Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 'Merdeka'

Today is already the 30th of August, the eve of Malaysia's Independence Day. Guess what? One year ago, I was so eager to go there, out there, to celebrate, it was for the sake of going out, not so much of that patriotism inside. Nevertheless, I had that ultimate shift, the night shift, and doom! I was working all night long during that hours of people celebrating outside.

Heute, today, I can't be bothered. I was supposed to be 3-11 but I changed to 5-1. I know, everyone's like avoiding that shift especially on this day, and I am welcoming it with open hands. haha. I will even stay back til the wee hours. WHY? Simply because it will be so crowded, so jam, more dunkards, more raids around, it just spoils the mood. Why even bother going out, I rather overtime, even though not getting paid, because my Dede is working night shift, or perhaps I could dig out some secrets from someone? HAHA. Let's see.

I am not patriotic at all, during school days, everyone were forced to sing that national song, people sing, they do, but they do because they were forced to. Right after schooling days, people actually forget there is actually a national song. How sad. I know it is. Everyone's criticizing the homeland, the home soil, this is bad, that sucks, those are ridiculous, brainless this and that, gone bonkers were the authorities, and the list just goes on. Probably, one will only know the importance of the homeland, once you step out. Yes, you get to see different people outside, see the world, like your dream has been achieved, but ... there is something inside that you miss. You see Eiffel Tower, big darn beautiful cars, but this will always be your home.

No matter how you criticize I still believe there is something one ought not to do. One should not step or look down upon its own country and say bad stuff about their own country in front of foreigners who believe that this country is nice and beautiful. What do you want to show in front of them? That you are so Westernized or something? You make yourself a fool and stupid, I don't care, but you are putting all Malaysians down which is uberly unacceptable. Pretending to be oh so almighty, get a life. Seriously, you need it. I am taking just one as an example, but there are tons of this species out there. I am not even asking them to promote this country, or protect this country, but ... don't ever put down. Why not this certain someone goes to much poorer countries, then only they will realize how lucky and how glad she should be hehhh. Pathetic is the middle name. I am not patriotic though just that I think there is a limit for everything eh.

Anyways, to all Malaysians, abroad and domestic haha ... have a very MERRY Independence Day with all the traffic jams and crowded place and I shall stay on longer in the hotel to avoid those nasty things haha. Merdeka!

P/s: To all who has a hometown, it's a long weekend, please go back to your hometown today before 12, let me live in peace for this weekend, as I am not working ... omg for the 2nd time in one year! lolz.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sibeh Hiao Po stinks

Dancing is wonderful training for girls, it's the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it. ~Christopher Morley, Kitty Foyle

People, humans, basically love nice beautiful things. Unless you have an allergic or something, you wouldn't refuse and deny nice things. Same goes when it comes to scents and fragrances. You wouldn't deny it if it smells good.

However, putting on fragrances has a limit as well. Just to be honest, I love perfumes, in fact I love it. Right now, I have a few bottles with me, few for going out, few for work, few this and few that, all serve different purposes. Add all together I guess there are 10 of them, I'm not even sure. CK, Nina Richi, Bulgary, Estee Lauder and etc. However, I don't go to night market or China Town and that sort to get my perfume, like ... you know? I have a sensitive nose, but not THAT sensitive til the extent that I could not withstand any kind of smell and scent.

I seriously telling you this ... I just could not understand why some people gotta shower and bathe with perfume instead of soap. Some people have their reasons for putting a lot of perfumes, such as the Arabs because if they don't then they will smell because of what they wear. But, someone who don't need to apply THAT much of perfume do that and I gotta bear that smell every single day, I tell you, I will DIE one day for this stupid reason - being suffocated by some shorty that don't use their brain and bathe with perfume instead of soap. I'm someone who loves perfume, but I can't go to the extent of loving suffocating strong smelly perfume. They just do not have senses I presume.

Each time she passes by me, I gotta hold my breath for at least 10 seconds if I wanna stay alive. If I can avoid passing by her, I definitely will. Someone that suits this title - sibeh hiao po.

Get a life, can't you? It stinks like shit, seriously.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Traumatic incident to Mr Lorry

I am now ... feeling some aftermath after a one of tragedy happened.

