Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Brother

Today .... is my brother's birthday

Happy Birthday Brother

Yes, I do have a brother lolz ^_^ Come back fast fast, nasi lemak, char kueh teow, asam laksa, slurp slurp :D all waiting for you hehe

Friday, December 28, 2007

Random case

Oh mein gott! I slept like a log, I woke up, I had stomach ache, I slept again, I couldn't.

Then, I went for dinner and I'm back now, showered and everything.

Then it's time to leave for work ... but I am feeling so so sleepy.

Oh no ... I am just so sleepy.

and it is exactly 9.30pm right now.

Still feeling very sleepy, I don't know how to work ... right up til 7am. I can't tell the difference anymore between AM and PM.


I am so in UK time now haha. Clod, I am in your time zone!!! :D

The zombie era =.= I think I should have looked like a ghost already on Monday if it continues like that haha.

Oh ya ... gotta remember to blog bout New Year's post before 1st of Jan.

It's morning now ... for me. When everyone is getting ready for bed, I am getting ready to work, oh jia lat.

and I am still feeling very sleepy oh scheisse

Joyeux Noel II @ The Curve

Don't you think that time flies too fast? STOPP ... let me breathe some air before you fly again!!! Right, continue with The Curve. I personally love The Curve's Christmas deco the most, in comparison with all the other shopping malls I went to.

Not that the others aren't nice but the fact that The Curve has WHITE christmas makes me excited and it is so intoxicating to be able to see WHITE ... SNOW. It is just a dream to have white christmas, I know it isn't real but at least this is the closest I could get to experience a white christmas again.

Just like fantasy land ....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Funny stuff

Yesterday was a bit funny. Someone actually asked if I look familiar o.O who knows he is actually from dot dot dot. Haha.

Then there comes the phone call. This guy named Jason actually called up to ask for me LOL o.O eh you know what I still got my nasi lemak hehe. Don't give me a heart attack next time. I don't mind really people call up at like 2am, 3am, 4am haha just to keep me awake XD

Ee ya ee ya o~

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Kerry

Before leaving for work, just wanna wish this ....

Happy Birthday to you
With Joy and laughter
Happy Birthday to Kerry
And we go to eat eat eat :D

Okay, time to leave for work, and yes I am working nite until next year, right up til 2008, so enjoy people see you next year. Die this morning I ate like when I first came home, beehoon and nasi lemak all for breakie.

and while I am away until tomorrow (HAHA!) enjoy the vid, darn cute, recommended by someone because I said "whateverrrr" to him :D :D and that's one of the words I quite frequently use lately

Joyeux Noel @ The Curve

It's already the 26th of December, and Boxing Day has come. Unfortunately, Boxing Day here is nothing, nil, zero. Such a sad thing heh.

This was taken at The Street in The Curve where all the restaurants are located, or rather most of the restaurants, just like Geneve, coming out from gare de Carnavin

Omgggg ... this is the best ever cow, it's a Swiss cow, Moooooo~~~ super attractive, outside of Marche ehe, I so wanna eat in Marche

The bells, the deco, the Christmas tree is just amazing, I felt like I just walked into a place far away

This is so tall o.O so high up, just like people's dreams

The lights, twinkle twinkle lights, I simply love it

Happy Boxing Day everyone, those who have the chance, shop til you drop alrighty hehe

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Merry Ho Ho Ho Christmas

Dear Santa,

This christmas, I wanna have a white christmas, just like last year. I know that it is impossible to have that, so I will ask for something else instead. All I want for Christmas is just a Swiss watch or a perfume or just anything that is nice and unique. I can only ask for materials and not other things, cause it is so impossible. Bottom line, Santa, I actually just wanna be happy and I am not asking for anything else anymore.

Guess what? I really got a perfume this Christmas. A Kenzo to be precise.

Perhaps, your Christmas is happening. I came home, and when the clock strikes 12, I was in front of lappie. How much more happening can it be? I could not stand being home on a Christmas Eve, I got to go out. There I went, with Kylie and Jesse.

