Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tua Pui got on my nerves

Yesterday, I didn't intend to go lim teh, but Siao Zha Bo, forcefully got me to go with her. Sigh. Sad. But nothing I can do. So yeah, I went just to accompany her and not because I really wanna go. Why would I wanna lim teh with people I don't know right, it just does not make sense. The only 2 person I know was Dot Dot Dot and Ou Kar Cheng. Okay okay, I know there are just so many nicknames but .. haha.

There was this guy that came to join us later on, let's name him Tua Pui. Let me describe him, he's fat, he's short, and he has that very really annoying face. Having said that, his personality really suit how he looks. Coz .. he is plain irritating. Looks alone he won everyone on that table HANDS DOWN.

Honestly speaking, leave me alone, treat me as transparent, I will appreciate you more. Don't acknowledge, don't talk to me, I am more than happy. But, people just love to annoy others I guess? Or perhaps he thought he is so darn cool and so likeable that I will be very happy meeting him and talk to him. So wrong, very wrong. Please look at yourself before talk to us. I was being very oblivious, seriously, the weather isn't cool, it's damn hot, and that makes my mood very hot too haha.

Guy: *ching chang chong*
SZB: English plz..
Guy: Oh, no problem, English is not a problem for me, and for him too
Me: Oh *gave him whatever face*

2nd guy: You said ur bored, but I see ur playing with ur hp whole nite
Me: Sorry, that is called type and not play
2nd guy: .....

Guy: So tell me are you studying or working?
Me: Ask her
Guy: Why is she your agent or what
Me: Of course

Sorry to say, he wanna sound like he's cool and all, I think he's just full of nonsense. My conversation between me and her, he wanna interrupt like as if he knows everything, what's that term called, Mr Know It All. You wanna er ... appear to be someone very educated, knowledgeable, knows stuff, and just Mr Cool, but I see you as some fat ass who doesn't know what he's trying to do, because you just got on my nerves big time. Kannasai is your middle name, I knew it. It's all very damn obvious, I don't wanna talk to you, so please be aware and stop talking. Call me whatever you want I don't care, just leave me alone, and ignore me. Shut your big fat mouth. It stinks. Eww... Welcome to the Swine Club.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


She was there in the middle of nowhere
With nowhere to go to
Nobody to turn to
She could only see darkness

There is a feeling burning in within
Sometimes you just can't make it right
She just wants a shelter from danger
And someone to be there to share

She entrusted people with everything inside
She just wanted to be like anyone else
But, she couldn't find a place to go
She wanted assurance but she couldn't find

Everything seems so wrong
Everything seems like a big mistake
What is right and what is wrong
Seems so vague

Emptiness and loneliness has become her only companion
She walked along the street, feeling helpless
She only wanted someone to hold on to
Having someone beside is beyond her reach

He doesn't want her anymore
She needs his love badly
She is in dire need
She is sorry, she wants to rewind

She is now homeless with people starring so strangely
The moment has long passed her by
She wanted to feel how she felt before
The burning sensation had became history

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Funny things ...

Guy: Hi
Me: Good Afternoon, sir
Guy: You're really beautiful
Me: *trying to appear as sincere as I could* thank kiew
Guy: Are you Malay or Chinese?
Me: Oh I'm Chinese Malaysian
Guy: Can I invite you out for a drink
Me: Sorry sir, I'm not free today
Guy: Do you have a bf?
Me: *my normal response* no *but I regretted*
Guy: Maybe tomorrow then if you're not free today. Can I invite you out
Me: That wouldn't be so nice *trying to give my sincere smile*
Me: *berambus*

Few days later ...

Me: Good morning sir, this is .. *bla bla bla*
Guy: Can I get *I couldn't hear*
Me: I'm sorry sir?
Guy: Can I have your mobile number?
Me: Sorry sir, I do not have a mobile *the worst ever lie in my entire life*
Guy: No ....
Me: Excuse me, sir *fake smile and berambus as far as I could*

HAHA ... sorry really, I do not have any .. er ... special interest kay .. as in .. VERY different from me.

This is the ... somethings that it's just so funny that happened ... and I still find it funny lolz. Anyways ... 2 working days left before I bid goodbye.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 4 : Beach

Say Hey, Say Yo! :P This is already Day 4 and we left on Day 4 from Langkawi back to KL.

