Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The name

It was a drastic action that I took. It got me to do that after much contemplation. Though it was a simple thing that does not require much thought, but it does to me.

Looking back at the dates, I just realize that it has been quite some time ever since I changed my blogger space's initial. I am not changing again, don't be silly :P It is just that I am just seeing how my blog develops and which path it is heading to.

If you ask me the reason for changing, I have of course but not to be revealed. I am actually sick of something that made me change it :D and I am glad that I did. Probably when it goes way too overboard, then I just have to and there is no turning back. I don't wanna be caught in that situation anymore and I just wanna be free. As free as I can and I'll be just as happy as when it got started.

I know .... this entry is like ... meaningless but in a matter of fact, it carries very deep meaning beneath all this words. Perhaps, not many can sense and can see it, but most important of all is that I can see it. People wonder the reason and they are curious. But all I know is that if you think what it is, then it is. Hehe.

As I said, it makes no sense but there are a lot of hidden meaning and it is like a jigsaw puzzle so . hehe, solve it :D But nvm, I already made it, so dont worry and be happy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wood Rat


Brief Description
The Rat is highly imaginative, charming and very generous. They can sometimes be quick tempered and overly critical.
Positive Traits
charming, protective, compassionate, communicative, dynamic, familial, thrifty, skilful, sober upright, attractive, idealistic, prosperous, experimental, calm, sensual, loving, talented, adaptable, open-minded and brilliant entrepreneurs
Negative Traits
possessive, picky, defensive, excessive, addictive, fickle, stingy, bumptious, bossy, exploitive, anxious, argumentative, opinionated, overbearing and self-obsessed

I got this from my beloved current addiction Facebook. Quick-tempered hmm lolz. Too bad then. Overly critical er .. don't know. I like that word .. thrifty haha. But being brilliant entrepreneurs are so not true. I agree on being picky ehe. Fickle omg that is so damn true and addictive yes - facebook. Exploitive er don't really think so. Self-obsessed siao =.= There are some traits of a Libran too eh.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Boredom strikes

Boredom strikes. Have you ever felt that you are just so bored and fed up about things around you, and that you just feel like getting away but you just could not due to some circumstances. You feel stone, you feel lifeless. You feel as days go by, the more you feel you have to drag and push yourself to do things and it all comes by force. You just do not see anything out there for you anymore that can give you some light and some excitement in your life, instead of all darkness, lifeless, dullness. Everything seems to be so uninteresting, and unimaginative that your attention seems to drift away pretty quickly. You do the same thing almost everyday, it's a routine and you just hate the present routines.
At times like this, you realized how much you missed your past life, your once-upon-a-time life that you know you can't get back to that. You know your current situation very well and you don't seem to be really gratified with it, you feel okay, but you don't feel that content.
Nothing seems to please you, nothing seems to make you feel really excited or amused like it used to be. You feel fatigue, tired, lethargic and totally drained out that you can't find time for yourself. You feel that you got married to your work already and there is no time for your personal life anymore. You can get burned out so easily, so fragile but there is something to make you stay on. Perseverance and determination never dies though your physical almost died on on you. If you are not working, you will be sleeping and it rotates. It's so difficult to find some personal life. Endurance makes you go on.
Right here, right now ... is just to wait .. for something new to happen, that can bring my life back to me, to find the inner me ... the old me ... again

WOah lah blog as if I am emo ... warning, this is ain't no emo post, so before anything, don't tell me to stop being emo coz I am not, I am enjoying my day off okay, WARNING!!!!

Kuchen @ starbucks for birthday

Sitting in front of Acebob, enjoying the cooling air of the air-cond, listening to Linkin Park, having my pets right beside me, is not something I can do all the time, and I enjoy doing things like that, just sitting around doing nothing nonchalantly. Don't have to talk, don't have to waste saliva,
nothing is bothering me, no pressure no stress. This is how it should be. I know it's a mere 2 days but it feels like 2 weeks because, how often do I get TWO days. NOT at all okay.