As much as I was anticipating for a night out in Murni, they were closed only to realize that it was Monday, oh scheisse. Guys, I know that I made you embarassed, I promise I will not do it again. I don't know what had happened to me, I ate so much o.O I ate maggie mee, roti pisang, and roti bom together with teh ais and 3 teh o ais limau and I almost went for McD's breakfast as well. This is a good news, which means nothing is bothering me and that I am happy.

A Christmas indeed~

and I miss you so, 2006 Christmas, we were in Davos celebrating by eating Chinese Fondue up at the mountain, covered with snow and nothing else.

Wish you, everyone out there, a very blessed Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2007

My Sunday

Supposed to be out to celebrate Kerry's birthday but poor girl is down with fever. So, her sis Kylie came out and left her at home anyways haha.

I reached The Curve quite late, was so pissed with everything from morning. RETARDS la =.= horrible day.

Right, so continue ... met up with Kylie after months, then at the same time with er ... Jac? Anyways, was dead hungry that I can just eat anything up. The phrase a hungry person is an angry person is so true. Even someone have not done anything wrong, got me pissed by just blocking my way haha. After my KFC meal ... omg, I felt so damned great. Yeah I know, changed like an instant, tame me down with food =.= lolz I know yea -_- after that, omg I am so shocked, seriously stunned that Dora is ACTUALLY free to be there eheh. After KFC Tesco, yeah coz I blacklisted The Curve's Secret Recipe, we headed to next door, which is Secret Recipe's Tesco haha. Talk talk crap crap drink drink and eat eat. I had one black forest cake there and continue sitting down until they wanted to close shop. Later on, we went over to Starbucks The Curve, again ... until they wanted to close, before we left and bid goodbye, see you again.

That's how my day today, a Sunday. It is considered very good as you know, Sundays don't exist for me.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I am Legend @ 1 Utama

I am done with Xmas shopping, and gonna hand it over today, later. Yesh!

Yesterday, Friday, was something that I have not done in a long long time. I could not even remember the last time I went out, enjoy a Friday night with someone else, outside from work of course. I know it's kinda pathetic but ... what to do hehe.

So, went for a movie with Chou Chou this time, and omg stresssss sial. We went for I am Legend. Being Will Smith, he has always been doing comedies but this time is something different. I don't really like it, coz it makes me so stressssssssed. =.= Then again, I heard about the movie saying that it's an action movie, so I thought it was just pure action, who the devil knows -_- cannnottt I so cannot take it, so stresssss. But, it was so funny in the middle. Why? Em ... coz ... chou chou went to ... and .... came back ... and ... LOL. :p

The remaining pics that I have of the deco in 1 Utama, and you know what? There is one real fella dressing up like this, but he is so not cute, and so fierce looking so I decided not to take pic, and today I saw Santaaaa .. but he is just not fat enough to be one. Again, I didn't take any pics hehe.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Loft

Last Wednesday I had a day off and coincidently, Kitt asked if I am free to go out. Yesh, so I went and we headed to The Loft in Asian Heritage row. Entrance fee was FOC that day. However ...

the drinks were superbly expensive. Right, I ordered just ONE lime vodka, and a bottle of Heineken and you know how much it costed? DANG! 45 bucks! And we do suspect that the Loft here in KL is a franchise of the Loft in KKL in Luzern as well. Could it be? The drinks there are superbly expensive as well and that's the place we ended up eating pizza, yeah in a club lolz. But, the ambience is not bad though, quite like it just the fact that it was so so packed, music was good, compared to Maison. The only drawback is probably it's stuffy there.

Omg I did not see this girl for so long ... actually I don't really know how long ago hehe 4 months maybe? She was an ex-trainee in where I'm working now hehe.

Btw, we dont look alike rite, so if we dont, it means I dont look Thai lolz

Damed sick

The place is ought to be cursed for making me so god damed sick.

After 3 days vacation, I ate there and right after work, I felt terrible and absolutely horrible. I was caught in the traffic jam, and being in that condition sucks. I even almost puke out in the car.

