Sunday, April 30, 2006

Once in a long time

Ahhh ... just had toasai and one half boiled egg one hour ago, feeling so naish now, unlike earlier where I was feeling so super extremely duper hungry :p so now, feeling satisfied :D

Well, nothing to blog ... so pictures time ... okay, I'm bored, forgive me

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I dont feel good ... I was quite angry at this time, but I chilled down ... and someone nicely disturbed me when smoke was still coming out from me ... nah no matter how hard I try, I dont look fierce nor do I sound fierce :) I'm just totally harmless

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Both pictures are candid, I didnt know those pics were taken, courtesy of TKJ Becky :D
See, I'm still harmless ... I dont harm people ... :D SO no matter how angry I am, I can never be fierce :)


Many many years ago, if you ask me to have breakie, I would say, "NO" but not, sigh. Well, at least that was dated as far back as in primary years as well as secondary where I wasn't that healthy (??)

Once, in Primary 4, I took an egg early in the morning and I puke in school. I mean, without reason. I don't feel good whenever I eat something in the morning. Don't ask me, I dont know why, probably I was weak. At least I do look pale last time hehe. During secondary was the same case, every single week, either I feel like want to puke, stomach ache, headache ... well whichever, it happens every week and almost everyday haha but I will stand it until after school because it last until recess time then I would feel better.

But now, I want food, I want my breakie :( It's 7.12 in the morning. I'm hungry :S Maybe because I am slacking around, I dont do anything, I dont have to go to school, I dont have to work.

Honestly speaking, this is a pretty lame entry to blog about but I have nothing else to blog and I just woke up. In other words, it's just to say "I'm hungry" HAHA!

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Someone: Very boring ... no go out meh
Me: no
Someone: then ???
Me: no
Someone: Not boring ma?
Me: no
Someone: ok
Someone: why no people online de ...
Someone: are you free now?
Someone: can I call you to chats?
Me: no
Someone: why?
Me: It's simple I dont know you, so there's no point talking
Someone: Ohh
Me: Yea
Someone: ???
Me: What do you want?
Someone: Just want to be your fren
Someone: Just wan to chats with ...
Someone: not yet sleep ar ...
Me: no
Someone: can I know what r u doing ...
Me: y?
Someone: can you tell me??
Me: why?
Someone: how come you haven sleep de ... izzit your bf make you angry liao ...

[at this point, the author feels like whacking this guy upside down with bruises all over and blue black right at both his eyes and break both his hands and legs, slap him twice at both his cheeks]

Me: no
Someone: then
Me: nthg
Someone: If u don wan chats with me then say lo
Me: yes
Someone: ok bye!!!!!!!!! *angry emoticon*

[The author was in disbelief because he said what she wanted him to say and this is the way man, way to go]

Me: Bye

[Such a relief]

Lame ... xxxxxxx .... haha I was so bored to the extent that I answered him :p

Good Old Days Rest.

Haha *yay* one week straight that I well ahem ... stick to my principle, rules ... I dunno whatever you call it.

See, it's a Friday and I am sitting in my room, in front of Acebob, on my bed, blogging :o Incredible, dont you think? If you try to find me online at this hour, this day ... I dont think you will be able to find me at home usually. But today ... WOW! Impressive, dont you think? So yes I am at home, being a bit anti-social for this week, it has been one week though. I saved loads of money. I did not pump any fuel either.

I'm being a homely girl this week. Hehe ... so yup, I went for dinner with my family today :o Very surprising eh?

We went to this place in Menjalara, Kepong called Good Old Place if I am not mistaken. They have 3 shops combined together. 1st and 2nd is more for steamboat buffet, while 3rd one is more for a la carte. We went to the third one, as I am not a fan of steamboat buffet. They use orange light for this, which I kinda like it. Though quite dark but I just love places which use this kinda lights. Then, they dont have any door, it's an "opened" place. They do have air conds and fans though. Quite cooling and relaxing. Their deco is ... like those in a jungle with leaves all over, quite lovely place to dine in. You can choose to either sit outside or inside, but I prefer inside, where there's some "feeling" in it. They serve both Western and local food there, price are reasonable. They can't afford to charge an expensive rate because ... it's Kepong where they have so many more competitors around and it's not located in a strategic place. So, that's it.

