Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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1. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?
I personally feel that it's still suicide no matter what

2. Where do forest rangers go to “get away from it all?”Err ... doesnt concern me as long as not somewhere near me

3. What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant? That is how it meant to be ... so let it be

4. If the “black box” flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn’t the whole damn airplane made out of that stuff? Dunno

5. Why do toasters always have a setting that burns toast to a horrible crisp which no decent human being would ever eat? How do you know that no decent human being wouldnt eat ... maybe there are

6. Why do the alphabet song and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” have the same tune? I dont think it's the same at all :S

7. Why is bra singular and panties plural? alai kodai

8. Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle? coz it's wet

9. Can you cry under water? yea possible but it would not be obvious

10. Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round?Not all are round

Why is it I’m a girl instead of a boy? What a question :S

Why do I have to work everyday instead of going off for holiday everyday? I'm not a workaholic so I do like holidays and breaks :p

Why did you ever care to answer all this ten question? coz i have been tagged

Did you add me in my new MSN ID? Err no .. how? You add me instead :p

Do you hate me? Haha I dont hate you

When you going to treat me for dinner? Errr ....

When is my birthday? Dunno :p

Who do you love most in the world? 0.0

How much is your salary this month? I dont work

Err, who are you? Je ne sais pas

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Testing keyboard: çava ... ich möchte nach Luzern gehen ...

hahahaha damn nice


Today was the concept, it was good, would show the pics if I am able to but needs a lot of effort as in now my connection is down since last few days and the weirdest thing is that I am the only one. It`s so sad isn't it ... I'm now in the computer lab at like almost 2 am ... :S Though it was good today, the feeling was great, everyone were happy about it, but ... there were some chaos as usual

I felt that I had the best sleep in my entire life today, simply because I was dead tired for the past few days, been doing those deco since weeks ago but it started to get me occupied, I mean really occupied since Friday and it carried on until today dinner time. Other groups did not need so much time to complete the cleaning up and the re-settings for the Swiss room, but our time extended until dinner time, which was rare.

The procedure and everything else went well except one minor thing that I can consider it as the newest member of the babi family. That, I will blog only later.

Btw, even the language in Blogger has changed from English to German ... my gawd .... even the keyboard is sooo different ... luckily I am still able to know how to use it ... as on button has like dont know how many symbols .. I am so not used to this ... it just shows how long I did not really sit down in computer lab to online :D I have one picture that I print capped it, going to show it soon as I dont seem to be able to upload from here, wait til the sun shines or when the sun sets the next time I bring my lappie down and connect it through the wire next door as it,s quite scary

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Summer - winter

It's October the 28th today, exactly at 3.50pm, and it has already been almost 3 hours that my group been doing those draw draw draw and colour colour colour and still ... we are not done yet. Rest for few minutes now before continuing those stuff for our concept, which will be on this coming Monday. I'm so so tired weh ... hungry and tired and sleepy.

Tonight, there will be a changed of time for winter, which means it's gonna be 7 hours time difference between Malaysia and Switzerland, instead of the current 6.

Btw, there's also a Loft here in Luzern ... and it's called Loft, located in KKL ... so similar haha The Loft in KL and Loft in KKL :p

Yu Wen bought this ...

Actually, it was a gay and lesbian nite that day and so ... we went to see look see loook but then ... omg ... we ended up eating pizza there because ... bosan [bored]. That was the first ever time that we wanted to go back so badly.

And after we got back ...

Take pictureee

And another one .. since Lone Ranger Babi was not around that day...

While the other day after Mr Caldwell checked our portfolio for PDP report ... he stood in front of the class and said this ... both to BAs and MBAs ...