That's seriously bad. Tears started flowing down, eyes became swollen, and I can hug the whole toilet bowl, as I was seriously puking like hell, read it ... like HELL. I wasted so much energy that I could not get out from bed and eventually just skipped dinner. Not that I do not want to but I just could not.

I puked so many times, and for the first time in my life, I wanted to see a doctor so badly. However, I do not have strength to even lift up my leg. Getting drunk and puke is better than this =.= not to mention I had diarrhoea.

Sucky like hell, I hope I can recover and ... I need to do Xmas shopping on Friday =.= anyone free for few hours? Actually, I don't need hours lolz, just one hour the max

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best? No such thing

Have you realized that, as you grow older, the term friends are only friends. Long before, you can hear your surroundings that so and so is so and so's best friend, good friend, favourite friend, close friend, best buddy and it is never-ending.

It came to a time that it is no longer existed. Personally, even the the term best friend had faded away. Don't ask me why, but I no longer believe in that. It isn't that something had happened, or some whatever nitemare things took place. It is just that it had long ago faded away.

Close friends yes I still do believe. These days, there are so many other types of friends, we have college friends, work friends or colleague, lepak-ing friends and now, we even have facebook friends o.O lolz everything else but best friends.

This term is so misleading. If, you take someone as best friend, you gotta do anything and everything they expect you to and if you don't then I don't even know what will happen. That is how most people define best friends. Therefore, it is better to have close friends rather than best friends. But best friends are not definined like that if you ask me. But, do not ask me to define as I don't know. I no longer know the definition, and I no longer have that word in my encyclopedia or dictionary. It became something very alien to me.

Friends around are deeply appreciated and treasured. I am actually really glad that the term friends still stay very closely to me, no matter new or old, both are important.

It's time to move on

It was this point of the year that almost everyone had left school. The school was basically empty, just few souls walking around with nothing left to do.

From a very noisy place became a place filled with emptiness, soulless, loneliness and darkness. It felt so deserted and I swear that nobody wants to be in a place like that, it was uberly depressing. I was one of the aimlessly soul around, the very last few.

Think about it. It was so harmonious, noisy, awesome and a place feel like home once upon a time when suddenly each night you go to bed, you feel like you are trapped in a planet, with nobody else but you, and only you. Everyone is like a family there, so warm, so tranquil and in just a matter of time, one by one left, but it was never you. You witnessed so many of your beloved friends left, one after another.

No matter how much I wanna stay in that place, I wanna leave too. It just does not feel right anymore to be there, alone. Where are the happiness? It's time to move on.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Joyeux Noel @ 1 Utama

The festive season is around the corner, another year gone. This is the only time of the year that I can actually feel there is some festive mood. Other than Christmas, I seriously do not feel anything at all. The first time I was in MidValley after the deco was up, I was totally in for it. Too bad, I didn't have my cam with me. I stood there from the 1st floor, looked down, and enjoyed the songs being played. It was so Christmas-y.

So the-ang

Hi cutie, look here yes here, chik chak

This dudes are so so cute

I should have worn red ... =.=

Sushi Groove, you are killing me!

I think about Sushi Groove too much, I am totally uberly in love with Sushi Groove. When I think about it, it is so difficult to resist temptation. I wonder ... when will be my next visit to Sushi Groove? with who? When? What will I be eating? Omg I am totally in love with it. I seldom eat in all this fancy nancy Japanese restaurant. If I crave for it, I will just hop into Sushi King. That was those days. Those who said the food isn't nice, can you kindly please and please just bang your head against the wall or just jump from the 88th floor from the twin towers without any parachutes?

Before eating, we need to take pix, as memories hehe

C'est moi

SEEE! Even ice cube looks nicer, feels nicer and more unique than any other ice cubes haha

I am seriously killing myself, I could not resist anymore. This is so to die for! HELP!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007


I know, I know! I know that I blogged about MYB Bash quite some time ago. After all, it took place in the end of September and now it's already the end of the year hehe. The first part can be seen here

Entshuldigung, pardon and sorry! Okay, voila here are the pics.

