Monday, July 31, 2006

au lac le lucerne

Remember the entry about the lake? I posted up 3 pics of au lac le Lucerne not too long ago, and this is the continuation of it. Just pics to see. It took us like 15-20 mins, there's short cut or long way. If you dont like to walk through the grass, then take the long way.

Who? Serenya, Carmen, Yuwen, Galih, Pakcik, Melly, me

We can only see asses in this entry

Hehe ... a zoom in asses :D

Oops ... what a coincidence ...

Today after dinner, I went to the lake again after dinner, just to take a walk because was feeling too full. I ate 2 portions today .. hehe coz I just do not know why I felt so hungry, and no, not growing up stage. And ... it's my fave .. chickennnnn :D :D :D and the sauce walamak ... syiokness ... adoi

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bon Odori's video

Few weeks ago, there was one festival held in KL called Bon Odori. As expected, the place was crowded with people to witness it. This video was taken there. This is a one million dollars video, so please enjoy it.

Main Cast: Papa
Director: Kylie
Assistant Director: Kerry

I felt so honoured to have 3 people dedicated this video to me. Though I know most probably the main cast got conned. Haha ..

Anyway, after watching that video, there's something for you to see ... just see the resemblance.

Hehe of course dont see the colour, I mean he can't be an Arang Batu for nothing, rite? ;)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Boredom ...

Sorry for the interruption .. but dont have to read this entry, nothing to read, nothing to see .. k ;)

Nothing mia .. [it's nothing]

Kebosanan yang maksimum [maximum boredom]

Ini terlampau maximum [This is extremely maximum]

Bosan sampai tak ada tenaga [bored until the extend I dont have any more energy]

Ini lah yang terakhir sebab tenaga sudah kehabisan [this is the last one because there's no more energy left]

Friday, July 28, 2006

Quack mug

Hey hey hey, I bought this ducky yesterday from Otto's located in Steinibach, instead of Migros in Luzern Bahnhof [town]. The place is so much quiter, you really feel like you are at a countryside or village, one of these. You can hardly see people around, I dont know where did they go to, maybe most of them go to town. But I think the place is not bad, not as packed as in the town. But, too quiet. It cost me like only 1.50 CH ... kawaii ne [cute] normal mug only cost 1 CH. This is dedicated to my commander and all other Quacks ;)

Dedication Episode 3

This is the dedication part 3

I blogged bout Pali Pali before, I met up with her before she went back to Malacca. This pic was taken very recently, just the other day at Bon Odori. I first met up with her the same day as I met up with her sis, Kylie haha. Dont pray pray wei, TKJ in the house. :D Nobody would ever disturb whenever she's around hehe.

This is my boss aka failed vampire. Reason why .. she's actually has vampire teeth. But then, a vampire should not be sleeping in the night, they are supposed to be wide awake. Who knows this vampire sleeps very early. If she's still awake at 2 in the morning, it's considered very and extremely fantastic. Thus, since she failed her vampire test, she has to hire me to be the gatekeeper aka penjaga pintu. She always abuse me, every single day work for her and get likt 5 ringgit per year, no rest no nothing, damn tiring okay. What to do, fated to be boss already hehe. Okay tell you the truth, many people actually believed it when we say that we are boss and worker. Adoi! I met her in the MYB bash on 16th July. But then, a really good dancer, ballroom la, ballet la, hip hop la, this la, that la ... woahhhh

This is my SP, I remembered that I first met her in the rave party in PD, damn funny that time. I was actually feeling very tired that day, due to lack of sleep. After the rave, I think we read each other's blog, that time I read her Multiply. Then, I started reading her t-m. Giving each other nicknames, not one or two but many of them until uncountable haha. Then, followed by chatting in MSN, later started hanging out, chilling out together, hiding lighter and ciggies from *ahem*, our usual hang out place would be Murni, and now she is my sleeping partner haha. I dont know how the name came up, but somehow it did. So, it's almost 1 year that I know her. :) Wish you good luck for the 72 hours movie marathon, :)

Coming up ... dedication part 4 .. stay tuned

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yoga class?

Haha .. some of you might have known about this already, but .. I went for yoga class today! Yeah, surprisingly from a lazy bum.

There were like almost 30 of us in the class. Mats were provided, so we just have to use our own towel. It was really good, as, it has been a long time since I felt this way. The feeling is something similar with the one in dance class, but of course not as good. Don't expect that much, but it's great feeling.