Pics time ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is called ... French Red Wine Lamb Chop ... yeshh it's LAMB not the one starts with P and ends with K
I love the garlic bread, although it was quite salty but it's naish ... lamb yummylicious ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is local though .. Black Pepper Udon Mee
Quite nice according to my source

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Fish and Chips ... not bad too

There's actually one more pizza but it wasn't good and the pic came out quite blurrish so no point posting up. Guess how much those food cost? RM59 including the taxes... it's like ... quite reasonable rite. Lamb Chop, Fish & Chips, Pizza, Udon Mee, Orange Juice, Water .... not bad. Talking about Pizzas, I miss eating in Bistretto, a Swiss restaurant located in Plaza Damas, that was bloody nice and reasonable but too bad, it has closed down :(

And ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It's a candid

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After my dinner ... :o Quite full

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Time to relax

BUT ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Not going out :( bored

*Oh man, I'm feeling hungry again*

Friday, April 28, 2006

5 years ...

Let me introduce you *jeng jeng jeng* a very good friend of mine, I dont want to reveal his name here. It's a secret between me and him. HAHA!

Tadaaa ... let's start

I have known him when we were still teenagers. Well, late teens that is, from somewhere that many of us are familiar with, the internet. It's not a one-on-one chat but rather in a group chat that I know him. At first, I felt a bit awkward chatting in a group, but later I got used to it that I got quite addicted to this channel. Hehe ... talking about addiction here.

Sooner or later, we were regulars there, seeing so many people come and go, go and come, there were only few regulars left. Others were unknown until that chatroom was closed down due to certain reasons. But well, I have few of them in my MSN list so I guess we will still keep in touch with each other. However, not all that I keep in touch with, some well ... we just don't though they are in the list. Some, I deleted them.

Ok, back to topic. Talking about pictures, he is so damn sibeh kiamsiap, he refuse to show me his picture. In these few years, I only have 1 or 2 pics of his. I mean that is terribly kiamsiap, rite? Goodness ... speechless. But then, he is actually a naish guy, sweet guy ler, and I do appreciate the times he's there for me when I'm down, from before until today, though sometimes he makes me angry, for no apparent reason. He's willing to listen to whatever crap I tell him, and I do admit sometimes it does not make sense. I just feel comfortable and happy talking to him. There's no need to hide things because I know he is trustworthy. The times he was there to accompany me when he was so sleepy, and I was doing my bloody assignments. I know that for some of you it's nothing biggie, but for me it is. He can put up with my behaviour for so long, :D my god. Though he annoys me too, but that's what friends are for haha. Though sometimes I might sound cold or fierce to him, but I dont mean it. Budak, I dont mean it, you should know it rite hehe. Whatever I said, I mean it. There's no point of saying something that I don't mean in my blog. So, dont say that I make up stories -_-

Speech time:
I would like to thank for being there for me, for supporting me at all times, going through the hard and happy times with me, those times are just priceless. I just like the way you are. Hehe. Thank you.
[Speech over]

So near yet so far

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I watched American Idol today [erm, yesterday] around dinner time. The theme was love songs I guess and almost every contestant was very monotonous, except for err .. what's his name again, Christian?

The problem is not at the participants, but lies more on the judges. Well, let me rephrase, not judges but judge.

I don't mean to dislike her but her actions are really really .... :S :S until it leaves me speechless. She's a drunkard and yet she's still there judging one of the most popular program globally. I mean, you bound to have your own opinions and comments on a certain participant but please respect others. At first, she was acting like a drunkard, but she talked normally. Then, after the next participant, whom Simon comment on him was not that encouraging, she interrupted him and yet he has not finished talking. Then she stood up, exactly like a drunkard, talking nonsense and she could not even balance herself. Eww ... and she's a judge? My goodness.

I'm not a fan of her.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Diet Program

It's 26th April ....

I measured my dogs' waist today, let us start with fatty Toby. I measured him, it's err ..... 30 inches, damn fat okay. He's only smaller than my dad by a few inches.