It doesn't look that hot, does it? But in fact, it's REALLY hot ... big time. It's burning. Maybe, you wouldn't feel it if you're not under the sun I'm not so sure but all I know is .. it was striking hot.

Getting roasted under the sun

This is us ... again hehe

Don't be fooled by the skin colour. In front, I might not be burnt ... and yes, I really did not get burn ... but ... wait a minute ... probably it's also camera and lighting that I looked .. fair haha when in fact ....

Can you see how roasted I got, and my back alone has 3 different tones. Omg. That red like lobster colour ... lasted for 2 weeks. After shower for gazillion times, after keeping away under the sun, applying multi purpose lotion and I tried every way, but ... it still lasted for 2 weeks, and I meant .. that red patch and I didn't include the skin peeling off period even. It was pain, it hurts, and right now, it's not red for sure, but it's still very tanned. However, in comparison the now and then, it has really huge difference.

Monday, May 25, 2009

One Year Ago ...

I have been seeing you on FB lately, trying to be friends again with people you used to be friends with. I never thought my fate would have come, until yesterday.

You made such big hoo-ha, being over-reacting in everything, yes and cried cried cried, pretended innocent, and you made such a big chaos. But, guess what? Nobody cares and people only knew you only as the drama queen and nothing else. You know what? It doesn't matter anymore because you are out of each and everyone of our lives.

Seriously, this is just a friendly advise to stop trying too hard. You came with a beautiful hi to me. But, I don't see you as someone I could talk to anymore. You were my past, remember, it's history. So whatever you have done, is not something I can just close my eyes and forget about it the next day. I was never like that. I don't forget things that easily. I remember every single details. Yes, and when it is related to the trust issue, I am very particular.

You were not the first person who came to play with people's feelings, and that is why when it reaches you, I have come through quite a number who played with trust, my trust to be exact, and that is the reason, I am not a forgiving person anymore.

One year ago, for what you did, I do not see any future between us. It's GAME OVER. Friends is something far of reach. I don't see a point of mentioning or remembering you. Yeah, I don't forget you don't worry, how can I forget a very special dramatic species, just like your goodself. I couldn't possibly do that. It's a shame if I ever do that. Why did you message me for? To say hi, and try to mend things? Don't waste your time. Obviously I am doing very good, because you are not around. Right, so after what you had done, those question marks then came to me thereafter, I was left clueless and puzzled with your actions. But, I accepted it with wide hands. I swore that, I will not call you as a friend anymore, because you do not deserve even one second of my lifetime. I did a mistake once, but never again. Let me share with you, the day that I knew it, my heart turned cold and numb, and needless to say, inhumane. I became someone you do not know anymore. The soft and gentle person you knew had shyed away, instantly.

Now, you are telling me you had not done anything, even one bit? You mean, you don't feel guilty at all? Judging from your sentence "I'm sorry if I have done anything to make you angry, which I don't think I ever done that" Well, that shows how you treat people you call as friends eh. Now, you are trying to confuse me, after one year. I don't fall for that trap. As I said, when it comes to you, when it is related to you, I am someone even unknown to myself. I am not scary, I am not freaky, I am just numb. You came trying to talk to me in a nice way, but I am sorry, what's done is done, and certain things cannot be undone. You were right in somethings you said "you were my friend" that's right, it's the word WERE, and you never treasured it, though at that time, you kept on emphasizing you do. I might sound very mean to you, but ... I am considered REALLY nice for replying you.

Stop putting a mask in front. I don't see any goodness in you anymore. Whichever it is, you can do whatever you wanna do, but just don't step into my area, my territory. Anyhows, you are not important, so do whichever you need to do. But, well I think I expected too much from you. You never know what is right and wrong to begin with. I am not saying I am the best and I am good, I never. But, for sacrificing my day off just to send you to clinic from my house to your house, stuck in the congestion, and I was running rather late for my date, ah .. sending you home now and then, this is how I got it in return? Thanks a lot. Remember that whore, what goes around comes around. You might not get it now, but for sure, one fine day, it's your turn to be down. Tell you what? Looks like the past year, your life has been nothing but downhill. Congratulations! Nobody will ever pity you, nobody will ever care about you ... especially people from here.

