Monday, March 30, 2009

My 4 days leave

Oh my ... for the past week, I had four days leave and I should been able to blog more often than I was working. Apparently, I was wrong. I was even busier than I was working. Busy going out, busy eating, busy sleeping, and busy doing any other things but to blog.

Let's see ... we went celebrating a break-up for Pui Te. Yes, it's some good news that they broke up o.O lolz ... and Tong Tong which looks like it's gonna happen, but we all know, each of us know that it will not happen.

Gone out, gone gone gone, do nothing, even at the sleepiest day of my life, I made a point to go out. Why do I wanna torture myself like that I am not even sure. Went out again the day after, then for dinner with those MYB peeps who I hardly know actually just a handful such as the likes of Geisha, Dora, Nick, Nat, Claire, followed by our school trip of Bobo, Dede, Pui Te which was the Genting trip. We stayed a night there, the hotel was uberly cool, the rooms were like so much bigger than the ones we see everyday. In the wee hours, we went to starbucks. Ahh ... and woke up at 7am to get prepared to go to theme park. Crazy people and 12 plus when it's time to check out, we went back to pack and took a nap ... all of us, as we were so tired. People thought oh we are all leaving already but no, it's just the beginning, we continued our journey to play in the theme park until it was evening only then we decided to leave.

We were then in KLCC as my lorry was parked nearby. Yeah even though all were equally dead, still ... went ahead to walk around KLCC, ate ... and ... all looked like we have not slept for a week. HAHA. I know it's what we asked for :P but it was fun, no? But me being me, after that I came home to take a nap for like 20 minutes, went out again for yumcha with Gong Gong and after that, I was really gone.

At least that's a beauty sleep 11 hours straight. I needed that a lot for the day after as there's a photo session and ... it worked ... as in my beauty sleep. It didn't end there for sure, I went ahead for chilling out with Piggy and friends. Her Te Ka Cheng friend has the cheeks to still call us up the next day at 10 plus ... to eat char siu. o.O omg. I am so dead. I still had to work 5pm-1am.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We drink "Sports Car"

It was last week we went to Laundry. Believe it or not, that was the first ever time I have been there to actually drink? The few times I was around there was actually to Italiannes or the cafe opposite Laundry to drink chocolate shake haha.

Honestly speaking, I have toned down. This is the first ever time I am admitting okay, that I actually party haha. It was a little bit much more before but now everything milds down.

Okay I still bottoms up, I still go for shots, but not until like before. After bottoms ups and shots and drown with the music, I get drunk. Obviously not drunk DRUNK. haha but it's something we call "goyang" hehe

So we were there last week and after not chilling out for quite some time now, I felt kinda excited. But guess what? I saw some people there and they are categorized as "lame ones." People will ask if they are, aren't I? HAHA. Well I don't think I can be the same level as them as I don't go desperately shaking hands with a group of girls, being ignorant of their facial expressions and being so damn thicked skinned. "Hi I am *toot*" at least I don't do that! I can't be that oblivious.

So after awhile this dude ... I dunno if it's insulting, funny, weird or just simply dumb.

Guy: Eh why are you so cool ar
Me" *tulan*
Guy: Are you local?
Me: *even more tulan*

Yeah I am not local, what are you gonna do? Is that your problem? Just go like far far away, like very far away from us, can you? If your skin is so darn thicked, come let me operate you. Then you will be uberly self-conscious then :D good deal? HAHA I think it is.

You people, can you just leave us alone. You were there to enjoy, so were we, so don't ruin each other's night alright. The difference of people approaching when Felix was around is hell of a difference. If she were to be there, she will attract unnecessary guys. Well, not like those dudes that night were necessary to begin with. She gets small kids, or some perverted ass, and start exchanging numbers, and well, some drunkards that just will tend to get on my nerves o.O haha.

I think it's a well improved version now if you ask me :D I got annoyed still to a certain extent and not really affected. But, if Felix were there, I got annoyed with both, him and her.

Not funny you know when you go out with her and she ended up being so close with some unknown guys and you ... like being the bodyguard start giving cock stare at that guy and that guy will then ask her why are you being so cool and cold. Like gazillion times it happened. Of course everything ended. Halas. Finish. Done. Fertig.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Those words

Seriously, what is wrong with her. Why is she missing someone that she is not supposed to.

That is the question. I never asked her. Never will. She was some ex-classie of mine and never did I keep in touch with her until last year when she got my number from a friend. She sounded like she was exaggerating in some parts but for some, it just sounded real.

