Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The next part of the trip

I have no idea how many waterfalls we went in total in the entire trip. Having said that, I enjoyed every waterfall I went to. There's something unique in each and every one of them. I love this place, the Guldfoss The Waterfall. It's very refreshing

When you follow a tour, be prepared to start the day early. Super early because everything is packed within a few days. I have been to quite a few countries during winter. Winter nights are of course longer then the days. However, I have not been to a country with just 3 hours of day light everyday during winter. This is Seljalandsfoss. If I am not mistaken, this is already 8am. And here we are, without sunlight. This can get a little depressing

We then spent the next 2 hours here in Skogarfoss Falls. It's relatively long. We don't need that long. Yeah, another waterfall haha

The sun is starting to show itself. This is Reynisfjara Halsanefshellir. This is a great place to take picture haha

The famous black sand beach, Vik, The waves can get aggressive. Hence, always look back, or make sure someone is watching it for you. There was a case previously where a tourist died. Such a way to die. Tragic.

Skaftareldahraun. Lava. It was just 5 minutes stop. Nothing much here

When I arrived here, it felt like I've been transported into a whole new world. Very scenic, a whole new level of beauty. Jokulsalon, Glacier Lagon.

Skaftafell National Park. hehe. Amazing. But, I couldn't feel my feet and fingers anymore.

We left all these beautiful places, like a dream come true. Throughout the entire trip, we have not seen an actual sun light. This was the best the weather could do for us. Woohoo anyway hehe

The reason why some people visit Iceland is for their Blue Lagoon. From a mile away, we smelt sulfur from the Blue Lagoon. It's that strong. Then, it comes together with sunset. You can enjoy all you want here, complement with winter. It's just SO damn good. The moment you try to wash your hair, you feel like crying. I had to wash and wash and yet still as rough as sand. In the end, I had to keep washing for the next 3 days before it went back to its original form. My god. It comes with a price

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Part 2: Reykjavik, Iceland

After spending a night in Copenhagen, we took a flight to Reykjavik. The flight was 3 hours. I had a culture shock in the airport in Reykjavik. It feels so much like a domestic flight when it isn't. The moment we got off the plane, it's already the baggage claim and then to the souvenir store. Right after that, it's the exit of the airport. There's no immigration for us, except if you are a US citizen.

Super early in the morning, we were brought to this place. The reason many people visit Iceland is for the Northern Lights. It's either you're lucky, or you're not. This is a Northern Lights Center, an introduction to Northern Lights of countries with Northern Lights and how it happens

After the sun goes up a little, we arrived at Thingvellir National Park. Diving is permitted here in certain areas. It's a World Heritage park before. It's known for its history and geology. Ooh, I was freezing.

We were given 20 minutes in this park, quite ridiculous. We had to sprint all the way up back to the coach. Damn!

Here we are at Laugarvatn Fontana. It's filled with natural minerals and the center they have has steambath and pools.

This is where they make their own lava bread. They dig it to the ground and leave it for 24 hours. A day later, voila, the bread is ready. And omg, it's so damn good. Thank God I don't live there. I'll gain weight in a week. Just imagine the smell of the bread, spread with butter. Damn.

Next step, to Geysir. Regular eruptions at every 8-10 minutes

Look at the people and the camera, trying to capture D moment hehe

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Part 1: Copenhagen, Denmark

I embarked on a journey to Iceland some time ago. I bought a ticket to Copenhagen, then another flight to Iceland. Before that, on the way to Copenhagen, I stopped by at Dubai for a night. So, I got to be in 3 different countries hehe.

 After a night in Dubai, here I am! In Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the Christmas market, obviously only happen during the Christmas season for about a month

This is where everyone goes. The highlight of Copenhagen. Well, we didn't have the time to go. It was just for a night here before we flew off to Iceland, our main destination

Christianshavns Kanal in Danish. It's not that difficult to guess. Christianshavns Canal in English. Chtistianshavns refers to a neighborhood.

The wind was really strong, we were freezing. It's about time we find some shed.

What's next? Brunch time!

This is still within the Christianshavns area

Boat rentals are popular for sightseeing but of course, for other purpose too

Then, we arrived here, Nyhavn. It's almost sunset. To begin with, there wasn't much sun that day anyway. The prices here is a bit to the high scale. There are restaurants, cafes and bars around with a rich and vibrant culture.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Part 6: Seattle, Washington

It has been awhile now. I've been so busy that this has been neglected. Oopsie. Guess I'll continue and I'll be more active these days, just because of what just happened. A snap preview is that I am unemployed now due to the change of business strategy. My company decided to shut down the whole site in Kuala Lumpur, or rather Petaling Jaya. Hence, I am now actively looking for a job, hoping to secure one by July. Having said that, the job market is rather slow. The response has not been promising. At the same time, with the competitors right now, I am trying to be as positive as I can, considering the people around me, I think I'm okay.

We had an underground walking tour. It's the only way to tour the interconnecting tunnels. Check the website for the schedule.

"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints." The famous quote by Chief Seattle and as you can tell, the city was named after him.