Wake up, give two tight slaps for yourself ... start afresh again. We can never be friends, ever, but you can start anew and things will be better. Your life will be better. But I guess, you were never that kinda person who uses brain to think. You use your ass. Oh .. I am so so sorry, I really do apologize on that. :) Anyhoo ... we are done. Please do not disturb my life, or my friends alright, coz we are not meant to be. I don't blame you, obviously not, how could I blame someone, a weird creature. You were never bad to me! You were SO nice to me, just that I could not see that. SORRY.

But ... no matter how nice, I don't wanna see, meet or bump into you, ever again. BYE.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 3 : Wine

This is the last one for Day 3 ...

So ... we initially wanted to sleep at the beach, once again and seriously, we never really slept on the bed. We got back to the room, rest a little while, changed and back to the beach. But, guess what? Something caught our attention in the room that we didn't wanna go anymore. It's the program on telly. Final Destination .. people .. watch out.

Alright I know .. for the holidays we go to, this movie has been repeating itself haha, I have no idea why. The air cond was cold, the clothes were so comfy, the program was captivating, companion was perfect, and what's next? Well, some alcohol to go with it will be the ultimate one.

Right, so we turned that on, laid back and watched profusely, at the mean time, we got the wine from the store. So, we drank.

Okay don't laugh at my hair, I know it's farney .. just don't

Dede's turn ... woah from how I see now, I want to drink too .. judging from how she drank haha

It's Sauvignon Blanc .. obviously a white wine haha ... from Australia

So closing this post, 3 nights we drank without fail. We survived by drinking, and not by food. It makes us very happy people, without worries, without fear. Okay minus the last one, that sounds a tat wrong, and that's dangerous haha. Conclusion, we enjoyed there, but it's not done ... I have Day 4 waiting in queue to be blogged. But, I will try to finish it by next week, before I go for my 2 days off haha .. wah .. sounded like 2 weeks, but it's only 2 days

Saturday, May 23, 2009

There comes again

After being quiet and peaceful for sometime now, there comes the message again. I have absolutely no problem with him messaging me, I got no trouble with it. But ... yes there's a but ...

First he message me, yada yada yada, saying we can be friends again, just treat him like how I treat Mafia. But ... Mafia IS Mafia, and he is NOT mafia, that's why I can't give them the same treatment. Well, then he came on saying he heard that I have a bf now .. just to let you know, it's made up in FB so .. yeah, not like everyone knows that we made that up, and I went to the extent to put his picture up there too. He got the news from his beloved colleagues I am sure and his colleagues do not know me, just that we work in the same place. Thus, they added and just fyi, I deleted him. :) He was just trying to be how it was before, when I was still in talking terms with him. But right now, I don't even look at him anymore, for certain reasons, I can't be like how I was.

I, being me, gotta portray what I always do, so trying to be nice, I replied him. I told him, no .. I am just treating him like a stranger, and no, I can't talk to him like how I talk to Mafia, it's impossible. He may dream, he may hope, it's not wrong to do that, but it will not happen. It could be a reality, perhaps yes perhaps, if I go into a coma and forget everything the next day. Do I have a bf or not, is my business, and has got nothing to do with him.

He, oh well that typical chauvinist, being himself again, like as if got provoked, saying that I am being too much, being over in everything, and he is just trying to bond the relationship, and he misses everyone this and that. He went on adding saying that he never do anything against me. Oh really? If you say so. He told me I will never reply him if I hated him that much. Added again saying that it's my life whether I have a bf or not and saying we don't lose anything even though we are not friends. See, after my reply, he totally changed. Guys tsk ... Well, do you think I have no life to hate him? Oh Mein Gott! Puh-leez.

Yes yes, whatever had happened to me, and is happening to me, and will happen ... is MY life, so you don't have to do anything. I will not ask you for your help either. Plus, I am not dying for your friendship, I want NOTHING from you. If you wanna know what have you done to me to deserve this treatment from me, well A LOT. One of it is that you have betrayed my trust and threatened me before, which you later then turned things around, as always. You think that whatever you have said I have forgotten, heh NEVER. I remember every single words. I may not take that into actions, but I REMEMBER. Wanna take revenge on me, or not, is up to you really, but I got no time to hate you whatsoever. Some people can close their eyes and throw your words away, not me. I have all the proof that you said so, all the evidence.