Yeah like few weeks ago, I had this .... little blueberry cheesecake from where? Shaz's house called Starbucks =.= and I never had any cakes from there before, only that day. WHY? Hehe I went there to celebrate my birthday with Siao Zha Bo. Surprisingly, it was fresh haha. Yeah I know even that time it's already one or two weeks passed my birthday but fret not, birthday can be celebrated for one whole month, just like Ramadhan okie ehe.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

World of difference

Weather is freaking hot today until my Vater told me that better for me to stay in Swiss hehe :p I know it was only 9am that time, so how hot can it be, rite? But no, it was THAT hot, sun was so blardy fierce, shining so brightly and can even shine through me. WOaH hehe. Have you realized the clock on my side bar? YEah ... swiss time had gone back one hour ... so it is now 7 hours behind us now instead of 6, the arrival of winter. I WANTTTTTTTT winter =.=

I am having my day off tomorrow and I got another day on Tuesday. This is my first ever time in 3 months that I get to rest for 2 consecutive days. I'm serious shit. How nice back then, get 2 days in a week at least. Annual leave here 8 days in a year I think, for 6 months you get about 4 days. You know how many days is the minimum in Swiss? 2 weeks!! For the one I worked for, I got 2 and a half weeks and for permanent staff, they get 5 weeks in a year!!!! Not to mention I get to go home early when it isn't busy!!! SEE THE DIFFERENCE? This is pure abuse.

I'm off so yah, anyone wanna go Murni? I'm dying to go for so long now. I cannot take it, I have to go!! Don't care I will go!!! MUSTTTTTTT

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Finit 11

I HEART my in-training time. What makes me wanna blog bout it? Well, it was because I had these 2 guests from France hehe ... and yeah I said something that I used to say to people there, which is Merci Au Revoir hehe.

Daddy said "come come to daddy here" HAHA yeah that was his exact words he told me :P

I just wish he is still my boss hehe the one and only one that is always on our side

Mohin from Iran, from my ex-school during my higher diploma days hehe

I have a sudden urge to crop my hair short but I cant, I will have to wait til at least next year or when my hair becomes superbly retarded until the extent that even with the existence of superman, nothing can be done to rectify it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Truly Malaysian

Sometimes I wonder if I should just learn and master that language and migrate to that country. I just feel that I'm such a sad case that even being at home, I feel a need to explain to people that I am truly Malaysian and nothing else.

Questions were even raised by my very own beloved Malaysians mate =.= how potong stim can things be.

I thought that coming back will clear all the doubts that people have. Apparently no. Foreigners gotta ask if I am Malaysian -_- Isn't it obvious that I am? DAMN obvious okay. My first encounter was 2 Thai delegates asked what am I and that I looked Thai. Then, a Thai lady told me I looked half Thai. Alright, so I thought I have an improvement that half ... now and not a pure Thai. Just when I felt that there's some light shining through, there were 2 random guys in the elevator that just popped me up this question and they asked with a very eyebrow-raising look on his face if I am a Malaysian. I am!! Wanna see my IC? Even you want, I refuse to show. I said nooo I'm Malaysian, then he said I looked Jap =.= apa nieeee?? After walking some distance, he saw me and he told me once more .. you really look Jap =.=

Yesterday was some really shocking day. A Japanese woman came up to me and in a very serious look on her face she asked if she can ask me a question. I said yes of course. The question she wanna ask was if I am Malaysian. You tell me pengsan or not -_- Later on, she told me that she thought I'm Jap.

What's wrong with people these days?????? Tell meeee .. I'm at home for goodness sake wehhh .... and I am still in a state of confusion ... SIAO

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Disgusting, EWWWW

I feel that the weather is so hot, and it's 6.30am wth! I just got out from the bathroom, I had my shower, washed hair ... yay! =.= I feel so hungry. I just switched my air cond off -_-

I have not been sweating for years now. Hehe ... exaggerating :P

The next whole month will be a rehab month. A month spending at home, eating bread, starring at the 4 walls again, no matter if it is daylight or in darkness. Why? Coz it's rehab, a month with no money, a month to feel angelic, a month to be just ... home.

Do not mention bar and club, chilling out and pub ... tell me starbucks and coffee bean and of course Murni. Those words that I mentioned is strictly prohibited.

While I was hopping, we got this ..... and I can declare it as the most ever uberly disgusting B52 that I ever had in my entire life.

B52 anyone? :P haha .. neverminddd ... by looking at this, I will not be tempted instead I feel like puking, it's just disgusting!!!