Then it's April's turn. She looks so much more smaller than Toby, but surprisingly, their waist does not differ like what I expect it ne. She's 27 inches, just 3 inches difference.

Toby is on a diet programme. It started last Thursday, 20th April. I will measure him again on 20th May, hopefully I'll remember. Give him one month's time, if not I am going to sepak him. So fat -_- the amount of food also lesser already. Dont get thinner, sure sepak.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I really do not understand

I really do not understand
Sounds familiar? Haha ... aii these few days I left my ICQ on and obviously, there were people who send messages to me, dont know who are they, where they are from. Not like I'm curious to know about them, not to say that I want to know about them at all. Just that, I feel like leaving it on but I get funny messages. All of the messages are very similar, no matter who is it from.

What they said are all very predictable. All will start with "hi" and the next question would be "asl" OMG! That is sooo last era okay and they are still using that line. It's so lame. I couldn't be bothered when they ask that. I feel that it's so so so pathetic, no words could describe. Yucks! Sigh ... and if they want your MSN add, they ask "do you play MSN" How the heck do we play with MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, SKype or whatever you call it.

Ooh another one, My goodness! I really do not know why did I get not one account but 2 accounts there! Maybe Ahmoi was quite ... a hit last time but not anymore. I dunno what kind of site it is now. Previously, if I am not mistaken, it's a friendship site? I was there for only one week then I abandoned it until now, after someone added me from there. Immediately, I went there to terminate both of my accounts. Then, it turned to be an online dating site. Now, I think it is turning to be a place for people to look for sex. I did not check that mail box for dont know how many months, and when I logged in, WOW ... 8/10 looking for sex. I mean, if they want, they can look but dont look for me. Thank you very much. Now that I have terminated the accounts, nobody can send me stupid messages from there anymore.

Are they that desperate? I stopped using ICQ just because there were too many perverts, so far it's okay but they are lame. I dont even know why I leave it on in the first place. Probably, it's been a long time I did not on my ICQ, backside itchy haha.

Just now as I was telling Sammie about someone was or maybe still is, from, I actually went back there to find that person's profile. I dont know if that is the person, no pictures available, but it really sounds like the person I want to find, but with 2 accounts. This person did not put any pictures, but demanded pictures from the person who would send her messages. Such a desperado hah! Do not smoke and drink! Yeah my foot! The person I am talking about it ... tang tang tang, let's put a conclusion, it's called a sluttish old weirdo aunty. HAA!

Monday, April 24, 2006

A day with annoyance

There was one day, one fine day that I went for a movie. It's TGV 1 Utama on a weekday, so dont expect it to have a long queue. You should be surprised even if it has a queue. Well ... there were 2 counters then, one for telephone booking and the other without reservation. So, the lady at the telephone booking counter said "next please" since there's nobody there. As we were walking towards the counter, it's just 2 steps left, then this stupid bloody bitch went to the counter out from nowhere. Don't pretend ok, for goodness sake, you just have to wait for 1 minute. This babi, so uncivilized. Don't think that you have a kid with you, then you can do anything you want okay? NYOK you. Bloody hell! Babi! She's even smarter because she did not even have any telephone booking. How I know? Well, of course I went to the other counter but I was still starring at her until I left the place. Stupid woman! I don't know if she heard it, but I said "celaka." But then, she heard or she doesn't is none of my business.

On the same day, sigh! I went to mamak with Papa and Potato. Guess what? As we were walking to the car from Murni, this idiot, I dunno if it's a guy or girl, or maybe shemale, who knows, was on a bike. This shemale was talking to the friends and reversing, go forward, reverse again, forward again for a couple of times that resist me from walking because if I continued walking, I will be injured! Why don't I walk to my right instead? Oooh ... that's because there were so many people walking there from opposite direction, so there's no space to walk anymore. I was so irritated that I couldn't resist from saying "celaka, damn you" kakakak. But then again, I did not realize that I say it, even more did not realize that anyone hear it. According to Potato, she heard it and saw the reaction of that shemale's friend was quite funny as he was quite shocked. But then again, I didnt want to say it, but it came out automatically, not my fault that the shemale annoyed me haha. It's auto-response.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wedding dinner

Wedding dinner was yesterday, as what I have told. Yeah indeed.

