Friday, January 30, 2009

Pride, dignity and principles

Yo, how are humans and people doing for CNY? Well, though I didn't enjoy as much as I want to, and feel the CNY season, but it was pretty okay. I was god darn bloody working on that day, the day before that, and after that for as long as 11 days straight, just to cover up for the ones who were on leave. There's no CNY mood, except the food that I have in store in my house haha. It's the first ever time I see like FOOOOD at home. Usually I'll be searching up and down under the table but I fail big time

So yea as I was working, this dudette here that I got to know somehow, though I don't wish I do, did funny things and it's the first ever person who does that. Nothing detailed about that. She got on my nerves for sure, she annoyed me like so whatever. But one thing that is so outrageous and bizarre is she is here not to learn, she is here not to work, but to be so head over heels towards guys, which of course appear to be some despo cheapskate fella around. She's not the first despo here of course, that is why I never got along with those category of people. I never intend to know them, if they already gave out this kind of image to people, how good can they be inside. Question now is not how good she is inside, but even from outside she looks extremely cheap, I wouldn't wanna know though she might be the nicest person at the inside. But, sorry, I don't think that miracle will ever happen.

I mean, I just can't understand these bunch of girls, prefer to be some cheapskate people, rather than being someone with pride, dignity and principles. I don't care how bitchy you might be, but if you have that 3 qualities, you ought to be respected. Seriously, I rather you be bitchy, than you be some despo. I know and I admit, I have major issues of people being cheapskate. It's so disgraceful and absolutely absurd and I am unsure if they know how they look like from others point of view. It's uncool I tell you. Why do you wanna be so-called popular and humiliate yourself in front of the guys that see you as some dolls only. Why. What good will it do to you. Zero. Nil. I believe everyone has their own mindset of things but ... my gawd, you just gotta rob your own image from yourself. How sad. You might think you are popular but you do not know the real thing, that they just treat you like some barbie and puppet whatever you wanna call it. Bitchy people are straight people, straight to the point and that's what I like about bitchy people. Sweet people, nice people is definitely nice at the surface but beneath it might not be the same. I am not saying these people are not nice behind, but well human's nature ... you never know. It's hard to say and bitchy people that I met are actually nice at heart, and they are bitchy coz they just wanna be frank and they are actually harmless people. HAHA.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Outlook for 2009

Libra 2009 Horoscope : Libra like the things in proportion and balance in all situations. Libra can be changeable in Libra ideas and moods. Libra are tactful and diplomat, an inborn ability. Have a strong sense of justice, fair minded. Libra are quite pleasant, charming and love peace and harmony. Libra are affectionate and make friends easily. So Libra social life will be profitable, providing opportunities for Libra success. Libra dislike conflict, tension and discord. Fond of company of opposite sex where Libra feel pleasure and so Libra can win a war without a blow as Libra greatest weapon in Libra charm.

Libra are fond of beauty in all forms, courteous, hospitable, easily appeased and enjoy the society. Libra have strong conjugal affection that Libra do not consider anything else more important than pleasure. Fond of opposite sex, argue with clarity and foresight. They have warmth and charming manners. Libra are full of charms and manners. Libra want to enjoy the life to the full. Libra should forget and forgive. [I forgive but I definitely do not forget, in a matter of fact, I remember every single details but somethings I really forget everything about it] Check Libra expenditure. Libra have everlasting friends and can be relied in love. Adjustable in nature. Expert in love affairs as Libra are most lovable. Libra passions rise and die quickly [Yes, I agree, passions rise and die pretty fast, and for so long, I only have one passion that stays with me until today, never fade, never die]. Libra love to live in high standard of living [I would love to but I don't. But at times, I prefer simple life and not some high standard kinda thing]

The one highlighted in green is definitely correct, the others might be wrong might be correct, either I am not sure or I really have no idea

Year of the Ox for Rat People

Career: In year 2009, a couples of career related Lucky Stars are coming into your life. The signs show people will support and appreciate your working quality and you will have a chance for promotion. Therefore, you do not miss the unique opportunity, show all your job skills and abilities on your position, then you should get more responsibility, get a higher title or get a higher pay job.

Money: Rat people in the year of Cow, they don't have real money luck. Since Rat and Cow have attraction relationship, it looks everything will go well, but something uncertain is coming behind the scene. If you are taking salary, then your pay will get raised, but not too much. If you invest your money on stock market, you might earn some, but will lose more. Most of investment, you will buy high and sell low. If you own your business, then the business looks good, since many customers come to visit your store or company. But they wouldn't buy or order your products too much like before. Anyway, you shouldn't do the risky business in 2009 to avoid decreasing your wealth.

