Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After Halloween's

It was in November, when 3 of us met up. It was Kylie, Snail and yours truly, that I did not realize the pics has not been put up here.

I always crave for Thai food, every now and then. It is not something I will reject. This was in Garden's. It was the same day I saw this dude whom I think it's Korean. Haha.

Hospitality with a heart.

After so long, we finally took pics haha


Green curry yumz

It was quite some time ago, that I can't recall what is this, chicken? haha

And my beloved beef, ah loi mak mak

Happy Boxing Day & Resignation Letter

It's Boxing Day. This is something very the menyedihkan, because it means nothing here. It means just like any other days, nothing to shout about, nothing special, because it's practically nothing. Sigh.

So ... yesterday I was going through some stuff, that it reminded me of my 2nd hotel I did my internship at. It was no other than the hotel next to The Mall, and it's called The Legend. It used to be really grand before, like way before all the international hotels came.

Then, hotel line love the word resign. The employees turn-over was rather high. I was there for 5 freaking months only, and the amount of employees resigned was so so high. I could not count. Even those who joined the same time as me, ended up leaving earlier than me.

I was training at the admin side of F&B, so I got to see some resignation letters. Until today, I am very much amused. That is the best resignation I have ever seen in my life and I don't think I will have the chance to see a resignation better than that anymore, ever. It's simple yet intriguing. Please read the following

Dear Boss

I want to resign

Thank You

OMG! I don't think I am able to do that, I have got no courage. Haha. Damn, marvelous.

Happy Boxing Day people

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

It's December, 25th, marks the end of the year. Let us all prepare to usher for the New Year.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, and that majority of people had gone out to celebrate it. It's not so much of a celebration because of Christmas, it's more of a ... celebration to party I guess? I'm not sure haha. For me, I got no strength left after working, so I began to feel sleepy at 11pm, damn.

But, what's funny was the people I have seen yesterday. I think the people that I saw need to get educated instantly. Some of them thought it's Valentine's, so many thought it's Halloween's. I dared not to think what's next for them, perhaps, Chinese New Year will also be confused next time, since that red is mostly used during this festival haha.

It was great time spending with the few people, the close few ones. I prefer the one this year, rather than previous year. I enjoyed more. Thanks yo. The night ended early, I was so that sleepy, and it continued in the morning as early as 7am. haha.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tight scrutiny

I realized, something. I realized those with strict parental scrutiny, as in, real strict, once they step into adulthood, they not only stray, they go wild, they go berserk.

I have seen quite a handful of them, who once was so obedient, sit at home, not because they want to, but they are forced. Reason being parents don't allow them out from the house, not even nearby. They are the ones tend to break all the rules later on, they do mistakes that can be avoided, social issues, and all that along the line.

All along they have been tied up, not allowed to do anything in the world. Then, there comes the day, of them stepping into adulthood. Many of ex-school mates, those with strict parents, got pregnant and eventually, married, early ... or also some whom got pregnant, gave birth, and single.

One I have seen changed from being the naive innocent one, to become the desperado wild aggressive one, which even me myself, am afraid haha. It came to a point that I feel I no longer know this person, because it's like 2 entirely different person. People change, I know that fact, but the change was too drastic I could not accept it. Who would ever thought she became like this. I might be able to accept it, if I didn't know her back then. Too bad, I did. Sometimes, people are so ironic. They condemned certain people for doing certain things, but ... the next thing I know, they are doing exactly the same thing like how they were against those people.

Perhaps, I would have able to accept it, until she gave out a statement. She gave false statements, and it was a mere rumour, so that she looks good. But to tell you the truth, I find it REALLY farney. haha.

Well, being rebellious only at 21, isn't it a bit too late? HAHA.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Til then, we shall meet again

It's just a blink 2 years had passed. You are now back home in your country. :)

Though we did not click instantly, but .. somehow, as time passes, the downs, the ups, that we shared together made us bond with each other. You came running to me when I was under your team, giving me tremendous amount of pressure that I felt so like resigning there and then haha. But, anyhows, we were good once again. That also made us being even closer than we were.