There were so many poses and every pose has a name, child pose, dog pose, and whatever they call that, I dont know. I thought that I'm VERY stiff, but good news is, I just found out that I'm not THAT stiff. I can still bend and after being pushed by the instructor, I am still able to take it. Some steps were quite similar with the stretching in dance class, though it's not exactly the same. I have now learnt that each of the steps work on different parts of the body and it's very interesting. Before this, I didn't know that this particular step works on abs. Now, I know. Yoga class actually reminds me of Jenny, who is a personal trainer and a power yoga instructor back in Pose Gend Studio.

At the end of the one and a half hours class, we were asked to lie down, relax hands and legs, and close the eyes. I actually fell asleep. Hehe ...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dedication Episode 2

This is orang jahat [bad person] Jeffy or formally popularly known as tissue boy, and then cookie boy, now ah beng haha ... knew him since early 2002 I think ... a bit earlier than Mann Mann ... the most kiamsiap[selfish] fella I ever known, coz this pic was taken in 2003 and never gave me any pic since then. Horrible fella ... though he loves to make people angry, but then again, actually nice guy ler very trustworthy... better dont say so much ... I still want to live.

Hor this is Papa aka Dora aka Ali Baba aka Arang Batu aka pembuli besar ... I think since June 2005, so it's already more than a year. Though sleep dead, though damn late, though ganas, though has someone as his best friend, though stoned, though eyes damn small, but then still ... still schweet ler ... :) always there to lend a helping hand oiii .. lose weight lar

This is geisha, :D very helpful and naish guy of course, definitely caring ... :) those who are interested to be geisha, kindly apply to the Geisha Association of Malaysia located in Taman Tun hehe :P but then, you have to undergo geisha training under him hehe ...

Lake Lucerne

Despite being able to upload some pix here, it actually took me only God knows how long. Supposingly, it was the dedication part 2. Nevertheless, having problems uploading that few pics, I decided to upload these instead.

This is the lake, but not the place we went, this is just a place we walked passed

Another take of it

Final shot

It was my first time to Lake Lucerne ... there will definitely be a second time


Haro good evening

Not my fault, cant upload pix ... I have tried again and again, yet I could not successfully upload the pix. Too bad then, have to wait another day to see if it works. If not then another day.

The housekeeping came today, they gave the notice that they were coming between 1pm to 3pm. They came around 2 plus. Sigh, we can't be in the room, omg. Bodoh lar .. even before they didn't force us to be out from the room. I meant IHTTI. I prefer the ones in IHTTI so much more, in every aspect of it. Can be a chicken and duck talking too, as she speaks French and I don't haha but I sort of know what she meant. :D

I know that this is getting boring but ... omg ... sooooooooooo hotttttttttttt ....

pye bye ... I can't upload pix :(

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oink Oink

As promised, I'll blog bout oink oink. If you believe that you will see real oink oink, I'm afraid that I'll disappoint you big time because it's not the real pigs.

This is the Oink Oink I'm talking about, haha I know it's damn like "cehhh, not impressive" but then dont expect me to take a real pig, coz I cant see one here. Please appreciate this pic even though it's not real because it took me one hour to upload this pix, over and over again I tried, finally I succeeded in uploading the pix.

Oh ... and I am wondering why are there so many China fellas adding my MSN lately, not like I displayed my MSN ID anywhere. The one you see here is a different MSN ... weird and spamming away like no one's business. That is what I call as the real babi! Nothing better to do, and all they messaged me was the box language. Goodness -_- bodoh lar ... celaka

Monday, July 24, 2006

Dedication Episode 1

Since I have totally nothing to blog, I am going to dedicate this post to the friends that I know, that's if I have your pictures ... :)

Mann .. also the longest that I have known ... since the chatroom days in MSN ... which is I think 2002 or 2001 I'm not sure ..hehe yeah those teen chat and fun chat days. Being known as the cookie girl before, sampat ... what else couldnt remember haha. Damn tall okay -_- loves chocies a lot, or should I say crazy and mad over chocies haha

Though very very far away in a place called Canada, she is someone that many people are afraid of, but I find her very da dede haha .. :p a good friend indeed ;) and omg ... her obsession for make up ... can faint anytime, known her since 2004, when she gets angry, quite entertaining hehe, very talented in her make up skills, basically anything to do with beauty

This is my Nyakk, I have known her in real life since 2005 CNY and never look back since then, went to meet her a day before she left for Oz, how time flies :o drama queen haha ... but then again, what's life without drama, very sweet girl, damn chun wei .. :P

Kylie ... being known as potato girl since our BBQ day hehe ... claimed to be cute and sweet but kylie, I will still say this no matter what, you're not :D hehe always lend a helping hand, known her since July 15th, 2005, many titles under her such as tidur queen, sesat queen, tiap queen and many more

First session is over, more to come, dont be sad :D if you want to blame, kindly blame AceBob, either him or Blogger, I dont know either one, I cant upload the pics :(

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hmm ...