It was terribly pathetic, traumatic and a disaster to me. I went there, dont know who are those people, like I have met them before. Seriously I dont know. Anyhow, I could not be bothered by them.

There's a video in the hall where you can see people at the entrance. Suddenly, I saw one familiar face. Oops, it's Bill Keith haha. He was busy there, taking care of the bride and bridegroom I guess. Make sure the clothes are fine.

Then, it's the ceremony, bride and bridegroom went up the stage, dunno what is that called. Get blessing from parents of both parties.

Then, it's the food! Just one round. Then, went back! But had to go to hospital first then send me to Asia Cafe. People go to wedding and leave the place with a full stomach but I left with an empty stomach. I was so hungry til my stomach pain ler ... :(

Then in Asia Cafe ... sigh!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The day before tomorrow

Actually, I left out one entry on mamak, the day before Sampatine left KL.

OKay, so just a few of us met up for mamak, see her for the last time before the next time she comes back. Clod, Kerry, Kylie, TKJ, Meow, Geisha, Kassie, Ken and the superstar of the night Zoe came out too!! :o whoaaaa ... finally :s first time leh. Went back around 1+ not quite late.

Then I am not going to say about that fella who didn't turn up, there's nothing to say.

Pics time ...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Upcoming dinner

I did manicure and pedicure today at Ikarno as well as bought other stuff for the upcoming wedding dinner. Sigh~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
80 bucks

Image hosting by Photobucket
ear rings = 5.90 ... quite pricey

Image hosting by Photobucket
necklace = 9.90

others that I bought are not related

"Jalan Jalan Cari Makan" in Malacca

After Genting trip, next we headed to Malacca, as to send Clod back there as well as a "jalan jalan cari makan" day. Claudine, Papa and me went and met Berlyn there. Geisha was supposed to go too but he has a job interview, so couldn't make it.

Papa should supposedly come at 7.30am, but knowing him, he will 100% be late. I was so right, he was late once again for one and a half hours. It's like damn smartASS rite. He reached around 9 plus. I woke up and fell asleep again waiting for him. Sigh! No hope.

The traffic was moving quite slowly because it's peak hours. First, we stopped for chicken rice ball, the famous food in Malacca. I ate before in KL, but it really sucks.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yup, looks normal, but it's damn gao nice .... As we were too hungry, we didn't wait for Yee Fen to come, instead we ordered and ate first.

Image hosting by Photobucket
It's taken in that shop

Image hosting by Photobucket
Haha sampat

We went to walk around after our ... branch. It was drizzling actually ... but couldn't be bothered by the rain, we continued walking.

Image hosting by Photobucket
It's taken in some chinese temple

Image hosting by Photobucket
Okay sorry sampating

Next stop would be Cendol ... omg, it has been a long long time since I ate cendol. Cant wait cant wait. Yummm ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yummmmm ... cendooool ... so refreshing so cooling whoaaaaa ...

Later on, we went to the beach to enjoy the wind, while I sleep in the car hehe, followed by ais kacang session .... omggggg .... the shop is called amo te? I think so. Claud asked her sis and she said that it's opened at 3pm, but we waited and waited, it's not opened yet. Clod went to knock the door and they said it's 3.30pm. If it's 3.30pm, Berlyn cant join us as she was going to Muar. Wasted~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Papa ordered this ... from side angle and top angle. He said that it's tastless, that's why told him to order Doraemon Special, stubborn dont want. If it's meant for you just take it

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
It's quite huge rite ... hehe, ate til full haha, different from KL, they use gula melaka (??)

After that, we went to Mahkota Parade to watch The Wild.

Image hosting by Photobucket
We were actually eating siew pau and egg tart when I took this pic.

Right after we finished, it's satay celup time. It's in Capitol.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
I didn't take all of the pics, busy eating haha ... first time eating satay celok. Ahhhh ... so bloody full.

