Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm home on a Sat nite

My appetite for the last couple of months was good, I can eat as much as 3 plates before, and what's more, I even ate more than adek when we were in Genf, as in the Philipino's restaurant there.

Now, right now, as in lately, I have been eating lesser and lesser and I do not know why. In the end, when I finally check my weight, this I guess will be the first time I am checking my weight this year, or is it the 2nd, I lost!!!!

How? *in arab accent* why why ... tell me ... why ... why lost?

3 kgs ... how?

It's not that I do not wanna eat, I really want but I just do not have the appetite. Reason being? I don't know. Blahhh and alai kodai.

It's Saturday night, it's party night and no, I am not going to party, I am staying home, though I had one invitation by Boss and the other by Crabbie, but both are to be declined.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I heard of him years before, but I only got to meet him, not that long ago.

Presenting ...

DJ Goldfish

The other day when I was out in Maison, if it wasn't for him, I tell you, I can die of boredom already with all the kiddies around. First glance he might not look as kewt as how I think he is now after so many glances lolz


Monday, May 26, 2008

Chicken Rice Ball @ Malacca

Feeling content ... I decided to blog then XD

These pics were taken when I went to Malacca the other day for a one night's trip there, like so ... ramdomly.

This is the food that I have been longing for, dying for, since the last time I was in Malacca with Clod. This is something I cannot miss, and I must not. I can miss Ikan Bakar, I can miss Satay Celup, but never EVER chicken rice ball, that is something I will live with regret if I ever miss eating that if I am down at Malacca, especially if I am not someone that go outstation frequently. Mine is like my whole life I am in KL, and for me to step outside KL or Sgor, takes a lot of effort, like a lot. So ... once there, it's compulsary to eat HEHE.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dream on

People can just be so idiotic at times, or rather, in this case many times. However, what I encountered was only once, because not like I know him very well, and I just do not wish to know him or have anything to do with him. He's not close whatsoever, we were just er working at the same place before, until at one point, he got sacked. Why? Because he was being a moron lolz.

Anyways he came and all asking for a comp parking and all. Just you know, who do you think you are and what position are you in to ask this. The best I could give is the flat rate and if you want more, why not call the GM and ask yourself?

He came on telling me that if in his current work place, he could give any drinks for free and the parking. Right, that is that, and it's two very different establishment, like totally different. He went on saying that they are still doing better than us. Like so whatever. Why are you talking so much nonsense. I told him, so what ... but we are more prestige, I'm sorry. If you do not wish to have that flat rate, give it back to me, go and pay the full rate then. But while I was talking to him, hehehe ... I gave him my fakest smile ever XD I'm so fake omg ... but at least I am not a liar. HAHA.

Do I look like I care idiot? Just look at yourself, you should have known why you got sacked. Like ... sack. HEH. These people are just so pissing off and I do not know what they want to prove. Perhaps, they could not get what they wanted. Then, too bad. Don't even think of parking there in the first place.

Tell me why, why people in these world can be such a pain in the ass. So what you know me? Must I give you free parking. Even if I can, do you think I will to people like YOU? Dream on, dream dream dream in your own fantasy land. My goodness!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gut feelings

Do you really believe what your instincts and your gut feelings tell you? I'm pretty sure most of us do. It is not anything scientifically proven. However, what comes from within us, is something mysterious, something that we cannot explain it on paper.

I used to have really bad vibe on this guy that I know some time back and he is now missing from this world, not that it matters anyway. Seriously, I really did. I had this very strong feeling that he isn't a good guy, he isn't a nice guy. Nobody wanted to believe me, everyone told me otherwise, that he is such and such guy, and that he is this and that. Guess what? No matter how many people tried to convince me that he is not like what I thought, nobody succeeded. Yes, that was from the first day, right up til now, the feeling is the same, that he is not as simple as he seems to be, and I was proven darn right one day. Incidents were not important, but everything that happened, proved me DARN right.

Then, I got a friend that had been together with this such and such and knowing this person earlier, I got that same feeling, telling me that this person was different from what I know him, that he isn't true to himself, and that he is not like what he used to be, and that he is just not himself. Again, it was true.

Recently, another one ... telling me that this this has some that that, and weeks after, I had someone telling me exactly the same thing from what I thought before.

