Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Insomnia Kills

I'm back after few days gone missing. Last week I had a major insomnia. Things are just getting worse. My insomnia is just getting the better of me. I have absolutely no clue why is it getting worse instead of better, since that I have been on shifts for almost 2 years now.

I woke up at 2pm on Thursday afternoon. It was the night also that I could not sleep before I go to work. Yes, from 2pm, I did not sleep til the morning when I was going to work. 7am I started work, feeling so lethargic. It was so frustrating not being able to sleep. Worked for 9 hours .. til 4pm. I left hotel, and since it was a Friday, I went out because even if I go home, I do not have any dinner. I was so sleepy at work that I did not read Kylie's message properly. Anyways, I went out with her, waited at the housing area for her and I dozed off in the car, for like few minutes before Zha Bo called and yea continue waiting haha. Anyways we went out, had dinner, had a good time and oops dropped by at Kylie's place. Well, she gladly offered a can of beer. Since she offered, I took and drank it. Honestly, I suddenly felt so blissful, because finally I was able to sleep, even though it only meant 3-4 hours. It was 35 hours straight I did not sleep. It was indeed torturing. 35 hours is alright for me for not sleeping, but not when work in involved. After work, off I went again, out, for flea market. I came home and off to bed, for 2 hours, and off to dinner, slept another like 3 hours, and off to work again. On Sunday, I finally fainted on my bed big time, could not even wake up for dinner. 4 sleepless nights is enough to kill me mentally and physically. On Sunday, even when I was reading newspaper, I almost fell asleep on the table, not to mention even when I was eating, or standing, or whatever I was doing do not seem to be able to keep me awake for the rest of the day. I was so sleepy that I could not differentiate a locker key and a car key.

People say, smoking kills, I say insomnia kills.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Transformers 2

Exactly one week ago, was the day that I went to watch Transformers 2 ... like finally since it has been released. Knowing that I am already a very sad person when it comes to movies, expect that. Maybe not all will agree on this, perhaps not everyone will say it's good, but I will say it's awesome. I enjoyed the whole movie. I enjoyed every minute of it and I did not even realize the time passed. That shows how much I got entertained. Maybe people can say I am lacking of good movies, but whichever it is, I came out from the cinema with a smiling face, minus the part that I gotta search for the exit to the car park haha. It was already almost 12. This is the only movie I was looking for :)

The last movie before Transformers was ... A night in Museum and before that was ... er .. Madagascar? Tell me about being sad.

I only go for certain movies, and Transformers is a must-watch for me. 1st part I watched ... not many, but .. considering it's me, it's considered a miracle. I watched 4 times in total. This time I think it's gonna be once only.

I don't watch all genres of movies. I mostly go for .. what I call as ... retarded movies. Haha. Well, movies that can make me laugh, as hard as I could, and it's a very good way to de-stress. To put it in simple terms, more like ... movies that can make you laugh without you understanding anything, without you using your brain to think what is happening, and what's going on, what is gonna be, I don't like that kinda movies, and I just don't like complicated movies. That is why Harry Potter, LOTR is not my kind of movie. Jackie Chan movies are the ones best suits me, coz his movies are simply retarded, in a good way of course. I don't have to understand and know, their actions is good enough to entertain me. haha.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Massage @ Authentic Thai @ Jln Bkt Bintang

Our hectic life working is actually very bad for our body. We need to relax once in awhile, go for some spa and to rejuvenate ourselves. It is not anymore something we want, not anymore a luxury, but these days, it has become a necessity. Working 8 hours a day, you might think is okay, you don't need this. But, imagine, you are sitting in front of the pc for 8 long hours, not moving, and it's very very bad for your shoulder and back, without even considering the traffic that you gotta endure everyday at least 5 days a week. That is for the normal office counterparts. However, most hoteliers I know, do go for spa once in awhile because their body could not take it anymore. I am no different, I make it a point to go once a month at least, sometimes once in two months then if I really do not have the time. Office guys are bad enough, how bout those who stand 8 hours a day minimum, sometimes up to 10 hours, talking about people from the service and retail line. We all have the same problem - the shoulder, neck, back, and leg. Basically the whole body. I personally have a very bad shoulder, messeurs frequently tell me my shoulder is very stressful, no matter which messeurs I go to, they all tell me the same. Furthermore, they tell me that my body is rather heaty too. Yea, condition of my body in fact is pretty bad.

