It's not that we assumed. But, he denied, and denied and denied. What was his motive back then. A secret? How secretive can it be when his colleagues came telling us indirectly about the girl being his gf, or fiance, I'm not even sure. There were a few colleagues back then, from different departments, are not friends with each other, could tell us the same thing. Two came to ask how's his gf doing. Two. Another one came to tell me that a girl answered his phone on a very very early morning one day, telling that friend don't call anymore because he's her husband. What is it to hide? He even came asking me if I know anyone from another hotel because he named that girl, telling me that she wants to come here to work. Oh. I see. I know, it could be friends, yes I know. But, I felt something fishy. Since he will deny again, I might as well, keep quiet.

I feel he's just a very dishonest person. At that point of time, you can feel he's trying his luck on our friend, and of course, I don't like it. I really don't. At a point of time, we were close, and last year, we stopped talking completely over something stupid. He's only over sensitive and I don't think I should be even explaining. So, I didn't. And, I don't care. His problem that he wanna feel that way, it isn't anyone's fault when it's a conversation between his colleagues and me. ^^ Guess what, I have never ever even regretted one bit when all these happened. I should be happy and glad, and that, after being in that kinda situation, he better don't try to be funny by remaining close with my friend, because that is not possible. The moment I turn my back, the moment he can never have anything succeeded. I'll go out all the way against him, and it cane be succeeded over my dead body XD Yea I'm like that ... so you like it or you don't, it has nothing to do with me. Well you can't expect me to treat you like God, can you? You're not Yobo.

I'm not a sore loser. Despite all that happened, have a happy marriage.

Friday, October 1, 2010


September had officially ended. It's now October. Can time stop a little while, give me some time to rest and take a deep breath? I have always thought that time flies, even when I was still in school. I have never wanted to grow up. I have never wanted to start living as an adult. But, it's reality, everyone needs to. I'm not trapped in a 26 year old body with a mind of 2 year old nevertheless. When my time comes, I know I should not shy away from reality. I need to face it, with pride and dignity.

Anyways, I wonder, how can people change their commitment so that fast? Getting married when you only know him in less than a year. As I know, she got to know him this year, both live in different countries, so, all along, it has only been a LDR. Yeah weekends she will fly down to visit him, but does that make it as more sacrificial, and more value? She said, oh due to religious reasons, she needs to get married. Can religion sustain a relationship? :o She worships him like a God, because she thinks his knowledge, his whatever about religion is to die for. I'm not saying it's not good to have something to believe in, but ... when it goes to the extreme? She said, in relationship, they should not do anything more than holding hands. Can I laugh?

How much, how well you know him? Less than a year. I can only say Good Luck. Leaving your family, prestigious job behind, fly over there, with only his friends, and family. The well known phrase says Love is blind. It's not. It's the people who are blind. Yeah I know I know, people are gonna say as long as she's happy, who am I to say anything right? She's downgrading the dignity of women. Doing all these things used to be like .. something to be proud of those days. These days, it's called bimbo-ish. Of course, out of so many things, these are not even one third of what she has done, and said. It sounds like she just can't wait to get married! They can both worship God everyday together now! Sounds awesome.