Thanks, but you are just too different from your bestie, like Heaven and Earth, no wonder they say besties have 2 types, one is the similar one, the other is the opposing ones, and I am sure this is the opposing ones. Oh well ... good luck with your life, and I think it's time to grow up for you eh ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 3 : Sunset

Hello! To all humans out there, and HAHA ... my Langkawi trip is not over yet. I promise I will TRY to be hardworking. Keyword, try. Hehe.

So yeh after we finished our 2 mugs of beer ... we headed back to our guest house and guess what ... we took a stroll along the beach, and man I tell you, the moment we saw the scenery, we fell in love straight away. No, we didn't fall in love with each other again, haha, we fell in love with the scenery lolz. Just in case, so to fyi those who is not thinking straight :D

These are the few pictures that I compiled out of the oh-so-many pictures. I can't be uploading ALL of them here. If there is a need to see ALL, either go there yourself to enjoy and witness it, OR .. sigh where else to go to the most updated place of all time if it's not Facebook? haha. Omg, I just love it so much. It was the perfect time we reached back there, it was also the last day we could witness some sunset-ing kinda thing. It was really awesome, it was just BEAUTY, the sun was so sexy.

Everyone started leaving, and we still continued on. We could not resist it, it was just like paradise. Seriously. We only left when the sky was in complete darkness, and we actually intended to go to the beach, again, even after night falls, just like those 2 nights, we spent on the beach in the night, rather than on the bed which we already paid for. I know ... we spent the money to put our stuff instead haha. Well ... how I wish I could sit by my window and see the sunset from my room whenever I want to. That will be the day .. unfortunately.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hanky & Panky Story: Shh

Alright ... so yea let's get back to that story of the Alien species that is so uberly infamous.

Maybe it's my fault and I am to blamed for if I didn't talk to you, you could say that if I really did not. In the first place, I don't think I am to blamed for even if I did not take the initiative. What's more what if I did?

Now ... accused me for not talking to you when in fact I clearly did? Guess what ... I, from that day onwards, did as being said. Since ... you wanna say that I don't talk to you when in fact, I tried my level best to saviour it, you never appreciated one bit. Do you know I really .. really and I meant REALLY hate people accusing me? Especially on something I tried but in the end of the day, what I got in returned is so frustrating? Well, I shall make your dreams come true, I will endeavour and I shall guarantee that your hopes will not go crumbling down. Yea man ;)

You got me so irritated with you. You might appear to be oh-so-innocent, but to me .. you are filled with evil spirit in within. It's beyond what we know. She told you the reasons, and you go around asking and telling people, heh. You are just one very weird creature.

You should take this as a freedom to live. Cutting all ties with us means you may do whatever you want, and we will not say anything about you guys, isn't that good? As you have said, I do not talk to you. Presently, that's exactly what's happening. What should I do? When I talk, I'm wrong, when I don't I am to blame too. Even if I do, I am accountable for your accusations. Whichever it is, being the good one doesn't mean being the best for my sake. Since that you apprehend it to me, I will do as being said. From then on, I stopped all contacts with you, even if I talk to you I am accused of not, so I might as well I don't.

You can say ... whatever and whichever ... I am willing to take all charges into my account, no problem I am happy doing just that, as always :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 3 : Bistro

SO yeah the journey continues after the sun-burn effect. The weather was really a killer, striking hot. It's time to hunt for food. Honestly, we live with drinks, rather than food. We eat once per day and that's it. So ... off we went rounding with our 4 days baby black car ... for food hunting of course.

After driving up and down to places nearby, we stopped at this bistro. It's not how the restaurant looks like, it's not how they present their restaurant, but what caught our attention instantly was the promotion they were having. It was about 2-3ish in the afternoon and they have like what HAPPY HOUR. What's next? ENTER! Do you know how much is it for a mug of beer? 3 bucks! Like ... wtf ... all the way.

Honestly speaking, both of us are not really a fan of beers as it's pretty much gas-y but .. it's because, it's so freaking cheap, we suddenly do not mind at all haha

I didn't know why did I look so retarded

This just shows how relaxing .. and how content were we. It's called stress-free and this is what we wanted before we were in Langkawi. This holiday is meant to de-stress ourselves with the Oh-crazy-almighty-workload. This is what we call as happiness.