After so many incidents that occurred, and it was all base on instincts, it is only wise to follow your instincts. I would not say that it is never wrong, but most of the time it says the right thing. It is beyond what we can prove it on black and white.

I lurve following my instincts ...
Because it tells me about someone ... whether, someone is nice and it is worth for, or isn't ... that's where I got the answer. If you are not a nice person, as in ... you are just not someone I can trust, it is base on my gut feelings, what my instincts tell me. If my feelings tell me not to trust you, do not trust whatever you do or say, even though at one point, you can be the nicest one around, or your actions tell me so, still ... I choose to believe my instincts.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Failed actress

Randomly, I had dim sum today, the worst ever dim sum, as, I was not even in the mood for dim sum, but I had. It's also due to the fact that I was THAT exhausted and to eat with some kids are not the best things to do.

I had a convo with a friend some days back and we actually were talking about some serious stuff, something that we never really talked about, and we finally did, that fine day.

We actually were not talking about the both of us, rather, about someone we know, mutually, and probably, sadly yeah. The changes that occurred was such a huge one that we only thought we were talking and having dinner on the same table yesterday. Only God knows what happen and how it happens. It isn't the best thing to feel and do.

It's such a waste frankly, but ... do I look like I even care about it today? I don't and I seriously don't and even, I rather I do not know this person. I also know, I am the last person people will expect all the words from, but I can say, my friends ... it's true. I am no longer involve and I no longer have anything to do with this particular person because this person just do not deserve anything. If one can be so possessive over somebody else, who am I to say anything, if I am not that person involve. It doesn't matter to me. Penting ke?

Your perfection can only last a certain period of time, and you can't always carry out your "Acts" all the time successfully. People will eventually find out about your flaws, your true colours that people will just react in disbelief. All these are all superficial and it can be so deceiving that it just looks so skeptical and cynical to me. I understand though, people and nobody is perfect. You don't go try showing your perfection to every single person but rather, show your imperfection, because I believe, that is what makes you perfect as a person. We do not need grammy award noble prize actress and actor here.

If that makes you happy, by all means, do whatever you wanna do. One thing for sure, the past is the past and you are not part of me and thank you, I am leading an absolutely almost perfect life. I am sorry, I am even happier without you, like seriously. I regretted something, I regretted I didnt' turn you away earlier. Sorry, your skill of acting cannot lie people sometimes. You are good at putting up your acts. However, you are definitely not the best one around. People are just not convinced.

It's alright if you are caught doing something leisure. Must you lie that you are there for something important? Does it even matter? Do you think you are that important? I do not think so. It does not make any difference. I pity someone, f$or being so close to you, and suffer at your side. I shall pity thou. You got my sympathy, friend.

Do what you believe in, because I don't even care, like I just don't you know, people just don't, like ... do you understand what does it mean by DON'T? Poison freak, please let free my friend, my friend is innocent.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Forgive but DONT forget

Forgive and Forget.

DO we?

I'm sorry, I don't.

Why? It's my nature not to. HAHA.

I do not know about people, but I actually know someone that can actually forget, as in, whatever happens happened and ask him after sometime, he can tell me he forgot o.O Good in a way but bad in the other.

I do not know if this is a gift, or rather, a disadvantage to have good memories. Good memories to remember less important things, and when you really need that talent to remember facts, you just could not. Strange heh? Less important things you remember vividly, crystal clear, and it is so detailed.

Whatever happened in the past, you remembered, like as though the incident you went through is still very fresh. Frankly speaking, name me an incident in secondary, I remmeber whatever incident that happened until today, and even the conversation that took place, it is still stored in my mind, until today. It's that serious. I don't like to do this, I don't like to remember every single little thing, but somehow I just do. I do not have the intention I really don't but if I am given this kind of so-called gift, I shall just accept it as it is.

Even conversations, the meaning of it, the words that's used, I remember ... really. Even small little conversations that I had in Standard 5, I had, and it's still in my mind, until now. And I SERIOUSLY ... do not know why. It is not like it's something important and need to be remembered but I just do! OMG! =.=

But, I still rather I don't forget, I remember it, as to, personally speaking, those who tend to forget all these things have the tendency to be taken advantage on.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's just a disappointment, really.

As humans, we have our conscious mind, or rather we should have our conscious mind. What seperates us humans and the animals are the level of intellectual, that, we, should be able to think, and do and act accordingly, like we know what can we do, what should we do, what can't we do and what we should not do. I know there is no right or wrong, should or should not in life, but sometimes we, ourselves, should set the boundaries, in order not to go against our conscious.

