Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Gonna Be Birthday

The Goddess birthday will be tomorrow already. Oh no, am aging. Goddess as in because I can live without sleeping and eating. Thus, Goddess. wth. haha. Recently, I mortalized myself by started to work. Hence, am now a pure mortal, and it's because I am a mortal, I need sufficient food and sleep daily. However, I just don't get those.

Honestly, am fed up with celebrating birthdays, my own birthdays anyway. I don't mind celebrating friends', I am more than happy to, but my own birthday will be the last birthday I deep inside really want to. Each year, things come up, things happen, that just screw my mood. One year ago, my mood got screwed I did not even have dinner, with an empty stomach, I went to party like a popstar. Yes, I was happy with the session with alcohol, but once mood is screwed, it will not make up to it. That leaves both good and bad memory for a birthday if you know what I mean.

For 3 years consecutive already, my birthday has been celebrated in complements with alcohol. I guess, this year, we have all grown out of it, a bit. Thus, it's not gonna be held in a club anymore. THOUGH, deep inside, I really want it to be in a club once again. However, circumstances don't allow me to. Even though it's not in a club, alcohol is still gonna be there. Just for your information, I am not a good drinker, I just love being around alcohol. Also, I am not an alcoholic. If you wanna compare me with others, I can be like the most useless drinker. HAHHA.

Also, each birthday, I'll wonder how much have I changed. Well, every year, I look back to that year, a lot of things change. I frequently change, each year. I think, I do change a lot too in a matter of fact. Even though I have stayed on in a company for a period of time, the lifestyle remains, but ... my inner part keeps on changing, not to say the outer part too LOL wth

Oh yeah baby .. aha aha I like it, AWW!! :P

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Chuseok Day and Happy Mid-Autumn

September the 22nd is a special day whereby so many festivals fall today in 2010.

First, it's the Mooncake festival or better known as Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, I fail to eat even a bite of a moon cake. I'm that sad I know. I used to buy it from my ex-company when I was still working there. I left this year, so ... goodbye 30%. Dang!

To all Chinese ... Happy Mid-Autumn, do not crash at the front of my gate to play with lantern and candles like what someone did earlier, neighbour. Do not.

Next, it's the Chuseok Day. It's the Korean Thanksgiving whereby Koreans will return to their hometown to visit their ancestors. This is one of the biggest festival there, if not the biggest. They will have a family gathering and a feast with all the traditional food, songs and etc.

To all Koreans, Happy
Chuseok Day. How I wish I'm in Korea, I have then 3 days holiday. That is like the awesome-nest or daebak-est of all.

Japan will have a public holiday on 23rd September, not sure whether it's the same occasion, or a different one. Bottom line, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan all have public holidays. I wanna be Korean, can?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Step Up 3

After all has been said about this movie, I finally went to watch myself. I did not watch the 1st and 2nd part, so there is nothing I can compare it to.

Step Up 3 ... a must watch for all those who love dancing. The plot, storyline, acting, has really nothing to shout about. Really, nothing. All is pretty ordinary, nothing too memorable. Luke is cute, but he is lacking of something attractive in him, I just don't know what. While Natalie, I just don't like her.

However, when it comes to the dancing, the choreography, I went insane. Omo! The dancing is just awesome. It reminds me that I have been missing dancing a lot, like hell a lot. This movie is a stepping stone to remind myself I really need to do something, not just sitting around do nothing, just hoping inside that when the next day comes, I will be dancing. There is no such thing. I need to find a place where I can be dancing again. I really need to. I stopped dancing few months back, it's time to start it again. I know, this time, for sure I can go to one. I was so determined, the next day, I went searching for a studio. Guess what? I got it. This is what happens, when you believe in something, and you put an effort and be determined, you will get it. I wanna feel it once again, the place I once was.

Alcohol fasting

It was the night of July 10th when I last touched alcohol. I did not touch ever since. 1 week down, 2 weeks, 3 weeks 1 month ... 2 months, and it needed me 2 months and 5 days later only I finally drank. It wasn't because I was pissed drunk that night, it was more because I just did not. There's no chance of drinking for the duration of 2 months and 6 days.