It was not as happening as the first bash, like obviously lolz. Though this event might sound more happening, more stuff, yet ... it isn't what we all expected. The eyes are only on you-know-what. That was already a big disappointment. So, not gonna elaborate much about it. The bottles are pretty much a success though. Old members are nowhere to be seen anymore, except the few of us. Turnover are so high.

This is a group pic where it actually isn't that bad, but due to er ... some unforeseen circumstances, it doesn't look right.

This is WiNd WiNd ... another Gary, one of the old members around

In the middle is the lady boss, if it is not for this lady boss here, I don't think I will even turn up there hehe, seriously speaking.

This is the guy behind the scene, with his sweat, time and energy poured out for this event. If it is not for him, this will not take place. Those who said they will help out, it's all about cock and bull story. In the end, he did all himself.

It was a total shock for me. Like ABSOLUTELY. Who is this if you wonder. As I walked down the stairs, I saw him and I just do not know how to react o.O I was stunned, he was there smiling and sitting at the bar area. I looked at him, he looked at me. LOL ... alright minus the drama part, I knew him! He was my senior back in KDU. Yes I am from KDU =.= still as thin as before =.=

Sushin with a Groove @ Sushi Groove

If you remember, there is one post about Bakerzin.

If not, here it is, click Bakerzin, it's all about pastries, cakes, and desserts.

I know, people take main course and all before desserts but we did the opposite, as in Yu Wen and myself.

Right after we walked out from Bakerzin, we headed to Sushi Groove. I never thought of dining there before until that fine day when Yu Wen recommended me this place. When we shop, of course we gotta eat things as well, no?

Right, we saw this really cozy place, a place to die for. It's such a good, comfy, nice and serene place to have a nice dinner in.

This is the place and how it looks like, looks classy heheh ... quiet and of course it's noisy on and off, how noisy? Made by the colleagues =.=

Salmon, I was so dying for salmon in such a long long time and when I finally got to eat it, it just
melted, and I followed ... to melt lolz. It was so fresh and I just love it to bits.

Each and every of their dishes has very unique names from movies or cartoons or characters such as Geisha, Lion King, Dragon Ball and etc. It resembles them. Exclusive ... and posh, I will want to go back there though it might a little bit pricey. Most important of all, it's worth it.

Sushi with a groove, let's groove it babe

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jet Li

After Wednesday, Thursday was my day off too.

I managed to watch another movie, the one starring Jet Li with Moo again, so it's 2 movies in 2 days haha. I can't even remember when was the last time I did this.

The movie was longer than normal movies. The movie was not bad, and it was not like the classic ending that the hero will win and gain everything and live happily ever after. It was't like that. Just watch it for yourself then you will know. All the killings and this is more about brotherhood, friendships and betrayal that involves what people go through everyday. How people change, greed, and it's just a matter of time.

Those days, people used to complain about movie etiquettes that people have and do not have during the movie. So, ads came up like the Digi ads before the movie starts. But, I wonder how do we educate these people who do beyond the extraordinary. These mainland Chinese was talking, and laughing ... and if you thought that it was bad enough, you are so wrong. They talked, they laughed to the extent that they can accidentally kick the front chair, and that was Moo ... and even when I was sitting beside him, I can feel it o.O It's better to make use of that, go and join the national football team okay. I am so relief that those are CHINESE. Sorry I am different from them, I am not Chinese, I am Malaysian haha.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Clod

Ting tong, it's 11.26pm Malaysian time, fret not it's only 4.26pm Swiss time and of course only 3.26pm UK time so I am definitely not late for this.

14th December, it is none other than Clod's birthday. Our friendship started off 3 years ago in MYB lolz. It was such a pleasure to have met her, for serious. She is so versatile, as she's my sis in Multiply but my mom in Facebook haha. It took a turn for the better when she came back from UK in April 2006, planning the outings and all for her return. Luckily, I am not those who follow the country's time. I sleep and awake the opposite of normal people. We bonded.

Though she can be scary at times, and that makes her farney haha :P

Let's all wish her a very happy birthday and all the best in your future undertakings, especially for your photography this year hehe.