Afternoon shift makes me so tired!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Geneve 11

A little chat with someone I know last year and currently in London made me feel that time flies so fast, even faster than I could breathe and I realized how nice and how sweet Swiss is, and that we definitely miss that place so much. That place is like heaven to us, our paradise and somewhere that made me feel like we are in a different planet altogether because it was so nice and we were like caught in our own world, doing our own things and nobody even cares, nobody even bothers if you look stupid and silly. No pressure from anyone and anywhere, the time that we used to hang out and do stupid stuff that nobody else in the school was so free to do that kind of stuff. Hehe. That moment of time, even very simple things made us happy and laugh like there is no tomorrow. The joy, the happiness is all written in each and everyone of our face. All we have now is pressure and stress, that sometimes we wonder .... where have those moment gone to? Nobody wants it to end up like that, and it ended up too fast. We want to bring back the joyfulness and bliss once again. We want to be in our comfort zone ... once more. It really does feel like cloud nine. 6 months was short, but the memories we had was much more than ever. We have gone so far apart in distance ... and we will be waiting to meet up again, but ... one member will be missing and that makes us incomplete.

Talking to him makes me miss Luzern ... but ... I miss Geneva too. My starting life in Geneva was horrifying and ungodly, and it really does. However, in the end of it was awesome, beautiful, intoxicating and momentous. I know that it is cynical that I am missing that place but ... it is a fact. It was quite depressive with the amount of time I have spending time surrounded by 4 walls in a small cubicle.

With the thought that I have now, it is time to put up some pics .... to take a break from all the drinking partying and birthday session

More pics to come .. connection is pissing me off big time

We were inside the building we are and before that we were inside the green building, and it's adjoining hehe

To see the pics before and now made me realized how much weight I lost

Tourists going hoo-hoo-ha-ha over this water jet ... when the people in Geneva don't find it attractive but I still love it as it gives me the feeling of calmness and it soothes my mood

This is how the whole place looks like and it's really impressive ;)

Pink 339

It's October and do you know what happens this month? I know it's Halloween =.= but it's also the
pink month, breast cancer awareness month. Hence, of me changing it to pink.

I know this is probably too pink even for my own liking, but it will only be for a week until I change back to white.

It's my day off today, after 7 straight days and yesterday was a tough tough day. My very first guest had problem, dispute followed by more problematic guests and I had big problem trying to balance it up for the first one, and more and more and more. Omg what a day. Idiot. This time I did it myself, I'm so proud!! :P AND ... no tips.

AND ... it's such a sad month that I have to end up eating budgeted bread for meals because this month ... service point is not even 350, can you imagine that. My salary will be SO sad. ONE thousand lesser than the previous month. Long bia ... sit at home stare at the walls is what I do for one whole month now. Omg. SERIOUSLY sad without motivation anymore. Sigh, 339 oh 339.

Monday, October 22, 2007

hop hop bar

As I have mentioned before, we went bar hopping .... which was a complete failure after the birthday of 22 year old girl hehe. Hartamas is not the place at least haha.

This is my kahlua ...

and Yu Wen's Martini

Actually what is disappointing is the crowd, all are like older working adults that look at least 30s ... notice the key word - at least.

Anyways ... we hopped to other place after the disappointing crowd who knows that other places around there are worse LOL might as well just go mamak hopping should be more successful haha alright I'll do that next time ONE day.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Peace is great

My life is so peaceful, nothing dramatic, nothing funny, nothing strange but it's great.

No story equals to good life. Good life equals to stress-free and that makes me and people around me happy. hehe. Bugs-free, but not animals-free.

I am now enjoying my peaceful and tranquil life that I never had before in KL. I seriously never. This is the time of the life that I should, to learn how to appreciate these little things.

For some, peaceful equals to lifeless. Depends on the definition of peaceful then. I don't mean staying home 24/7 facing the 4 walls in your room, meeting absolutely nobody. That I call it as ... lifeless nut. Peaceful ... is a word that describes me now, that I am not disturbed, disgusted on anything anywhere.

Things should have been this way earlier. But, you know what? Though I feel peaceful, but ... there are some things that I can't still get over it, that I am still feeling a tad disgusted each time people talk about it. I just can't believe someone else ...making plans or rather making the decision for us on our outings. I really couldn't believe it. Too free? Maybe. But I am against it so ... sorry dei. hehe.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

22nd Birthday - The art of eating

This will be the last post for the birthday. But, I have not blogged bout my birthday yet. hehe.

omg pengsan. Okay on a serious note, you have to show peace sign, ice cream get stolen by two different people and only start eating.

haha ... essen. 2nd way of eating will be ... tadaaa ... display first, appreciate how it looks like and then gobble it up

gin kau. 3rd way a bit kiasu, dont let others eat the first bite, and just put into your mouth first to tell people that it's yours aha.