Let's see my schedule for Week 4

10-12 BC020 - Hospitality Information System
1.30-3.30 BC017 - Personal Developing Planning

8-10 In-Training Talk

1.30-3.30 BC020

10-12 HM008 Food and Beverage Concept Development
1.30-3.30 HM008 :S

Arrrghhhh ... I think HM008 was like the one during HM03b in Neuchatel .... I forgot the code already but it's something like that ... I think :s my gawd ....
Information System I dont know ... IT ... maybe about web designing and stuff, if so then good for me, can design my own site ... HAHA ... if only ...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

How Libra Are You?

You are 80% Libra
HAHA! I'm a certified Libran :D

What's your reaction?

What's your reaction like or how's your response or how do you act when you are lack of sleep, or deprieve from sleep? Not because you cant sleep, but it's more like you are having fun out with friends hanging out and chilling out ....

1. Moody
2. Stone
3. Normal/same
4. Delayed response
5. Drunken/energetic/laughing gas/very happy

For me, it depends ... but usually it's the .... 5th one ... :D :D dont know why .. but or couse it depends on the company as well ... :p haha

Friday, July 21, 2006

Not again?

OMG!! Dammit ... I cant seem to post pics here .... :s Now even IE is giving problems

What the heck happened to AceBob -_- I think really really have to reformat it ... :S :S


Moo Moo Club

Haha I know out of a sudden I go crazy over Moo Moos .. but then what can I do when they are so cute

As there were a vote in the previous few posts about which come first ... Moo Moo or Oink Oink, this is about that.

Since Moo Moo won ... so this is all about Moo Moo ... well more like only pictures about Moo Moo.

When I first reached here, I can hardly see them as they were at the other block. However, two weeks later, they changed their location to ... right at the back of my room. When I first came here, I really thought that someone was selling ice-cream or something. How would I know those moo moos were wearing the bells and kling kling klang klang here and there, basically the whole time they are here.

Moo Moo one

Moo Moo Two

Moo Moo Three

Moo Moo Four

Moo Moo Five

Moo Moo Six

Moo Moo Seven

I can say that the morning I woke up when I saw the cows here, I was so damn excited okay...!!! So damn happy to see moo moos ... I can hardly open my eyes, but when I saw the moo moos, I jumped up straight away and got so excited kay :D Few nights ago, they ate the grass until 10am wei .. started from the night before hahahhaha ... that's the reason why they are so FAT ... the word FAT ... reminds me of Toby ... :p

I just found out one new place ... I went to Horw today with Eunice and Melly ... hehe yeah the stuff there are much cheaper compared to the ones in town. Hehe something funny ... Melly and I were walking because we sort of broke off with Eunice mid-way. Around 5 plus, the shops started to close and Eunice was nowhere to be seen. We guessed she had gone back. Hehe both of us were stuck there. SUpposingly it's bus 21 ... but after waiting for quite some time, it's not there yet!!! Thus, we decided to ask the number 16 bus driver how to go to Dorni hahaha ... he spoke in German to me -_- but I sorta got what he meant though I dunno what he said. Something like you can take this bus, go down to dunno which station and take another bus to Dorni. Hehe .. then he said come in ... at another station he said now wait for bus 21 ... then bye bye to him ... :p SEE!!! I was right :D :D :D

*dunno what happened but those pics cant seem to load and whyt allignment so screwed up*

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Owner Sesat

hello all ... this is nyakk posting behalf of nyokk AceBob is down, cant post anything in shoutbox or entry or wherever, can just view. Thank u, will be back soon

Go Formal

Hey Hey, as I have promised Commander

So, these are the pics ...

and ...

And something I found today, though at previous times, I had invitation through email from friends to BingBox but I ignored, today I am terlampau bosan and bengang [extremely bored and irritated] ... so I joined just for the fun of it and to de-stress. It's something like Friendster ... but the only difference is that you can view it even though you are not a member. But then again, I think Friendster allows non-members to view it now as well ...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moo Moo or Oink Oink

I dont know which should I blog first ...