Was she testing me? Was she hinting me? Was she too bored that she needed to find entertainment? I don't know. If she is testing me, I will say for 2009 I will be straight okay don't have to test haha. Though I sounded like some hair style thingy lolz but it's real 2009 I will be straight haha. Okay let's just be frank here, though many had asked me, many had asked my friends, I was never a lesbo, okay? I was just saying yes for the sake of saying yes, because too many people had been asking that I felt so sick of answering. Make things easy, I just said yes. But I will not guarantee in the future. It's normal rite to be falling head over heals over a hawt girl, it's nothing serious. It does not mean I am unstraight alright. It just means that I appreciate beautiful things, nothing too serious.

So, why that message. I don't know. It's not only once after 6 months, or once after one year, or not once after couple of years. It wasn't. Those messages came after few weeks, and sometimes could go as near as just one week. The first time probably I could understand, but on and on, it kept coming. I don't plan to tell her to stop either, I am happy receiving those messages haha. I know I am just as contradicting as I look, but who cares, this is how a Libran is. Like it or not it doesn't really matter coz this is how Libran behaves.

Every message that she sent, is most probably a forwarded one and the main message that she intended to deliver was that "I miss you" and that was it. Yeah every single forwarded has that three little words and sometimes, maybe a bit bold for other people's liking when she just typed those three words ahaha.. and well me being me, I played along for sure :D

Am I? Am I not one? Am I? Am I not one?

It's of course for me to know, and other people ... guess ... figure ... observe ... whatever you wanna do lolz

Friday, March 20, 2009

The way of life - dance

The best thing about life is ... your passion. You passion is stronger than any other thing you can name of.

Everyone have interest, everyone have likes, everyone have love, but ... does everyone have passion in them?

I found my passion 8 years ago. It was when I joined a dance class that I realized that it's where my passion is. The movements, the momentum, the steps, the skills, the flow of a routine, everything that is related to dance was so perfect that I felt the joy and satisfaction. It doesn't get boring, in fact it gets more and more interesting, it's an art of life. It uses your brain to choreograph, it uses your physical, your whole body to make it perfect. It is not on how you dance to impress people, but it's how you enjoy dancing. It's how you express your emotions, not through words, but through dance and it's the greatest way to do it.

I thought it was just an interest. But I realized it was a passion when I knew I could not miss dancing at all. Even I had major exams the next day, I knew I had to study I never did, I went to class instead and only studied after, which was so different from my dance mates then, as they skip classes to study.

When I was away and could not dance, flashbacks came to me, I dreamt about it even. Now, lately, the cravings and temptation is really high to go back into dancing but I know nobody can help me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 1 : Spa

So finally here it comes ... the much much much pending Langkawi trip haha

The first ever time I have been to Langkawi as far as I can remember was during my primary days and that was it I guess? The second one was this. So that makes up about 15 years, and I can proudly say I can't remember and recognize anything there haha. Perhaps it was a different area of Langkawi ... I don't know.

We were very early for the check in as we being the nature of this industry knows very well standard check-in time is at 2pm. However we gave the flight details and all, so there is something called estimated arrival time haha. We got out from the arrival hall of the airport and POOF .. all the car rentals were right in front of us. So after the thinking and thinking, we took Wira auto with the Ah Beng's sound. o.O 50 bucks per day is so worth it.

Back to the guest house, we ... with our saviour Wira, went looking for the place we booked at. It's called Kedawang Beach Inn, it's not a hotel, it's just a guest house located along Pantai Chenang. When we arrived we were greeted by this receptionist. Everything was alright until she asked for an additional 10 bucks per night. She said if we were to stay in the same room, we have to pay an additional of 10 bucks. Sorry but no, we are not gonna pay something unneccessary. If upon booking she had informed us, then I can accept it but no, prior to arrival nothing was mentioned and I assume that everything was alright, and no challenge whatsoever for our stay there. She explained to us three times, but both of us could not get it. That's what we understood as, the one I explained earlier, but to us, is meaningless. We never asked for a move, she never informed us upon confirmation, so everything SHOULD BE fine. In the end, we did not pay even. She said this "It's okay, if you don't want to pay, it's okay, you can stay in the same room" Like hello? Obviously we don't want to pay.