But ... but ... after that, we headed straight away for ikan bakar

Image hosting by Photobucket
We ordered 2 plates of prawns ... damn nice wei

Image hosting by Photobucket
Then ikan bakar

Image hosting by Photobucket
Nasi lemak but I didnt eat it, too full already, Clod ate this

After that, we send Sampatine back home and we headed back to KL. Naish naish trip makan whole day. We stopped by at Devi's Corner as I wanted to eat something. Roti Tisu but it's tastless ewww ... no mood to eat already after tasting that it's totally tastless.

That's it, our Malacca trip.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Genting Trip

On Monday, April the 10th, we headed to Genting in the evening. But, before that, I went for lunch with Commander and Licole dropped by with her friend. Just a little while because all of us were rushing. Claudine didn't want to go :S Adoi

We had our dinner at Spicy Kepong, and went to Genting straight away. Days before that, we tried to book that room which cost RM38.88 but was already fully booked. Yeah, wonder why must they put the number as 38 :S We went there, hoping that there will be a cancellation but too bad. There are other rooms available, but of course with a higher price. Papa has a Worldcard but he lost it, so probably it's possible to get a replacement there. We could use that to book the room because he has about 15,000 points. Hmmph ... we went to the Worldcard counter but it was closed. There is another one inside the casino. But Papa doesn't have jacket, so Geisha and Papa went to the car to get Geisha's jacket to enter the casino. Ok looo ... we went in, they checked my IC. -_- At least this time it's IC, and not passport.

We got the room, 13,000 points. Then, we hanged around the room for some time. Then, we headed to Starbucks in First World Hotel too. After awhile, Clod and Geisha went to the casino and I didn't want to go. So, Papa and I stayed out. But then, I was soooo sleepy, dont know why. Kept yawning and yawning, so I went back to sleep while waiting for their phone call. Then, we went to find for food at 1am but the price there was just fabulous. Ok I know it's Genting's price but then it's still ridiculous. Papa drove down dunno what is it called, but a mamak. Much cheaper of course.

At nite, one by one started snoring haha. I slept ... but on and off, off and on. My back aches, so did Clod. Aiyoo ... woke up dunno how many dozen times that night. Then, I finally woke up at 9.44am, went to toilet, walked around, went to brush teeth, walked around again, went to shower pack my stuff and wait for them to wake up. Aiyooo ... waited 2 hours :S :S

Then, we went to the theme park. Erm ... Papa didnt enter. Geisha only got the 20 bucks ticket, while both of us got the full day one. But we only took a few rides as Geisha needs to be back by 3pm for his courier. There's a new ride there, called Flying Rollercoaster if I am not mistaken, but that has to paid on a seperate account. I love that lots. Very amusing actually. The others, are just normal.

Then, balik rumah bye bye

Image hosting by Photobucket
We were waiting for the first ride of the day, so bloody hot and the queue was sooo long

Image hosting by Photobucket
This was the first elevator we stepped into and the number has got to be sampat "38" aiyoo

Image hosting by Photobucket
On the escalator, was about to enter to the casino

Image hosting by Photobucket
We were hanging at Starbucks, First World Hotel for sometime

Image hosting by Photobucket
Still at Starbucks, notice Geisha's shirt is green? Same as their uniform and when he put on the jacket, even looks more like the uniform haha

Image hosting by Photobucket
Adoi retarded-nya


After Claudine's Homecoming in Delicious, we headed down to Muthu's place, located just across the street of Bangsar Village. There were FIVE long tables joint together for that night. Actually I dont quite like the idea of mamak-ing there as it was darn stuffy and could hardly breathe normally. Murni is still the best place to mamak in. There were quite a few newbies, hmm .. at least there were new faces this time around, rather than only the same faces.

Well, some of them are okay, but some not. I mean obviously, there bound to be people who you can click with and some just no and you dont need a reason to be this way. When you dont click, then you just dont.

Someone dropped by not long after all of us sat down and that fella, I dont think she is all that great seriously. That so-called person who played with angles, but do not know which angle is best for her. Muahahah ... sad rite. I heard from my sources that she is chubby from the right. I could not be bothered to even take a glance on her. If she is someone hot, then of course it is all worth my time and energy to turn my head. But, she doesn't worth anything. So, screw it. Wooo ... someone is chubby.

