Friday, October 24, 2014

UK: London Day 1 Part 2

After the sightseeing is done, we had to confirm the ticket for the shows. If you're at a far away place like this and not see any of their box offices, why? Just, why, right?

We bought for Lion King. Ah my childhood favorite. Not sure why, but I remember Lion King vividly out of so many cartoons and movies around.

This is their signature, their box-shaped telephone booth.

To be honest, an award winning gay bar? Located in Leicester Square. Something very interesting. It's called the Ku Bar.

Then, it's time to look for food. Back to the Asian food. Chinatown located at Gerard Street. The whole street is just chinese.

To a Malaysian standard, this is very super average. But, if it's by its own, I guess it's okay.

Then, a goodnight drink from Uncle Gino. What a life, right? haha

It's going to be a long day out the next day. I'm sure.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Basic Manners

I have been living here since the day I was born. That's 3 long decades and to see the people that we have to deal with in a daily basis is so devastating. Literally.

It's all these people that I see, that I need to cross path with, that I need to encounter, and witness that made me lost hope in humanity altogether.

It isn't just one, two, or three, but whole lot of them. Each time, it comes out very naturally to try to be nice to people, but they just don't appreciate. Instead, I just don't know how they were brought up that they become so freaking rude, and they don't even know what basic manners is. Weren't they taught how is it to have human etiquette? I'm 101% sure that they don't after countless attempts of trying to convince myself that kindness still exist in this world, or rather specifically, this country.

We used to be known for our warm hospitality and now, right now, we have lost all of that. People become crude, become evil, that they do not have any more human conscious in them. It doesn't make them humans anymore. In fact, there's no difference with animals, or rather I should say, they are worse than animals now. Anytime. I'm just shocked.

I can't be blamed to not have faith, but all these people had been putting it down.

I have been having this issue all my life. Nevertheless, I am trying to change. It's something I have to freaking deal it in a daily basis.

Scenario 1:
Me: *holds the lift for people*
Them: *walks in like some big bosses and it's my responsibility to hold it for them & in return they stare at me or just ignore me completely*
Me: *I feel like closing on them and murder them there and then, only if I have the power to do so just with my eyes*

Just 2 words, thank you. Is that something too much to do? It's a THANK YOU for God's sake. Okay, a shorter version, THANKS! Like hello, don't you know all these? I'll forgive you if you're dumb. Now onwards, I will pretend like I am going to open for them, but in fact close it. I have to remind myself to do that but each time, I still end up holding it open. I'm so disappointed in myself.

Scenario 2:
Me: *walk at my normal pace*
Them: *knock into me and stare like I knock into them*
Me: Excuse me. Thank you.

This time, it's just one word. Here, we should use, sorry. I'll forgive you even if you say excuse me. That's how the French says it. Or pardon, whichever that acknowledge you are in the wrong and it's our human nature to apologize. C'mon!

Scenario 3:
Friend A: *standing near the up/down button*
Me: *talking to Friend A*
Them: *ran and pushed Friend A to press on the down button even though both had been pressed*
Me: OMFG. Did I just see that happen?
Them: *pretend nothing*
Me: I feel like bitch slapping that dumb ass, brainless piece of shit.

Yes, that really happened, upon my eyes. I don't know if she does not have a brain. Really, please help the human race and kill yourselves - meaning that idiot and all those that only pollute the world. If you can't contribute, then just do this for the sake of this world.

I've been cursing and swearing more and more each passing day. If I bottle everything up, I'll go mad one day. For the sake of the people around me, for the sake of myself, I will still prefer to remain sane.

As a conclusion, it's now filled with uneducated and uncivilized barbarians. I am sure many will agree with this, that the problematic ones come from people born after a certain year. The probability of you meeting someone that is problematic in that range is so high in comparison with the ones born before that. It's a hypothesis but my study had shown that it's not surprisingly accurate as ever. You can disagree, but the truth remains. The fact that there are problematic disgusting people outside from that range too, but the ratio is not as high.

MJ was right all along.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

UK: London Day 1 Part 1

After stoning in the cab for 1.5 hours, we finally arrived at Morden. Morden is not exactly in Central London. It's approximately 8 miles from Central.

Tada... that's where we were. After meet and greet, it's time to eat and drink. That's what Malaysians are known for. Considering the drinks from the night before is more than enough, here we were again, drinking.

That's where we went, the first stop to London Eye. We used to have our Malaysian Eye before, not sure what was he called. London-inspired. haha.

Then, the London Eye Cruise, which we will have our chance to be there. Just wait.

The famous Big Ben which is a nickname for Great Bell. The clock itself is called clock tower or Elizabeth Tower but if it includes the north end of the Palace of Westminster, it's when we call it as Big Ben. But again, whatever it is now, we refer it as Big Ben.