One question, early in the morning once your first ever alarm rings, what is it in your mind. 99% people will say ... snoop and I don't wanna get up for work, how I wish it was off, and why do I have to work, can I sleep more. But the few days, what was on my mind once my alarm rang was yes, I did snoop ... but my mind was not I wanna sleep, but my mind was ... BLOODY ARSEHOLE BoTAK CHIN. Why? Now I shall tell you.

This is a confession time. For so many years I have been driving, I have not have an accident, or anything that has something come knocking me. The worst I had was motorcylists hit on my side mirror. Ok maybe not that many years of driving haha only 4 years, minus that one and a half years I didn't drive due to Switzerland's commitment.

The other day, I was looking for a parking space, just like any other days, but that particular day, was horrendous to find a parking space, it was practically full but people like me, cannot stop myself from entering. WHy? Because I already paid for one whole month already. They, again, had stupid function with locals. When it comes to locals, definitely parking is gonna be full like shit. There you go, parking full, weather hot like hell argh it wasn't a good day to begin with.

There comes a time that lane was blocked by some DUMBASS BOTAK CINA PEK. I waited behind ... then only I wondered why the hell is he stopping his car in the middle of nowhere, I wanted to turn okayyy. Can't he go a little front. Guess what? He ... with his TERRIFYING FUGLY FACE THAT IS A HUMILIATION TO THE HUMAN COMMUNITY, reversed. Then, I came to wonder ... WHY is he now reversing o.O The next thing I realized he wasn't stopping, and immediate response I reversed like shit, and HONK THAT PATHETIC LOSER like MAD. I wasn't fast enough, KABOOM! My poor lorry. Damn heartbroken okay!!!!! My perfecto lorry got so scared, he was so terrified with that incident that he is now going through a trauma. I hope he cures soon :(

People asked why dont you get down and ask him to pay. Do I look like I have that guts????? He can do this, who knows the next time he come down and whack me. People said, there's CCTV. So? If he whacks me, even CCTV cannot help me!

Why on earth do we have BARBARIANS like this. Why on earth do we have UBERLY UNEDUCATED UNCIVILIZED HOOLIGAN in this country. WHY WHY? Tell me .. WHY ... WHY WHY. I think I better stop with that Why Why thingy, sounded so the arab lolz.

After that traumatic incident, I didn't have the mood to work anymore, >.< and cursed non stop ... ARRRGHHHH BABIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, fickst du lar scheisse. Perhaps, mentally retarded ACTS like that. Why do we have mentally retarded people driving. They are not fit! They are ought to be SHOT! How I wish I can scratch his car, puncture his tyre, and get a truck to bang his car.

One more word ... SIGH!

Monday, August 18, 2008


In a dancer, there is a reverence for such forgotten things as the miracle of the small beautiful bones and their delicate strength. ~Martha Graham

Let's now go to Europe. A month or something ago, I went to his place called Euro-Deli.

Dies ist mein. Das ist poulet mit Pilz sosse und salat und auch mit Roesti. Das ist sehr gut, seht koestlich :D This is a Zuerich (the place in CH) style chicken with mushroom sauce, complemented with my fave roesti and salad. It was dang!

This is .... I forgot sort of jam mai dai already haha, Fish? I know it's wedges and salad lolz

Well this is the lovely mango pudding :D

Euro-Deli is an authentic Swiss German delicatessen :) Price is affordable, worth what you get, and definitely a return trip. This is what I have been looking for ... CH food :P

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's a complete set

Just like any other day, suddenly ... someone came to ask about someone, and with immediate effect, I became so curious that I bugged him the whole day for few days in a row to ask why this and why that. He revealed everything, and everything I needed to know, and everything he knew.

Funnily enough though, I believed his words. Probably because there's trust not only to him, but to another person that I also trust. I thought to myself again, we can't trust and believe every single little thing just through words, just because of what people says about someone else. We can't do that, no matter how much you trust a certain someone, because it might be different perception and stuff like that. But it got me to ponder a little though. We shall keep an eye closely on this, keep a little distance, and continue to be as normal as possible.

