Monday, March 31, 2008


When you dance,your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.~ Wayne Dyer

I had a little convo with a friend yesterday and you know we were just talking about some random stuff when suddenly it came to a point about our human's instincts. For my 23 years of life, I have always trusted my instincts in whatever I do. Sometimes, people do things based on more factual things, rather than your own feeling. However, I do the opposite. It's risky, but I believe it more. It's unexplainable to be believing it and also the fact that my instincts never failed me before and I can say that, I predict things happening through instincts, as well as someone's personality and behaviour. Yes, even a person's personality but guess what, it was never wrong. It will remain a mystery on why so. Not scientifically or technically proven. There was some point of time that I did things against my instincts, and in the end, I regretted. What more can I say? Work related, based on instincts too. From my personal life, to my work life, is all about instincts. I do know that at times, we cannot trust our instincts too much, and that we should work on things based on facts more and our instincts are just guidelines and whatsoever. Well instincts are more effective for me. However, I know which can be done based on instincts, and which could not. In the other hand, I have no idea why people have that instinct on me that I am those who turn left when I walk, and I can also walk a straight line, if you know what it means.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

One World Hotel II

To express what is the most moral, healthful and beautiful in art this is the mission of the dancer, and to this I dedicate my life.~ Isadora Duncan

Today, is the day that I missed out of going to Nirvana, which every year, I never fail to do so for Cheng Beng, except for last year, and for that, I had a reason not to go as I was not even here in Msia. This year, is the only year after so many years that I'm staying home, because I'm working night shift. It is due to work commitments that I could not go. Luckily for me, I did not, too, because I reached home at 8.30am and at that hour, I could not even withstand the heat from my car to my house. How pathetic can I be! Yes I know there is a seriously big issue of me and the sun, tell me about it. I feel like an abandoned child now with nothing to eat.

Let's continue with One World Hotel ... which is under the same property with KDU! haha

Base on the 2nd pic, it looks more like a theme park than a hotel ...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Uberly disgusted

The Dance –it is the rhythm of all that dies in order to live again; it is the eternal rising of the sun.~ Isadora Duncan

Owner is sick. Blogger can just go dead anytime and any moment. The word that appears for me is sick sick sick and more of the sick sick sick. Yet, I am so gonna die during my night shift. Feeling totally weak and hopeless, I need something to get me go going. Migraine is seriously attacking me, like as though I don't have anything else to worry about, considering I'm already down with cough and flu. I need the strength to carry on.

Let's talk about today, since that it's a day off for me, yet it doesn't feel so. The topic ... tulan-ness and uberly disgusted.
See, I did not commit anything, like whatever you do just do it and please do it happily as long as you are and don't trespas and invade on people's privacy without their consent and stuff like that. What I hate most is people doing things, and they do it without other people's approval, it's called misconduct. So, why am I blogging this if one may ask. I blog for a reason of course, and definitely I will not blog if nothing is wrong, there must be something wrong somewhere that made me blog so whatever-ly.

I was sitting, waiting for someone late, or so it seems to be, I read my mag outside of Jusco supermarket. I never expected anyone to interfere in my concentration on the mag, but someone just talked to me in a very disgusted way, loudly. I was taken aback, she told me something that I was too, so in a state of horror in a matter of fact. I seldom get disgusted, until someone do something to me. If something which doesn't have me anything to do with it, I seriously don't give a dang about anything. She told me the two dudes beside me were taking pix of me.

They could guess what she told me probably. Immediately, I turned to them, ignoring the fact that it was SO obvious I was just starring at them for some moments. One was facing his back at me, the other was of course, facing towards me. I was just starring and starring at them. The one facing the back of me pretended he was taking pix of the one facing me, so it actually seems like not taking me at all. For Christ's sake, I'm not bling, stop pretending and faking things around, as though I will believe what I see at that very moment. I swear to God that if and if I had a gun with me and it's legal, I will definitely shoot their hand and leg, just one side. I will not kill them for sure, making them suffer is better than killing them off. I packed my stuff, I left and I turned to their side to leave instead. While walking, I just told them though might be unheard of, screw you, you bastards >.< At that very moment, I wanted to have my cam with me, so so badly. This incident just made me realized how barbaric can the people be here with disrespect. Their attitude is absolutely uncalled for. Most guys and idiots complement each other perfectly eh?

Though I did not have the cam with me, I got some alternatives that might look like them, but in a more degrading way.

How does it seem? They are much much fuglier trust me babes, fickst du moron

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One World Hotel

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life.It’s the expression in time and movement,in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.~ Jacques d'Amboise

It's coming April soon and I can't believe it I have not blogged about this, it's pure laziness. It was that month that all my day offs coincides with Moo's, like practically the whole freaking month. Right after that month, we did not have any more same day offs anymore, right until now. It was that day that we were back in KDU for some time, before heading to 1 Utama and followed by One World Hotel. Why were we there if one may ask. Reason being really nothing to do and do some review thingy heehee.