Now, I have a fix place for massage. It is located at Jalan Bukit Bintang, very near to Park Royale. As you go along the road, there is a traffic lights at the junction, Park Royale is on the left, and there is a right turn before traffic lights, turn in and the massage is just there. It is called Authentic Thai. It isn't like the other massage places in Bukit Bintang, operated, and run by Chinese nationals. Some even offer extra services, not saying all though. This is different, it is very clean, people there are nice and gentle, and I can sleep while the massage is on-going. Most important, they are Thais. :D Well you can just say that I have a thing for Thais, don't know why. Haha.

Foot parlour =p

It is good that you go once in awhile, or else your body will be so dehydrated and tired from everything that you do. I was searching for the right massage parlour, and I finally found this, offered exactly what I wanted and not to mention, it's CHEAP and reasonable, unlike some that I went before.

Speaking of which, I think it's time for me to go again. I need some massage babeh.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quattro 2nd Round

3 days ago, I was working afternoon and decided to go for a drinking session, or a chilling out session as how you may call it on a personal level. I have only been to Zouk ONCE on my last birthday and somehow, each time we chill out in any other places, except Zouk. Reason? None. No fate. The other day was just trying to be funny, we went there. Guess what? There was a long queue of people, as expected, it was a Friday night anyway. What is it to be afraid of, there is no age limit, there is no way I can be underage, and I don't think there's something called overage, right? Also, I was as normal as everyone else for dressing wise, also not to be afraid of, right? It should be that way. WRONG. I was declined by them 3 bloody times. I saw then at the entrance people were checking the temperature. Each time I go to work, my temperature is only between 34-35. But this time around, is different. All my other colleagues got in, successfully, without blood, without sweat, without hassle. But, there's something that held me on. My temperature was as high as 37.7. I do not know if I should say the ones taking my temperature at work is lying, or the fella who took my temperature at the entrance manipulated it. Anyhoo, I got in, not the way like how it should be. Don't ask. Most important was I got in. Full stop.

Anyways, that was about it on my little frustration upon entering Zouk. Haha. Pictures come later, like much much later from now, don't know when, how, and where but it will only be up, I presume, months later, as usual.

We went to Quattro again, after the first time. We liked there. People told me they don't like the crowd. Guess what? I don't realize the people there, I don't realize the crowd, because we were just too caught up in our own world that we thought we are the only people in the club haha.

We ordered Sports Car or it is more commonly known as Flaming Lamborghini. Can you see the blissfullness in each and every of our faces. Omg. The feeling then was an ultimate bliss.

We found a new spot to take pix ;)

Did anyone look drunk? None of us got drunk that night ;)

Lights on, music switched off, DJs back to house, and we ... out from there. We continued here haha.

I just like this Quattro thingy

This was the night that a friend's boyfie doubted me, thinking that I was a different kind from other girls, and thinking that there's a big possibility that I might like the species as me, myself. That wasn't the first time I met him either, but that night was the night he popped up that question to her. Why am I being so doubtful? I don't find it insulting, but I find it rather funny, of me not having the same preference as other girls. Hmmm ... a moment to ponder and reflect? Bah, no. I am absolutely straight, but no worries, I will not be too straight no matter what haha

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Bukit Jalil Shoot @ 2008 @ Zwei

Honestly, before the shoot, I have not been to Bukit Jalil before. I think I am those few very sad KL-ian that haven't been to many places in KL. Sometimes, I don't even know they exist.

The bench ...

Turn around ... and it's still the bench

Some er .. nerdy pic ... plus the old school blazer that I used to wear to classes for that 2 sems. Now it is well kept in the cupboard, not worn, not touched. Such a pity!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blood donation failed!