Friday, October 19, 2007


pengsans. faints. kalabooms. balabongs.

I feel so bosans. coz I have to leave my house now. and it's a friday.

I don't know what am I doing here. Same time, I feel hungry.

Today is the last day that we can enjoy the smooth flowing traffic. How I wish they don't come back and stay like this forever. How nice. I love festivals. People go outstation. We enjoy the traffic.

It has almost been 3 months I have not been to Murni. COming from me okay. The loyal customer.

And I still got nothing to say. Finger itchy. Feel like typing. I miss the Swiss cows.

I hope I can leave on time today. Unlike yesterday left work only at 9.30. So jia lat.

And I am waiting for my next day off. I dont know when. I hope I dont get graveyard. But I know, mine is coming. Real soon. Good luck.

I got nothing to say, so I will end up with

pengsans. faints. kalabooms. and balabongs again. hehe. tschuss.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just a picture

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am busy dot com. I have no time full stop. I am working later dot net.

Picture of two Malaysians ... yes, MALAYSIANS okay.

And the simplicity of life is to find happiness. Keep life simple, distance problem from yourself. And ... get 50 bucks as tips.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

22nd birthday - The brownies

I had a convo with a friend the other day and I just thought that it's funny how things work these days. I only started thinking for the last few months and maybe I already got the answer to it. I think I have the answer already. You only start thinking and start pondering once things aren't the same anymore. You don't really think bout it when you are still in the same channel, do you? I thought I was the only one who think this way but who knows, she agreed with me. We didn't know about the same thought until the other day. Both are afraid to disclose the truth I supposed. Everything has been cleared out, that probably that person is what we think that person is and not like what other people thought of. Fortunately, I know and I realize now rather than later. Though I feel bad for thinking this way because it might not be true, but ... well .. if more than 2 person thinks the same without being influenced, then there must be something wrong. There are so much things and much more things. Just leave it as it is. On a seperate occasion, do you feel how strange can someone be? They tell others you are weird when the real weird person is the one who said about you? HEH! Yea yea I am weird and everyone else, except you. WHATEVER~ I just wanna emphasize this. It is still VERY disgusting. Do not ask me what is disgusting, bottom line, it's still really disgusting. hehe.

It's the birthday again.

Blow the candles ..

and eating brownies in pairs :P

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pizza Hut @ Kepong is BLACK-LISTED

Every Malaysian kid would have exposed to fast food at a very young age and it is getting younger each generation. I have nothing against fast food, in fact I love it and the fact that I used to have it few times a week. Thus, I have all the proof that I am not bias towards them. This time, is not about reviews but more on .. the experience that I encountered yesterday. It was not long but it is enough for me to blacklist that particular branch of Pizza Hut. Yes you read that right, it was Pizza Hut and specifically the Kepong branch near to Jusco Kepong.

It was my first ever time there after dont-know-how-long it was opened. First ever time and having no hopes, I entered. I would not have given it a shot if it wasn't for the rain. I know I live in Kepong but that does not mean that I have to eat there okay. I made the wrong decision, and it was the stupidest mistake that one could do. I regretted it big time.

We went in, sat down and having all the nonsense and nuisance of those kids running around making hell of a noise, we ordered to this guy. Food came, soup came. Mushroom soup which is so freakiing diluted and it tasted like plain water. Like what do you think we are? Someone without taste but or something? Anyway ... complained and supervisor was some bullshitter, she said some customers wanted it like that. I might be visiting there the first time, but I am not dumb. I have been going to Pizza Hut like forever. Isn't it enough to judge it? More than enough. We demanded a new one and she came back to us saying that order taker have forgotten to shout our order which I think it's fake. Why I say so? Probably they have no way to make a thicker mushroom soup and that is the reason of them doing so That's how I think but we don't know what is happening behind there, do we?

Fine then, they are so unhygienic .. really they are. The trays that they used to put the soup was so disgusting, utterly disgusting. It was so dirty. The way the tray was held was so wrong. Alright maybe we should not expect any service in the first place, but hygiene is something that everyone has to practise especially in the food industry, shouldn't it? Those who were working that time were just irritating and at one point, I wonder if they use their brain to work. How do people drink the soup without the spoon?