I went alcohol fasting. It's a big achievement. My resolution for 2010 has finally achieved. One may say it's too early to say, but I can for sure guarantee it will go on just like that. I will not turn into a drinker anytime. My resolution is actually to cut down on drinking, and I guess, I really did. The 1st 6 months has quite a number of drinking. However, the moment it touched the 2nd half of 2010, it tremendously went down. From July til now, it's less than 5 times, more precisely only twice. This is phenomenal!!

Only on 16th Sep ... I finally drank again, and I meant, only drinking beer! No hard liquor at all. So, does it still consider as fasting? Anyhow, whether it's still counting or not, I have achieved something big. That's because I went to Genting, or else I wouldn't have touched at all too hehe.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hanguk Trip: Korea Part 2

It's still in the miniature park. I like!

I saw Dweji. Dweji means pig in Korean. Son Goku's Pig. Nice to eat, yum yum.

It's Nihon. Japan. The ever so popular cartoon during my very much younger days. I still remember it used to air at 7pm haha. The amount of comic books of Doraemon, is much much more than any other comic books combined.

Marilyn Manroe ... haha I don't even know how to spell it. Gwenchana.

Ohh omo ... I saw another 4 Dweji there .. haha ... jingja kwiyota! Sooooo cuteeee

I really like this. It reminds me of Nampyeon hahahaha ... :P

You can actually see this in many places. It is to guard this place. However, they believe that if you are a yoja (girl), and you are single, and if you touch it, you will get a bf. OH .. NO wonder!!! :P

Saturday, September 11, 2010

One of a Kind

I have no idea how much I hated him now. I really and I mean I really really despise him, as a person, as someone who shares the same oxygen as I do, a friend's *fill in the blanks* and etc. I really do.

How can I accept it when he, whether he did it on purpose or not, abuse my friend? He practically took my friend away. I hate it so much. I don't acknowledge him any longer. We were once seeing each other so often, hanging out every now and then, and because of that particular fatass, we could not do so many things together anymore. I have lost my friend to him, and I really dislike that idea.

There are only so few things we could do now, all because of that bloody bugger. Don't blame me if I am being very critical over his physical, or even his name. It will not be that bad if only he treats her better. Even when we are passing by each other, I don't look at him, I just ignore him blatantly, not a HI anymore, not an acknowledgement, not a nod, not anything. I have come to a point of treating him very transparent these days, and I think that alone is already good enough, considering of what he has done now. I don't even know why am I treating him so good. Sigh. I guess, whole family has lived up to that title of, one kind of a family ^^

NO humans treat other humans in this kind of way.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hanguk Trip: Korea Part 1

This is like a dream come true. I went to my dream place in April 2010. Yesh, this year! Yesh, roughly 5 months ago. Guess what? I think, it's all fated. I was supposed to go to the US instead, to visit my brother as I guess this is the only opportunity I have. After all the trouble making arrangements and all, I even went to the US embassy here for the interview session (sounds so like job hunting), after all the hoo-has, only to know that my visa got REJECTED. Why? Ah, apparently, I do not have enough evidence. What evidence? Don't know what don't wanna know either, my visa got rejected, period. Do you know the close to 500 bucks that was paid earlier, the whole lum sum, is BURNED as well? Oh yeah .. I can buy a phone with that amount of money okeh? From that very moment, I ... will boycott that place. My 2nd dream is crashed. That's fine. I think I prefer and I love Korea more, my Nampyeon is there no matter what.

Before I went, people reminded me over and over again, remember to come home. I think they are afraid that I will get married and settle down there, forgetting that my home is actually here. HAHAHA. They specifically mentioned do not get married, and please come home. =.=

My very first time seeing Hangbok in front of my eyes, also the very first time seeing it. This portrait, is the dude that made Korea famous. Classic. No, I didn't go mad over him, I have my own one. :P

The top picture as well as this picture is taken in Jeju Island. This is a myth, whether my background, is actually a dragon, or a pig's head. It depends on how you see it, until today, it seems, there is still no answer to that. To me, it's more like a dog's head. XD haha. There is another myth from the same location whereby, busses will stop their engines, let it go, and it can still go forward by itself, even though it is going uphill.