Then, it's the Parliament Square. It's the whole square. This is where protests and demonstrations are being held as well as a tourist attraction. 

This is St. Margaret's Church. It stands in between Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, it's more commonly called as "the parish church of the House of Commons." It was unfortunate of us that during the time of our visit, it was closed. Gosh~

Monday, October 13, 2014


Every now and then, we get stars touring around the world to perform in concerts and etc. There are things, as an artist, should or should not do.

If you want people to keep on supporting you, you should be genuine when performing. Not because you perform at a different region, there's no reason to act otherwise.

Just because you have been famous for whatever reason, your fans would want to see you perform at your best. Not "just another concert, the return is not much, so I will just do what I need to."

Punctuality is very important. If you are not punctual and is bad in your timing, being all diva-ish, you have probably lost all 10 points together. I don't get it, why must you be late when the other artists I have attended personally can be on time, right on the dot.

Then, you get the insincerity while performing. Like, humans are social creatures. They can tell whether you really want to perform or you're there just because you're there. When your fans, the people that had been supporting you ask for encore, it isn't a request anymore. It's something people expect from you. It's just another few miserable minutes. Gosh.

The closing of a concert is as important, to formally say goodbye and thank them for the support. Nobody is going to be happy if you leave without a proper goodbye.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wedding Part 2

Then, the night continued with food, drinks, and speeches from both sides.

The first dance

Followed by the others

Then, it's the singles? Haha! Nah, more like the party had just begun, right til 1AM.

That's us, the family

With the brother.

It was a fun fun night, and we left Lewes the next day to London, which was 1.5 hours drive away. I will prefer this kind of wedding anytime in comparison with the typical chinese weddings which is usually very dreadful. The simpler the better.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Wedding Part 1

The main purpose of my visit to UK was the cousin's wedding. The travel was secondary. Or more like the wedding was used as the reason to kickstart the holidays. It was my first time attending an English wedding.

We were there about 2 ish and it probably started about 3. It was the walk in where everyone stood up.

Everyone got excited when Reena finally walked in.

Then it's the best man.

Les familie. Photo time outside at the garden with the wind blowing fiercely.

The brother and sis-in-law. This was the cocktail time and we were only given 1 champagne :( It wasn't the alcohol but I was just thirsty. :P

Grandma with both bride and groom

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lewes Part 2

Finally~my lappie has recovered. I guess it has been almost a month that I was without a laptop. I just did not know how I manage it without one. It isn't that difficult, but if it's without internet, with phone, I guess I'll die immediately.

This was the day before the wedding. It's the pre-wedding dinner at home for friends and relatives.

On the day itself, we went to town before the wedding. I guess? I can't remember much.

Apparently, this is a common thing here in Lewes. They have parade kinda thing. I guess, it's related to some religious thingy most of the time.

Then, it's time for a hot cup of coffee or chocolate before getting all prepared for the wedding which will last until midnight.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Merdeka Day!

It has been more than half a month that my lappie fell sick. It's recovering well. Still, it's in the hospital.

57 years ago, we gained Independence from the British and we have come a long way. Happy Independence Day!

Though our country has been lacking in many areas, this is our home. This is where we belong and we will continue growing. Today is the day we put aside all our differences, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, belief, to observe this day together, as Malaysians.

Happy Merdeka Day to all Malaysians, both home and abroad. It has been a difficult year but things will get better.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RIP Robin Williams 1951-2014

It was such a sad day waking up from this news, that the comedian Robin Williams had passed away. It wasn't due to old age, instead, he committed suicide. He's not even old, just 63.

He brought laughter and joy to billions around the world and yet deep down, he could not make one person happy, himself, for, he was suffering from depression. Why is it always like that? The evil ones live happily til the end, and the kind hearted ones had to suffer from all these pain.

The mental health of someone is way much more major than physical health, and this is an issue that had always been ignored and it's really very scary. If it's not being addressed, it ends up fatal.

Rest In Peace, be at a better place, free from all this suffering you have to endure here.

Lewes Part 1

Our base was in Lewes for that few days. Ahh~ It started off there, followed by many others.

It was A380 plane that flew from KLIA to Heathrow Airport. That was my first time flying far distance since 2007 and even more so, this was the first ever since the MH370 tragedy. The plane was really huge :O Thank God, everything went well

This is Lewes Castle previously known as Bray Castle. This castle stands at its highest point of Lewes. Plays, weddings, parties are held here and tickets can be purchased for visiting.

This was in town, the Lewes town and it's a stream here. There's nothing much to see here. Ah Lewes is located 1.5 hours drive away from London. Having said so, the houses are not cheap either. It's around 300 over pounds for a small sized house. Stress of life~!

It was lunch time and that's my first taste of beer in the UK soil. Yums!

It's burger time~~ nom nom.