I was there like 10 minutes or so only, and all these were what I have observed. It sucks and no, I don't think I can take it. WHat's more ... I am not going back there.

If you can take places and people which and who are unhygienic, have a high level of patience, impossible to get irritated then I suggest that you can go there. If you have too much money and do not know how to spend but refuse to give it to me, probably you can donate it to them by trying to dine there yourself

You might have been there, have a good dining experience, but I am saying this base on my personal experience and yesh, after they came back saying the order taker did not shout out the order, we walked off.

Something that I wanted to say . my neighbour is superbly retarded with a high level of stupidity as he was bloody drilling some jerk hole at 12am.

22nd Birthday - Hopping from Steamboat to Dessert

Filled and full with the indulgence of food called steamboat, we already planned. More like a last minute plan. DN and I went driving around looking for some bakery but none to be found .. sadly. As we thought that all the plan was ruined, one shop came to our rescue. They might not have cakes, but ... they do have desserts ... ice cream and brownies that is and it's good enough. So, before entering the steamboat restaurant, we hopped into this and placed our order and told the guy so and so and so. So yah~

How do you feel if you eat Haagen-Dazs? Baskin Robbins? Lecka Lecka? New Zealand's natural ice cream? Let's not talk about Swensen's. Great? Awesome? Marvellous? And you thought you could never find any other better ice cream in Msia already? Afraid not, coz there is one. It is called the Moevenpick ice-cream and the best part is it is from the beloved place of mine called Switzerland and it is the best ever ice-cream. However, I don't feel that it is as good as the one in Swiss. But, as long as there is one, I am happy enough. I thought only Marche has it, but who knows .... omg, even in Sunway. You know how happy was I? VERY indeed.

This is the result of having steamboat - red face and I have no idea why. I saw other tables and their face was all normal =.=

Pics were taken before birthday girl came out from the toilet or rather known as WC and pronounced as Weh Seh haha

Finally the brownies came as we have planned ehehe ... we told the guy that it's someone's birthday

Btw, I am having my day off today which is ... MONDAY ... MONTAG ... LUNDI ... so I can celebrate Raya with you all mentally as I will be home patheticly BUT ... I am not as pathetic as somebody thinks I am haha.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I have been really superbly exhausted lately and today was the worst. Guess what? When I was going to work today at the traffic lights, this dodgy looking man, came to my car and wanted to say or ask something. Man, I tell you .... I got DAMN freaked out. I pretended I was blind and couldn't see him. Hence, he went to the car in front of me instead hehe coz I ignored him like as if he wasn't standing there at all. Ignorance works the best sometimes.

In an unrelated incident, or rather scenario ... whichever you wanna call it, I feel this whole drama is superbly retarded. Have you ever met someone who thinks so highly of himself? Maybe yes, but that wouldn't be in you circle of friends heh. Well, all I can say that people sometimes are so into self-denial that they don't even know they are opposite from what they thought. He thought he is so damn superbly uberly a very very important person and that he stands a freaking high place for me when the fact that he is just another person or o he thought. Understanding me is not easy and the fact that he could not even understand a normal straight guy.. sigh. What makes him think that he understands me? Absolutely no way. Even having a mentality of a girl doesn't make you to understand me either. Just how weird how he thinks, thinking that my initial plan was backfired. ALL I want to say now is .. my initial plan is ... this fella here is so frigging annoying and being a nuisance. Hence, of me acting this way.

Prolly, what you see now is just plain funny as you don't understand it completely as there are a lot of indirect things. But then, just read it for the sake of reading and not try to understand what am I trying to say.

My last word before I end this would be, I HAVE A LIFE and YOU DONT. STOP IT! Plain stupid. However, saying that he is pathetic is an understatement.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy 22nd Birthday

My last steamboat was very very long ago, seriously long. I could not even remember but for sure it's longer than one and a half years ago, but I guess it's longer than that most probably. The other day, was the day that I went for steamboat with Dede, Deeana, and Felix as it was Felix's birthday that day. The spelling of their names had been changed :P I have a life if any of you are wondering. Yes, I do .... unlike some people who thought that I don't and even pestered ... nevermind. Hehe.