Some of the pictures took during the tour

With the family. In Fremont. Ooh my stomach expanded

This is one of the attraction in Seattle. Ballard Locks. So, all these boats, big and small had to wait for the bridge to open for them to cross over. The purpose of this is to maintain the fresh water of Lake Washington and Lake Union above sea level. It's also to prevent the mixing of sea water of Puget Sound with the fresh water from the lakes. Besides that, it is also to move the boats from the water level of lakes to the water level of Puget Sound an vice versa. Here, you can also see the migration of the fishes. Unfotunately, it wasn't the season when I was there

Being an Asian, this is a must-go place haha. The first ever Starbucks. In fact, they actually moved a few doors down from the original shop.

I used to watch many Bruce Lee's movies when I was growing up. So, visiting his graveyard is something I would wanna do. Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee side by side in Lake View Cemetery. We asked a group of tourist to take a picture of us. They declined. Not sure if they are from China or Taiwan. Bruce Lee is not going to follow you home

I've never been so happy going to a cemetery

My last walk with Rocky before I flew home that night. He's such an adorable giant.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Father’s Day

As we all know, Father’s Day was just last weekend. You can see the uncountable numbers of photos up on social media celebrating this special occasion for and with our respective greatest hero. Some do not celebrate this day, but that does not mean that the fathers mean nothing.

My dad is no exception, he’s the greatest father I can only imagine. I wouldn’t trade it with anyone else, ever. We might not be super rich, but, we were and are happy in our small family home. Time is what we want. My dad gave all his time to us when we were young, even right up til this day, nothing changes.

I can even write a novel about it. But let’s not go into that. So I was seeing all those Father Day’s pictures. It’s great of course, until, you see pictures of these men, certain men that celebrate like it’s a perfect family and everyone’s happy. That’s the ideal. But, when you know that these certain type of men are not good fathers. They cheat on their wives again and again, and it makes me cringe. All the time. No matter how happy the family looks, whether the wives are aware about it is another matter. However, these disrespectful men do not deserve this. Why procreate when you can not commit into one wife and one family? If you feel that you wanna play around, go, but don’t bring down your wife together to your level. Jesus. I’m still waiting for karma to hit it back on them. Patiently.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Melaka Trip

About a little more than a year ago in May last year, we took a drive down to Melaka. We have been there so many times. So, we didn’t really do those must-do touristy things. It’s more for a chill out session. Oh btw, testing out this app for blogger see if it turns out fine. Right after work on a Saturday, we drove to Melaka and picked Steffieko from a place she calls home haha.

We booked this boutique hotel. It’s located right at the corner of Jonker Street. Parking spaces might be a little limited. But I gotta say that it’s a pleasant nice hotel. If you’re too lazy to drive or walk from Jonker, you might wanna consider this place.

We were just strolling around in Jonker. Bought food along the way and check where our hotel is located. It’s on the left.

We had this for dinner and damn it was so good. This only meant one thing, my cholesterol would fly high as high as the sky.

That’s the three contributors to the food earlier haha

Before leaving Steffieko in Melaka, a mandatory picture of us.

We had an agreement that we would go down to Melaka after she comes up to KL. So, as long as she doesn’t come up, then we wouldn’t too haha. I am a strong believer in fairness and equality. Haha. 🤣

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Part 5: Seattle, Washington

Hello there. The birth of Instagram had killed blogs. haha.

Back to Snoqualmie Waterfall. It isn't that far off from downtown Seattle. Approx. 35 mins drive away, roughly 29 miles. It's really scenic and I am amazed by the volume of water gushing down this waterfall. Needless to say, it's really cooling. I've never seen one like this before! This is absolutely gorgeous.

Apart from the humans in the family, the four legged family got to enjoy too. I would probably guess that he's the happiest among all. He can't talk, but if he can, I am sure he's gonna say just that. His expression may not seem like it, but that's just how he looks. Regardless, he's still the most adorable dog.

You get to do some hiking here. There are some parts which are a little steep at the top. Other than that, it's fine. We all need a little work out right?

Then, we got to the bottom. Tadaaa.... I love the sound of the water, kiss your stresses away.

C'mon Rocky hahaha .... please co-operate. Just once. Please. Okay, at least he looked.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Part 4: Seattle, Washington

The long pause from Part 3. I have totally forgotten about it. I just had that sudden urge to blog out of the blue. Sometimes, you just wonder how all these things happen. You're just scrolling or browsing away, and suddenly, this blog pops up in your mind. I always think that there's a reason why it happened the way it did. Just like, how it leads me to something, and then to something more. Eventually, there's the answer. The truth is, I don't like solving all these things. Yet, I always wonder.

World famous museum. This is located right next to the Space Needle, the icon of Seattle. This is an exhibit showcasing the studio of Dale Chihuly. Galleries and sculptures are all made of glasses. This guy is amazing. I really enjoyed it

Sure, a picture that includes me. I wanna be part of it. hehe. The entrance is $29, but if it's combined with the Space Needle, it's $44. However, a better deal would be the Seattle city pass which comes up to $89 for 5 tourist attractions. It's worth it! This is definitely the highlight.
Rocky, the boy, not to be forgotten. He's just so cute!!

Us and the Asian food cannot be separated. I know! We had this in Tasty Thai located in Mercer Island. Being a Malaysian, I can't be THAT bad when it comes to spicy food. This, is just another level. There, we got to choose the level of spiciness. We thought, hey, this is not Thailand. They would cater to the local market, right? I'm not sure. But, the level 4 is just SO spicy. But, it's good, the food is so good.

We headed over to the east of Seattle, Snoqualmie Falls Park. It's a dog-friendly park. Cool! This is a preview. haha.