I'm depressed but dont worry, I will not commit suicide

hehe and that reminds me of sitting by the window depressed with 2 bottles of beer, one on the left and one on the right, and it should be drank very fast alternately

Let's demonstrate

And another one .. too bad the depressed feeling is ultimate when it's cold and it's in 407, other rooms are not so applicable, dont know why, this is 405. What's missing is the two bottles of beer :p

Friday, October 27, 2006


Yesterday was both nice and not nice and sometimes irritating and damn pissed. As I mentioned, yesterday we went to work somewhere in Luzern coz there was an event taking place there and it's Malaysian guests :o so we worked, both Malaysians and Indonesians .. so many things happened ... but we ate cheese fondue until so damn full, but then all the energy burn right after that simply because we were cutting that bread from when the sky was still very bright til the sun sets and our hands were like almost trembling already. Plus, the knife is not meant for cutting bread -_- ish ish ... so many things anyway, I only enjoy eating and drinking ... then there was this si panjang babi who order people to do work. FINE if she's the person in charge, that is IF. But she's just a lecturer from other school.. belah la lu ... peh leh pah and ngiap peh leh, though legs so dam hurting and back ouch! Nevermind ... most important is I get that money! Geld Geld Geld! Money! Money! Money!

Few weeks ago, I went to Natdanai's theme lunch ... theme === pirate ... haha

NOt going to post up the deco ... too lazy ... only foood okay SINCE all of you have to post up food pics ... so I follow the trend haha :p

The settings were just 3 long tables and that was it ...

Welcome drink :D :D

Starter ... nice ... ah loi

Main course .. crocodile meat :D

Dessert ... nice weh

Psst ... I just realize that the babi family is going through some really high growth lately ... the amout of them are so big and some should be shot :p okie okie no :p

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pix from Fox Town

Haha .. sorry for that tak halal post, cant update much now as ... I'm going off for my part time job in an hour's time. Yup, a Malaysian company is having some event in Luzern. Thus, they want students from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Plus, today was aweful simply because the smell of the cows ... STINK!

Really nothing to see and take in Fox Town where the so-called biggest shopping mall -_- it's nothing ... better to stick to Zuerich or Geneve or Berne or Basel or anywhere else .. in the end ... we took pics while waiting for the train

In the train already

Continued taking pix

Changed train :p

The white day .. and no ... we didn't plan it

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The babi family

Let's talk about pig ...
a. Any of several mammals of the family Suidae, having short legs, cloven hooves, bristly hair, and a cartilaginous snout used for digging, especially the domesticated hog, Sus scrofa domesticus, when young or of comparatively small size.
b. The edible parts of one of these mammals.
2. Informal A person regarded as being piglike, greedy, or gross.
a. A crude block of metal, chiefly iron or lead, poured from a smelting furnace.
b. A mold in which such metal is cast.
c. Pig iron.
4. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a police officer.
5. Slang A member of the social or political establishment, especially one holding sexist or racist views.
So, that's the definition of a pig from here. For more information, click on that link given.

There are pigs everywhere, in KL, it's tak halal

Unfortunately, there are so many pigs around that you cant believe so. There is a pig family and it's growing rapidly. No .. this cant be happening. Why is the species growing tremendously ... if there's no control, then this world will be filled with pigs around. It's not good, isnt it?

Let me introduce you to the members of pig family. But, pig doesnt sound right, it's better to call it babi instead, it's the same anyway.

1. Lone Ranger Babi.
This babi could not be helped anymore, forever sleeping in class and I got poked because another member of babi family could not wake her up. There are so many other things of course, like ... woahhhh ... party babi TRYING to become good babi apparently. But then, this babi doesnt party in places that we do. Instead, this babi party in a place we all do not know .. starts with m .... ends with l ... a lower class of ... h _ _ _ l.

2. Emon Babi
This babi is the one who poked me. Laugh like some insane babi. Complain kaki number one :D ur the best man ... babi ;)

3. Weiss (blanc) babi
Woah this babi ... is white! Tremendous eh ... this babi does not like any other colours of babi coz white for this babi is superior and this babi likes to talk crap a lot and at times it does not make any sense

4. Whatever babi
This babi likes to say something, and when you say or correct the babi, this babi will tell you anything and whatever, it's all the same

5. Jackarse babi
This babi is superbly retarded. Always act as though this babi is so damn funny when this babi is not. Cannot drink want to drink. When this babi is drunk, it's so irritating. WHy? coz babi :D so dying to be popular .. omg real typical babi .. yo here and yo there, it's better to play yoyo then

6. Idiotic Babi
This babi I have nothing to say about this babi as I dunno why too ... just too babi ...

7. Buntut Babi
This babi is really bad, I dunno what is this babi trying to do. Wear so short, talk so much, wants to be leader and thinks that it knows everything and anything. Blahhh ..