I used to be a blood donor. I first donated my precious blood when I was merely 18. That is the minimum age and I actually wanted to donate when I was 17 but I was underage and underweight then. Now that I am healthier, older, wisier and heavier, I thought that as long as my weight is more than 45, my hemoglobin is more than 12.5 ... it should be okay. I was wrong, very wrong. My blood pressure was way below par. Even though I have a family background of having low blood pressure, I never thought it will happen on me at age 24. Okay 25 this year. All along, I have always been told that my pressure is always slightly below average. Today, is really way below average, and it's not SLIGHT. I should have gone to run one round at the carpark before testing my pressure. The first time she tried to hear my heartbeat, it failed. Only the second time she succeeded but it was rather low. The number was only 84.

Many years ago, or perhaps a decade ago, Mutter took my blood pressure and guess what, I am not even sure if I am a human to begin with. She tried three times listening to my heartbeat using that doctor's thingy but all failed. Am I really a human like what it seems to be? I'm sure I have a heartbeat, am not an alien. Do vampires have heartbeat? Then maybe that's the reason. Have I entirely transform into a vampire? o.O I wonder.

So now .. I am effing dissatisfied that I could not donate my blood. Yes, VERY much. Probably you will just say .. it's just blood donation, take it easy, and that I can save up my blood instead. But .. I just can't disagree because I am so so not happy with this. The reason is just purely .. I can't donate blood. I can't see my blood come pumping out to the pint. I just can't take it. I think I am not a sadist don't worry. I might sound like a vampire here, feeling happy when I see my blood coming out and that it leaves me with satisfaction. I'm normal, am not a sicko. Worry not. Truth sucks man I tell you. The next round for blood donation, I am gonna run one round at the carpark, ignoring the existence of CCTV, drink one cup of Milo and drink one cup of Nescafe O to increase my blood pressure.

I am now a very unhappy person!

Monday, July 13, 2009

When things isn't ..

Our life is actually black and white and the journey of it brings colours to it, whether it is bright colours or dull ones, depending. Every individual lead a different life, experience different things, and that is why each and everyone of us is called, individuals.

Sometimes, things that happen are all happy moments, you feel at the top of your life, everything that happened was just exactly the way you wanted, cheerful, optimisitc, positive ... only those words could describe you and nothing about the negatives. However, we have ying, and there must be yang to balance your life out. Therefore, there are times when you feel down and low too, and you feel rather sad and persimistic, you wanna lock yourself in the room because you feel so shitty that you just do not wanna meet with people. It's the downturn of your life that you just do not know how to handle it. Things happen for a reason. A positive person doesn't mean he or she can handle it all the time. The moment it passes the border, probably most living humans could not take it anymore, being rejected my friends and families, anything that happen seems to be going against you with or without an intention. Even the smallest things could cause you an emotional breakdown at this point of your life.

You feel the world is so huge, so wide, and there are so many people living in this world and the frequent question you wanna ask is why does it happen to you. Why are you the one being picked. The many people that live here, they breathe in very easily, without any difficulties, but it seems that even getting air to breathe, you feel so suffocated. You dread and you feel life is indeed meaningless. The torment to endure is getting unbearable. You could not withstand the pain, the agony that has been with you. You wanna end this, but you do not know how and from where. You feel you are such a failure in life. You feel very unstable emotionally, one minute can be so happy and the other when you are slapped with reality, it goes downhill. Anxiety, depression, sorrow, is the words that could only describe you. You used to have a very good appetite and just one day it came, you lost all your appetite. You feel hungry but whatever that goes it seems tasteless and you weight had gone down tremendously. Each passing day, each passing second and each passing moment is such a nightmare to you.

If there is nobody to listen to, when you call for people, nobody is there for you, you could only feel the knock on the wall, surrounded by 4 cubicles, call this number, 1300-13-1300. It's McDonald's HAHAHA... It makes you happy. =p

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quattro 1st Round

Rewind, 3 months back or even more, before I even started my cross training, we were having a craze ... and it is called the Quattro mania. We were going there each time we wanna go drinking and to drown ourselves with music. This was the first ever time I stepped both my foot into this newly established club in KL, Jalan Ampang to be precise. Before that, I was only hearing comments and feedbacks, one is the positive ones, the other is nevertheless, the negative ones. This time, I got to experience everything by myself, in my own eyes.