Yay yay! Eat ... drink ... relax ... enjoy! That's exactly what we did.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just the other day, this dude came to me

Guy: Eh the pictures you posted very nice
Me: Why did you even see it
Guy: It's nice what, that's why I see, and you posted it
Guy: Eh there's one picture very nice, I like, the bed is very ugly la, I edit it
Me: Who gave you the right to take MY picture? I didn't give you any permission to take it. It's the ownership of the photographer and ME. Did I say you can take it?
Guy: NO but I can edit for you, it will end up very nice
Me: So, I don't care, I don't want that means, I just don't want, don't touch my pictures
Guy: Don't worry, I will give it back to you after I edit, it will be very nice
Me: I don't need you to do that

You ... yes you ... you're a so-called photographer yourself, don't you know to play by the rules? If you do not know, I will teach you. It's copyright, you don't own it, and though I have put it up, it still belongs to me, and not you. It's me. No matter how ugly it is, it's still MY picture. If you wanna edit it, please do ask the permission and if the owner do not allow it, respect that decision. You ain't that good of a photographer, just that you own a nice camera. That's it. Stop showing that you can take really nice pictures because I have seen it, and I am not impressed. Stop being a jerk. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 3 : Skin

So yeah as I was saying on the previous Langkawi post, you wanna know the difference of skin colour after putting different stuff on ourselves? Answer will be as per below:

Geez Look at the skin, got darker yea? Nice colour if you ask me, just the perfect one. This is with tanning oil. Yeah you know the one you use if you wanna tan yourself, or get darker, or whatever you call that. That's the one she used. Surprisingly, nothing so lobster-ish. It was just a mere few hours under the sun. Obviously get darker, plus the tanning oil, it helps enhance it faster than it is.

But can you people just believe it when you see this skin, there's nothing such as tanning oil has been applied. It's all sun block. No, we bought the stuff from different places, so ingredients could not be mixed up. I am pretty sure the one I used is called SUN BLOCK, whereby it is used to block from the sun, skin protection to be precise. But, why do the opposit effect takes place. I wonder why. People wonder why. Nothing could explain. I got fried under the sun big time, and it wasn't long. We were there just for few hours. How could it be possible. Man, it already proved, impossible to be the possible.

So I can't really imagine if I have put tanning oil together, will I be BLACK, since that putting sun protection I turned red already.

The same night I went to sleep, I could not move as when it's been rubbed, I felt the irritation on my skin, and it's nothing but ... PAIN. My skin felt so injured. Nevermind .. we shall see the progress in a few days time. Probably it will be better ... let's see hehe.

I am not mean, it's just being real

After so many years I knew her, she came back to me the other day, with the intention of having a conversation.

I ... as usual, had turned her away. We used to be able to talk, but not anymore. I don't feel it's wasted I felt it's something she deserves anyway.

I can't talk to people like that. If I do, I feel I am just being a hypocrite, in which, I am not.

After those years of not talking, not messaging and not whatever, I seldom see her online and that's the reason why I never deleted her from my MSN, coz her existence is NIL. I don't realize she existed, until the other day.

Yeah, she came to me saying that we had drifted apart and we are not as close as it was before. She sounded like as if she knew me VERY well, which of course is not true at all. My reply? Well, for some reasons, we are DEFINITELY not close anymore. Yes, we are not ... at all. Current status ... we are like strangers, probably worse. She has the guts to ask me what reasons. I just don't wanna say anything, and she being the lifeless soul, came trying to console me because I just "broke up" yeah so-called lolz. Immediately, I told her she doesn't have to do that. Please do me a favor ... stop pretending you are my friend when I know you are not. Stop pretending to be concerned and cared for my well being when I know you are not. Stop pretending to be sorry when I know you are not.

I am filled with bitterness. I am a troubled child. Sorry. How can I talk to someone, the same person who once told the whole wide world that I mistreated her as a friend after being away from home and gave the impression to people that I forget my own roots and friends. I did not. Even before I left the country, I was already treating her like that, just that she doesn't realize it. She thought I didn't know about all the nonsense she did behind. For me, that is backstabbing and I am very against it. After doing all those things, just don't try to be nice to me, I don't appreciate it, at all.

Sorry .. though I might look like I am the mean one, I am the bad one ... but I just don't care. Whatever and whoever you are ... just do as long as that makes your day, coz it will not ruin mine.