Right, the moment we got into the room, we took out a piece of paper and divide it into 4 days haha and planned it out.
Day 1: Spa/massage, food, beach, see see look look, city/shopping
Day 2: Island Hopping, Shopping, Beach
Day 3: BEACH, be a bitch, and FUFU the BEATCH, we miss you ... HAHA
Day 4: Depart, BYE

So DAY 1 people:

We found spa ... considering we are already working in a place with the name ORIENTAL, even the spa we went to is called ORIENTAL. We were actually looking for the spa around our place, but it was just too pricey for us, even more expensive than KL, so forget bout it. We went to town instead. This is what we found :D

Foot massage first ... for half an hour

Yeah ... after the foot massage followed by full body for one hour which cost like .... errr ... I forgot it's between 60-80 bucks LOL ... I guess it's 60 tho.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Friendship is gold. Friendship is diamond. That's what we all say, but when it comes the day that we are involved in certain issues, friendships ain't that important after all. Well, at least to some particular humans.

It's a girl that I knew back in high school. She was this girl that give you the impression she is harmless, just like me HAHA, okay minus the last part. I never kept in contact with her until recently, through a good friend of mine. It is has nothing to do with me, but it's just a matter of issue in a matter of fact.

She has a car, she has the license. But, whenever she wants to go out, she calls people out, and ask them to fetch her, every single time. It became a habit that nobody will feel comfortable of. She was so obsessed to know rich guys, so that she could use them til however she wanted. She wasn't close to this friend before, but now, she is so darn close, all because this friend knows many rich guys. Even though it's out of the way, she wants others to fetch her, like it just does not make sense.

She even told people once ... friends are for her to make use of them. Like ... hello? Even if really you think so, don't tell the whole wide world, proudly. You say ... yeah a lot of guys go after you, this and that, but does it even matter to people. You say you wanna go clubbing, but do not know why you go there for, you don't dance, you don't drink and you don't smoke.

You know how to say that this used-to-be-good friend of yours only know to use people, only know to ask people out and ask them to fetch them, but how about you. Have you ever thought about it that you are acting just EXACTLY like how they did.

No wonder, again, I couldn't really click with you. I just felt something was wrong. So, this must be the reason why I felt the wrong thing in you. I thought I was wrong initially, but I know now I am right again. I should not have doubted my instincts no matter what. It proves everything right. You are such a cheap desperate ex-class mate of mine. I feel sad for myself for knowing you. But, lucky enough for me, I am just as smart as you to avoid you :D just like you're smart enough to know rich guys. We are smart in our own ways, but at least I am truthful, and you're not. Karma strikes back, so before you use people, you better think twice. Anything can happen and I can't assure that the next victim will not be you. Yeah, if you don't stop all this sins now, what happens in the future is the consequences of your own actions. So, in the event of strangers getting hold on you, you only got yourself to blame. You can't blame your friends if they refuse to help you. You are one of those that I am so ashamed of telling people that I actually know you. Fortunately, I only know you as my ex-classmate and nothing else. We are not associated in any way at all. I just look down on people like you :) I feel insulted if we were put together, so yea we ... as in you and me are definitely not in the same boat, and we don't share any common thing. Thanks man. Enjoy dreaming of marrying a rich husband :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Preview of Langkawi

Preview of Langkawi ... hehe ... That was where I went last month, within the period of Chap Goh Meh, the Chinese Valentine's, oh damn should have gone to throw durians HAHA.
Welcome to Langkawi, this was the time we just stepped on the land of Langkawi.
Anyways, more of Langkawi ... SOON. Not now tho. :P
Why? Coz I'm a bump. Period.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meeting ...

I have things to blog, but tho I have tried, I couldn't type anything down here things I wish to put. So, I ended up with this miserable picture of The Oriental something.

This was taken when I was half blinded. That was why I gotta opt for an alternative - specs. How uncomfy I feel. At times, I would wanna act as a nerd, but sometimes, and most of the times I don't like it. This picture shows how Oriental I can be, considering the fact that people always and always ask where I come from. There are times also that people were so convinced that I am not Malaysian o.O what was insulting was the fact that they are Malaysians or their spouse is a Malaysian. They could tell me so nicely that once someone starts talking, they could sense it if the someone is Malaysian, or not, unfortunately you are so wrong dude. I AM a Malaysian, which part of me don't seem like it I wonder. o.O One couple told me I don't sound and I don't look like one... sigh how sad can I be =.= I am a typical pure Malaysian okay.