It never occured to me also that once another dude came asking me about someone else but related to that person. I ignored that, because I thought he was just thinking too much and all. I also thought that he was just joking then. After all this thing, the flashback played in my mind, only to realize that if I join this 2 together, it becomes a story ... perhaps. Who knows, it wasn't the end. The third one came telling me about this also, referring to the same person, to conform it. But, the thing about this is they never come to tell me for the sake of telling. They came to ask where is she. I was blurred out for a moment, because I didn't know anything about it. He asked where is she and told me a little about it, after I asked because he thought I knew about it. Apparently not.

It's just like a jigsaw puzzle, if one ever put together these 3 short stories, it becomes a complete set. Nothing biggie though, just that I thought, one does not need to be so secretive if it's a fact.

That's why it's a little skeptical and surreal in the beginning, but now as time goes by, things are starting to get real. The best thing to do is to put a gap in between, nothing more nothing less. Things that is happening now makes it look in doubt, that sometimes make someone look like they are some distrustful beings. Those that striked in recent weeks and months, became some sort of disturbing and bothersome path of life.

I wonder what am I blogging hahahah ... my gawd ... guang guang guang :P

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Someone told me something yesterday, a colleague to be exact.

"You have changed"

I was not taken that by a surprise though. He told me I am not the person he knows a few months back. I was like ... why do you say so. He told me from a sociable person to a very unsociable person. In fact, I realized. Previously, each time he asked me out, I will say for sure and when. Nowadays, my answer to him, nope, I'm going home to sleep. He's not the only one.

Nobody ever told me that I have changed. But I realized myself. Each time people asked me out before, I will definitely go, nowadays, my answer to them is ... we shall see how it goes or right away I deny their invitation.

I told that colleague, actually I realize because previously I was the first ever person to be in the confirmed list and now, I am the last ever person in the pending list.

Reason? I don't know, I became very boring as a person but guess that I am loving it lolz. I'm staying home much much more, I feel lazy on my bed, I have been sleeping, I'm seldom out. Just 2 days ago, another colleague asked me for a supper, I declined ... again when previously I know I will definitely say yes to that.

I'm becoming someone I was. I used to not go out, stay home .. and it's worse now because though I have a chance to go out, I rather not to. It's kinda alarming because I am someone who can't stay home, who has to go out ... all the time and now the fact that I am just home, if I am not working.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The birthday in 2007

Dancing faces you towards Heaven, whichever direction you turn. ~Sweetpea Tyler

This was almost a year ago, when the pictures were taken during my birthday. Why didn't I post? Well there was this guy, or rather, a cow, though he doesn't like me calling him a cow, but Moo Moo, that he said he will pass those pictures to me, but somehow it never reaches to me until today. Therefore, I gotta resort to taking those pics from his Facebook instead. Sad-case.

For sure, I have many other pics beside these 2 ... but these 2 are the ones I like the most. You guess what? I really wanted to have Marche in the beginning, as it was Ramadan month at that time, I didn't get the chance to dine there as by the time I finish work, there isn't anymore left for me so they chose Laundry Bar instead.

This is who I call Moo Moo ... because of his obsession for cows ... >.< oh I love to eat cows :D

Then, he said something that I felt like whacking him ... and so ... it was some spontaneous reaction, who knows ... got caught red handed and he just have to highlight it ... and he calls that pet abuse >.<

Thursday, August 14, 2008


"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams"

To begin with, there were a few times that I hung out with a bunch of people I called as my past life, which means, my ex-school mates lolz. There, meeting people is common, well, people that I do not know that is. Finally one day this fella met me after so much hearing.

That isn't important and the one that I wanna highlight now is he sent me a message in Friendster asking me to allow him to view my pics. Like ... hello? First of all, I do not know you that well, we have not even spoken. I asked WHY. He replied I just wanna view, can I. I asked WHY the second time and isn't it obvious I feel reluctant to show them to you. He replied .. "we are friends." OMGGGGG!!! Since when are we friends, I don't even know!!! Absolutely ridiculous. You call someone as a friend just because someone is your friend's friend whom you have not spoken a word to, absolutely fantastic! If that is the case, I have countless friends. It takes just a blink to call someone a friend eh? Hi I am your friend :D *innocent eyes*

Sorry but I am a picky person when it comes to this issue. You are my friend's friend does not mean you are my friend. Hello? Do you know the difference of a friend and someone you met? You don't, but I do. What is the foundation of a friendship, I wonder if he knows. Probably no, perhaps everyone is his friend, even the ones he meet during his stroll to the market. HA! Biggie man. The fact is I don't even feel comfortable with you on the first ever meet, which means, you are not someone trustable to me. Guess what? Once the impression is bad on a person, it's difficult to change that perception. It's not impossible I shall say, but it's just difficult.