Certain things, we just want things to be simple and straightforward, but our human counterparts, just make things look so awkward, and make things so much more complicated. We are now talking about sincerity and sometimes just wishing that it wasn't like that. Sometimes, you really thought that you finally met someone nice, someone good hearted but in the end of the day, what is left with you is just some disappointment that someone had done. We always hope that everyone is genuine unfortunately, things do not always work that way.

Sometimes, your instincts tell you that things are heading to a different direction, to somewhere that you do not want it to head to. Having said that, you wanna avoid it, you wanna prevent it. Thus, you act differently from what you used to, you turned ignorant, you become oblivious about your surroundings.

When you don't believe in certain things, you wouldn't carry out certain acts, that make you feel destroyed, and all you wanna do is to avoid doing the normal human mistakes. You wanna lead a normal life, a life filled with happiness, and not uncertainties. Uncetainties. And more uncertainties involved.

Sometimes, things happen when you least expect it. You wanna the best to happen, but the worst occurs. You feel that one whole load of you had disappeared and left you with just your physicals and without the souls due to something that leave you traumatized and dreadfully disappointed with things are.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My cravings

I had a sudden craving for asam laksa, well not that sudden, it was with me for the past one month now, and I do not seem to be giving in to my cravings, but to just ignore it until there comes a day when I just could not withstand the cravings any longer. It got to the point that I just have to satisfy myself no matter what, and it does not matter if it is not the good asam laksa, but as long as the taste is there, I'm fine with it. I have been waiting for that day to finally come.

It got me so happy. This pic was taken months ago when I was out in The Curve one day, which was not worth remembering of. Since that pic was taken then, I shall just post it up and be done with it. The main point now is not about that day, the whole point now is about having asam laksa. It was yesterday that I had asam laksa with Piggy, and today, again, I forced her to see me to eat asam laksa again. I don't know what is wrong but perhaps, I have left my cravings unsatisfied for far too long that is why I am feeling the urge of wanting to eat it over and over again.

Frankly speaking, I have endless stories about babis these days, and it's all about different babis, question now is, should I blog about babis? If yes, I do not know how to start, where to start and how to end it because it's way way too many. When it's past, I just do not have the feeling to blog about it, and there comes a time when I just have that intention to blog about it again and when I finally sit in front of this pc about to start, I'm lack of ideas and creativity. My interest and my way of blogging had changed for sure, and for now, I do not know how to blog in that way I used to about babis anymore. So now question to ponder tonight, should I blog about babis? Current babis and the past babis. Oh man, they have so many classes for that. My gawd.

Fairytale do not exist

It's just funny and weird how things are sometimes. When you really want something it is somehow far of reach, and as much as you want it, as much as you wanna get it, you just could not because it was never meant to be like that. In the other hand, when you are not interested in something, and that you do not want it, somehow ... it is always there for you, right in front of you. It's just a matter of choice and preference but you know, it's just weird, that things always seem to work this way. I know it's a matter of fact that we don't live in a fairytale world, but things don't always have to work this way, which is a tad idiosyncratic.

Oh well, that's just the way. At times, I realized that people seem to observe things that are far of reach and never realized what is with them all along, right in front of them. Probably, that is regarded as a challenge or maybe not.

Once they get what they wanted, their interest on that something fades away and eventually they have developed interest on something else and the circle repeats. It's a repetitive kinda thing. Periodically, if and only if we perceive things in a different view, things will just be different isn't it. Life will be much easier, happier and simplier.

But again, we can't force ourselves to love and to like something that we don't and that we can't pretend we like something when deep down, we know, we just don't. Internally we just will not be happy, like there is something unresolved and that we have that not right kinda feeling. What we want is not always for us, what we don't want is always for us. Come to think of it, it's sad y'know.

There is something to ponder though. If, having that interest in that something, and for that reason we changed, and that we are just not like what we actually are is not what we should be doing. Nobody knows the answer but you if you really are truly happy within you. Friends can sense it if you did change, for some that is. The new thing in your life can only add happiness and not meant to add the opposite. Nobody can see beyond the external and it can be superficial.

C'est la vie

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Man Utd retained the title!