Actually, there's another member of the babi family, but this babi cannot be considered as he's a hybrid of babi and cow. But at times, he joins the babi family coz there's one major reason. Ever since he got rejected by our happy family, consist of Jojo, Yu Wen and me, and after reflecting so much, he still does not seem to be on the right path. So, it's better for him to go into babi family as he doesnt seem to be able to join our happy family. It's definitely much easier. There's no requirement, as long as you are babi, that's enough.

There are a few pics of babi at the following ... please see and enjoy the pics. I found them in Google :D

This must be Lone Ranger Babi
This is the jackarse babi ... who always sleep -_-

Finally ... the weiss (blanc) babi
It's on a reflective mode

Monday, October 23, 2006


Monday is here, so fast ... and btw, Happy Deeparaya everyone ... but ... dammit ... no break here, instead have to work more .. :( btw, last Friday we did a practise on the service for our concept that is gonna be held on Halloween's coincidently.

Few weeks ago ... after dinner we ate this right away at our base camp ... and for your information our base camp is my beloved neighbour ... 407

Awww .... this is da best ... all of us have been craving for this since International Nite. After that, I went for my pathetic marketing meeting which last for quite long and thank God, my part was finished first as the funny people gone missing ...

Though this does not look tempting ... but most important is it taste good ;)

In the process ..

Nice ne ... :D

As you can see, this has nothing to do with food but I dunno why Jojo took this pic ... so might as well just post this up ... btw, it's his watch

The End ...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

WOW ..

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah ...

Oktober 21, 2006 Hari Sabtu .. Jam 11 malam hingga Oktober 22, 2006, Hari Ahad ... Jam 4 pagi

Adalah dimakluman bahawa Hari ini adalah hari dalam sejarah kerana aku telah membuat assignment aku dengan semangat yang berkobar kobar tanpa curi tulang. Apa yang pelik adalah hari itu adalah hari Sabtu ... :D

Satu perkara lagi adalah ... aku telah bangun untuk makan pada hari Ahad yang mulia ini ...

Sekian, terima kasih

Okay .. BM failed ... :p

Happy Birthday Oqta

I dont like the alphabet B A and I ... it's a four letter word :D hehe but anyway ...

It was Oqta's birthday last week and so we went to Mad Wallstreet on Friday night ;)

This is ex-406 Sujeevan... I'm staying in that room now :o

This is Oqta .. the birthday boy from Indonesia .. Happy Birthdayyyyyy ... ever since that day, he has gone insane until today

It's Bo .. from Thailand

Jojo ... was begged to go ... by someone

babi ah boi mooooo [in Thai and English] ....

Jojo, me, Yu Wen and Winnie ...

Lollipop :D
Back to IMI ... duty manager's desk :s

Friday, October 20, 2006


This is a video of Jove performing in the student bar before the mid-semester break ;)

This is dedicated to Meowwww

Thursday, October 19, 2006

When things were nice ...

I have finally and yes .. finally ... and finally .. completed my Chapter 4 .... yoohooo ... it's Chapter 5 now ... handing it up to Mama tomorrow ...

Once upon a time in a cooling nite where Switzerland celebrated its Independence Day, when things were still sweet and nice ... so much has changed in such a short time :) When everyone went out with everyone no matter who you are ...

When we hang out together ... so happily

When we dont really know each other yet and when we were not as busy as we are now ...
back row from left: Penjara (no thanx, if there's an opportunity dont wish to know him at all, freaking irritating and always drink as though he's such a good drinker and who knows not even half a bottle of beer already kong off), Ah Boi (got closer), Ying (we dont hang out but we have gossiping session), Yee Chuen (who knows she became my roomie), me, Yu Wen (closer and closer)
front row: Kyoko (was never close), Rieko (everyone is so stressed up), Kaori (no idea), Goh (getting weirder as the days passes by), Jojo (closer and closer), Jacqueline (stressed up)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Autumn is here