Being with my friend doesn't give you the right to do stupid things, like this. Don't interfere in my life and I shall not do to you too. I mean, I will not do anything bad ... for sure :P Someone asked me what was my impression. My answer to her, bad, don't really like, bad. She said her family told the same. HAHA!

Sad for him, stop being a loser okay.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The impression and perception

I wonder ... what is people's impression. The feedback that I got usually is that I always stay at home, daddy's girl, very obedient. I didn't know I leave that perception for people, usually are working colleagues nevertheless.

I am not denying the fact that I am what they say I am, just that it might not be entirely true.

First thing first, it's about tattoo. One mentioned to me before ... your dad will definitely disagree! -_- This is so potong stim, after seeing designs after designed, pondering, wondering and that sort and he just has to say that.

Secondly, I was just saying the other day, it just came out. I didn't intend to but anyhows, it came out saying that I wanna resign as the politics is just SO high and that it's too dramatic for my liking and he was saying that everywhere I go will be the same. I told him if I ever resign and still work in Msia I will definitely change industry. If I intend to stay in this industry, I will not be working in Msia, but elsewhere. Immediately he told me that my dad will definitely disagree. Do I look like I have that kind of dad -_- I asked him something ... does he know my dad better than I do? I've been with him for the past 24 years, hello? Does that answer everything? I asked him in return, is that my dad or your dad and how come he knows him better than I do? He said he was just guessing. That isn't guessing, that is assuming because the way he says it is like CONFIRMED that he will not let me go. I told him I was out twice, why not the third time and the fact that he said it before if I wanna go, it's my choice of life, decision is in my hands. Only he kept his mouth shut to say oh your dad is so open minded. Like.... d'uh obviously or else how can he be my dad -_-

If I am put beside Siao Zha Bo, people think that she's the one who's always out partying non-stop and never go home, and I am the one who always sit at home, don't go out and even you pull me out, I refuse. In a matter of fact, it's the opposite that I am always out, not necessary party, but ... out and she's the one who is always at home. Nowadays I am becoming what people perceive me as, I have been staying home so so much more compared to before.
I prefer being like this, being a homebody, lazing around on my bed and I am just happy doing just that.

Do I really have that small kid look that still need protection from adults? -_- Honestly, I dont think so :S I know the fact that I am a Libran, that is so superbly majorly indecisive, but I still know my stand, where I stand, the line between right and wrong.

I wonderrrr ... o.O

Friday, August 8, 2008

Psychotic guy

Now, today, this is so gonna be the most boring post of the year. Why? It's about work donk!

Today is only the day like any other dramatic days. It's the "ong" day 080808 and it's also the "ong" day when some funny people came and did some really funny thing. He came down from his room angrily, almost killing me, or strangling me and lucky enough for me, we were seperated by something called counter. We had this porcelin underliner for dates we offer for the guests over the counter. He smashed it, and guess what, it broke into pieces. Debris went flying into inside the counter even. If I get injured, I am so gonna sue him up and down. He isn't drunk, he is conscious, but he is just mentally retarded.

I am serious, he and his gang of friends has something really very wrong with their brain. You know where is he from? A place that I dislike a lot, but actually, it's more on the people. The people from that country are all the same, all are just problematic in their own rights. It was under the British rule before. They speak something like this "ching chang chong chomp chomp" with kiasu-ness and kiamsiap-ness in them as well as complaint kings and queens are from that country.

Dont think I have to describe more in detail. Omg, it's getting more and more dangerous working there, I need a life insurance. Who knows later he just strangle me to death and you will not be seeing me here, instead you will see me in hospital after getting strangled by this psychotic guy.

Please wish me best of luck lolz

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Harvey!!! Harvey!!!