Then, there comes a person that I consider as a junk HAHA. If you tell me that she is in her 20s only without knowing her age, I would really laugh my arse off. She has double chin and she just doesn't look good. Ok, I am not going to comment further on her looks. If any of you have the opportunity to meet her in future, you be the judge. Now it's the attitude part. She over-reacts on the smallest things on earth. She really really extremely has a absolutely big reaction. I have no idea why though but that's the way she is. She is rough for sure and she looks more like a maid to me. Now, we are talking about a girl who is worth 300 over bucks per day for events, at least that was what she claimed she should be getting per day, with meals and transportation provided at her door step. I don't think she is even worth half of the price. What's more, she is without experience in this line. That's so fabulous, isn't it? Even before I met her, I already feel that she is really a pain in the arse. After meeting her, can I turn back and erase this? It's that bad. Too ordinary and plain looking, she doesnt have special features. So, do you think she is even worth 300 bucks? For those who have yet to meet her, expect for the worst is my advice.

Then, there comes Zoe, went missing after a few seconds. Gave Kylie the wrong stuff coz of panick attack. Adoi this girl.

Then, someone else came, but I wasn't really entertaining this person, was quite annoyed. Thus, I ignored most of the time.

The whole group, five long tables joint together. Yeah that was us.

Sampatidoko and Sampatine

Leng Yein, meleleh

Posted by PicasaMe ler ... having migraine actually haha

It didn't just end here, we went over to Spicy Hartamas later on.

Reincarnation of AceBob

AceBob had gone for a major operation around 4 something this evening. It was actually scheduled earlier but the surgeon was not free at the scheduled time due to certain matters.

Anyway, the surgeon had successfully made AceBob alive once again. After the surgeon found out that he has too many incurable diseases, he made up his mind to use the "kill and alive" theory, which is to reformat AceBob haha.

AceBob was in the room for almost 5 hours. He was not that in pain because he had pain killer I supposed. But he felt pain at one point or the other but it's all fine now. I was right beside him in the operation room.

Erm so ... after killing AceBob, the surgeon or rather AceBob's saviour had installed every important stuff in him and now he is happy and running very energetically around. Since he is so hyper now, how do you think would I feel? Very happy of course. He is my one and only AceBob. There would not be any replacement. I've been together with AceBob for close to 2 years now and hope that he will continue to serve me for more.

The new journey has just begun, the reincarnation of AceBob.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

AceBob is sick

AceBob is sick once again!

I feel so bad for him. That's the reason why I am not blogging as frequent at present because when I upload a picture, it hangs. No matter how many times I try to upload, but it just fails over and over again. Sometimes, it's better not to try too many times because what you get is just disappointment.

Ok back to AceBob. Most probably he is going to undergo a major operation later today. He will be fine .. I hope. I'm telling myself that everything would be okay, he would be fine, he would be healthy as usual. I hope I hope I pray I wish.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Claudine's Homecoming

Claudine's homecoming was held in Ms Read, Bangsar branch, TKJ's favourite place to dine in. It was given a few months notice. However, it was still undecided whether to have it in Chilli's or Ms Read's Delicious. SInce Chilli's doesnt take bookings, then Delicious would be the better choice.

Clod and I were at home all day long, ate Maggie for lunch (hehe she cooked). We left house around 5.10pm, supposingly 5.00pm. Raining heavily, picked up Gary, Kota Damansara was jam!!! Ewww ... ok picked him up, off we went to Bangsar.

We dropped Clod off at Ken's house and we headed to Bangsar Village. The time then was 6.30pm. It's like erm ... darn early okay. The dinner supposed to start at 7pm but knowing Malaysian time well, I dont think that's possible.

When we were looking at the menu, suddenly there's one guy who asked if the seat is taken. Okay I was blur, dunno what is happening, only to learn later that he was actually there for the dinner. Aiyoo ... didnt say properly how would I know. He went off, then a few more people came. The earlier ones are TKj, Meow, ZamZam, Geisha, Lordy and etc.