I know Christmas is long way gone, but hey ... everyday is Christmas, isn't it? haha

This is the ginger bread man

To the lift ...

P/s: It's so sickening to have headache, flu, and cough ... and mood isn't that good these days, stressing moments ...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Missed him!

All dance is about sensual expression. It is about energy and vitality, and it is one of the most liberating activities available to us. ~ Wendy Bounaventura

Lately, there is nothing interesting to blog about. =.= Booo hoos ...

As much as I wanna see Kimi Raikkonen LIVE in person, I just do not have the chance to. As how the phrase goes, so near yet so far. Basically he just walks in and out of the hotel like nobody's business, yet I am not fated to meet him. I did not expect to meet him either, though I was hoping. If I work in a department that do not have the chance to meet then it's purely acceptable but this is undeniable the place to meet people. Instead of Kimi, I got an alternative, I met Coulthard. So ... yeah at least someone haha. Quite down to earth kinda person ;) I saw him from afar and thought he was very very familiar. It didn't cross my mind that would be the F1 driver, I was blur OKAY I know! He walked towards me, gave his key and told me his number and check-out! BOOOOOO!!! I know he's not a Ferrari but anyhows I wished him all the best =.=

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A sisha night II @ Bangsar

I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what it too deep to find for words. ~Ruth St. Denis

The Bangsar ... The Sisha ... thingy we once had.

The Martini

The Zombie ... before I went into my night shift ...

The ultimate thingy ... sisha

Finally the humans ... or rather ... humans with Moo ... hehe

After that zombie, bottles of beers kept on coming ... one after another. It was a nice night, not too much craziness, not too drunk ... well not drunk at all, it's 100% sober. It's great, it's awesome. All ... ended up in nowhere else, but Ming's place. Well, we bought some other beers on the way back there o.O 5 ended there. Even until today, I am still amused, and amazed with the fact that the place was already tight enough, already small ... yet Moo can still end up under the bed o.O I'm seriously amused ... right until this very moment. Such a waste that I don't have that pic, or else ... will seriously be one of my best pic of 2008!

The surface

Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself. ~Havelock Ellis

Having a little claustrophobic for staying home for the whole day, well ... not that bad in a matter of fact.

Tip top ... rain drops. Staring at the moonlight once again, brain has been working endlessly, so much thoughts was going through, hands turning numb, legs went motionless, due to too much thoughts, too much thinking.

What we see is not always what it is. People always have that "I thought" kinda thing within them. Everyone's so nice to each other, or so it always seem to be but in actual fact like the famous quote
On the surface we all act like we all love each other and we're free and easy, and actually we're far more moralistic than any other society I've ever lived in.
Kathy Acker

People are close to each other, their bond is like endless love, the perfect divine of a friendship or any other relationships. It's far too deep on what is happening these days, things are just so complicated and the occurance of comfusion is more frequent than ever before. Just like a table, on the surface of the table cloth, it seems so decent, so pleasant, noble and ethical. Remove it, you see dirt, dust, never-ending flaws and imperfections that some might be able to accept and some might not. Trying again and again to reduce the flaws, but no matter what, flaws will be flaws.
People love wearing mask out, in fact I guess everyone does to a certain extent, while for some, the mask they put on has been layered so many times that they thought nobody would ever find out their true self, nobody would realize their flaws but in the end of the day, they are the ones who are making a fool out of themselves, that put them in a position of an idiot instead.
Fools putting up their acts, and for some congrats they succeeded while towards others, they fail, they fail miserably.
Some people might say how can an innocent face like that act this way, that's the last person I would expect it from. Again, the surface is just surface but what beneath it is a completely different story.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A sisha night @ Bangsar

"The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure" - Mikhail Baryshnikov
"Music can give you your dreams. It will teach you hard work, it will break your heart and make you so happy, you can't stand it."- Bill Clinton

Last month, there was an impromptu outing ... and we went over to Bangsar ... for a multi-purpose thingy ... some went for drink, some to eat o.O and some for sisha ... but all of us serve a same purpose on top of that, which is ... to de-stress, except me maybe because I was off that day, I don't need to de-stress that day, but the accumulated stress over the week need to be de-stressed.

Gay boi and boss

I love that pic hanging on the wall

It's cam time ...

A small group pic ... Ming, Boss, Dede and me

Saturday, March 15, 2008


At this very moment ... the feeling of missing someone right now ...

Where is he? Well, on earth.

He is one very special person, someone who had guided me, supported me, throughout my life since I left school, until today. Joys are being shared, laughters had been exchanged and sadness, sorrow had been expressed. Everything remains the same, only closer. The bond remains. The feelings remained. Nobody could ever replace this very special person because he is the one and only one. When everyone turned their backs, he was the only one standing there, being the shoulder ... being the hand ... being the whatever ... but he is always there.