Love: Rat people in Cow year, you should have joyful people relationship coming to you, because Rat and Cow have attraction relationship, which is a love sign. But there is a Lonely Star appearing in 2009 for Rat people. That means you have good and bad news in your love relationships. If you don't have a boy or girl friend now, then you have the chance to meet him or her, but your relationship will face the challenge. Yow won't enjoy the feeling of true love. If you have your boy or girl friend now, then it looks that you are still holding the relationship. But you and your lover won't have too much time to stay together. In this case, most of time, you will feel lonely.

Health: One Sick Star is coming in 2009 for Rat people. That means the health condition of Rat people is not 100%. Rat people will have more chance to catch cold or get sick in 2009. Therefore, for senior citizens with poor health need to pay more attention on their health in the year of Cow. Therefore, if you have a senior Rat person at home, you need to make sure he or she have good nutritious food and maintain adequate sleep daily. When you have a poor health, then you should try not to visit the sick friends or attend any funeral.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dedes & families @ PD 1

Last year December, Dede and myself took leave, supposedly to attend someone get hitched. However, we decided to make ourselves happy, instead of just to entertain people. A couple of days before that, I don't feel like going anymore, and so did she. I mean, we were not that important after all, were we? We planned ... haha .. for a getaway from KL, because how many days could we have the same day off. It's rarely and hardly, we just don't get okay. Why? Er .. they wanna separate us. Then, there comes the planning of where, who, how and whatsoever. She invited her family and I did too.

Let's see who turned up .. Shermaine, Alex, Kim Joe, Female Pig, Kylie and of course not to mention the both of us. None of us knew the way there except the surprisingly Female Pig haha okay credits to him :D

The one and only who was supposed to navigate us there ended up ASLEEP in the car, oh my gawd, how irresponsible, and he's the ultimate example of a female pig. He kept on eating and sleeping like so whatever rite. I have to keep mentioning all his GIRLS name in order to wake him up a little but it's countless girls name that he has so ... sigh

Owner and shit

The highlight of the day ... Mr Shitto and No Life bonding session haha ...

Geez! Look at that ... man!

While on the way there .... took a pitstop and snapped

Her family :)

This is how you should warship Mr Shitto okay ... haha

I think ... we have a major gender confusion here? Oh my ... o.O

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The breaking out

I looked at you when you slammed the door
You walked out from there and never come back
You have violated the words again
How am I to trust people

I felt emotionless, I felt numbness
I fell on my knees and lay there
I felt so weak that I am just immune
I am lost in the world of my own

Only darkness and loneliness is surrounding me
The pain to endure is unbearable
The nothingness within me is beyond reach
I had nothing left in me

Rain doesn't seem gloomy at that moment
I tried, I tried and I tried to get up
Insanity had begun to take control of my life
That I needed to regain my consciousness

I know I needed to redeem myself
I needed time to heal, but I could not
I need to feel some emotions and be in human flesh again
I have become immortal

Friday, January 16, 2009

Barbarian-ing at work

Today, I witnessed something so so badly, that I didn't wish I did. It's actually a factual thing about the happenings occurring here, just that I never encountered it myself.

There was this guy, some colleague of mine that I didn't wish I know at times, coz he is just weird, stood there in the middle of cafe, started starring at this cute trainee. Okay, I know she's cute and all, unlike the permanent staff ( HAHA ) but still ... if you want, don't make it so bloody obvious that you are god damn starring at her. It makes people so awkward and so uncomfortable. Bloody perverted ass. Sue you for sexual harassment.

Another colleague of mine, as embarassed as I am admitting that he is my colleague, I still gotta share this to people to spread the awareness ( kononnya-la) haha. He will stare at girls from head to toe and toe to head, and you in the other hand, will not know how to react with this kinda people. You will be extremely dumbfounded and stunned that people like this do exist.

When I first joined, I got kinda freaked out with him and only then I got used to it, just ignore him like he was never there, treat him as transparent as possible but must know when to say things that will make him not interested to do such things anymore. Like so whatever right people like these. They do exist, all around, and I guess you just gotta live with it and deal with it in your own ways.

These species exist and they act like some barbarians, really. They act as if they have never seen girls in their entire life, and they act as if we are like some species that is so far from them, totally different, like a whole new different species from them. People people, please do behave yourself. It's not funny, you know? Laugh all you can but I still don't think it's funny.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The slacky night out @ Rum Jungle

Lately I have major insomnia. Don't come asking me why, I do not know myself. It was bad. Working at 3pm, I ended up waking up at 6am or sometimes 5 plus, even before the sun rise. How bad! For the whole entire day shift, 7 days straight, I did that. My gawd. How torturing.