I will never forget the times we had together, the times when you were forcing me to learn French from you haha, I said I could not, and I am not good at it, and I just suck at it, but you assured me that it's all good, and that I have the thing in me to learn it, but I denied all the way as always. I also remember the times we went out partying haha ... man, how could I forget those times, and also the stressful times together, like we are really a family here.

That aside, not to mention, personal things that we share, remember when you, as a foreigner, gotta show me the way to the Thai massage place. I felt so bad as a local here, haha damn, it's embarassing.

You have decided what you want, is to be close to your family, and I am glad that you have made a decision. Well, as a friend, I say, all the best in your future undertakings, in whichever path you go to. It's not the end of us. It's never a goodbye. If fate permits, we shall meet again, it might be here, it might be Lebanon, who knows. We will cross path again. Afterall, the world is round. Remember to always take your medicine, don't go psycho, don't freak people out okay. haha. Though we might have parted ways, but memories stay on. I will never ever forget it, who had taught me ... yala yala halas and ma salam haha... well, it was fun having you around.

Anyways, keep in touch always, and take care. Til then, we shall see in FB haha ...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

25th Birthday P5

This is gonna be the last one.

See this Siao Lang, just came out from the jungle, really a Tarzan indeed

Haha yes again I know thank you

He's really enjoying himself eh? haha. Anyways. Yesh, all three, GONE.

The people from school. You know what's the best part? Not the people, but ... look the bottles on the table, that's the BEST ever thing you can ever ask for! haha.

The people from work, few had gone home already. Left the few of us. There are more bottles here. Haha. Ahh... such a bliss with alcohol

Thank you for coming. I'll see you people, next year, though I see the people at work almost everyday. HAHA. There goes my 25th birthday. Looks like my birthday only revolves drinking eh? What else could I ask for? Well, dinner alone do not give you bliss. But, drinking does have that effect. HAHA. Thanks yo!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The vision of her

One day, he stopped me halfway to have a little chat, to tell me that she is coming to KL, once again. That was the time I was having vision of her, it suddenly pops up, each time I see people with that size, height and all. She appears in my mind, before he told me so.

For one year plus now, she has been something from the past, and now I know, that's the reason of her kept on coming into my head. It never happened before. Well, the reason is clear now that he told me that she's coming to conquer KL again. I thought I was thinking too much, I thought I was feeling too much, and who knows, the feeling is right once again though I was hoping that it's unreal and it's just something from my imagination. Living in the same city as her do not give me the security. Haha. Well, I know I am exaggerating but ah .. haha.

Her image has been vague, but I still see it. But, there's something though, I don't quite like the way he said it. He told me she is our enemy. Unfortunately, I am not seeing her the same he sees her, because I don't take her as my enemy, never. She holds no importance, so it's just someone I have worked with before, not somebody to the extent I will call as enemy at all. I don't think she has what it takes to be my enemy as well. She stands no place, she has no status. She can buzz off from the scene, disappear from this world, and I am not even bothered. As I have said it, she can be the poorest, most pathetic creature in humankind, and I will still not show any sympathy. I am cold blooded, remember?

So, I'll make it clear, she is not my enemy. I am not standing in the same way as he does, but I am not siding her too. For whatever reason both of them are enemies, I am not bothered. What I care most is ... me and her, that I don't quite remember who she is anymore. Well, it's the past, that holds no place, how am I supposed to remember her? I only remember her for owing people money, for using people, for making a hell of a drama at work, and of course sleeping around with guys and being proud about it. I will say, stupid fool instead, coz you know what people call you, cheap slut.

Friday, December 11, 2009

All I want for Christmas is ...

Every year, we have exchange gifts during Christmas, whether you like it, or you don't. This year will be no exceptions, that the tradition continues. I began to feel bored about this, like, going out to hunt for gifts for these people, and the best thing of all is that, for some people, and for some reason, you wouldn't feel like buying for them. Just for the sake of following the tradition, you end up buying for them, but .. not from the heart. That is why I don't exactly like this idea of gift exchange when it comes to work that is. You will know who are you buying for, but you do not know who is buying for you.

Anyways, 2 years ago, I do not know who is my Angel but I am Bro's Angel, but I remembered clearly about last year's. We have this request to be hanged on the tree for your angel to read, hoping that your angel will grant your wish. It is not necessary, it is not a must for the Angel to buy, and if the Angel wishes to grant then cool, or else too bad.