01. Oink Oink
02. Moo Moo

The ones with more votes, then I'll blog that first ...

Yeah ... I have nothing better to do :P

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tagged -_-

1. Five people who are currently on my current list of “Most Favorite Blog Mates”

In fact, there are many many more, BUT ... so many that I can't list them all out ... so ... just take a look at the link

2. Five types of people who irk, amaze, amuse, disgust me.

  • Irk & Disgust People… right now, I cant think ... so ... next question
  • Amaze & Amuse People…Haha dont be surprise there are many amusing people around ;) so ... cant really say who

3. Five hot male/female celebrities.
FIve? So many ... I dont know ... maybe err ... Jennifer something ... not Anniston ... forgot ... then Jessica Alba ... lahhh I'm not that interested

4. Five things I’m passionate about.

  • AceBob... Without acebob [my laptop] I cant do anything when I have free time, imagine that, I cant online, cant online that means I cant chat, I cant blog, I cant check mail, I cant read blogs, I cant go to forum ..
  • Nochy…My mobile ... just in case I am not in front of Acebob ..Nochy is my saviour
  • My Music… I tell you music is a must ... without music ... omg .. how wei .. how???
  • My Food…For supper :D
  • Le Parfum… It's also quite a must to have this

5. Five blogs that I love reading.

6. Five phrases that describe me.
All combined become SQR --> my tagline :D haha

Got tagged by: The Angel
Tagging: Anyone who wants to get tagged :D

Monday, July 17, 2006

Guang Liang - Ru Guo Ni Hai Ai Wo

ru guo ni hai ai wo:

wo dai zhe yi ge pi bei de xin zou le
wo zhi dao zi ji zai ni xin li yi bu zhong yao
sui ran wo men ceng jing xiang ju guo
ye xu dui yu ni lai shuo
yi jing mei you shen me zhi de hui yi

wo dai zhe yi ke chen zhong de xin zou le
wo zhi dao zi ji mei you yong qi dao bie li
sui ran wo men ceng jing yong you guo
dan shi dui yu ni lai shuo
yi jing mei you shen me zhi de hui yi

nan dao zao yi zhu ding
bu neng zhen zheng yong you ni
nan dao wo zhen xin fu chu yi qie
zhi wei lei cheng shou gu dan he ji mo
wo zhi dao ni bu gan dui wo tan bai
shi bu yao kan dao wo de shang huai
sui ran ni mei you shuo yao li kai wo
wo yi jing gan dao ni bu zai shu yu wo

ru guo ni hai ai wo
ni bu hui dui wo ru ci de leng mo
you zen hui rang wo zai man man chang ye du zi pai huai
ru guo ni hai ai wo
ni bu hui dui wo ru ci de leng mo
wo zhi neng han zhe yan lei mo mo de li kai

Sowee ... dont know what it meant, just that emo song, very nice eh ... I think the title meant if you still love me ... haha ... how i know .. just a wild guess ... kylieeee .. help!!


Since that I have posted the scenery here, as well as the ice-cream, it's chocies time ... but this is
not hand-made specialties whatsoever, it's just chocies bought from Migros ...

I think I got this from Manor ... but I have finished this already ... quite nice quite nice :D and the one that Nyakk bought for me from Oz is available too in different sizes, in future will get that, now it's experimenting time

White chocolate :D

Yay I know how to read ... chocolat au lait ... milk chocolate :p haha ;)

That's all for now, getting ready to meet Mrs Mona Clark who is here to assist us in our dissertation and proposal

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My room pics

Haro ... migraine is over ... finally :D I did brunch for Saturday and today I am doing dinner ... after dinner ... merdekaaaaaaa .... duty OVER!!!! :D :D :D :D That is sooooo damnnnn niceeee ... waiting for that, but duty over means I have to finish my proposal very soon ... :( and class is starting again, but then ... at least it's better without any duty at all. In fact I should be glad because it's over and I'm not doing duty when the juniors are here, which means it's triple workload ... adoi

Weather is still hot, very hot ... it's the month of July already, but still ... :s hot hot hot ...

It's my room ... taken from the door

Yah that's my bed but the lamp beside my bed .... bulb fused

Yea and I usually leave my door open like that, no fan ... what to do, so damn hot :s

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Sigh! Soooooo tired .... coz of what I did today, the duty, the voluntarily work and duty again. Just as thought that I can rest and sleep well at night, those idiots started partying at 10 plus and right until now it's already 12 plus. From here, I can hear those songs bang bang bang and I can even see it from my room.