The other day I was working the shift people dreaded the most, 5-1, but it's okay to me, at least there's 6 bucks added to the salary haha. :P money-minded? Perhaps. Both Tarzan and I were working the same shift, and Dede was working noon, but she sms-ed her dad but no reply and all to fetch her so she assumed they were not coming anytime soon. Very randomly, we ended up in a club nearby, unprepared, way under dressed, too slacky for anyone's liking. We saw everyone, every single individual, dressed up, no matter how old the person is, but us, we, ended up like that. If we were wearing jeans and all was fine, but .. we were wearing slippers, the three of us haha .. I guess people thought we were going to the beach. Last year was the same, we wore slippers too HAHA. Shorts and slippers in a club is so kewl :P

The cover charge comes with this, Tuborg, quite mild and smooth

I had that sudden cravings for French Fries, tadaaa .. 3 of us ... and in the end, omg ... so darn filling

Okay I know I wore the shirt that is so dot dot dot ... of all places, of all time ... I just have to wear it that day, right? It's actually my company's shirt aha

Tarzan got box! HAHA! So the retard.

Yeah, on top of that one drink from the cover charge, we ordered one bucket, for the three of us. Yeah I know, it's just 3 of us in a club, haha not like we never do it before, we did, 3 people ... just 3 people ... hanging out and chilling out in a club :P why not? Just like ol' times.

From the club, we could see KL Tower, guess where? Walking distance from where I work, it just gotta be along Jalan P Ramlee

Deng! :D hehe

I didn't know I have an eskimo as my colleague, a tarzan turned into an eskimo, such a contradicting idea :S

It was a smooth sailing night, the last time we were there, all 3 were so stressed up like never before. But this time round, one year later, grown up, were just chilling out, and er ... laughing at people? Okay I know it's bad but then again hehehe ... :P
It's such a small world eh. Kerry's bf, Keith, is actually a close friend, an ex-classmate, or you wanna say ex-schoolmate, whichever, of Tarzan. Smal small world :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reality check

Remember that someone who ran away from work one day? Well, not literally, but in some ways. Gone in 24 hours.

Bobo knew where she is now, but he didn't wanna tell us. I am fine with it and I never bothered about it. If she was planning to run away and she was honest about it, I am totally alright with it. I might not be happy for sure, but at least tell us what is going on and so we know what to expect to the very least. If really, she treats people as friends, from a genuine heart, how could you betray people like that.

I did not wanna bother, I did not wanna concern anything about it later on until recently. Someone, and I meant someone, told me she saw her on a flight. Yeah of all airlines, it was Airasia. She still goes out with Bobo, and she still keeps in touch with few others, who were not close with her before, that seldom hang out with her. However, she never did that to us. Bobo said she is afraid that we will be angry. There is nothing left for us to get angry for all that act she had done, but it also depends the approach she uses. He also told me what if we decided to ignore her and do not pick up her calls. If she ever tried, I guess that's fair to say so but if she did not I feel she's not even in the position to say such things. Bobo told me why not we call her. No I will not, definitely not, I am not the one betraying in the first place you ... know.

Firstly, before she made the decision, she should have thought about all this coming, about the consequences that she will cause and weight everything before you decide. Endure every single thing that came from yourself. Since decision has been made, expect the worse from people. Maybe others are more transparent and compassionate, but I'm not simple as that. I trust that I am quite perplexing in some ways.

Instincts told me she will definitely regret whatever she had done that day, the day she walked out. Gotcha! She's now feeling kinda regretful too. I am not cursing her at all, but it's a reality. Even without Bobo telling, somehow from one way to another I will eventually know. The world is small, don't cha realize it. People do travel and they definitely remember. Even if you bumped into someone who was not there permanently, they will know about it. If you do things in a proper manner, there is nothing to regret of, people will not laugh at you when you fall, instead they will offer a helping hand. For what you have decided, your life might take a drastic change. For that, it's endurance time. Perhaps it's just trial and error in life.

Be genuine, be frank and be honest and people will not hate you for that. As I always say, don't regret for what you have decided, and for whatever things you have done. That is why, before doing so, THINK. That is what brains are all about. Rational, realistic, synthetic, reasonable, balanced is the way to live.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Night at McD

Aah .. Christmas seems like it's more than a week long yea I know it's 12 days -_- But in fact, it's only for a day. Celebration doesn't look like it's gonna end at all eh ...

From Starbucks, slowly we moved over to McD's, the only place that will cater for the next few hours at least, also, the nearest ..

Shazzie with his Christmas present ...

