Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pangkor Day 2

Yup, so the second night was obviously nicer. It was a proper hotel. Now I remember. I believe this was the place I wanted to do my training when I was 19! Previously, it was the Pan Pacific Hotel, and they have changed the name to Pangkor Island Beach Resort now.

Yeah they have animals lurking around the resort. One of them is the peacock.

Breakfast time overlooking the beautiful beach

The reason why it's called the hornbill resaurant as there are hornbills visiting us, the guests.

After breakie, it was time to have a little swim at the beach hehe. How can you not go to the beach when you're there in Pangkor, right? I might as well stay in KL and not go anywhere.

Then, there's the swimming pool. Very cozy looking one they have there.

Finally, it's time to check out. You can't drive into this resort. You can only walk in. The resort isn't small, so ... happy walking. haha.

It was definitely a fabulous stay. I just think that I have really gone at the wrong time when you see no sun nor rain. You see haze, haze and more haze. You breathe it all inside your lungs.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pangkor Day 1

As embarrassing as it may sound, being a Malaysian, I haven't been to any other islands except for the dirtiest beach ever, Port Dickson and Langkawi. This time, it was kinda impromptu trip, to Pangkor.

It's also probably the worst time to go with the haze around back then in March. It's so bad that I can't remember much about anything else except for the haze.

We stayed there 2 nights and this was the second night. It looks amazing. First night, I don't have to waste time taking the photo haha

Of course, activities at the beach. Banana boat! It has been years I played that.

First time on a hammock! hehe.

Hoping that we can go again. Not to Pangkor again, maybe some other places with the same people. It was amazing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Random Sunday

Last weekend,I was pretty much occupied with plans. I didn't really have much time to laze around on my bed starring at the ceiling and do practically nothing. That's one of my favorite past time. I know it sounds so unproductive. Who says sleeping is not productive. If you look at a different perspective, sleeping is productive and it is beneficial for your well-being too. Lack of sleep is hazardous. The effect of it is really huge, and it gets even more as you age or in better terms, grow older.

Yeah, I was doing my nails on Saturday, and Sunday was the time we went to Publika to do free show again. The main event was belly dance but we lost ourselves there and ended up doing a song each for 4 groups. haha.

This is the Japanese group. Yeah, Japanese. haha.

In between 2 sessions, we were stoning already. The worst part is not when you are performing. But, it's the waiting part that is very painful and taxing. You get so bored you just don't know what to do. Therefore, we ended up having coffee which was necessary, and the red velvet too. It was in Coffee Societe. The red velvet was nice. Otherwise, all of us would have fallen asleep while waiting for our turn.

After everything ended, we did a pit stop. A pit stop that ended us spending an hour there. How awesome I know that. Yeah, I got this ear ring there. It's still affordable though I am already broke. Since I am so broke, might as well, right.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The first gel manicure

Finally, I went to his place called BeeQNails Salon. It was recommended by Dede when she went to do her nails few weeks back. I had a hard time choosing which design I wanted. Honestly, this was the first time I did a gel manicure. So, I had to ensure I go for a good one, instead of the ones you find at a mall which you're unsure if they are good. Yeah, all the designs were all so pretty and beautiful. I was in a huge dilemma!

I have done countless manicures over the years. But, this is the first time I did a gel one, and with designs. Totally awesome and loving it.

The color is so radiant. Instead of the normal air dry, there's something called LED. Omg, I feel so countryside.

It takes longer than the normal ones of course. The people are so friendly, so professional and so skillful. You feel so at home. I love the whole ambiance there too. I will definitely be back.

It may not be the normal 35 ringgit manicure, but, for a slightly higher price, it's worth every single extra you fork out. For sure, I guarantee that. The result? Gorgeous! If you have Instagram, just hashtag them and you get a little discount. Nice! Oh did I mention to remove the gel manicure, it's actually complimentary? :D

I have been admiring my own nails since :P

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lombok Day 7 & 8

Omg, did 8 days just passed like that? This is already Day 7&8 and off we went back to KL, back to reality. There's always a post holiday blues each time we are out of the country for holidays. Regardless, but you feel it more if you're out of the country. I know I felt it really badly, til the point I fell really sick and I needed to MC 2 days, and it was then Chinese New Year. What a luck I had.

It's time to go home. Goodbye Gili Trawangan

Yup, the speedboat came to us 15 minutes after we called them

Yeah, there's even Harry Potter here in this hotel haha. We stayed here in Praya and the main reason was because it's located very nearby to the airport.