Just btw kinda thing, I met Patchay the other day .. no pictures no nothing, this time is just the few of us, 3 of us to be specific, without the someone this time and it was such a great night spent talking. Oh and I also met Lin Dee after so many years that I returned, I have yet to meet up with her until the other day. A good catchup with old friends. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A letter to Idiotic Bugger

Dear Idiotic Bugger,

Can some people actually understand simple language. I wasn't the one who initiate it to stop messaging forever. It was you. Did you actually realize that in the first place. I admitted I was superbly tulan-fied with you, I have no qualms admitting it and I am actually really pleased when you said so. I thought that day has finally come, the day that you will stop messaging me, which is frigging cool.

But, all my dreams and hopes shattered when the tone of the message came 4 days later, and it was nobody but you. I thought the someone said he will not message me forever. Why message again then. Stop all that cock and shit. I give no damn people. If you don't plan to stick to your words, if you don't wish to do as what was being said, don't even think of letting it out from your mind in the first place, because, I, do take words seriously. Think twice, it isn't anything but this is my principles. Friends know me and my principles, no means no and yes means yes. There is no such thing as no means maybe or yes means perhaps.

Stop all that for God's sake. It helps me a lot. It will be good if you could just stop messaging and contact me in any possible way, because it makes things worse and eventually it will make things ugly. I don't care and I don't bother whatever things that is none of my business and out of my concern. You know what? I don't freaking care. I made it extremely clear to you that I do not want to be contacted by you, isn't it obvious enough? Which part of me says I want you to contact me. Absolutely not. I told you directly and literally "Do not contact me anymore." I actually admire your determination, perseverance and your patience in things like that. However, I am not the person who supposed to be victimized by you. Not at all. You could say anything you want, you could say any possible things to make me weak and vulnerable and eventually start talking to you again, but guess what, it doesn't work that way, bugger. At least not to me. It made me despised you more that I already have. I hold to my principles. I just act upon what you said, I am not wrong for doing so and I have every right to do so.

I wonder how many layers of skin do you have. Stop blaming others for your own mistake. Guess what? You look like a 360 degrees loser. I have a brain to use, and I utilize it, unlike you. What happens just happens. I don't need you to explain to me anything and I don't need to explain to you either. Just wake up from your deep sleep and be more useful to society. I might be younger than you, but my mind is definitely not. Just mind your own business and I shall be more than happy. If only we didn't know each other, it will be just so cool.

One entry is not enough to describe how much I dislike you. Don't get me wrong I don't hate you, I just dislike you for who you are. So we can never ever be friends. I can go on and on and on about what stupid things you did to make me feel so oh-disgusted. How am I supposed to even talk to you. That is the reason I don't plan to reply any of your messages. You can keep on trying but what I have said, I make sure I put it to practise. I might be a simple-minded person but not when it comes to shit things like this, especially you.

Thank You

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 donkey hours to home

Ahh what a blissful day I had today. Firstly, the moment I stepped out at lobby, I got screwed of something I didn't do, which I am trying to say, is not my fault at all coz it's really not. It is something stupid done by RS and we got it, as usual, what do you expect, like as if he's gonna screw RS. Most definitely he will screw us, and me, so happen to be there, right upfront, became the victim and he's the 2nd encounter of the day. Yea like what 7 in the mornning, and I can tell you, is NOT cool.

Then, after all the shitty things, I finished only at half past 4, which is so not right already. Having said that, leaving at that hour probably could be alright on normal days but not today because it was raining crazily. The first thing that people think of is .. "Oh SHIT, heavy congestion" yes darn right people, whole of KL was in chaos, superbly havoc. Imagine the road along Jalan Sultan Ismail where the T-Junction is, that particular traffic lights were in O-O-O status, so cars lorries busses motors coming from all directions. Not like the police came, instead they went hiding probably hibernating we don't know.

Even on normal days, I already feel very sleepy driving home. Like damn sleepy. But today is 10 times worse, as in my sleepiness. People know me and my morning shift kinda thing, I so cannot make it for morning shift. Today ... the jam .. oh God, I so feel like stopping at the side of the road and take a nap but ... once I sleep I'm gone. So ... preseverence ... determination ... to stay awake lolz. Well ... guess how long it took me to reach home? TWO donkey hours. Leg body hand head joints all cramped within 2 hours. But ... while working standing for 8 hours was alright, sitting for 2 hours was just killing me real badly.

So humans ... sigh yea live in KL some more, chaos life man, stress not coz of work, but coz of the roads condition. In fact, when people screw me, as in the ones with buying power do that, I just feel numb and emotionless these days. Ask me why? Got used to it, and got totally conditioned with it haha. Don't feel it.