Friday, January 28, 2011

Goodbye KL, Hello Turkey

I'm officially Hallelujah already! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Today is the last working day for me, Friday. It has been years the last time I can be as free as a bird during Chinese New Year. Last year, was the year I got really mad for having such horrendous schedule arranged for me. It's the worst ever kind of working schedule you can ever think of during a festive season.

I remembered how bitter and how unworthy I felt. It's Chinese New Year. Yeah, it's nothing big for me, am from KL, so what's the big fuss one may think. I don't have a hometown to go back to does not mean you can take things for granted. It's about gathering, reunions, the feeling of having celebrating Chinese New Year.

This year will be a whole different new spanking year. Today, I will be flying off to Turkey and I will see you all when I see you. Haha. Thank You KL for being so kind. You made me feel so at home for the past 4 years here. ;) Au revoir. Kebab, here I come.

100% Moral x Moral Behaviour

I really don't understand some people. Is it really that difficult to say thank you when people hold either the door or the lift for you? Can they die? Instead, they give a god dang stare back at you, like you offended them or something. Sorry for holding the lift for you, I should not have done that. Instead, I should just close it when you're at the middle of the lift between in and out and ensure that the lift close when you're right there, causing it to squeeze you to death. Sorry. I should not, I regretted. While if it's a door, I'm sorry I held it for you too, I should have just close it at your damn face, ensuring you're sandwiched til your nose goes flat and your face distorted.

You tell me, what's the use of having moral studies. Yeah, with those values there, it's merely to pass for the exam. People are lacking of humanity and civic. Moral teachers themselves don't even practise what the theories they have been teaching for the past 10 20 years. So, you get all these irritating people around who look at you like as if you owe them your entire life and you ought to be their lifetime slave. First of all, all these has to come from themselves, the students. Good examples need to be shown by adults. But, did you see it? I know I don't see that in my own teachers back then, not even one. I have unfortunately no due respect to them because they don't deserve it.

Back then, it's all about respecting the elders, no matter what they do, whether they are wrong or right, you need to respect them because they are elderly folks. It doesn't apply anymore. Now, it's more like, even though you are 20 years older than I am, you earn that respect. I will not give it to you blindly. This is how principles are. So many elderly people had misuse that respect. As a conclusion, I don't respect just every other individuals who are older than me. You want, you earn, or else, I will not give it a damn either. You may say I am the most disrespectful and all but, have you ever done anything that ought to be respected in the first place.

It's all nonsense, talk hero action zero. Moral studies what? Come again? I am a low achiever especially in Moral Studies before. I was just at the passing mark. But, it doesn't mean I have no morals and all. I have more than someone who scores 100%. I can assure that! It reflects what kinda person are you through how you carry yourself, your behaviour overall.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hanguk Trip: Korea Trip Part 8

This is the last ever post. My overall on Korea trip is that, I WILL BE BACK. Wait for me. I have made a promise, a vow, to be back to Korea and that will be in 2012, with few others. If I have a chance, I definitely wanna live there. haha. We are saying, IF. Oh ... gago shipoyo, chebal.

Ye ... my last name is Q, not J. haha. My boarding pass :( Why does everything have to come to an end. Shiro. Jongmal shiro. And yeah .. eel .. haha ... baemjang-eo ... is what he calls his fans

At first glance, igo yeoja looks like Jennifer. Kereunde, she's not in Korea now, she's in US and she's not working in an airport, must be her twin sis haha. Chakamman, twin sis is those who born on the same date, right? That's me then, hajiman, we are not twins. haha. Am not Korean. Aish! Must be her sis then ^^

It's quite a long flight, compared to those I have taken in recent years, like to Langkawi, Thailand, Indonesia. haha. So, have a beer please.

Oh no ... back to reality already, oh no no no no no ..... noooooo ... no no no .... gwenchana, I will be BACK. Anyeongi geseyo.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Scams. Scams. Scams. What the heck. Every single day, you read news of people getting cheated. If it's their own stupidity like, you get stopped at the road side, they talk you through, well, blame yourself. But, if it's from other sources, I pity.