I'm waiting .... 2008 is approaching ;)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

December the 13th

Look at the date, stated December 13th, 2007. Flash back ... one year ago, where was I?

It was this particular date, this date was a very special day for me and my classmates. It was this time of the year that all of us are freed from school, and we could call ourselves as graduates.

As happy as one is, there is a little sadness. If it means that all of us succeeded, it also means that there will be seperation. All of us will part ways all over the world. Throughout the whole 6 months, though it wasn't long, it was not short either. It is definitely too short for us to enjoy but the memories that we had was priceless. So many things happened. It was sweet, bitter, funny, happy, sad, ugly, beautiful. It was a mixture of memories. Of course, we choose to remember the nice ones and forget about the bitter ones.

I am sure that most of us do not want it to happen so fast, and so soon. However, I guess good things come to an end faster than ever. It was this day that all of us wore the graduate gowns and you could see the happiness in each and everyone's faces.

Happy that we succeeded, sad that we don't even know if we will meet each other again. Will we? We don't know where the future holds, we don't know where will we be. Let's leave it up to fate.

Au revoir and auf wiedersehen! Semoga berjaya. Best wishes.

2006B ROX! We are graduates!!

Hitman @ 1 Utama

Heheh ... was off on Wednesday and this was what I did ...

Early in the morning, I wanted to wake up for breakie but blahs, was raining and my bed felt exceptionally nice that day, so I slept in instead. I know I know ... I even said no to food =.= a bit weird I know ... =.=

Noon time, time to go out, don't expect me to stay home during my day offs ... day offs don't always come whenever I wish and want to. So, do make full use of it.

Coincidently it was Santa the Moo's day offs as well, so how? Let's go lepaks ... so again, we ended up watching movie in 1 Utama haha. It was the Hitman. I didn't know anything about it, I didn't know about the existence of the game until I watched it. Oi Cashier, do we look like we are under 18 =.= sial. Man, I tell you the movie ... action is damn stylo just like Dunhill gaya mutu keunggulan. However, we felt damn potong ... for the censorship, everything got censored -_- so next time they should just show movies like The Bee Movie no need to censor -__- true? Indeed~

Walked walked .. could not get anything for Sunday's wedding dinner. Nevermind, I'll be back in 24 hours time. Who knows ... night time.

Felix said she's lazy ... fine as she did not promise me anything, Moo wanted to go drinking with ex-manager it's alright but Mr K just FFK-ed me ... just like that. Terror-meneror sial.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today in history

It was the first ever time that a total stranger gave me a name card to ask me to contact him. I'm not talking when people are not sober anymore.

But this particular guest woahh gave me name card personally "contact me when you are in geneva" woahhh ...

nothing to blog ... okay got it? That's why no updates, sorry going out now ... but gotta wait for Moo first. Tonight, hopefully it's on

Hehe ... to where? Got la .. ^_^

Monday, December 10, 2007

Out @ Home @ Maison

People were rating Maison @ Home as what it means in French like it's so darn good, but ... I beg to differ.

I was there yesterday, again I know it's happening to be going with 2 other people only. Looking at the surrounding, people were there with one big group of people but not us. hehe. Yeah yeah whatever.

First of all, of course I wanna complain about the drinks. B52 wasn't very much what I have anticipated for. It didn't have flame, which you know ... decrease my satisfaction. No fire in the body ... which is so not right.

Crowd ... is not exactly what I rate as the better ones. They are not Thai Club people ... but they can be. Music was not all that good. Anyways .... it was alright, and ..

thank you felix, I got a free drink haha.

but something's funny *gave me name card* "Call me" haha "why" "i need your assurance" LOL ...

Second time there? Perhaps I don't know.

Friday, December 7, 2007

To suffer or to regret?

To cut or not to cut, that is the question.

I prefer keeping my hair, but if I were to keep my hair, I would have to suffer every single day as now I gotta tie my hair in a very retarded way. I need one hour or so in order to tie the required style.

If I cut it, I just need a maximum of 10 minutes to get prepared. The time difference is humongous huge I would say. However, I know that if I were to cut too, I will definitely regret but that makes my life so much more easier.