Nobody could ever could understand me like how he does ... like this dude here. He never fails me. Never. The friendship is priceless. He never give up upon me. 6 years had passed us by, counting on and we still are the same people. Things might change, we might change, but we remain the same towards each other. The times that he stayed awake to accompany me to do assignments in the wee hours, though knowing he had to work the very next morning.

Not many know how I feel and how I think ... only him. This is a very special post dedicated to him, for being there all these years no matter how busy and how tired he is. Thank you very much. I'm quite baffled with the patience and everything in him that he has. It's just irreplaceable.

When everyone gave up hope, he was the only one ... motivating me ... and he just knows how to. He was the one who believed in me so much, put full 100% hopes on me that nobody else does. He is my pillar of strength.

This is the person I call Lalang ... a very special name given to him ... one might laugh, but it is very meaningful and memorable =) I would never ever call anyone else Lalang in my entire life, yeah ... NEVER!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Alles Gute Zum Geburstag III @ Maison

And ... pictures again

Sorry Kim, borrow your darling awhile k =p

I don't know what is this but anyways :p ber-bi

Take 2 haha

Kim, more pics please please ... s'il vous plait

Happy Birthdays

This date, 14th March ... marks the birthday of 2 person.

Birthday oder Geburstag of mein mutter ... or mae in Thai... or mother in universal language

Happy Birthdayyyy ...

and also to someone who had entered adulthood ... not literally but somehow haha

Kimberly Loke ... Happy Birthday

P/s: on a different note, I wonder what is so wrong about me or just people's eyes. They can't differentiate races in Msia or something? If I have that different kinda look I can accept it but the fact is I have that typical banana look. How can people mix me up of being a ... Malay? Umm, that is something to ponder upon. This came from the carpark dude. We talked quite a bit for like almost 10 mins or something when I paid for my parking and he asked if I'm a Malay o.O like ... hello? I could accept it when I was 18 but not now. That's due to the fact that I was tanned, like much tanner compared to now. Pourquoi? C'est pas bon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The days

When days are blue, nights are gloomy and weather is just dull all along the way. All you wanna do is to be alone and not anyone to disturb with that kinda emotional status. Being alone does not mean being lonely.
At certain days, it's great to be alone and all, not going out, just in your sanctuary enjoy the music of the soul, enjoy the comfort of the bed and just being HOME. Living in the own world one might say but at times we need just that.

Okies, I'm off to work ... starting at fuenf

Monday, March 10, 2008

Alles Gute Zum Geburstag II @ Maison

Just some other pics from Kim's darling's birthday party ....

Daryl, mich, Ezza, Mariko and Kim

Me, Azli, Ming and a lost Sariman

For some reasons, I LOVE the backdrop

Speaking about this guy, he just called me ... long life lolz

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Angel and Devil 7

As it may seem to be, as surreal as one might think ... it isn't, it's just another brutal fact that people face each day.

Never did Devil thinks that Angel is such a calculative whore that each penny counts. Devil didn't know if she is just amused and amazed by that or simply in a state of dismay. Even 10 bucks counts ... however ... in a matter of fact, 70 bucks were forked out for her someone else. If really ... this LITTLE counts ... then Angel is owing people a LOT. The petrol ... the time ... very angelic as she might look and sound ... in actual fact, after what had happened ... is just ... WOW.

People do love her to bits ... but people also dislike her to bits ... for certain reasons. The ride of Angel and Devil came trashing down ... is unknown. However, it is a very suspicious cagey of someone else that maybe ... wanted to take the place of Devil, or maybe not ... nobody knows. Probably, the existence of this 3-ier is the person who just speed of of the trashing down. Perhaps also ... this is a test of the ride, whether it fails, or succeed ... and the answer is ... the bond fails ... the evil spirit succeeded.

It never works when only one party bothers about it and in this matter I guess ... both cannot be bothered. A tragedy as one might say ... and it is true somewhat in one way or the other.

Alles Gute Zum Geburstag @ Maison

One month ago, or maybe more ... we had an outing ... a random one ... or maybe not, I don't know. It was January ... that I thought I will never step my foot in Maison again but who knows that again and again, I am going back there after the first time I was there with Dede and Princess Felix. Though it has been mentioned again and again from people that this club is happening or ... so-called happening, I don't see how is it happening.

The birthday cake ... in a club, that is so ... whatever but anyways ...

Mostly from the same place but randomly ... from elsewhere as well ... just like friendster, connected somehow.

Birthday dude with the poor girl who was never free that night entertaining lolz or rather what we call as ber-socializing the whole night and oh mein gott ... Kim was swearing :o

I shall leave this commentless

On a seperate matter, like ... r-a-n-d-o-m-l-y .... I think that ...

She is uberly smoking and burning HAWT ... she actually reminds me of Jane, my used-to-be dance instructor ... long long time ago, esp in the Buttons video ... the way she dances is soooo Jane-nized.