Tons of people lose and misplace their phones, and many too got stolen. So, it's wise to take precaution before the most unfortunate happens. Perhaps, at times it can't be helped but your phone somehow goes missing. The last thing you wanna do is to put all your personal details in your phone.

Do not put all your parents name as Dad, Mom, Bro, Sis. That's the worst. I have been practising this for a very long time already, and each time I asked someone to press the call button on my behalf, they don't know which name they need to go to. ^^ haha. But, I have the name Brother in there, except that that brother is not blood related with me at all.

You do not know what's awaiting you. I guess, it's better to take prevention measures rather than worrying that criminal might call your parents up, family members, relatives, or anyone close to you. I think my contact is all messed up. The "Father" is not a real father. The "mother" is not the real mother, the "Brother" is not the real brother either. I know that this is just small little measures, but if it can help even just a bit, why not. Plus, when it's the most critical times, even things like this can help you a great deal.

Female drivers, please do not place and flash your handbags at the passenger seat. It's best you hide it, or place it somewhere where it's not visible at all.

Female pedestrians, please do not flash your handbags or any branded things wherever you go and just walk straight without looking at your surroundings. It's a big no-no. People can come from the front, left, right, behind. Beware.

Beware, and becareful of your surroundings and belongings. Now, take extra steps, especially now that it's approaching CNY. People are getting desperate. They can do just anything now to get what they want. They are merciless, they lost the human touch.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Rules of Drinking

I have started watching dramas very long ago. Few years fast forward, and I wonder if what's in the drama was true, or they made that up. It is said that when a girl is stress or rather depress, and they start drinking, they usually end up more depressed than they already are. Guys, after they drink with the same condition they are caught in, they usually forget about their woes.

I wasn't someone who was interested in drinking then. It doesn't really tell that I am from this family at all. Now, I can assure that those genes came to me at a later stage.

After so many individuals that I have seen, that the statement was somehow true. I am speaking it from the people I have met and known personally, or rather, briefly, to whichever it applies.

This friend of mine is usually not a very superbly negative person. I would never thought that will happen. She asked me to go drinking once and I was quite taken aback with that as well, I don't know, it was just the feeling at that particular time. It just doesn't feel right. At that time too, I know, she was having some personal issues. I know, she's gonna do something that night, and I don't know how far she will go to. I ended up following her, to ensure she's okay. I was supposed to be up by 5.30am the next day for work. But well, I think I can sacrifice my one night's sleep for her.

As expected, she went out all drunk that night. She became so emotional later on after drinking. Problems became worse. This is just one example, I have few more that is similar to this, except the others maybe I am not willing to sacrifice my night's sleep anymore, depending my relationship with them.

So, yes, I think girls have that tendency to be more emotional after they drink. Personally, whenever I'm stressed up, the moment after I drink, I became emotional too, but it's a different kind. This is called, emotionally happier. hahaha. They gotta know why they drink, the reason behind drinking. Some people drink just to chill and have fun, some drink try to forget their problems, and that's the worst ever kind. My rules of drinking - never drink if you wanna try to run away and avoid the problems you are having because you will end up having more problems. Physically you might not be doing anything, but mentally, everything runs in your head. If you think drinking can solve your problem, think again. And, my another rule of drinking - why do you wanna get drunk because of some pathetic guy? Ask that, and you will know the answer of whether to drink in that condition right away. Do not torture yourself because of others. It's not worth any single effort, time and money at all.

That was why some people asked me to go drinking in the most unreasonable circumstances, I reject them outright. To begin with, they are people who don't drink. I told them that I am more willing to drink and cheers with them should they drink because they wanna hang out. I will not do so if they drink because they are sad. It's a strict no.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hanguk Trip: Korea Trip Part 7

It's the last day in Korea, the last ever day visiting places, last day shopping, having a meal, seeing people, feeling the weather, everything ended that day. April 13th, 2010. And that, I have decided to return anyhow, no matter what though it takes a lot of my savings, though it takes a lot of time saving for that, I know I need to do that to compensate my beautiful pictures that went missing. At least once more. I, for sure, will be right back. We shall bid goodbye, after this.