People will tell me that if I cut and I don’t like it, I can always grow my hair back again. Then again, all those takes time, it does not happen overnight.

I asked 10 people and 9 people told me not to cut, and instead keep it … it’s such a waste and blahs. Right now, right here, I am such in a huge dilemma. I cannot decide, as usual. Practise makes perfect I know but I have been practicing for so damn many times, so damn long and yet there is no progress. HAIHZ.

Tell me … should I? or should I not? I’m a typical Libran, forgive me for being so indecisive and fickle-minded. It’s the strongest characteristics of being a Libran haha.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So there it goes, another day off gone. BOOM! Bombed out.

Okay I know it was not all that bad like staying at home on my bed without AceBob no music no nothing no telly, just like a patient in a hospital.

Not that extreme ... yet. Notice the word YET. hehe. I know I won't be, I believe so. After so many donkey months, finally I managed to watch a movie. My last movie was Rush Hour, that was like what ... HISTORY. Before that movie was Ratatouille, so ... you know how long ago. Feels like 10 years.

Today ... managed to catch a movie with Acebob's doctor named Moo. It's Moo, not Moo Moo, two different cows. haha.

After a stressful week, it's good to catch a movie like this. We watched the Bee Movie haha and I feel like I am back to kindergarden =.= it's so retarded okay, seriously. Retardedly funny LOL. Hehe and all others who watched was like what 5 years old .... 10 years old ... in a matter of fact, all are still school goers and some have not been to school EVEN. Oh MY GAWD! Ahhhhh ... SIAL.

scheisse really

Everyone say "Bravo" or "Phantastisch" or "C'est parfait" eh no ... should be "tres bien" or perhaps "dee mak mak"

You know what it means I guess? Bravo, fantastic, that's perfect or the last one ... excellent

Sie ist zu spaet zur arbeit. Combien? ONE AND A HALF HOURS!

Some people are such smart idiots. Warum? Arbeit beginnt um 2300 weil sie kommt um 0030.. Oh man wti. WTI WTI ... :D heheh ... elle est tres tres fou. Sie sagt warum ich bin hier (1st floor) und nicht arbeit. Sie ist die ein arbeit, nicht mir.

Arschloch und dummkopt. Chai pah? Ka ka chai.

But omg ...

"applause" "temukan gemuruh" yayyy ... *all spectators stood up and gave a big applause to that" the best among the best, nobody can beat.


I know this post does not have any meaning LOL... but dont bother, only for me to understand ahahah :D

But, seeing the label Scheisse, I guess you know-lah haha

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Angel and Devil 5

It was the return of Devil. Everyone knew about it, except Angel. One fine day, Devil saw Angel's friend and she does not know if he saw her. Just to be safe, Devil text-ed them to inform them that she is already back home, after more than a week.

As heavy hearted as one is, Devil gotta face them, one fine day. It's kinda difficult, it's kinda hard and tough when the people they know are the same ones. They have many mutual friends which sucks if you wanna think about the logic of it.

Both do not wanna see and hang out with each other. However, one day .. they gotta be there right at that place at the same place at the same table. As predicted, they will feel very awkward. As reluctant as both are, both know that they gotta face at least once, as a means of politeness.

Nobody knows about their situation except if being told by Angel, until one day ... when the reaction that people saw at one incident was real real big. People were very shocked and surprised by that in a matter of fact. They have not come face to face together. They will ...

but when? how? where? and with who?

Til then, stay tune

Saturday, December 1, 2007

should I?

Someone: You are not local yea?
Me: What do you think? o.O
Someone: I am VERY sure you are not local :D
Me: Ohh ... why say so?
Someone: Your style and everything
Me: Right, so where do you think I'm from?
Someone: From Sabah perhaps
Me: Really??? But ... I'm local hehe
Someone: Are you sure?
Me: LOL of course, in KL all my life haha

Christmas is comingggg .... Rudolf the rednose reindeer, had a very shiny nose ....
Ahhh all the Cristy's songs.... :P

and ...


Tell me ... if I should get that or should I not ....