This is one of the scenery I really jongmal jingja joahaeyo!! I really really like this sakura thingy, so nice .. so so nice okay. Chota!

Then it's time for miniature park. They have things like Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, and the one that represented Malaysia was ... something. However, I feel the Petronas represents Malaysia more, rather than that particular thing.

Ah ... no matter how many grand things are there, but, this is something one MUST know. How can anyone forget about this. It's compulsary okay. It's where all Korean dramas is broadcasted alright. What else if it's not KBS World. (Channel 303 in Astro).

I am trying to minimize the amount of pictures, as I can't possibly post ALL of them. If I do, I can't even finish by 8th September next year. =.=

Monday, September 6, 2010

Coffee House

Yes, another K-drama. However, this is not the typical K-drama you see at every other Korean dramas, in the storyline aspects. This is not so predictable, like, you just know what will happen next. It is not anything like that. And no, no fairytales this time. In the process of being a pro, so many things happened, and at some part, it was too slow, but ... at some part, it was just so funny haha.
Watch for yourself and find out, starring Kang Ji Hwan, Ham Eun Jung, Park Si Yeon, Park Jae Jung and Jung Woong In.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 Months Without Alcohol

5 days to go marks my 2 months of not drinking any beverage with alcohol. It's like I went for fasting too, on alcohol though.

The last time I drank was on July 10th. The last time I clubbed was in June something, that I can't even recall.

I feel so mortalised these days, no longer a Goddess. I used to be able of not sleeping, not eating, and I can go through a day just like that. It was unhealthy but it was not a problem for me to go through it like that. Now, I can't do that anymore. I guess back then I was so immune that I can go on sleeping for only 2 hours and straight to work, for the next 10 hours, standing, without any rest. It's only when I finally sit down, I felt so exhausted. Or, I can even not sleep for 36 hours, with 2 days of work in between and not sleeping. Insomnia really killed me. Big time. I could not differentiate between 7am and 7pm by looking at the sky. I had nightmares. I jumped out of bed too many times.

At times, I could not sleep so badly, I drank, and ... I felt I had one of the very best sleeps I had in a long long time. Alcohol does help. It's not how bad like how you think it does to someone. I'm not taking too much alcohol anyway. I am just a social light drinker. haha. Now, I have stopped for 2 months now, completely stopped. Compared to *toot toot toot toot* I am nil, I am useless haha. Working in a place where clubs are so easily acessible, you just can't blame me, can you.

Now that it's not that nearby anymore, I seem to be separated from alcohol. I am drifting further and further away from alcohol, which people think might be a good thing. However, I just don't think it is. Alcohol isn't all that bad. Keroso, alcohol fasting is not as easy as you think it is too haha. You do have cravings every now and then, but you just gotta force yourself to stay away.

This is actually an achievement and I think I have done it! My mission and vision in 2010. haha. It is not to stop, but to slow down and I think I exceeded that.

OH YEAH .. Way to go! Though ... I have alcohol in my room, still. HAHA. That's for emergency okeh!!

Distorted Legs

There was once upon a time in July when I got hit by a so-called leg disease, that until today, is known as unclassified, and my question to that mystery on why did I even got strike by a rash, remains unknown.

2 weeks to go and these rash will be here for 2 months already. I had medications, but it was not getting any better, in fact it got worse. Hence, I stopped the medication. It's really becoming like burn marks. It's tedious looking, and am not exaggerating. Appa said this is utterly ridiculous to have seen a doctor, and not getting any better, in fact, far worse than it originally was.

Left leg

Right Leg

It became so terrible that I still can't leave my house without a long pants or jeans. I can't go out with any short pants anymore. My legs is so distorted now. I was blessed with a normal pair of legs, now, it's beyond help. Any magician around?

It originally was like this My Leg is Awesome