We went over to Sunway after work. Yay!

That's the food

A nearer view would look like this

These is the people involved ...


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2nd celebration

Since .... I do not have the pics with me, why not I blog bout something else first as I don't think I can get those pics so soon, it's so far away .... far far away in a place called Muar.

Let's fast forward it for a few days ... and I got a day off on a Saturday, which means .. I can go out on a Friday night and that's sooo rare for me. Hence, grabbing the golden opportunity to go out is something that I must do in order to get some life back. Since that other colleagues had the same one too ... so why not we .... hehe. Yeah~

My birthday celebration also .... hehe consider it as one :P

People say we look alike and I have no idea why hahaha .... and people actually ask if we are blood related. LOL. I know that we were classmates, I know that we were neighbours, I know that we hang out with each other, I know that we used to go anywhere and everywhere together in Swiss but we are buddies, no family ties involved :S

All younger than me .... damn shy

and now ... people say we look even more alike ... and some said twins *pengsans* yet I have no idea why .. which part make us look alike I have no idea =.= twins that has 5 years gap ... interesting eh

We found something .... B52!!!! But ... a bit potong stim, as it's without flame .... =.= so uninteresting ... the first ever time I drank B52 was in Madwall Street and it was introduced by Nemo if I'm not mistaken and my love for it can only get stronger :D hehe

Preview of 23rd birthday

Finally ... I am gonna blog bout this ... hehe ... BUTTT ... it's just a preview until I get hold of the pics, or else .... hehe wait longer :P

This is Kylie and I am sure you all know hehe ... thank you for organizing it that night ... I train you to organize more the next time okie ... hehe

Alright this ain't exactly my pics .. but I got it from Moo Moo ....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My roots, your roots

Actually, I don't plan to blog bout this, but ... since that I got a pic, why not?

Have you ever looked back in your life to reflect on how far have you gone, what have you been through and where were you all these while?

Many people leave the country for others, for the sake of education, careers as well as personal affairs. Some might return some may not. For those who do, they do it both willingly and some ... unwillingly.

Well .... I have my own reason.

Would you ever degrade and put down your country when you are away? It doesn't look good on you, does it? No, it's not about not singing your national anthem whatsoever. It's not about the lies that you have to say while talking to people. It's as simple as not putting and degrading your own country when the fact that you were born, raised and educated there. It doesn't make you look almighty when you pollute your own country's name. They thought they are all that great, they thought by doing this, it makes them look like they are the best whatsoever when a matter of fact, it's the opposite .... sadly.

Have you encountered when your country mate just degrade your country right in front of you? Would you get mad? Probably not for you until you see that look of the face and the word that was used.

Unfortunately, this person had forgotten the roots after she is being so-called "higher" than her country mate heh ... by herself of course. I know her as the lower ranking one, the one who is not educated and the one that do not have any identity which is .... so pathetic. Frequently, I had to admit that she's my countrymate ... sad to say.

Just like a picture .. look down ... look back ... if this country does not exist, or it does exist with a very unstable social, economic and political issues, would she be where she is today. I doubt no. Oh yeah, that's why her nick is a schwein aka babi but she is not a pig, never was never will. I know all brings the same meaning, but no, she's not a pig. More like scheisse babi. That's why she has the brain of the species :D

You know something, she blocked me from MSN last year hahaha ... and I don't know anything anyways, coz I deleted her :D since we never talked, why waste space for blocking and all, just delete would be awesome, oh la la :D

C'est la vie

Monday, October 8, 2007


Libran is naturally indecisive and it's a known fact to anyone and everyone. If you don't, you better get to know one at least and prolly it might get on your nerves as they can't decide on anything and everything. They are usually caught in between decisions and they need guidance to decide on things.

But, I believe that every Libran and everyone else can decide on things when it comes to important stuff and not let others to decide for them. Put some belief in them and they will eventually decide. Even if it is least important I am sure they can decide on their own. They know if they like or they don't on certain things.

They, like many others, have their own stand. They know what is right and wrong, they know what they should do or what they should not. Overall, they can survive on their own. They seriously know what their likes and dislikes, and if they wanna do something, they have their hands and legs to walk around and get things done. They also know that they have to bear all the consequences if they make the wrong decision.

I'm a libran ... haha.

Funfzig RInggit and bday wishes

This is so not my style, but I am gonna blog ... bout the most boring thing in this universe. It's called work. Extraordinary because of certain reasons.