Ya! Chingu! Mo hae?! Don't you think this dude is soooo cuteeeeee!!! OMO!!!

We stopped by at National Folk Museum. This is where they show how olden people live and survive, from summer til winter, what do they eat, the costumes they wear, what they work as, the noble class, the medium class and the lower class, how language and characters had changed right til the present time. It's basically the whole history of Korea.

This is Gyeongbokgung Palace. It's all very historical place. Well, I was illiterate there, so well haha. Not like I understood what has been said either - it was conducted in Chinese - a language I have failed terribly in. I think I can read more Korean than Chinese. HAHA. Wth. An honest confession.

While all were busy listening to the tourist guide, I was busy taking pictures of the surroundings. Coincidentally, I did not know how it happened but I saw this when browsing through my never-ending pictures. Hi. Anyeong Haseyo, namja! Bangap sumnida!

The weather on our last day was cold, the wind was strong, it gave the chill in your spine. It was already spring approaching summer then, and still, the weather was still so cold. Look at my surrounding, all of them were very well wrapped up.

Friday, January 7, 2011

When Is My Fateful Day?

Health is indeed important. But, many people wish to fall sick to a certain extent, just because they wanna get a MC.

Me ... am no different. I used to be really weak, that for that 2 years I was in secondary morning session, I fall sick. Every single week, there comes a day or two I will have really painful stomach cramps until I get goose bumps all over, as well as nausea . I missed the exam papers before just because I was so sick and so pale and so weak.

Fast forward 10 years later, I find myself wondering when will I fall sick. Not that I really wish to be sick and all, but I am really wondering when will be that fateful day. I seldom fall sick, but once I'm sick, everything comes to me. Before I can even get a MC, my body decided to be healthy again. Aish jingja! It was the H1N1 time when I fell sick. It's considered really sick for my standard. I was down with flu, sore throat, fever, body pain all over, cough. That was the exact symptom of H1N1 except maybe lacking of one or two only. Though I was always meeting people checking in and my friends had warned me really seriously, I told them not to worry because it certainly isn't, or else I would have felt a million times worse. Though I was sick, but I was not feeling very weak.

So, since that I have already gone half way being sick, why not I make it worse I thought? With that condition, I am unable to get a MC. At least for my standard, I don't allow myself to. As long as I can walk, I cannot get a MC, knowing that the manning was really horrible then. Aish ... do you know how difficult it is to get an employee like that :( haha. Being in that condition, I still went out. Instead of getting hot drinks, like having things a sick person should, I did just the opposite. I ate chocolate cake, ate ice-cream and drank watermelon juice. I thought I can almost confirm I will be KO-ed. Only God knows why the devil I cured immediately? My sore throat, cough, flu, all GONE!!!! It was such a horror to know that!! Even my fever had gone down tremendously!!! YOU TELL ME how am I supposed to respond... I was in deep shocked!

Back then, due to the working hours ... I do feel weak and there's a possibility to fall sick. However, each time there's a sign, and I thought I will be down with sickness, in the end, I did not. It's a fake alarm and I am always disappointed with the same reason. Now that I have normal working hours and all, when will be my fateful day I wonder. Aish, shiro!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is Your Religion?

I used to not know how to answer people when they ask me what's my religion. These few years, I found my ultimate reply to them. I am a Buddhist, on paper.

Reason. Very long ago when I answered people "Buddhist" they give me one kind of look, like they don't believe I know anything about it. There's a column on one form during schooling days when I must fill up. Automatically, when I am not a Christian, it means I am a Buddhist. That's how it works here. I don't practise that kind of lifestyle. So, let's just be honest, I am a Buddhist only on paper, not in lifestyle. I still believe things from there, because, afterall, it teaches people good things. Obviously, I have my own belief. I don't follow any particular ones, I don't like 100% from only one religion.