AND ... this is the unexpected and undesirable part.

One fella called me on the phone only to scare the shit out of me. It's THAT scary. His voice and the way he talks is as though he wants to fight. Tell you, want to fight, not with me because I am not the right person to fight to as I will definitely lose ok. Yeah, he was just asking for direction. -_- It's like errrr .... okay no comment. I freaked out terribly and I was actually outside of the toilet then, I rushed in, sat down, calm down and I went to the toilet again haha. 2nd time ... he called again. AGAIN .. he sounds like he wants to fight. Actually I was kinda annoyed already as he was talking so much on the phone like where was he then and sort of. I said just go here here and it's on where where. Doink! Learn to listen! In a matter of fact, I didnt want to pick up the phone. But then .. sigh! Here comes the part when he appeared! Without introducing himself, I can already guess that it's him coz of the way he walks, and he made so much noise as if no one knows he's there. He came, he said "Ellie Ellie" wth ... ok nvm. Then he made so much freaking noise, he went out just like that, he came in, made so much noise again then he headed to the exit door, and we thought "ok, this smsg has gone". Who knows he came back later on. Papa actually called me before he reach to ask if I want my stuff back then or after the dinner, then I told him later and at the same time, complain that the place has gone havoc. He came he was shocked. Even TKJ asked why was there smsg in that place. Sigh! It's terrible.

I had Carbonara, so did Gary but it wasn't good. Then Zam, TKJ, Papa and me shared to buy a duck for Sampatine hahaha ...

There were of course cam-whoring session. The most spectacular one was of course, the tetek session. Kekeke ... then majority of them were posing here and there for the cams.

Later on, we walked down the streets and went to Muthu's. I'll do another entry for that.

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Before the food came
Left: Me, Gary, TKJ, Meow
Right: ZamZam, May aka Sammaypat, Lordy

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Another group waiting ..
Left: G_D aka Jourdan, Kokkin, Sampatine aka Claudine, Sampatidoko aka me, Gary, Sampaticke aka TKJ, Meow
Right: Kassie, Ken, Papa, Geisha aka Darren, ZamZam, Sammaypat aka May, Lordy

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After dinner
Sitting [L-R]: Snowie aka Maria, Papa, Sammaypat aka May, Kassie, Sampatine aka Claudine, Sampatidoko aka me
Back row [L-R]: Axzel, WInd aka Gary, ZamZam, G_D aka Jourdan, Lordy, Geisha aka Darren, Sampatickle aka TKJ, Sampatato aka Kylie, Ken, Kokkin

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Finally, the entry about Flinders. We were late as someone was late again. Backside itchy wants to come along but then, he was late. Ish~

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Flinders serviette

We entered the place, and it was quite erm ... quiet, in fact it was VERY quiet. Only a few tables were occupied and Sampatine booked the table months before she came back only to learn that we actually do not need to put any reservation because it was so empty. So, it came to dressing ... that errr ... I have to wear something which I dont usually wear ... heels ler.

We sat right beside the swimming pool, nice ambience but quite dark. We looked front and back and from back to front of the menu. I have no idea what to order and it's not like it's reasonable or something. Expensive is the word. Finally we decided.

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Clod ordered scallops and this was what she got, 3 miserable scallops, sad rite

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This was what we saw from the place we sat ... yup, swimming pool

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Papa ordered this, I think it's beef (??) I forgot

After the starter, we expect something better for the main course, at least it should compensate for that miserable scallops.

AND ...

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Lamb for main course. Claudine and me exchanged glances when it arrived. I could not believe it, it was so freaking small and fats all over. Woot! Powderful, this is so not what I expected it to be with that amount of price they are charging. Perhaps, what we were paying for is not the food, it's not the service, but rather it's the scenery. What do you think?

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It's grass? :o Soooo greeeeeen

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Dunno what meat is this, filled with grass as well

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Papa and me before the food came

Finally .... at least one good pic

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Sampatidoko and Sampatine :D

Done ... later on we went to pick Sampatato and Little Devil from Sunway and we went to Murni.