In my entire life, the highest tips I got was only 80 CH per month. We don't convert it, dollar to dollar exchange. 80 ch tips per month in Swiss is like beggar coz it's superbly little. VERYYYY little as they divide into the few commis. SAD, isn't it.

In KL, I really don't expect any tips from guests ... and who knows I do get once in awhile. It gets me motivated to work really. Today can be written in history. This guest booked a room through his friend via internet the night before and we don't actually get the booking until RSVN open the next day. He arrived when they just open so we couldn't really check and even with all the hassle he was with his calm and never-mind look and was really patient unlike some other businessmen. I was really lazy to escort. Since that I had nothing to do, I decided to assist my colleague and man, I never regretted it. He gave me 50 bucks.

I called to his room later on to confirm on the room rate coz we then found his bookings and my colleague forced me to call him =.= then alright I called and blah away with the rates and God knows what, he actually asked me out for coffee and if I'm gonna work tomorrow and where am I going after work and stuff like that and all the non-related questions. Freaky sial!!!! I rejected n a pro way hehe.

Funny things happen hahaha.

and and .... last post for my bday wishes :P

Mann: happy birthday!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Nanie: happy bday beautiful !!! lots of love from malaysia xxx ♥

Moo: happy birthday michilogy!!! woooo...!! hutang your b'day pressie first :P

Dik: happy birthday kakak!

Elaine: Happy BIRTHDAY - Michy!!

Lober: Happy Birthday Lober!!!!! May you have the best b-day ever and have many many more happy b-days to come ^_^ *muaks muaks!!*

Dan: happy birthday swiss gal! hope you're wearing your cool watch tonight.
hahaha yesh Oz boy :D

Zoe: Happy Birthday~~~~
woah all the way from Michigan

Rahul: Michele eh...happy birthday...hope u r having lots of fun today...
ahaha rahul eh ... must add the "eh" behind ... I disturbed him last time and he called me back like that and it sticks until now after 3 years

I-Mae: Happy birthday to dear worker.since i m a good employer i have decided to give u a holiday. no nit to thank me. kaka...........getting old.......... good. join d club.
If any of you are wondering if she is my boss, answer is yes in the virtual world hehe and many people really thought that we worked together lolz

Beng Beng: Happy Bday !

Jojo: michy! happy bday to u! many happy returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michellleee,,, happy bday!!! wish u all the best now and then.. take care sweety,, kisses!
omgggg from swiss sialll

Ah Boi: Happy Birthday ah gurllll
omg from London sialll

Omgggg ... SP and Clod dedicated one post for me siall ... omggggg .. not to forget Abg Iwan, Chou chou and lots more, you know who you are

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Finit 10

Today is the day that Mr. Grand left us. He's such a sweet guy .... I'm bloody serious. I know that days are short, I only spent few days working with him, but .. he helped me out a lot, and he's such a sweetie. Days are too short hehe.

Kitt also had finished her training already and her classes had started, nobody will disturb me while I'm busy or free already. Mamaaaa .. miaaaa!!

Mr Mignon is not here anymore too, he broke my heart because he left booo!!! He's like the nicest ever manager in my entire life. No kidding. It feels so different now. He used to buy food and asked me to eat, he was very patient and he even helped me with MY work o.O na rak sial. Bless him.

On a similar case in a different environment, different location ... Geneva!! This is the 10th part ... alright I'm serious this time around, it's finishing real real soon. How I wish that I am still there HEH. Haha. Oh well ... just let me dream and wish okay, say nothing. Life's tough there but it's peaceful there and learning to appreciate the calmness and the peacefulness is just something that I cannot achieve here. I know not many people there but ... life's so much easier, nothing is complicated and everything is straight forward. Nobody annoys me there except during working hours.

Don't you think he looks like E.T? Hehe ... no, I did not say that, but my beloved manager told me that LOL. Not me not me .... my manager hehe. So mean then come to think of it, it's true. He does look like one hehe.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Onii-chan became Onii-on

Due to the fact that I will not be blogging tomorrow, or rather tonight, I will blog another entry now, as to make up for it, as well as of late that I have lack of updates and it's seriously lagging behind. Last post was for mid September and not for current month. How sad.