Kylie and Joann

Shazzie's friend, Gary ... and their expression ... ummph, oh my not another Gary

Heheh ... fellow hotelier :P

The nite's spotlight was ... Shazzie's belt? Er ... why? Ask Kylie.

We were then chilling out and out of sudden rush .. BOOM! I heard some giant just invaded our place and it was ...

OMG!!! Mikelll Boi surprise surprise to see him there haha

The tall guy and me ... swt

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Countdown of Christmas @ Starbucks, Center Point

Right, after er ... Paddington we went over to Starbucks at Center Point. I used to go to the McD's over there quite frequently and everything stopped once I started working. Yeah work is draining but work is good, too because you need to survive okay.

The Potato that we all know

That was the first time meeting her after so long .. Joann. Great meeting her XD ended the year with this meeting was kewl

The both of them :D

Shaz!!! Why did you give me something with "women" ... usually people give things opposing of the receiver's gender. But mine's like ... o.O wow

Shazzie's handwriting ..

The presents on the table ... starbucks ... voila

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year ... started

How's 2009 so far? So far so good? You bet.

Many people have their New Year's resolutions end of the year to set a certain goal for themselves and all. One of the most common one is to save more money and lose weight, which I can confidently tell you that before the month of May, all these will be well forgotten of. That is for those who are quite determined and for those who have the intention but without disciplines, give them 2 days haha.

While for myself, I do not have any resolutions, in fact come to think of it, I never have any resolutions in my entire life. Why? Don't I have goals one wonder? No target to achieve? Nope. I don't need to lose weight, but I for sure need to save money. But, it's not something annually, rather it's a lifetime kinda thing. I do not believe in having resolutions because I believe as time passed, your determination, your perseverance towards what you intended to achieve will eventually fade off, with or without you even realizing it. What's the whole point of having resolutions then, right? If you don't achieve it, might as well not have any resolutions. I know myself well that I cannot keep all these until the end of the year. It's better not to have any and you will be happier with life. It's more carefree, happier, more easy-going and things will be better.

If one wonder how I celebrated it was darn cool. It was so damn awesome til I could not describe it in words. You know why? Because I was god damn bloody working that night, for the second consecutive year. Yeah that sucks I know that, don't even try to say it out.

I was witnessing that counting down process ... 10 ...9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ...4 ...3 ... 2 .... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR! It was basically the whole lobby shouted HNY out from the bottom of their lungs. Then the band came, it's called the Bagpiper Band, whereby every year end, after the 10th count, this band will go round the hotel with the band with the trumpets and drums. It was cool though. Then, saw my bosses going around, especially my lady boss, went hugging around and she came to me then ... OMG so hawt! Heartbeat went faster HAHA okay I am exaggerating

It looks some high end place and still it ended up the same as the clubs outside. This year looks so messy because there were a few fights here and there and the party ended up with a fight, too. I know I was kinda near to those fighting s, yea I meant it physically too and not only verbally. Bitch fight, girls fight, youth fight, guys fight, gang fight, angmo vs local fight omg just name it. I ended there laughing my ass off. I have done my work and so what could I do but to laugh at them? I know one story behind of one of those, he proclaimed that he's from the royal family and all and the way he said it people gotta listen to him, even us, even security, even my boss, which is a tad impossible for him to bow down to this dude. For us, we don't donkey care who are you, do I care? Absolutely not. This mafia guy came pointing at him directly almost gonna poke his eyes soon with his typical mafia style and in the end that so-called royal family's dude in turn asked my boss to chill LOL. Funny if you have witnessed it, but I don't think it will be for others if you have seen his face, because if you don't know him, you will really be convinced he's a real mafia. But to me, I'm used to that while for some they still could not get used to his temper haha. Get used to it, that's what I can say.

Happy New Year, HUMANS!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in The Curve 08'

I don't know which to blog first Christmas, New Year or McDonald's. I shall go for Christmas first, as I have that mood to upload pics now, as those 2 are without pics, or else I will finish the blogging end of next year. I love taking pix of Christmas deco coz it just feels that it's some seasons greetings and all. But honestly speaking, I have always like The Curv'e Christmas deco. It's always nice. 1 Utama this year is much better than last year's while Pavillion was such a disappointment. It was just one huge er ... cake? in front of the mall itself.

This was taken from Padington itself

They trimmed in animal shape ... such cutesy

Also, I have always thought that doing the street deco is awesome, I like the feeling ... like as if you have entered a fantasy land, a land that is so peaceful and happy all along the way

I'm not part of the lights k

Hehe so that's about it ... from there on, we went over to Center Point ... so .. laterz ...