Earlier on, those hippopotamus were going up and down, and from up to down, asking people to join the party because nobody was there, well not many. They sounded sarcastic, but anyway, they are such babi hutan [wild boar], that's why haha. When I saw that place from my room few minutes ago, it was so empty. It's a failure party, that's all I can say. Good for them :D

Honestly speaking, I rather party with the moo moos [cows] ... they are so much more cuter. I wonder what are the moo moos doing now. Moo Moo [Azxel].... I think you should organize one moo moo party :D Isn't it fabulous? so that I can touch them with my bare hands, but make sure that they don't harm me, then everything is cool :D

Even when I want to do my proposal, the music is too loud to do anything. It was so freaking irritating.

The weather is seriously terrible, hot during the day, I mean very hot, and supposed to be cooler during the night. Yesterday, it was terribly hot during the night, oh no that was 2 days ago, so hot that I could not sleep. First time wei ...

Get ready to sleep ... doing service at 10.00 ... brunch ....

Friday, July 14, 2006

Quack Quack and Ali Baba

Hey hey, service today isn't that tiring, but tomorrow[Friday] will be a long day for me. I have breakfast duty which, I have to be there by 6.30am ... then I'll come back to rest. After that, it's lunch and at 1.30pm, I am going to do this volunteer thingy, as what they say as, community contribution. I am doing that not because I really want to volunteer myself but just to collect my professional attitude points. It's worth 6 points and work for 2 hours. I think it's worth it, so at least I have this extra 6 if something goes wrong in the future. Then, dinner duty ... omg ... see ... damn tiring wei .. should go and sleep after this :)

Though this came 2 weeks late, but it's better than never. Don't whack me okay ... it's a pressie given by SP, Meow, Nyakk, Papa, Quack and Geisha ... thanx so much ... I will ganbate ;) They gave me this duck because my nickname is Quack 2 as given by my commander name Quack :D Who wants to join the Quack family, feel free to do so, currently we have Quack 6 ... the next one would be 7 ;)

*tang tang tang*

Hahahah .... remember that Ali Baba story? If you dont click Ali Baba make sure you click ok .. make sure ... if not you would not know what are you reading now ...
Actually the full name for this shop is Ali Baba 2nd Hand Vintage Shop

Hehe ... that's all for now ... pye byeeee ... take care everyone ... oh shit I'm hungry :(

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


OMG! Duty service today was horrendous! I dont know why but today seem to be more people than any other days. There were so many rounds of polishing and washing. Usually, there's like approximately half an hour rest before class starts again at 1.30pm, but today, we dont have any time to rest, not even a minute or so. After service I had to run up to take my stuff and fly to the class. Phew~ Tiring tiring ... counting the days when I finish my service :D After all, it's free labour :o If class ever finish at 5.30 today ... real gone case, luckily, it's 3.30pm. Melissa is finally here ... :o

My school looks like that ... this is the front yah ... my room is located at the upper floor ... taken from my room

Look at the sign, it's IMI

And as per request ...

Taken few days ago with my webcam ... adoi

2nd shot ... and ...

Last one ... done :D

Black Bull ... taste like .... blackcurrent ... yah seriously, only difference is this is alcoholic :P quite nice if you add some Coca-Cola inside :D

That's all for today, dinner time in half an hour's time ... tata~

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

Hari ini dalam sejarah [today in history], I woke up at 6 am this morning, maybe 6 plus for my duty. Never in my life I woke up this early before. Okay minus those times that I did not sleep kay coz it's unfair and incomparable. 6.30 I was in the kitchen, nobody was to be seen around ... and I was supposed to be on duty with another guy, Mike, but seems that he did not turn up, fabulous heh ... but whatever. Tomorrow Mrs Clark will be here to guide us for our proposal and dissertation, AND ... I have set up a meeting with her next Monday. Hope it turns out well ;)

Dont ask me what is this ... it's something, that's all I can say

In front of this ... it's .... Thai Restaurant ... not directly in front .. but sort of and since so many people love to tempt me with food ... then ... nvm ... it's okieeeee ....

Let's go Thai .. chicken ... naish naish

Fried rice ... :D :D

Pork ... weeeee ...

Prwans ... :D

Salad ...

Went with Winnie, Poom, Koy, Gal. All of the dishes are nice, the environment is nice :D it's not spacious, just a small restaurant, if compared to us ... of coz it's considered very small ... maybe about 5-6 tables? Service as usual ... slow ... dont expect mamak service ... :D

So, that's all tata ...