This happened on the same night as TGIF. Yeah it's a Friday today but why am I not excited, why am I not happy, why am I dragging towards Friday, why why and why. One reason. Because I dont have 2 pigs in KL anymore and because there is no outings and because I don't even know why and because I only have one day off per week and because I don't have anything to look forward to currently. How sad can I be.

This was actually the first time I met Onii this year haha. If you are wondering what Onii is, it's actually Onii-chan. He's my protector HAHA. Don't play play okie he will beat you up wearing his FCUK tee :D Do you feel like pinching him XD

Hehe it has been some time really that I did not wear ear rings on 3 holes that I pierced. Yea remember I pierced another 2 holes early this year in Zurich? Hehe ... happy happy. The most that I wear is only one on each year hehe.

But then .... you don't have to pinch him anymore coz he pokes himself now haha ... just like the MSN emoticon :D

I just realized I wore pink and it should be Onii who wears pink umm ... after that night his name became Onii-on as in Onion XD and and ... you know why I said he should be the one wearng pink? Because he's a pig, a dead one to be precise, and it's called porkie BUT ... warning, nobody can call him porkie except his queen haha.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Weight issues

While I was on my bar-hopping night yesterday, I encountered something ... different yesterday.

Honestly speaking, I have not been to bars. I have been to clubs and pubs, but I have not encountered this happening right in front of me before.

I was at some place yesterday night and after entering the loo, there was this girl who was at the sink puking. I saw what happened. She had an eating disorder. She was at first normal and then she put her finger into her mouth and made herself vomit. o.O Like so ... o.O I don't know if they know what are they doing. I don't know if they realize that they know what is happening. I don't know if they realize that they are already so thin.

Speaking of which, a few days ago, I was told that I got so much thinner compared to the time I just got home. I thought it was not obvious, but apparently it is. I don't feel as healthy as before for sure. Additionally, I was told that my hand is now like a stick, probably exaggerating haha. No, it was not a friend that told me, not anyone else but my dad, my biological dad. The one that sees me the most besides my colleagues. I remembered that I was still 50kgs in August and September. In just within a month, how it changes. 3 kgs shed off without any intention. Each time I come back, I have a very hard time to maintain my weight. I have no idea why though. It's just amazing, until the level that I could not even explain myself.

Thank God It's Friday - TGIF @ The Curve

It has been a few days that I have not been updating here. Reason coz I was busy, busy and even more busy. I have absolutely no time and no mood, completely no mood to blog. I think it's more on the mood.

Few weeks ago, I was sooooo happpy. Those moments cannot be measured with money or any materialistic terms, as it was happiness from within. Nothing can buy.

People say Thank God It's Friday, but it's so not applicable to me. However, when I walked in here, I felt ... so nice, a relaxing, soothing moment and I can foresee that I will enjoy myself that night. It came true. It felt like the Fridays I used to have before I started working or while I was still studying.

Welcome to TGIF, The Curve. Pineapple if I'm not mistaken

For sure this is strawberry :p

Onii went 18-sx in TGIF :o

I have no idea what this is, it was ordered by Kylie

While this is mine, TGIF Burger and Onii-on ordered burger too ....

Onii-on, thank kiew and domo arigatou :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Wishes 2

So continued from that day ...

Piggy: Morning. Happy Bday to you bay girl and happy lantern day. This yr your bday present will be mooncake.

Adik: Hey Happy Bday kak .. hope you have a great time Lain kali kita hantam makan kao kao k? take care

Elaine: HAPPY BDAY!!! When free to collect your present? N when free to meet me for makan

Onii: Tomatoooooo ... happy bday yo yo yo. May you have a great day alright. Bo selecta . sey lo .. fathead hijacked my sms :p hehe have a good one k .. dont work too hard either

Lalang: Sakai today is your bday dont black out ok chill

Kelvyn: Happy Bday to you wor. May you have a wonderful bday and all your bday wish come true

Tom: Michy michy I nearly forgot!!! It's ur bday!!! Hhe Happy Bday I hope you're having a great day, muaah

Lordy: Happy Bday dea muax muax ewwww....

Adam: Happy Bday Michy

Sam: Happy Bday Michy

Lober: Happy Bday Lober

Moo Moo: Happy Bday Michilogy ... let's go buffet at *toot*

SP: Yeahhh sing bday song already when she was undressing HAHAHAHAHA happy bday sekali lagi sp tersayang