It was a great season, all the ups and downs. The writing offs, the this and the that. It is one of the most challenging seasons, with the two top teams fighting until the last day, whereby, the final match on May 11th was played on 2 seperate locations, at the same time. It was a thriller, both teams wanted to win so badly, both teams wanted the other to lose and of course Man Utd have the advantage of the goal difference over Chelsea. It definitely is a memorable season. In the end of the day, Man Utd has 87 points, 2 points clear of Chelsea who only drew with Bolton at 1-1.

Man Utd retained their title from the last season. Ryan Giggs, who scored and secured their win in Wigan, has equalised with Bobby Charlton's club record 758th appearance. It was United's 10 Premier League title and 17th championship in all. Ronaldo net in his 41st goal of the season and he had a hattrick of trophies this season.

Ronaldo .... ^__^

Monday, May 12, 2008

15 years ago ...

15 years ago ...

Tyson was here, he came, he conquered, he boxed. Craziest ever dog, EVER. I heard him bark, only ONCE. Like ... ONCE. Yet, people is afraid of him, just by looking at him.

Yu nai? kit teung.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trust is broken

Trust is not given, it is gained.

To those babis who are involved, please bear in mind that people do not give you their trust, you gain it, like ... you know? You know what I mean?

Seriously and frankly speaking, I just do not know what some people want. Once the trust is broken, you try to gain it back, though it is difficult, but it is not impossible. If you keep provoking people, you should know what you get. Force ... aggressiveness ... is not something I believe in. Promises are never meant to be broken too. It does affect the trust that you have for someone.

For that, the trust is broken, so ... it's time to stop doing stupid things. Perhaps, a babi, will end up being a babi and should never be related to humans, it's such disgrace, an insult. Probably in people's eyes, that babi is not a babi and in fact that babi is a decent one, but fret not, I am never gonna believe that statement.

And for all those things and whatever things, the trust is broken, just like a tattoo. It's a permanent scar that is left. And for that, babis deserve that kind of treatment. Never blame someone else for all these shitty things. You know what scheisse means? It perfectly describe babis.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

KLCC Park @ Night

Each time I go over to KLCC, I see people hanging around there, as if that place is so nice to hang out at. I seriously do not understand the reasons of doing so or perhaps I see too much of KLCC that I am feeling kinda numb bout the whole building, the whole thing. That night we went over there, to have dinner, and for that, we stopped by awhile there, to show that, we people, do hang out there too, as Malaysians LOL. I know this is like so whatever lolz.

Yeay. Me and Dede. And you know what, of all hotels, we were er ... promoting Traders Hotel haha. So whatever >.<

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Secondary and Primary Years SUX

I was sitting here browsing one website after another and while waiting for them to upload, I saw a magazine, a magazine that had been standing here for years now and it was untouched.

This magazine is actually my school magazine from secondary 5. I have seen so many faces inside there and for many, I have totally no clue about their existence any longer, like totally erased out right after SPM. Not like they are important anyways. Oops, did I just say that? haha. Sorry but that cannot be helped.

Everyone's like saying that school life, secondary and primary life is the best years of your life. I beg to differ. I don't enjoy school life. School life sucks and it sucks to the max. I love college life. I love my hotel school life, which was in Swiss haha. Those are the ones I call as the best years.

School life is boring, and those life is just tragic and not to mention it was stupid and it was lame. Everyone's trying to beat everyone else, showing their stupid almighty attitude or just maybe my school was problematic and particularly my batch people haha. Oh well. Tsk tsk. Also the fact that the primary people that I know were equally sucky, or maybe more? The one that unfortunately, I bumped in a tuiton centre, after 5 freaking years HEH. Sadly yes, and yes, same bloody attitude that TEMPT people to slap her. HAHA. Yeah. I had to resist not to slap her or else I will be sued for pet abuse. Yes she is a pet, or rather, she was dying to be a pet, or maybe not, just a bimbo then. Whichever and whatever, such an idiot.

My hair was so retarded then, much more retarded than now, though my hair now is still sort of retarded and my skin was so durable (tahan lasak) with the sun, seriously. Boring life I had.