There's a price to pay for being real. So perhaps, I should start being fake and I wouldn't look like the bad one eh. But then again, sorry, I could not bring myself to do that, I am so going against my conscious.

Younger than me doesn't mean people should pity you. Well, I am always being misjudged as the cold, and evil one that people will suspect me as the one committing the offense, the one mistreating others. Well, for those who wanna believe, also, I am gonna say this, believe and whatever you wanna do, as long as you're happy. I wouldn't say anything.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Langkawi Trip Day 3 : Beach

I know it has been long ... but having a procrastinator as the blogger, oh well, you know what will happen, don't you?

Day 3 is the day we went to the beach, one for tanning .. one for ... blocking haha. Guess what? Dede went there, putting on tanning oil, sun bathing and everything. But I was the one with sun block. Both of us went under that striking hot burning sun. The result? Sure, you expect Dede to be tanned, dark, red like lobster and that kinda thing and expect me to be a lil bit darker, not that red and all. Result will be out next post.

I know you got bored with us ... but ... we went ... just the both of us, obviously pictures will be only the both hahaha

And done ...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hanky & Panky Story: Disrespect

After what Mr Panky had done, after all those little things that we knew, excluding the ones we don't ... I have totally shut door upon him. There is nothing else to talk, there is nothing else to say about him. All I have left now with me is an absolute disrespect for him.

No matter what you are, who you are, most important is your self dignity and pride and to stand tall on what you believe in. Unfortunately, I don't see that in him. I'm sorry. Respect is something you earn and gain and it is not something given to you blindly. Once I lose respect for someone, it is almost impossible to get it back, again.

Being a player is not wrong, seriously. I know friends who are player, I know people who are players, in terms of girls and guys. But ... being a player, make sure you're a good player. A good player is those who play by the rules and not who goes against it. Whatever happened to you and the previous girl has got nothing to do with your current gf, and there is not a need for her to know too. Probably we will not blame you that much too, if you have only told her, and only her. But, if you have told someone else out of the clique, out of that lovely gf of yours, you are such a bastard. What is the whole frigging point of revealing what you did to with the girl to others. Is it because you wanna attract their attention to provide them with gossips or something? Man, I really look down on you.

I might not be close with the girl, but damn ... I don't look down on her. I don't care what you guys did but I cared out of the girl's image. A girl's pride is very important and I just feel so very bad for her, because whatever she had put on you, were just dashed and she lost so much more than what she gained. In fact, she gained nothing but she lost almost everything.

What I could not accept is you told that you will protect the girl even though things could not work out for the both of you. I respect your stand on that but ... you don't seem to be doing it, instead you are just destroying everything, a mass destruction to be precise.

You just didn't realize eh that we were gradually distancing ourselves each time you tell bad stuff about her, did you? You just do not know us, really. I hate guys doing shit things like this, and you just proved it ... that you are just another bastard or loser that I know of.

Thanks so much for putting up to that bastard requirement, you are now at the top list of jerks.

Thank you very big
Michy 09'

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hanky & Panky Story: Face

Well ... this story continues about the weird couple. Really they are a pair made in Heaven.

Both actually possess the same character and attitude. Both put high importance on their face, the name, the image of their own and care not much about the partner. Girl tells people the guy was the one who went after her. Guy tells people the girl was the one who went after him. What I understand is that people ... humans, don't do that. Those who are in the right mind will not do such a thing.

Who on earth will tell the others, irregardless whether you are a close friend or you're not, that your partner is the one who comes after you. Just tell me who. First of all, we never ask, and they are the ones coming telling people. If it's from the same place, alright, is still unacceptable but at some point .. well. But, this went to the extreme to tell to other people who works in an entirely different department. How happy is this couple.

Seriously, why are you tarnishing your partner's image, just because you wanna save yours. Nobody asked. Nobody cared. Most important of all, both of you ARE together, so what matters now. Nil. But ... why are you doing all this idiotic things.

First, Ms Hanky .. you went asking Mr Panky why did he say such things because you don't feel comfortable about this issue. The next thing I know, you went telling Ms Bitch that you will not ask since that both of you are together now and that you love him a lot and shouldn't suspect anything. I mean ... whatever both of you. We don't wanna know anything, and we don't care. Just leave us live in peace, okay, without the both of you. You are definitely out from our friends list. Just also to inform you .. WE HAVE A LIFE, though both of you .. DON'T.