Tara was down here, from Lebanon ... has been awhile now ever since the last time she was doing her training here ... :)

The main attraction isn't the 4 people at the side, but this guy who was sorta sticking his tongue out sitting down with his eyes closed ... HAHAHA ... omg, he became the joke of the day, seriously .. haha he became the subject of making fun =p and me, I enjoyed every second doing just that haha

Then he got up again lolz .. still managed to open his eyes to get a photo taken

I am amazed ... TWO photos hahaha

Of course, it has to end with the both of us, don't think too much though haha

Omg, can you just believe it that we have not been drinking for the last 3 months or so. Can you? Course I can't.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A life you choose

Wishing upon the shooting star
That dreams will bring us far
The world is waiting right outside
What are you waiting for

You just gotta reach out there
You know chances had been offered
Your spirits is flying right above the clouds
Don't let it slip away from you

You do not have to tell me
You do not have to say it out
You only have yourself to answer to
And you determine which path you wanna choose

You know how you feel
Only you know what is deep down within you
Nobody could decide
Because this is the life you are leading

The story will continue from that day
To where it will lead later on
You live your own life
And your life is in your hands

Monday, July 6, 2009

Swine Club - Scheisse Swine

This is what I call as ...

Scheisse Swine ...

I could not take a normal pig to be shown here because they are all too cute. But even this I am pretty sure it is 1 million times better looking than the subject.
So anyways, it has been a few months now that I am trying not to say anything anymore, but then again, how on Earth knows he has this very gigantic mouth or whatsoever, he wants to show he is popular or something, he just have to keep coming down. Well, even you come down, people don't show enthusiasm, sorry. Please do not follow what I did before, and nobody cares even if you're there because you know what, you are so unimportant people don't take notice even if you're not here. That proves whether you are here or you're not, people just could not be bothered.
Please do yourself something good, and to me, please keep yourself out of my sight. Is that so difficult? Just face the fact, people don't care about you, who calls up to look for you other than your beloved? NONE. Alright, you got that whole meaning? Just accept that fact, nobody cares, and nobody bothers, so please stop coming down and show your pathetic face and please don't try too hard to ensure people likes you, because they only treat you as a working colleague, nothing goes beyond work. So please face it and get out of my sight. The more I look at you, the more retarded, the worse you are, and the more shitty you look. How I perceive you is really beyond your imagination. My god, please go back to where you belong, the son of a richman. You belong there, not here. If you cannot withstand this, just resign, why do you wanna torture yourself, and the few of us. Just resign and we will definitely celebrate that for you :D Keyword, for, not with.
You belong to the richman's world not the average working class people. When do you wanna go? When do you wanna leave? I am eagerly waiting for that day to come. I will be the first to celebrate. Being short, being unhandsome, being retarded, being a loser, a jerk and a bastard is really very bad enough. Even being fat is a crime. Whatever you are is just a crime, it is an offense to the human race altogether, because, it's you. And you proved yourself to be the ultimate member of the swine club :D

Out of sight, out of bitterness :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Genting Highland

I went to Genting quite awhile ago, somewhere after CNY to April.

Anyways, here are the pictures.

From the hotel, omg the mist

It makes me miss Winter more

As always, the two of us, and we were happy being like that, rather than with unknown people and we are unknown to them either :D

My friend, named Energizer hehe

I was an outcast there, I wan a transparent and invincible hehe and I loved it :D

But now, she's the one replaced my role earlier, who is the she? someone only I know

I tried to exclude the ones supposed to be excluded. I already tried my level best, and these pictures are the least visible ones ... ;)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Bukit Jalil Shoot @ 2008 @ Eins

Some time ago in 2008, I got cheated, again and again by Gong Gong for a Bukit Jalil shoot. Haha. Sounds a bit like a sadist, like as if I am enjoying myself getting cheated lolz. Today, I thought of extending my piercings into 5 holes and unfortunately I was just too tired to get up from bed to go all the way to PJ. In the end, it was never realized. However, perhaps, I will do it next week instead haha makes no difference, I will still go ahead with it. Anyways, here's the shoot I did last year. Some of them that is. I think I look chubbier then than now. Er .. not sure haha. My long hair .......... my long hair ........ haha.

For a long time now, this is the few photos have me ... smiling. Even looking away smiling is a rare sight.

Wooof ... my longggg hairrr ....

Hahaa ... I love the ground =p

The bench feels like Notting Hill haha

When you say nothing at all ... :D