I am not complaining I am an Angel to whom. But, it's so fed up, I am just doing it for the sake of doing it. It's not anymore something I enjoy. If it is from friends outside, I don't mind at all. But, when it comes to colleagues, whom I can assure you, there is definitely somebody you are not really fond of, right. If in the end, you are just so fated to be that person's Angel, then .. ah. haha.

Anyways, last year, I got what I wanted. It was from no other but Dong Dong. I asked for the sake of asking too, because I do not know what I really want anyway. Perfume, Thai CD, Watch, or just anything there were a few tho. However this year is gonna be different. I have no idea what I want so I came to this conclusion.

I just have one little wish. Since so many has been asking me this very funny question, I shall put it in my wish - a hawt guy. I am not asking for much, just ONE wish - hawt like Nichkhun. Haha.

All I want for Christmas is ... a hawt guy. HAHA.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Few days back, I went to McD for supper, but for that time, people will think that we went drinking instead because it was from 1 plus to 3am. Haha.

Anyways, we went there, no queue no nothing, voila, cool, we ordered very simple things, like anyone of us could do it without a mistake. It was just 2 sunday cons, 1 large fries, 1 medium coke, and that was it. You know what he gave us? All were correct except for the fries, he gave us medium but CHARGED as large. They wanna cheat us.

So, being unsatisfied, I told the fella, and he gave me the large fries without even questioning. haha. So conclusion of the story, just wish that they make a mistake, and if you change it, and if you're lucky, you get something free. But even if you don't get, I believe, when you start making noise it will eventually be free. They did not take my medium fries back. Haha.

I know la .. I am the owner, but don't treat me any differently kay. Or else I do pay cut. :D

Anyways, fast food restaurants here are so inefficient, and well, to be honest, it isn't only fast food, but many restaurants I have encountered before that ... well, they, are just inefficient. Usually, it's the service crew, not the kitchen. Sigh, sad case.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Moment

The moment has come
The times when I thought
Everything was just dreams
That I had been living in my fantasy

It took years for me to realize
That the one person that had been there
All along, were you
I did not know what took me so long

The moment has come
It is the moment of you and me
The moment of us
The moment of us belong together

The journey was so long
That I thought there's nobody
When I took a step back
I saw you, the one left standing

You had been there all along
My destiny is to be here
Right beside you
And this is our fate

The moment of us

Saturday, December 5, 2009

He's weird

So today, just as usual, was working. This dude, well, honestly after so long now, I do not know what's his name, and I don't intend to know too. He's just someone who comes to get a comp chop everyday.

Fine. Nothing weird, it's just a daily routine. When I went in, he asked my colleague some really funny questions. I do not know whether to believe her, but ... well, why does she wanna lie to me. I do not think she is really that free to lie to me too.

When I came out from the office, I saw him acting very weirdly, and said "Terima Kasih" instead of "Thank You" looked at me awhile, and I did realize though I was not even looking at him, he looked at my colleague and they smiled at each other. :o Something's going on that I do not know? o.O

After he left, she told me something
"Eh dia suka u la"
My response was
"Tapi I tak suka dia XD"
Her response
"Tadi dia tanya I u dr HK ke? Tapi I ckp Msia la .. thats why dia cakap terima kasih tadi"

Okay, that's the reason of him being uber weird. Well, they talk to each other, but I don't. I do not wanna talk to unneccessary people, which is a waste of my precious time. Plus, the fact that he insulted me, by thinking I was from HK. I am never insulted like this before. You can say wherever I am from in the world, except HK and China. Why must it be HK? Why can't I be a Malaysian, for once. Am I not localised enough? Don't I have a very localised looks? I think I pretty much have it, but I do not understand why so many freaking people just don't get it. It's simple. Plus, it is not like another country, instead, this, the place we are now, is something called Malaysia. Why is it so hard to get that logic into their head? Flattered yes, flattered .. only when they say I am from some place that I like, not somewhere like what he thought I was. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against that guy, absolutely nothing. I don't hate him, nor dislike him.