People can be weird as hell at times. They act in a way that make you stuck there, dumb headed not knowing how to react, not knowing how to respond to that action of theirs.

Words are well poisonous, we all know that. Whatever words that one intends to say, better make sure it's true or else karma will surely bring you down. You gotta repay everything that you have done. People are literally dramatic beings one shall say. Some are less dramatic and some are just ... well ... superbly dramatic. News spread like wildfire, so make sure it's true. Like ... rweallly true. Somehow, those words will reach out to the person involve.

I have not shared this here yet, but I am so uberly in love with Harvey ... yes again I am saying this, but it's the first time here okay. Who is Harvey? The Harvey in Batman of course. People love Joker for his outstanding performance, for sure it's outstanding, it's played by Heath Ledger man and his famous quote WHY SO SERIOUS? hahaa ... I simply love that. Back to Harvey, why am I loving him so much, blogging all over and telling all over about him. I love the Harvey in the end of the movie not the beginning when he was still the good guy. He was then caught in the fire, half of his face burnt. "What did you call me ... SAY IT ... It's two-faced guy" Yeahhhhh ... the evil side had come out of him.

In a matter of fact, Harvey is just another character in a movie. But, this character is what we get to see surrounding us, not knowing who is sincere to us, not knowing who is Harvey among us, not knowing who to trust and who not to. Harvey's character is usually bitching about the ones they close to or used to, and spread rumours to as many people as they can, try to bring them down as to want themselves to look good. Little did they know that what usually happens is people are not that blind to believe everything by words. Some of the Harveys that I came across before has really thick skin I must say. They still have the cheeks to talk to the person involve like as if nothig had ever happened, after what Harvey had done. Don't they feel embarassed or perhaps s/he does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. Absolutely nothing was done and yet ... Harvey was just acting like a jerk and people see him as just a loser. Pretending innocent, and pretending nice is not genuine and people SEE that you know Harvey.

Harvey is also a person who will be close to you only if he can gain something from you, sadly, we do have this sort of people around us, everywhere in the world.

People start asking, why is Harvey being so insane. Because he simple is, the insanity has taken Harvey's life and there is no turning back to the sanity world. When not anything of appreciation was ever done, it was totally alright until accusation came into the picture. Everyone has the limits and nothing matters anymore. Each time such a thing of that sort happen, people just look up, learn about it, say goodbye, leave and never look back. Ever wonder why are there no any chances for Harvey? He does not deserve anymore time people put on him, that he is just as sick as he looks, and he is not worth a single second from anyone, when people initially treated him genuinely and getting shitty things in return is out of the question.

Harvey is always saying that God will punish the wrong ones and I guess, he is now getting what he always say. What goes around comes around, karma mate. Now, being tortured, suffering in pain, who is concerned for you. Nobody. You suffer in silence, the torment to endure is unbearable but ... who cares anymore at this point of time. Harvey, look up in the mirror, look at yourself, do you know who are you looking at?

Harvey, I am so in love with Harvey, because it reflects something else beneath his character, that we face it in life. We don't face Batman in our life, there's nobody so good out there, try to save the world. You dont see someone flying in the middle of the night, getting hurt and all just to save you. My gawd who are you to kid. Joker, we dont face someone dressing like that in the middle of the street to begin with.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My shoes

Sometimes, people accuse you for doing things you didn't do when in actual fact they were what they say you as and for that, it makes them the bastards and whores. The world is becoming a place for dramatic people and insanity is taking charge, unfortunately

It's 2 weeks now that I last blogged, not that long ago nevertheless, in comparison with the previous one which was one and a half months. Oh mein gott! I'm so proud!! HAHA ... alright crapping aside.

After so long, I finally bought something that I am so so proud of. Well, nothing to shout about for people out there, but it is for me. You know why? Reason being these few months I have been so so lazy to actually SHOP which requires me to walk walk walk and sometimes it takes me a few hours to walk and everything will be in vain, which sometimes can be good because it means I don't have to credit my account. Nowadays, I only do my shopping online. That proves I am DARN lazy.

I know!!! I know it's just another black sneakers for you. But to me ... it is SOMETHING okay. Why so? Coz it's Sketcherssssss .... HAHA.