That's what I bought back home. Everything was so cheap. Hair mask, scrub, toothbrush and etc. We bought all. So, we literally did our shopping inside a mart which is just like the size of a 7 Eleven. haha, how cool is that.

Our last picture while still breathing in the air of Lombok.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Joint Account

I heard the other day over the radio in the morning. Should we have joint accounts?

I got to know someone who wanted to have a joint account. I understand that joint accounts are actually only practical when you are related, officially. Not when you are currently dating. That's the worst ever thing you can do. To have a joint account when you are dating. Regardless if you have been dating for 5 years, or 3 years, or even 1 month, joint account is a big no-no. Breaking up is part of life. haha.

In particular, people frequently say, a figure is just a number. I disagree. If you have been dating 1 month, that is serious. You wouldn't want to be trusting this person, you wouldn't want to be putting all your life and your money with this person just yet until at least you know that person better. Not just blindly be and agree with everything.

You can't just trust anyone. He may be your bf, she may be your gf, but a trust is not something you should be giving 100% in the first month. Even married couples can do the unthinkable, what more if it's just a month of going out. Horrendous idea. Someone who can come up with that idea, are you really out of your mind? Oh Lord.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lombok Day 6 Part 3

Yup. Day 6 is ending.

This was where we had our awesome dinner. Scallywags Organic Seafood Bar & Grill. It's a great place to chill out with friends and families, enjoy the view while sipping your drink, or with your food too.

I love their motto. No tax, no service charge, no problem! Only Happy Ending! Not to mention the staff there are extremely helpful and funny. haha.

That's the food we had. Really, I can't be sure what meats are those already. I can't remember. Definitely, there's pork, fish and I see french fries.

Jacob potatoes and not sure what's the mains.

What you need to do is actually to pick what you wanna eat. They weigh it, they cook and then serve to you.

Yup, so everything is done, with all our stomachs are fully bloated, it's time for ice cream. There's always room for desserts right. Girls will agree haha.

We had our walks on the island. We needed that after all the food stuff into us. When you travel to these places, it's good and it's wise to limit yourselves on your alcohol consumption in particular hard liquor because if you do not already know, there were a few cases which was fatal when those tourists had shots and hard liquors as it was belief that it was mixed with some methanol. It can be fatal from those few cases and it's hazardous. They were on life support the next day or next few days. So, please, don't be a hero. Limit yourself and you will be thankful.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Being Alone

I'm sure, we all know one person, at least one, to be constantly in a relationship. They jump from one to the other. Before they break up with one person, they are sure that there's a back up plan before breaking it off.

I know that one person. It's actually very sad. It's actually good that she's finally getting married. She does not need anymore back up plan. We have all seen her over the years. No matter how terrible the guy treated her, she knows she has to bear with it because there are no other guys then.

The most she's single is not even a week. That's her. That's how capable she is to get into a relationship or how incapable she is to be independent. It depends how you see it haha. After it was called off, this person can go on and on about getting back to him. It's not because she's really into him, but the fact that there are no other guys back then.

It's always nice spending time alone, without that other person's there and the focus is all on yourselves. It's time to reflect what you want, how you want, what suits you and what does not. This is the best time to learn more about yourself, not so much on others. Logically speaking, before you can accept another person in your life, you must first be sure of yourself. When everything is almost perfect, that is the time you allow a second person into your life. If feeling insecure is always a problem, that is going to continue, with another person. Picking up the pieces, dealing with a break up, that, nobody can ever help you, except yourself.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lombok Day 6 Part 2

After breakfast, we did not do anything. All I remembered was that I was busy lazing around in the villa.
In the late afternoon, we had a stroll deeper in. Where ko-ko-mo is located is already considered really deep in and people don't usually walk there unless they stay there. We walked even deeper in bare footed to see what's there

The grey stuff started to pile up right above our heads

I did not know I got so much tanner.

Then, before we can reach ko-ko-mo on time, it started raining and we had to sprint our way back as we were not even walking with our slippers. The ground was hot, and it was raining. haha. We stopped, and then, tea time took place.

Right after tea time, we headed for dinner. haha.

Argentina vs Netherlands

Haha so yeah we have all heard it. Those who are into football and those who are not. There's a common topic. The homeground, namely, Brazil, was thrashed 7-1 by Germany.

I was hoping that they do not win. As in Brazil. Who would have thought, not 2, not 3 but SEVEN?! It's unbelievable.

Tonight, will be Argentina and Netherlands. Omg. This will be nerve-wrecking.

Netherlands is me. Please Netherlands, please.

Haha and the Brazil was still there. Yes Netherlands, do it okay.