Once upon a time, I went to a church only God knows why. It was the worst ever mistake I made. Ever since then, I have not stepped my foot, not even only my last toe to a church. I have nothing against them, but it was that whole feeling I didn't like about going. It was a moment when everyone went quiet, and that it's the preaching time. Honestly, his words make it sound like as if everyone is very sinful should s/he not believe in Christianity. Well, I didn't like it.

He saw me from afar, being the super fresh face for that evening. He approached me and asked a few questions. He asked, if I was new there and who brought me that evening yada yada. I answered as I was asked. Then, there comes this part. He asked if I felt anything within me during that session. I, naively, told him straight to his face and being very honest to him, No. He expected me to say something else but I did not. You can't expect me to say something which is untrue, can you? Instantly, he kept quiet and told me that maybe my time has not come. He excused himself and approached a guy near to me. I heard the conversation, and the response was so dramatic. That dude told him omg really I felt something in my heart, like a whole new discovery. Wow, that's really dramatic, you know that?

I really think that as long as you are mentally strong, and you know exactly what is good and what is bad, what is wrong and what is right, then it's all good. You don't really need all these help. It's good to have guidance and all, but as long as it's under control, not too extreme. I used to know someone who wanted to convert others, that everything she said was about "It's a test" and that "God will arrange." I think she just targeted the wrong person. But, life is in your hands, no? =.=

But, I really like to go to temples ... I like to get the orange string to be tied around your wrist when I was way younger. Haha. Okay, I know that's a wrong purpose. Haha. But, stillll! It has been years since.

Right now, I think I shall just stick with being a JYJ follower. Gamsa hamida.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hanguk Trip: Korea Trip Part 6

Welcome to Home!! The Teddy Bear Farm!! Weeeeeeeee ...

haha ... this way ... please

I'm a Fit Bear!! It's called Om.

Celebrating birthday!! Ahh ... Saeng il chukha hamnida!

This bear has been hardworking. Charaso! Well done.

Lastly but not least, my own breed. The Pandas. All of us have white!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

It's 2011 already!!

May this year in 2011 be even a better year, and may each and everyone be blessed with happiness, wealth, and health. Happy New year 2011!!

2010 might not be a super awesome year, but I think overall it has done good rather than bad. There were a few downs, but there are ups too. It depends how you see it, but I am gonna take this in a very positive way, that 2o1o was good, I enjoyed the year. There were quite a few major changes, and 2011, I shall continue the journey that I had left in 2010, together, with all my family and friends.

Every year, people have resolutions over and over again. By the 3rd month in most circumstances, people would have forgotten about their so-called resolutions. I believe that if you know you are not determined enough to have a whole long list of impossible to achieve resolutions, please have it in a shorter term, and a more realistic ones.

I did not have any resolutions before. It's usually Hyung who set a resolution for me. It's all crappy though. The first year I knew him, he told me, I should set myself straight, yes, straight don't look at girls. Look at guys instead. The 2nd year, he told me, since I have achieved so, I should act more feminine, don't be so rough, be softer and more gentle, and act like any other girls. 3rd year, I should get a bf =_______= That is more like a 5 year resolution okay. Thank God, I resigned, so, he does not have a chance to have anymore resolution for me.

I spent my night away at Tropicana where they had put up a rather short fireworks. I'm not asking for a lot considering it's just a small scale mall. It was dinner at Overtime. Supposingly Overtime but even after half an hour we ordered our food, it did not arrive. The waitress showed us the menu and asked again what did we order. That's really fine, we left for awhile and ate Chic King instead. Then, it's all about beer, and countdown babeh.

Well, I really don't know what was wrong with people who wore checkered shirts yesterday. They are just a bunch of weirdos to the very minimum. What is wrong with people having face a bit red at 10.30pm. Is it wrong? Do you really have to look at others from head to toe, and toe to head? Do you know that's uberly rude to the very core? It's New Year, celebrate with friends, hang out and enjoy with them, not looking at people in some kind of weird way. Understand?

Anyway, Happy New Year once again.