As I have mentioned that I went to Lugano few weeks ago on a Friday ... :D But, it wasn't exactly Lugano that we went. We went to Fox Town, a place famous for shopping, so we thought to just have a look around there. Apparently, things there are cheap and branded stuff there are cheaper. But ... what a big disappointment ... nothing much. Even though they have branded stuff there, the choices are very limited. Even though nothing was there, we spent almost a day there.
Bought this from Circus ... I forgot how much quite reasonable

From the same place

Plus I bought a pants from Esprit too very comfy only 25 CH but it's not an Esprit pants ... if not it would not be so cheap ... coz not everything inside there is Esprit

Roxy stuff are so limited -_-

Autumn lai liao [come already]. Current status is 6 celcius .. 1.50am but still bearable. I went out in the noon and came back at nite with bermudas and I survived .. so not that bad :D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Siao ... ai ba

Omg ... assignment until siaoooooo ... ganbateh ... zuzu zutzai .... aja aja ....

Finally I have figured out the methods on counting the Likert Scale ... -_- babi

I have this project called Food and Beverage Concept Development and yes, it is exactly the same as what I did during my Higher Diploma in IHTTI which was called I forgot what when we did chinois fondue at that time ... still remember quite clearly

This time it's Glacier ... everything is ice ... but it's not ice age since winter is coming so we decided to choose this concept

standing back row [L-R]: Carlos, Hye Yoon, Anna, Ionnis, Joe
standing front row [L-R]: Dianna, Jessica, Yu Wen, Imelda, me and Ivan

This is our uniform for the service team and yea ... it looks like our school uniform during secondary :S

Scary sial ... it was so long ago since the last time I did service :s

Monday, October 16, 2006

Contagious disease

As I promised, I will blog about this. This guy, I dunno why what where or how, he has gone bonkers out of a sudden. I mean, even on normal days he's just mad, but yesterday was exceptionally crazy. Right????? Chai pah? [is that right] That is ... Jed jed gila plane. Eh panjang umur [long life] just blogging about him and he came online .. :S

And ... the lucky number is .. 396 sweat emoticon .. disahkan gila[certified insane].

Just a moment ago while I was doing my dissertation ... firefox got infected by his disease ...

My firefox .. it got stucked for quite some time and so ... I clicked only god knows how many times .. few minutes later, it came up all together ... and 24 in total ... thank you Jed Jed gila Plane :D

Based on the images above, it indicates that Jed Jed GILA Plane's disease is contagious. It is a proven fact of Firefox and should not be repeated in a matter of fact. Thus, we should find a solution to this as soon as possible.

Krab kun kra.

The End.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Congrats for the grad

If I am not mistaken, it was on the 3rd of October that I met up with Joanne or better known as Rj or Dolphania in Luzern old town, just 2 days before graduation where she came here to shop as she could not find clothes in Neuchatel.

Umm ... so here it goes, find clothes for her grad, hahahha chunted and she bought it ... woah la mak .. and so finally grad already and back in KL ... congratulations for your grad as well as all IHTTI students :D

Ini lah dia ... just in front of credit suisse while waiting for her friend ...

Then we went to this place to have spaghetti but who knows ... I bumped into IMI students there -_- one big group .. I think that was the French excursion for CIMI students -_- omg ...

Then, we went to the Lion place to collect the souvenir that she reserved the other day. Backside itchy ... so I bought one too ... haha

Sip pet CH ... with your name carved :D sudah gembira ... [happy already]

Friday, October 13, 2006

Fun Fair

Yeay funfair time ... *tang tang tang*
If I am not mistaken, Wurst means sausage in German

Jojo and Ah Boi played this and Jojo got 400 points and so he got Ah Boi [cow- moo moo] while Ah Boi just got 100 over and he got a heart ... kesiannyaaaa [pitiful]

Then we saw this ... we went for it :D adoi ... peningnyaaaaaaa [drowsy]

This is the cashier ... Kasse in German means cashier but nobody was inside instead there's another cashier up there ... :S even the cashier is so fancy haha

Then I saw my family - panda ... :p

We then saw this but I cannot take it already so didnt go for it while Jojo said it's too sweet haha

Look at the beard .... wahhhhhhh chun

We then went to Fairy's Wheel

still there ...

Still there ...

Actually there are many more pics but lazy ... it's in my multiply ... link also I'm too lazy to post it here ... I'm a certified bum :D