Conclusion, secondary and below sucks. One word to describe, just one. Allow me to describe. SCHEISSE. Heeeheeee =)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tattoo design

What do you think of this design? :D Yesh a tattoo lolz

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Crabbie ;)

I was freaking pissed this morning, 7.30am. Yes I know it's darn early to get pissed, but I was literally pissed. Working the whole night and not being able to sleep is bad enough, and when it's time to go home, you could not get out from the parking lot because of some stupid error that the parking idiots do is something unacceptable. If I did not pay is MY mistake, but I paid 3 days beforehand and I was still unable to get out. That stupid night shift parking attendant told me, "they are not around, come back at 9" The moment I heard that, was just practically boiling away. I never felt so pissed before, he's just a piece of shit anyways. That's why you only work night, that's why you are just a mere whatever.

Tell me also why are there so many babis in this world. I really wanna know why. The amount of them are growing rapidly, and it is outnumbering us, the normal people. SAD, you know, it's just SAD.

Yesterday night, I got a call from a long time friend, and I call him Boy Boy or Crabbie or Ketam, whichever you are comfortable in. Moo, your friend HAHA. Yes, I know I gave him that name haha, but it suits him perfectly, since he used to pinch until I get blue black =.= Omg, he remembers me, I am so darn bloody happy. When I saw my phone it was already 2+ and so I messaged him to ask whats up and stuff like that. He told me, he wanted to ask me to go clubbingggg. OMG!!!!!! He asked me to go clubbing??? OMG!!!! First time in my life OKAYYY! Fine, at the same time, Lalang messaged me too, to keep me awake. After attending guest a little while, guess what, I saw a miss call. I thought it was Crabbie, and so I felt so happy. When I saw the name, I got so so disappointed, it was not him. It is somebody who is not worth mentioning of. Like dang bloody disappointed alright. I really thought was him, eventually it wasn't. The last time I saw him was in July 2007, so long ago, considering the fact that I used to see him almost everyday back in college days. Right then, put away my phone, don't have to bother about that miss call I got. SAD.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Chocolate Fondue

It was the day when Ah Boi came down from Penang, met us in KLCC. We had chocolate fondue, our Swiss delicacy ... and yes we missed that food a lot, like A LOT. We decided to have it instantly once we saw it. The last time I had chocolate fondue in Swiss was REALLY VERY long ago, like what ... 29th November 2006 or something, that was my last final paper - Marketing LOL. We had our self-cook Chocolate Fondue in Winnie's room. Sighs. Oh well.

I am sure everyone of us still remember those crazy nights, the nights that we stayed up til 2am to snap pics at every corner of our school when everyone else were fast asleep, as well as hiding and peeping at people ... and laughed like some nut case -__- it was one hell of a drama, a real once in a lifetime drama, absolutely hilarious, starring Hakun and Sam lolz.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Goodbye, Schwein

I know I blogged about this before, but I can't refrain myself from blogging this again, due to my overjoyed feeling that I have right at this very moment

Dear trainee,
This is the day that you no longer will step your foot into this hotel anymore, whereby it's a win-win situation, in which you will be happy, I will be happy and everyone else will be happy, except maybe your beloved, and only her. We do not need you here either, getting everyone's blood pressure going up every single day. It's not an adrenaline rush, rather, it's more like a hot boiling water waiting to erupt anytime anywhere having you as the cause of death. So many trainees come and go, but you ... you are the first ever one that got me so pissed before, with your screwed up attitude. And no, you are not cool, just that you are too cool for me. At least now, I do not have anyone to irritate me, just with your existence. Even the ever most patient person there could not take you. Please do realize yourself also that you are not good looking, like not at all, if you have not realized. Nobody will ever remember you, I don't intend to remember you either. Perhaps, you should return to Year 1 to learn what is respect and how to show respect to others. No, nobody miss you, can continue dreaming on and that day will never come.

So I know I have blogged about this how happy I feel about him leaving the place, the fact that I don't have to see his face every single day makes life so much more happier, so much more flowery. I felt a sense of relief, like one whole load of burden had been released.

Dede, enlighten me please with his Babi Code.

Another one, who is not a trainee, but the name is NWTD Babi, which actually is No Words to Describe Babi whereby I am totally out of words, just to describe this particularly person, with a really screwed up mentality, and nothing but just screwed up, nobody knows what that fella wants, nobody knows why that fella is acting that way, and just ... nobody knows because he is just literally screwed up. The way that has being acted upon is so weird, doing the same thing to different people, yet ... he still gets the same response from them, which is just fated, fated for that fella. Get a life and grow up.

Wilkommen bei Schwein Familie